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  1. Loved that our boy was given the crystal dissolved in piss while naked and strapped down in full display on the table looking forward to the next chapter
  2. Very hit story- looking forward to the next chapters!
  3. Damn I love how you capture the hunger of the pastor- willingly sucking off trolls with short stubby cocks - but NEEDING their cum and then in the hospice - hot And then in this last installment - willingly stripping naked in the bathroom his deep seated need again to be used like a faggot loved when he was naked on the bathroom floor getting pissed on - eagerly- hungrily drinking as much as he could and then being punished for having been on prep So we know he needs cock - but does he stick around to see who the college kid is? Maybe his son the swimmer? (We know he has
  4. Looking forward to reading the next chapter!
  5. hot - even if the dad and son never hook up, so hot that dad got so hard watching his son be a piggy bitch (but would lover to read the next chapter 😉)
  6. Can’t wait to see what the next wagers are and what more you loose
  7. I can see that time being an English Major has paid off - great writing- and fucking hot Really looking forward to the rest of the story
  8. Really great writing- and very hot!!
  9. After reading your "looking for" section, I don't think I will ever be able to watch Citizen Kane again the same way.... was he maybe a closet fister? Is that what "Rosebud" is actually referring to???

    1. leatherpunk16


      Lol, no. A rosebud is what we call the inside of a punched-out butthole. If you're loose enough, you can actually push out your insides in a nice red ring of intestines. It looks like a blooming rose. That takes a lot of years of fisting to get to.

  10. Hi Leatherpunk16 - thank you so much - very helpful- (but then again you are in Chicago and I have lived in Boston long enough that I needed to be reminded that Midwesterners are by nature friendly) (lets just hope there are lots of Midwesterners at steamworks if I get there . ) - oh and here is hoping that at least one night I have enough adventures that I am looking for a nom at sunrise
  11. I am going to be visiting Chicago in early September for a conference and wondering what are the best places to go for hot raw sex? What is steamworks like? (considering that I am early 60's) Any ABS's that are hot? Any cruise bars? Other places you locals recommend? thanks
  12. Hey LetsPOZbreed especially agree with 1-3 I liked the bars back in the day because you knew what they looked like - and there are a lot of guys who may not take a good photo but have that certain something that makes you want to bend over and or tell them to bed over- although at the bar there was always the question of are they here to cruise or just out for a drink with friends But the baths that question was answered... that and of course being at the baths eliminates the question of your place or mine although now, sadly, with some of them there’s is the question o
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