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  1. Fucking a 22yo chick tonight. Any suggestions? She wants both holes wrecked.

    1. Read1


      Anticipate her wants and desires. Be your slutty self! Enjoy each other's fluids! Bliss!

  2. So effing horny. Cumunion?

  3. I need to work out. Going to steamworks.

  4. Wrong place for breeding. Try 442.
  5. cuckie

    Hands or No Hands

    Use your hands sparingly on his shaft, support and massage his balls; pull yourself onto him. Grab his legs and ass, attach as you shove your throat forward on his meat. Get yourself down on that dick, chin to his balls.
  6. 50 independent states, the union is for their common good.
  7. Cumunion tonight in Berkeley. I think I am going.

  8. I want my homoerotic raver wife. Someday. 

  9. Just got tested. HIV (-)

  10. Still the case at powerhouse.
  11. All of this can be answered on the website. www.442parties.com
  12. What goes on around here? What is there to do? Who wants to screw?

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