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  1. I saw it on the calendar. There were two chicks and a few crossdressers. Both the girls there were fun.
  2. Did anyone else go? I had the best night I had ever had there. I can't wait for more of these and know several women (XX) who are amped to attend.
  3. Has not happened yet, but Catalyst is a great place for parties. I cant wait for a straight sex party like this.
  4. are you still here? lets get your load(s) in me

  5. Come up and hot tub with me then Ill fill both of your holes.
  6. Oakland Secrets closed - the one on telegraph is still there.
  7. Pussy is awesome and swinging is a blast.
  8. Balanced diet, eat at the same times daily, good hydration are the basis for consistent (time and consistency) emptying action as our bodies take care of this normally. Once you have your body in a rhythm, cleaning out is easy when it comes time to prep. Enemas or douche until clean - it shouldnt take many.
  9. Proper hydration and nutrition. Try chiropractic care.
  10. Same, it seems to hover around 10 per day with no limit yet on rating threads with stars. It is annoying me.

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