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Looking to breed good obdient s I n

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    • By cublad
      This story is pure fiction and comes from the part of my mind that’s always depraved and horny!  😊
      I was at Uni, fuck I had not realised that living in the ‘Halls of Residence’ would cost so much, and to be honest offer fuck all for it.
      I knew I was gay though I was ‘out’ it was still sort of ‘secret’, I had come out to family and friends just prior to setting off for Uni, but other than a few fumbled kisses, wanks and blowjobs (me giving) that was all the experience I’d had, though I will admit I’d been playing with my arsehole a lot using various vegetables whilst watching intergenerational porn on my laptop in my tiny pokey room no real mans cock had been up my arse.
      Then I read this article about an American girl who was selling her virginity to fund her college education, I thought it was funny and sort of ridiculous, but it must have stuck in my mind because about two weeks later it was a Friday night I was drunk and stoned on weed wanking to a daddy/son video and playing videos games when I remembered the article and grinning to myself stuck an ad on craigslist which read:-
      “cute ginger boy, smooth/toned, 18, 5’6 slim/toned, tiny waist, nice round bum, smooth (all over) VIRGIN arse, looking for generous Dads to help pay for Uni”
      I even put up a half profile picture of my face, which though was dark did give an indication of how cute (modest yeah) I was.
      Then I finished wanking to the porn, finished my joint and the bottle of wine before promptly falling asleep in my room.
      I woke up the next morning to the sound of my friend Julie hammering on the door, insisting I go swimming with her, I tried to beg off but a very large cup of coffee and a joint later I agreed to go with her, at the pool, a lido (and outside pool in the UK) I got changed into my green bikini brief (I thought the contract looked great with my bright red hair) and dived into the cold water immediately feeling reinvigorated.
      The sun was bright and warm, Julie and I swam and sunbathed on our towels at the side of the pool, it was lovely, because we were away from the other bathers, we soon indulged ourselves with a few joints and some ice-cold beers (that Julie had brought)
      I was laying on my front on the towel reading Shakespeare to Julie (we were in the same English literature course) I was enjoying the sun on my back and feeling the heat through my tiny swim briefs on my arse when Julie sniggered “there’s some old bloke checking you out”, I started to glance around as she exclaimed “don’t look you prick!!”, it made me laugh and ask “where and who?”
      Julie tilted her sunglasses “five o’clock, big hairy brute in blue trunks”, I did my best yawning sleep move and turned myself so I could see, and I saw a man mountain of muscle, a bit of a gut, lovely grey/white hair on the sides of his massive forehead/bald head and a blue swim trunk that was bulging to say the least, he looked like something out of mythology!
      I must admit my heart fluttered at the site of the neanderthal man, he was so manly, so earthy, beastly, animalistic, and so sexy I had to lay on my front to hide my cock because it was rock hard.
      I buried my head in my towel pillow as Julie got up and jumped into the pool with hetro minded fellow students.  Then I felt a shadow over me, the sun literally went in, I looked up and the ‘beast’ was standing over me, he grinned and then sat on his haunches, the bulge in his trunks obscene,  he felt my cheek “I saw your ad boy and I accept, meet me here at 8pm tonight”.
    • By Bonusholeboiii
      I have a fat ass, tight pussy, deep throat and I love being fucked in all of them. I need a strong daddy to be in charge and whore me out. I don't care if it's your friends you're showing off to, people that you owe money to or random guys off grindr -- just bring me hung dick and leave me dripping cum. I promise I'll be a good boy. 
      Live in brooklyn. I can host for 1:1 but need to travel for group things. Anywhere in the NYC metro area is good though. 
    • By vjohn90
      I’m Rick, 5ft 7, with a small waist and an edible bubble butt. I had just turned 30 and was still single. I’d spent most of my 20’s hooking up and having meaningless relationships, that never went anywhere. I was on all the usual sites and ignored most of the cruises and oinks I had gotten, that is until I received a message from ‘Daddy’;
      “I’ve had my eye on you for a while boy”

      There was no picture or any details on the profile so I ignored the message, throwing my phone on to my bed, it lit up again. 
      He had sent his location, it was a hotel in the centre of town. Too much effort, I thought.
      I spent my evening tidying up and was about to jump into a shower when I got another message. This guy can’t take a hint. 
      “Daddy is waiting.” 
      My cock stirred, I hadn’t been fucked by a Daddy in a while. I decided to seize the moment.
      After having a quick shower and cleaning out, I soon found myself trying to find a parking spot in the city centre.
      I approached the hotel and sent a message.
      “I’m here. Daddy” 
      “Room 602” 
      I made my way to the elevator and hit the 6, noticing it was the top floor. My pulse began to quicken. I didn’t know what this guy looked like or anything about him. Only that he was ‘Daddy’ and waiting. I made my way along the corridor, there weren’t many doors. I raised my hand to knock the door when it flung open. Before me stood one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. He towered over me at at least 6ft. He had a full head of silver hair, neatly combed back and piercing blue eyes. He must have been in his 50’s. He was wearing a full 3 piece suit and had a noticeable bulge was growing at his crotch. Lucky me, or so I thought. 
      I had barely a seconds warning, before he reached out grabbed me and I was pinned up against the closed door. It didn’t take much for him to overpower me, he had his arm against my neck and was forcing his had into my shorts. I wasn’t wearing any underwear. He smiled and his piercing blue eyes locked onto mine.
      “Such a good boy.”
      His hand found my hardening cock, and he was wanking me off quickly. I couldn’t move, and could feel myself getting closer to cumming. I looked into his eyes pleadingly and when I went to speak he kissed me. My cock erupted, cum shot all over the both of us, even reaching up and marking his tie.

      “My boy should be focused on me, now you don’t have any distractions. Follow me”
      What the fuck had just happened, I was seeing stars. I slipped my shorts off and kicked them to the side in the hallway, along with my shoes. I followed him with my own cum running down my legs. This wasn’t a hotel room, it was a suite. He took me through a sitting room and dining room before I seen the bed, which was huge. This guy was rich. 
      “I’m Rick” I said nervously as he turned to look at me, unbuttoning his suit jacket. 
      “I know who you are Rick. I’ve seen you online, you’re not always on but enough to know you’re not in a relationship.” 
      I shook me head, unable to find me words, he was down to his shirt and tie now, my eyes glanced at his tie, he undid the knot and handed it to me.
      “You see, I’ve been looking for that special boy. Daddy has an appetite and that ass of yours has been calling out to me.”
      His shirt was now resting gently on the back of a chair and his mature hands were unbuckling his belt. My cock gave a small jerk. His body was solid tattoos ran across his chest down his arms and on his abdomen, grey hair ran from his sculpted pecs down his abs to his crotch. I was mesmerised. As he walked towards me his smile faded. 
      “Come closer boy, you’re here for Daddy to enjoy.”

      I stepped towards him and that’s when he dropped his trousers. I audibly gasped.

      “Most boys don’t think it’s real, or are too scared. You never even asked me for a pic.”
      His cock was huge, not just long but thick, beer can thick. It was pierced too. My ass clenched in fear. I’d never seen a cock that big in person, and rarely in porn. I took a deep breath. Daddy was now completely naked and took my hand as he lay me on the bed. He kissed me deeply for a long time, holding me tightly to him as we did. After some time I noticed the wall was completely mirrored, I could see this large muscle man dwarfing my slender pale body on the bed. I was on my back with legs pushed back, my freshly shaved hole was completely exposed. 
      Crack! Daddy had smacked my ass cheek with his hand and whistled.
      “Such a fucking beautiful hole boy, Daddy is going to claim this and no one will ever fill you the way I do.”
      I jerked my body from him slightly,
      “Are you neg, or on treatment?” I blurted out, I felt proud that I had found some sensibility in amongst all the lust. 
      “Trust me boy” 
      His blue eyes where burning down at me, I fumbled to find words and just as I went to speak he thrust my legs up and apart and buried his tongue into my hole.
      “Yes Daddy” I moaned in pleasure as he devoured me. 
      He ate my ass for so long and in so many different positions I was desperate for his cock, I hadn’t even touched it yet. He made sure to keep it away from me, purely working on my ass. A drawer next to the bed was slid open. I was handed a bottle of poppers, and the tie I had once came on. It was wrapped around my eyes, blindfolding me. My legs were on his shoulders, I could feel the cold of the piercing tickling my hole. The poppers were under my nose and I took several deep hits. Daddy’s body was pressed into mine, I couldn’t move under his weight. Then he spoke in a husky whisper into my ear. 
      “Daddy is going to put a rag of poppers over your nose and mouth. It will help you relax, once I start I won’t stop until I cum. No breaks son, this is how Daddy shares his love”
      I was high off the poppers already and so horny from all the ass eating that I nodded in agreement, unaware of what I was saying yes to. He gently worked the tip of his massive cock into my ass, making sure the cold piercing was inside me. I moaned and struggled to adjust to the girth. I felt so stretched, but wanting it. 
      “Lube please” I groaned as he tried to push deeper into me. His cock was dry and my hole felt like it was burning. He leaned back and spat on his cock, or at least made the sound of spitting, I couldn’t see. Then as my moaning increased he placed the rag over my face, pressing it into me as he pushed harder and deeper into my raw hole. 
      “Oooh fuck boy, Daddy has got a big load for you tonight. Now open that hole for me. That’s it, you’re taking it all, one way or another.”
      The pressure kept increasing and my body felt like it was being split in two, I was beginning to moan and struggle with the pain. He didn’t stop, or slow down. My cries seemed to make him harder, he took what he had of his cock out of my hole with a pop. He flipped me over and had my nose over a bottle of poppers and the tip of his cock at my hole again. I heard him take a deep huff and then, without warning, the rag was forced onto my face and his hand was pulling my body backwards arching my back. In the same motion he slammed his cock into me. I moaned and screamed into his hand, but it only made my hole feel more open every time I took a breath.
       I was spun and my ass was on fire;
      “Good boy, you’ve nearly taken half of it. Now tell Daddy you want more” 
      I couldn’t talk, I could barely think. A hard slap fell on my ass and an inch more of his cock slid into me. 
      “Oh so I have to get rough with my boy for him to take all of my Daddy meat. Have it your way”
      I tried to express that my answer was no, slow down, stop, anything other than the word more. I thought I was an experienced bottom but nothing had ever felt like this. My body was completely drenched in sweat and my ass cheeks were stinging after being brutally slapped, when Daddy said.
      “About 2 thirds in, you’re such a good boy. Now that was the easy part. I want you to feel my balls against your hole as they empty inside you”
      I was on my back and the poppers had been doing the trick, I felt comfortable, albeit very full, but did enjoy the fuck. Once I had adjusted to it. Daddy was building up pace but I knew he wasn’t fully inside me yet, I was hoping my hole would naturally stretch to accommodate him, but he was just too big. I felt him lean forward and reposition himself. He leaned forward and kissed me deeply, holding my body as he started to fuck his cock into my hole with just force. I broke the kiss to scream and blacked out.
      “Hey boy, come back to Daddy. Time to wake up. I have a load of cum for you”
      It took my eyes a moment to adjust, he had removed the tie.

      “Third time you’ve came to, don’t pass out on me again, that’s it. Look at you, you’re so open. Feel that, my balls are right next to that hole. I’m going to flood you boy. You want Daddy to claim you? Make you his piggy?”
      I was so disorientated, my ass was being plowed by this man and all I could think was 
      “Yes Daddy, cum in me. I want to be your boy” 
      We kissed, hard. The pain was brutal and as his cock swelled to cum I nearly blacked out again.
      “Oh no you don’t. Look at Daddy. Tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you.” 
      His hand was holding my face and we locked eyes as he continued the assault on my ass, my eyes glanced down and that was the first I’d seen it. A biohazard tattoo, my insides ran cold, at that same moment he started to really slam into me. 
      I could feel it, all of it. He worked his cock half way out my hole and began to churn his load inside me, while he took my cock and worked me to another quick and very intense orgasm. I was catching my breath, my ass still being worked on, when I blurted;
      “You’re poz. You never said. You should have told me” 
      He rammed his cock full force back into me, I screamed as he lowered his face inches from mine, his eyes burning into me. 
      “You never asked me boy, you were too greedy to ask. You knew that Daddy was waiting and that you were here for my pleasure. And I think, by the amount of blood on the sheets you’re probably poz now too, but Daddy will make sure it takes before you leave.”
      He withdrew from my ass and my legs fell to the bed with a thud, but he quickly worked a but plug into me before I dared to object. 
      “Best get some rest, I’ve meetings from 9am tomorrow. I’m not as gentle, if I’m grumpy.”
      I looked over at him, taking him all in. Fuck he was hot and those eyes were hypnotising but I pleaded my case,
      “I should go, I drove earlier, my car is…” but he cut me off, his eyes glinting
      “Boy it is now 5am, you’ve been here for 7 hours, you can’t drive without rest. And anyway, you’re mine now.”
    • By BBraunchGHbttm
      Looking for anon Sf breeders to breed my Latino jockstrap hole this afternoon.  Looking forward to accept all loads inside after 2pm.  Will be face down with black jock.
      5’10 210 7uncut full power bottom tight arse 
    • By NewFriendPrague
      Hi hi 🙋‍♂️ ) I’m new here and it’s my first post . I hope 🤞 to find good friends here ) 
      I have a boyfriend but he is negative, but I’m poz and not on medicine, so, it’s why I’m here. 
      I don’t know what I should text here , but I will be happy to find how I can spend my time  with good people and beautiful experience) 
      hugs 🤗 
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