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  1. 50 independent states, the union is for their common good.
  2. Cumunion tonight in Berkeley. I think I am going.

  3. I want my homoerotic raver wife. Someday. 

  4. Just got tested. HIV (-)

  5. Still the case at powerhouse.
  6. All of this can be answered on the website. www.442parties.com
  7. What goes on around here? What is there to do? Who wants to screw?
  8. Where should I visit? I will begin in England and look to travel from there for about two weeks next month.
  9. Hi all, I will be visiting next week and looking for fun and tops. Molly will be traveling with me.
  10. Popper Problems

    How long do you use them usually? How much do you use? Is the cough a dry chest cough? Itchy throat with drip cough? Do your sinuses feel dry? burn? Coconut oil in and around the nose helps. The crappier or older poppers are the weaker they are and the more of a hit you need from that bottle to get the rush. Ditch em and get a new bottle each time.
  11. I live in the east bay, but want to celebrate Pride all month.

    1. rawfunkub



      I live in Oakland now too. 

      We should find a big dicked top to fuck us both

    2. blkoraltm


      Hope you found one and enjoyed it

  12. Visiting for SF Pride

    Come up, lets fuck.
  13. Wife do beast too?

    1. sadden


      Nah just wants too watch me

  14. Hairy cub visiting

    I didnt go

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