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    I’m a nullo sub bottom looking to serve Dom Sir Tops, I’m lean and recently started working out and I’m open to just about everything, So let’s get together for some dirty kinky fun
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    A Dominant Sir Top who will use me in any way he sees fit

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  1. Hi Everyone, Those in and plan to be in our great big Eunuch & Nullo family Im sure at least know of me, Ive become a bit of a recluse lately do to a mountain of personal shit but am working on getting back out there, if anyone has any questions on being eunuch or nullo please don't hesitate to ask. Trent
  2. Very hot, I’m glad you where able to find another nullo to play with
  3. Gelding is a true inspiration for all of us nullo’s. I have a lot respect for his ability to not only stay his course but to tell his story to the world. I know his courage really helped me on my path and has helped many more others as well.
  4. Thank you GeorgiaBoy, yes it worked out but no where near as planned first off I found out with my balls that I was allergic to the bands after about 36-48 hours of having them on and had to go into the hospital, and then with my dick I almost blead to death and am very lucky to be alive not to mention the fact that I had to go to court over the entire thing. If I where to go back and do it again I would have tried harder to find a surgeon before I resorted to doing it myself. I am very very lucky that I’m here today if given the choice between becoming nullo and dieing along the way or being
  5. Welcome to the family Breanna, I’ve removed my balls almost 2 years ago and my dick just over a year ago and, it was the best decision of my life you guys have now idea the amazingly full bodied orgasms that us nullo’s get from being fucked. It’s truly an amazing feeling.
  6. you need to meet babyeddie71

  7. Have 7 boys to help with your sir training 

    1. cumwhorebill


      where in FL are you I spend some time in the St Pete area 

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