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SF/Bay Area - Accessibility of Sex Venues

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So planning to be visiting SF soon and my partner requires a wheelchair (his legs are paralyzed, fortunately starting just below the fun parts). I was wondering if those familiar with the bay area public sex venues might be willing to provide some insight if any of them might be wheelchair accessible. Wouldn't need to be 100% for all areas but bulk of areas, rooms or play area, locker room, bathroom etc.

Thank you.

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So in SF, the only one I’ve been to are the parties 442 Events has at 1060 Folsom. The setup is kind of weird, the front entrance opens to a small landing and there are stairs in either direction. The locker room and one play area are upstairs and the front desk for check in, bathroom, and larger play area are downstairs.  I’m pretty sure they could accommodate you though, there’s a loading area, which I think is used as a wheelchair accessible entrance. And they would probably have you change by the front desk. That’s where the overflow locker area is, I’ve had to change there before when they were out of lockers and it was fine. The downstairs also has a loft area that would not be accessible, it’s up a pretty steep stairway, but you’d be able to get to the main  downstairs area and bathroom. Underneath the loft is where the majority of the action is anyway. However, I’d say you should definitely contact them in advance to ask.

442 Events

[think before following links] https://sites.google.com/goldpanmedia.com/442-events/home?authuser=0

Transform 1060

[think before following links] https://www.transform1060.org/

Steamworks is across the bay in Berkeley also has a small set of stairs to get in but once you’re in there, it’s all basically on one level. I think they have a wheelchair accessible entrance as well though. It’s in Berkeley California which is a very progressive city. But again I’d say contact them to confirm.

Steamworks Berkeley 

[think before following links] https://www.steamworksbaths.com/berkeleyhome

And I’ve never been to Eros in SF, but it just opened in a new location so legally I think they would have to have the ability to accommodate a wheelchair.

[think before following links] http://www.erossf.com

That’s great that you’re looking into all this in advance and I hope you guys have a great time!

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