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Repair Job

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Repair Job
by Hozzel
February 2023

Dan Harmon paused at the street level entrance to the innocuous Down Below Club. Despite glaring afternoon sunlight, the bottom of the stairs pooled silent in mysterious subterranean darkness. He had heard stories about this place, wicked stories of easy sex, carnal delights and shameless perversions, the sweet froth of lurid imagination and guilty self-pleasures. He suspected it was all fictionalized hype to attract customers. But the idea of a gay sex club intrigued him anyway.

He reached the dim landing and rapped on the heavy blood-red door. After there was no answer he turned the handle and the door silently swung away.


Summer scorch surrendered to cool air-conditioned bliss. Darkness gradually succumbed as Dan's irises slowly opened. Through a wide arch, he spied a large room with a disco motif: banks of dark speakers towered either side of a parquet dance floor, unlit screens covered walls, laser and light projectors waited, a mist generator slept. White round tables and pillowed benches dotted the perimeter. Other arches and open doorways lead to mysterious passages, ramps, and stairs. Arrowed signs pointed to other bars, a place called The Red Roomz, something called the Voyeur's Lounge, and another The Pit, and a sauna, and a beer garden. The rumored den of iniquity seemed more like a fancy disco pub than a sleazy pick-up palace for gay men.

"Anyone here? I'm Dan Harmon from D-Tec Computer Support. Someone called me about a problem with a database?"

He passed through a wide arch and approached a shiny black-topped bar. Silver and glass glistened the wall. Bottles paraded like crystalline soldiers. Behind the bar, a dark woman bent over an open cooler. The ultra-short hem of her tight, black mini-dress barely covered graceful curves. Midnight colored leg flesh flowed into knee-high black boots.

What would a woman be doing in a gay sex club? Maybe she worked the bar and could take him to the club's manager. "Hello?" he said faintly.

She snapped the cooler shut, raised her head, and paused when she saw his reflection. A sly grin crossed her round face. She slowly straightened then carefully turned.

His gaze locked onto the clinging dress's evocative plunging décolletage. Without thinking he stared at the exposed inner slopes of nice large firm breasts.

She stood still for longer than a moment, hand on hip, gaging his face before she smirked. "You can close your mouth now, hun." Low toned dulcet voice flowed like golden silk.

Dan blinked and shook himself out of erotic subspace. "I, uh, I..."

"They're called boobs, hun. Some say staring is rude, but I take outright gawking as a compliment. Have a good look."

"Oh, sorry. I ... I don't usually do that."

"You don't check out tits? But you look straight."

"No. I mean..." He turned his face away, embarrassed. "I don't look at... I'm sorry. I mean no disrespect."

She smiled impishly, shook her head, crossed bare arms. "Well, that's nice to know."

Pursing his dry lips, Dan quickly gazed up through the pronounced valley of her midnight colored chest, along her delicate neck, round chin, thick lips, and finally at a beautiful face. Her space-black hair was cropped close but not quite bald. Night-rimmed brown gaze speared deep into his turbulent soul. A mischievous smile emerged again, enhanced by lovely twin dimples. Height, beauty and implied sexual power mixed a potent combination that sent Dan's lurid imagination swirling and his heart pounding. He had not felt this way in years, since his long fling with Kurt, a serious cross-dresser. He sorely missed their shared emotional connection, Kurt's stunning outfits and wigs, and his evocative alter-ego, Nordic-looking Samantha. All that vigorous frequent sex in all those risky places. Sam could be sexually aggressive and demanding, and loving and fun, in contrast to Kurt's gentle passiveness.

"You're the programmer," the dark woman said.

Dan snapped out of memoryspace and nodded a fraction before reluctantly tearing his rude stare away.

"I can tell by the casual look, the longer hair, the faint stubble, pen in the pocket, no tie, the tablet -" she leaned over the bar, gazed down, "- and that big flash drive in your pants." She stretched further over the bar, scanned down his body, smiled for a moment, then raised her head. Centimeters before his flushed face, her piercing dark eyes raked his. Warm breath caressed his parted lips. A faint tang of cinnamon quaffed. "Your clothes and shoes are quality but you've been putting off a hair cut. You would rather not care how you appear to others, given a completely free choice. Other things are more important to you than appearance but you acknowledge the need for good presentation when necessary. You have a kind face but those tan eyes are inquisitive and hide secret mischief. You're nervous as hell and way out of your comfort zone." Her thick lips paused a few centimeters from his. Warm breath kissed his stunned mouth. "You're a geek with a very naughty secret side that you have hidden from the world for a long time. But I can't tell if you are gay or not." She pulled back, stood, and crossed her bare arms. Amusement flashed. "You haven't run so you might be."

It felt as if a hammer had smashed through his body. Somehow, this intriguing woman had seen straight into his soul. She oozed intoxicating sexual strength.

Without thinking he blurted, "I'm gay but... but... Mistress, what can I do for you?" then cursed himself for being rude again.

Instead of showing offense, the midnight woman smirked again. "I bet your mind is swimming with all kinds of naughty ideas about that. Gay works well for me, especially in this place, but, hey, I've been known to dabble on the other side of the track from time to time. Mistress, that's a laugh, but I like it. You can call me Evan. Now, how may you help your new mistress?"

Embarrassed further, Dan looked down then left, desperately trying to avoid staring at her luscious half exposed breasts. Something about her had already grabbed his loins. Maybe she was his kryptonite, too, just as Kurt had been. It wasn't right. Men were his attraction, not women. At the train station he checked out men, not women or girls. He very much preferred throbbing cocks although he could appreciate a good-looking girl's graceful curves, full breasts and displayed cleavage. Thumbing the edge of his tablet, his knotted stomach tightened. He forced his eyes to concentrate on Evan's surprisingly soft, smooth face.

"I'm here to see the manager about a problem with a database."

Evan stood straight, hand on curved hip. "That thing has right royally screwed itself. Even I couldn't fuck it back into shape, and, trust me, hun, I can fuck anything into any shape I want." She paused, smiled, turned. "Come with me. Perhaps you can work a miracle."

As he followed her around the bar, Dan realized the stunning mature black woman was almost half a head taller than his own 175 centimeters. She had the solid body of a strong amazon warrior, muscular biceps and stomach of a workout fanatic. Buckle encrusted spike-heeled knee-high boots further elevated her to nearly two meters. Strong bare arms sensuously swaying, she lead him through a dark arch, beneath The Red Romz sign, to a dim hall bordered by unmarked variously colored doors. Adorning the walls, artful shadowy photos depicted men engaged in graceful erotic activity. Just past the arch they turned and climbed narrow stairs. (From behind and below, he slyly admired her long tight legs as they flowed from the tops of her enticing boots into the hidden recesses of her body-hugging, ultra-short dress.) At the landing they walked down a wide hallway before pausing at the first door on the left. A simple black-etched silver sign read Manager, and beneath that a white sign displayed a friendly panting bulldog. Enter at own risk.

Grinning, she twisted a worn brass knob. The solid wooden door eeked open to reveal a large private office. A clean wooden desk held a single computer screen. Wall mounted surveillance monitors displayed half a dozen dark rooms, the entrance and the bar. Pastel lavender walls flowed into a rich aubergine carpet, svelte as fresh snow. On the far wall a sign said simply, "You are in my domain now. Life is different here. Carnality is mandatory. Stay calm and let's fuck."

"This is my private office." She pointed at the monitor. "There's the naughty boy."

As Evan followed Dan around the desk, her hand lightly brushed his shoulders. She stood close to him and pointed at the screen. "Here, have a look."

Dan forced himself to relax, hunkered over the desk, and took hold of the mouse control. Her right palm slid down his back. Obsidian nails gently raked until she held the left cheek of his bum. Shocked and nervous, Dan tried to ignore her erotic exploration. His paranoid voice asked What The Hell? In his experience, it usually took time to get to know the other person first. Anon sex was not his thing. He did not wish to appear rude, nor offend, so he let her fingers explore and grip and squeeze while he examined the screen. He found an icon simply labeled "My Database", checked its properties, then opened the program.

Next to his ear, she said, "Click on Edit, bring up a record and try to save it."

Sure enough, a malformed database error message appeared.

"What's the database engine?"

"SQLite embedded in the software."

"I know it. Who wrote this?"

"I did."

Dan sucked a surprised breath, glanced back at the grinning woman. Mature, beautiful, very sexy, and she knew how to code. Why was his body responding to her obvious interest? It felt right but also wrong, an intoxicating mixture, just like Kurt. Kryptonite.

"Are you the manager?" he said.

Evan smirked. "That, too, hun. I own this den of iniquity. It's all mine, every spot, every lick, every stain, every suck, every hole."

Oh, Dan thought. Oops. He said, "I can see the program is on a server. Is that ever turned off or rebooted?"

"Always turned on. Just like me."

Dan grinned. "Doesn't hurt to reboot occasionally. Clears out all the cobwebs. Is there a backup power supply?"

"Yes, for the whole place. Mine is permanently charged."

Her hand squeezed his bum, and her casual reply felt remarkably good. "Does the server handle anything other than the database?"

"Oh, yes. The server holds the database, documents, letters, images, some porn and music. Mostly video surveillance. The tills are run on a separate network." He felt her other gentle hand on his shoulder. A finger rubbed his neck sending shivers throughout his body. "Handling hard things is something I enjoy. I especially like to make them spend."

Trying desperately not to respond, he clicked an icon. "Three ten-terabyte hard drives. That's a whopping lot of storage capacity for a small database. You wrote the program?"

"Just me and these." She waggled long fingers. Tongue touched pearl teeth. Pert dimples deepened.

He said, "I think it may be a broken index or b-tree link. It can happen if the anti-virus system scans the file when writing or even at random. Need to exclude that folder from scanning. I should be able to put it back into shape easily. I'll just plug my tablet in." He took out a short cable from his pocket and clicked it in place.

"I love playing with plug-ins." He felt her fingers return to his bare neck and her other hand squeeze his butt cheek. Her tall supple body slipped against his.

Dan sucked a shuddered breath. With difficult concentration, he worked through the steps to export the data from the database file, create a new file then re-import the data and rebuild indexes.

When he was almost finished, he stood up and said, "You seem to have cams everywhere."

Evan said, "Not here in my office. Here, I am completely helpless to your amorous advances. No one will ever know except us." He felt her step back.

"Nothing like privacy," he said. "Do you keep the recordings?"

"Only a few. All the dirty movies are right there on the server. There's a few I can share. Would you like to see some? Bend over the desk and click on that icon."


"Bend over the desk and open that folder," Evan ordered. Her voice had suddenly become deeper, stern and instantly commanding. Without thinking, Dan leaned over the desk again and clicked on a yellow folder icon. A huge list of video files appeared. "That folder, the one labeled Special." He opened the subfolder Evan had indicated then double-clicked on a random video file. A pane opened revealing a clear view of a small group of nude men involved in what appeared to be a gangbang. On her hands and knees a dark naked woman with big swaying breasts and red fishnets was being fucked from behind by one short man while another hammered into her sucking mouth. Next to her another young woman with red hair and pale skin was also taking on two men at the same time. She looked vaguely familiar. In fact, she looked...wait... he could see the tip of a hard cock bobbing between her thighs. Then he looked at the dark woman and saw her stiff cock, too. Her swaying hair was long, thick and jet black, and her skin almost as dark as Evan's. In fact...

"Yeah, that's me. Have a good look. I'll be right back."

He couldn't take his eyes off the video. The dark trans-sexual's body rapidly jerked in time with the two men she was simultaneous pleasuring. Others crowded around, getting ready for their turns. He could hear her loud moaning and shrieks of muffled laughter.

Behind him there was a rustling sound then a quick sharp snap.

Suddenly, without warning, he felt his pants yanked down then his briefs. His balls and semi-hard penis flopped free. Cool air stung. Long fingers grasped his hips and something slick and wet probed against the crack. His cock instantly swelled hard.

"Hey! What are you doing?"

Evan roughly pushed him down onto the desk. "You're in the Down Below Club, hun. Don't you know what people come here to do? They come here to suck and fuck and have fun. Everyone gets laid here, no exceptions. We frown on the word 'no'. That's the big rule. There's also this edict: we seal the deal with sex. Besides, you're cute and your pretty ass is tight and round and oh so fuckable. Now, prepare to seal our deal."

Dan could not believe his luck. Evan was not just a woman, she was that very special type of woman he always dreamed of getting to know intimately, the type his brother, Ben, had married. Dan had only met the ravishing Kelly Ravane once but it had been enough to cause lurid wet fantasies and severe envy.

He held his breath as he felt that familiar thick thing push between his ass cheeks and against his rear pucker. He had not been fucked in a long time but instinctively his rosebud dilated.

"What have we here? A willing hole for my eager shecock, as I call it. Here it comes, hun."

He sharply inhaled as that full feeling of sudden bareback penetration swept through his shaking body. Before he could begin to relish the deep plunging act, he felt hips bump against his rear cheeks and her cock press against something in his guts. He gasped and blew out explosive air as she sunk very deep. It had all happened in a moment, mere seconds.

It felt huge. He felt stuffed full. And it felt fantastic. He moaned.

Evan reached around - "Let's get rid of this" - pulled his body up, and unbuttoned his shirt. She pushed it up and off over his arms before she roughly shoved him onto the desk and leaned over his back. He felt the weight of her heavy body and her big tits press against him. Her hard cock felt massive. He let out a shaky breath, tried to relax and get used to it.

"That's right, hun," she said with a warm breathy voice in his ear. "As you can see right there in that old recording, I like to bottom for a group, but today I'm going to fuck your tight ass. I don't know what the fuck it is about you but ever since I laid eyes on you all I want to do is stick my hard bare cock into you and bang you senseless. Your round ass looks so good on my spear. You feel nice and tight, but you're clearly not a virgin. Without thinking your hole let me slide right in so you're obviously experienced. Hold still while I see if I can make you cum!"

"Me? What about you?" Dan huffed. He was already panting.

"Oh, I'm going to load you up plenty, hun. Don't you worry about that. I can feel it boiling in my heavy balls already."

She raised herself to a full, tall standing position, grabbed his hips, yanked him up and backward and, with a serious laugh, plunged deep into his asshole. Dan stood on his toes and let out a low moan. It felt good to be fucked again, very good indeed. He had missed it more than he realized.

Evan fucked roughly. Her fingers clamped hard onto his butt as she frantically thrust her solid rod deep and hard. He groaned. He felt her cock rub inside as it pumped in and out, in and out. Felt it stimulate his sensitive prostate. Felt those old, cherished feelings of physical pleasure mount. She knew exactly what to do, how to make him feel everything, and how to force his body to respond to her desire. She worked her cock and worked his body with savage expertise and consummate skill. In moments he began to quiver then shake as he felt a building orgasm. Sensations ran rampant.

"Fuck, you feel good. I am going to blast a big load inside you," Evan laughed, "then you can cum for me."

Dan moaned and grunted as she pummeled. "Whatever you want," he blurted while his body was fiercely jerked back and forth.

"Oh, yes!" she purred. "Oh, fuck! Won't take long, hun! You feel so fucking tight and good!"

She shoved hard and Dan yelped. His jiggling butt clenched tight around her entire spearing cock's full length. He could feel her deep panting breaths blanketing his back. The strength of her pounding felt amazing.

As Evan slammed, she laughed off and on, clearing enjoying herself and the pleasure she took from him. She lunged over and over, faster and faster, harder and harder until his whole body jerked to her savage, relentless tune.

"Almost there already! I'm going to cum right now. You feel so fuckin' good! I love it!"

She rammed her hips against his ass again. Dan yelled and thrashed. In response, she lunged even harder.

"Ooo! Ahhh! Ohh!! Ahhh! Fuck! Oh, fuck!" he yelled.

"Yeah! Fuck, yeah! Take it, slut!"

She leaned over him. He felt her large tits jerk against his back as she drove her cock deep into his squeezing tight hole again and again and again. Wham! wham! wham! And then, suddenly, with a loud animal roar, he felt her body slam against his and her cock exploded. He gasped as he felt her shoot pulse after pulse. Her cock thickened to the point of momentary pain. After several strong shots, winded, he felt her firm breasts press against his back as she slipped down for a moment. Her hands slid up the sides of his body and along his arms until she held him outstretched and firm. He was not going anywhere soon.

"You're a good piggy slut," she said, then pushed herself back up and pulled out. She ordered, "Turn over."

He let out a sigh and relaxed. "Okay. Okay. I'll do what you want. Anything. Anytime. Anywhere. I'm yours. You got me."

"Excellent! A new willing sex slave on call. I knew you were special the moment I laid eyes on you."

He awkwardly rolled over until he lay on his back on the desk. His knees hooked around her hips, feet pressing on her round buttocks. Her long cock had barely wilted. He looked up and saw Evan was completely naked except for her sexy boots. Her ripped stomach tightened. Tiny hard nipples on her huge breasts swung over his chest. Her tall, muscular black body glistened with shiny perspiration. She looked simply powerful and magnificent and utterly desirable. She stared down at him with a lecherous grin, reached down and fondled his hard cock.

"Well, well, well, hun. What do I feel here? You must really be liking this. I like a man who knows how to properly show his appreciation. I expect you to keep this up."

"You're still hard, too."

"Oh, I'm not finished yet. But..." She hesitated. Her close cropped head tipped and she regarded him quizzically. "What did you say your name was?"

"Dan Harmon."

Her eyebrows raised and a big grin cross her round face. "Do you know Kelly Ravane?"

"My sister in law," Dan croaked.

"Well, what do you know! I am fucking Ben Harmon's little brother. Kelly and I were once very close. That's her next to me in that video, maybe ten years ago. She's such a horny fucker she makes me look almost tame. Haven't seen her since she married your bro. I was her best man at the wedding. Do you know she's trans?"

Dan nodded. "Yeah, but I didn't know you were at first."

"Fools everyone. You like these big tits? They're all natural. Not a spec of silicone. I just grew 'em when I turned 13. I have the cool body shape of a beautiful woman and a ceaseless sex drive of a man. I change gender depending on how I feel. Sometimes I'm a hot woman, sometimes a raunchy man. Sometimes I like to top, like now, but other times I like to bottom. Mostly I like mixing 'em up, like today. But, hey, why am I revealing all this to you? I am not finished yet." With a sudden thrust, Evan jammed her cock back into Dan's hole. "I feel like cumming again." He felt her swell a renewed erection as she resumed fucking him deep and hard, this time with a more solid determination instead of frantic lust. He breathed a low moan, a mix of pleasure and amazement.

After several minutes, he pushed himself off the desk, held his yielding body up with his elbows and felt her brutally slam her seemingly huge cock in and out of his yielding ass. With each stroke, she huffed like an engine when her strong hips slapped his prone cheeks. She fucked him viscously for several more minutes. He felt her huge cock invade and retreat through the clinging walls of his wanting rear, and he loved it. Loved every lunge, every pump, every tight grip of her strong hands, every huff of her panting lungs.

"I can feel another load comin' on quick. I'm so turned on...almost ... there ... again! Gunna... gunna... Yes! Yes! Yes!"

She thrust hard and yelled "Fuuuuuck!" so loud it hurt his ears. Her muscular dark body jerked with strong orgasmic spsams as if all her strength poured directly into her pulsing cock. She pushed and squirted several more strong shots of warm cum deep into his clenching gut. Her entire body shook. As she came she looked right into his amazed eyes. Her huge smile told him everything.

When she finally jerked a last shot, she grinned and said, "Gunna make you cum now, hun. Gunna force you to cum. You like that? You like being made to cum?"

He nodded. "Oh, yeah! Do it! Make me! Oh fuck!" he suddenly yelled as she moved again. She had hit that magic spot inside his ass, the spot Kurt once used relentlessly to drive him wild. "Oh, fuck. Fuck! Fuck!" Dan started thrashing, wanting to pull away because the pleasure instantly became too intense, but Evan held his hips firm while continuing to laugh and viciously plunge into his yielding ass over and over.

His body shook. He felt his cock and balls and ass pulsing in unison with her movements. In this position, her cock rubbed even harder against his prostate. She knew exactly how to move to get her desired effect. Spasms of pleasure rocketed through his body. His dick shot up in size. His entire body cringed and he panted heavily. As she drilled, the pressure and pleasure inside intensified to searing white.

Dan thrashed harder. He tried to push away. "No! I can't take any more!"

"Yes you will, hun." Evan leaned over his body, firmly press his wrists to the desk, and continued to savagely pump into him so hard her hips slapped his butt like a drum beat. "You like being held down and pounded deep into your ass by me. You like being made cum, don't you. Do you want me to cum into you again? Do you want me to make you cum? You're a greedy pig, Dan. You love having your hole stuffed with cum and you love to have your dick made to squirt without anyone touching it. Greedy, slutty pig. You love it and I love it."

Teeth clenched, somehow Evan rammed her renewed cock into him even faster and with more strong force.

Dan felt himself lose control. He felt his balls boil. His back and neck arched and his muscles contracted and quivered in overpowering pleasure.

"Oh, God!"

"Cum for me, now. Let me see it spout!"

"Oh, yeah!" He yelled. "Fuck. Fuck. Ah, fuck!" As she plundered his guts, Dan felt a wave of pleasure that snapped through him like a bright spark. He felt his body jump and convulse and his balls tighten and contract. She slammed into him hard over and over, making him respond, forcing him to endure a massive building orgasm. After three more powerful lunges, electric feelings exploded. With an enormous roar, his entire being let go. His body spasmed. His cock squirted load after load onto her breasts and all over his chest. His legs clenched Evan's body tight. The power of his own body's pleasure nearly made him pass out. He had never felt anything even approaching such radiance.

He felt her own cock jerk and throb. She leaned over him, her body locked still and shaking. The relief swamped his senses while his cock blasted a few final drips. She let go of his wrists and levered herself up. She stood before him, a tall black naked goddess, his mistress, her cock still embedded in his slowly relaxing body.

"Wow," he heard. "That load almost hurt when I came. But, wow, three times in a row! Who the hell are you? You may be a cum-greedy pig but you're not worthless."

Dan tried to push himself up onto his elbows but Evan lay her heavy body down on him. His thighs squeezed her hips. Her long fingers held the sides of his head. Her smiling round face hovered above his. A faint cinnamon odor drifted. She descended and pushed her thick tongue between his lips and rubbed his own tongue. Then her lips were all over his and his hands roamed her back while they connected emotionally. Eventually they broke and gazed at each other.

Evan started laughing. He joined her until they kissed again.

"Hun, you're not going anywhere until I am well and truly fucked out. That might take the rest of the afternoon and maybe even tonight."

"Yes, Mistress," he replied, "whatever pleases you," as he felt her hips and cock move again.


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I have ideas for several more parts, but I would like to know how interested people are in seeing them.  Things that happen at the club, in Dan's work office, elsewhere. There's a tie-in to some of my other stories here and maybe a crossover. Ideas, guys? Lascivious thoughts? 

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Part 2

Dan's office door flung open dramatically. "Surprise!" Evan's knee-length crimson dress billowed as she gingerly stepped across the thick carpet. She leaned over the desk, embraced his neck, pulled, and kissed him hard. Her pliant lips slid, her insistent tongue probed. Dan glimpsed inquisitive eyes before the door clicked shut. Embarrassment reared its ugly head.

But he kissed her back, slipped and twisted his tongue along hers until she finally broke the passionate kiss. Her breath warmed his stunned face.

"Hi there, hun. Bet you didn't expect to see me again."

"I, um, I thought..." He felt like an awkward teenager confronted by an astonishing beauty. "I was hoping you might've called."

After not hearing from her, he concluded she had used him for one-off pleasure. His ecstatic feelings crashed, but his libido had not. It had been three very long days.  Days consumed by endless memories of their torrid encounter, his mind reliving the amazing experience, the lust-filled feelings. All those wracking orgasms she had induced! His sextrified body had reverted to teenage-driven constant carnality. Spontaneous frequent erections blossomed like a naughty yo-yo. Six times day before yesterday and another four yesterday did not shift his mind out of the intoxicating gutter, nor slate his apparent endless supply of self-induced gushes.

But now, here she was, as large as life, beaming and radiant like bright red fire.

Evan stood tall, around 190 he guessed. His eyes trailed up from her simple black heels, her bare black trim legs, the flared crimson skirt over curved hips, thick muscular waist, the deep V exposing inner curves of sumptuous braless breasts and long neck. Round wide smiling face, laughing dark eyes, buzz cut hair. Small ears adorned by dangling rubies. Utterly beautiful. Gracefully confident. A feminine and mascule mix like delicious broth.

Hand on hip, Evan announced, "Your fix didn't work. The fuckin' thing still has those errors."

He stammered, "I...I have a plan B."

"I hope you do, hun." She plucked a purple flashdrive from her leopard-print bag. "Here is the source code and the file."


She handed him the flashdrive then wandered over to the two large bookcases.

"Last Monday was crazy, wasn't it?"

He muttered, "I hope I pleased you," but thought 'Do you want to fuck me again?'

She turned to face him. "Trust me, hun, you left a very strong impression. I have not been able to get you out of my filthy mind, and - believe me - I have tried!" Evan glanced around. "You must be pretty important to rate a big private office like this on the top floor."

"It's my company," he admitted. "And I own the building."

Her smile grew even wider. "Personal service right from the top, then. Perfect! Say, what is this?" She peered at the bookcase again. "She-Beast comics. Really? I knew it! I suspected you were a closet sex fiend."

Dan feigned innocence. He could not take his eyes off her. The crimson dress flowed as she seductively turned to face him. Her black skin contrasted nicely with the shimmering material. He desperately wanted to grab her and stuff her wonderful hard dick back up his ass, just as she had done in her office last Monday. But he refrained, uncertain of her motives, yet hopeful.

She said, "Do you have the one in which she takes on the Legion of Sparn?"

"Oh, the, um..."

"The one where she fucks the lot of them into submission."

He nodded, slightly embarrassed but admitted. "Issue 37."

"Classic! My kind of story."

She casually strolled back to his desk, one foot carefully placed before the other. Hot red skirt swayed. A split up the middle glimpsed long dark tapering legs. The plunging open V neck revealed the nice inner curves of her sumptuous breasts. Her fingers sensually slid along the soft edge of his desk.

"This feels amazing. I've never seen a desk so large. It's longer than a bed. I like the curve and round edges, the kidney shape like a pool. Organic. Natural. The rubbery surface feels like some vibrators. Have you ever fucked on it?"

"It is custom made, and I have not experienced that particular delight. Mistress."

"That I am, hun. Your special mistress." Smirking, she sat on the edge of the desk next to him and leaned forward. The skirt split, revealing a long bare leg and inner thigh. The plunging gape at her neck allowed him to glimpse the substantial curves of her heavy breasts. Why did he find them so attractive? They were not men's muscles, not the tight buttocks or thick cock that usually enticed. A woman's beautiful breasts and hips on a statuesque man with a tool that could make him howl. He sincerely hoped he had not gone straight.

"What sorts of programs do you produce?"

Dan took a breath, pulled himself back to reality, gripped the chair's armrests, and vainly tried to quiet his screaming nerves. "Mostly websites with custom databases. Private and government work. A big cloud-based book library with special apps to help catalogers. Outputs MARC records. Websites for local businesses." Without thought, his left hand automatically rested on her knee.

Her warm hand gently landed on his. Long fingers caressed his knuckles. She leaned around to view the screen. "What are you working on here?"

"Project for the state government. Custom database. Deputy Premier's office."

"The DP?" Evan smirked. "That's very interesting. I've met her. I can testify she likes DP's, too."

"I wouldn't know," Dan whispered. He discovered he was shaking. The disobedient thing in his pants throbbed. She held his palm against her svelt leg.

"Is that assembly language?"


"Brave man, but this here on the middle monitor I know. That's Basic, in fact it looks like the dialect I know. Thought you would have been using C."

"That's my own compiler but it is similar to the one you use. I can do almost everything and code faster and easier in Basic. Simple procedure based, none of this object oriented stuff. I can embed C coded or assembler in it if I need to and use DLLs. Can still be hard work."

"Tell me about it, hun! Speaking of hard," she smirked, "do you think you can still fix my database?"

"I think so. I'll try exporting all the records manually and rebuilding all the tables. That should be able to get past whatever corruption is causing the error. Could take a day or so, depending on interruptions."

"Well," Evan said smoothly, "it might take a bit longer. I intend to become an unforgettable distraction." She placed a bare arm around his tight neck, leaned her warm body against his, pressed a pliant breast on his arm. Her hand snaked below the desk. "Hmmm... Feels like this hard drive connector needs to be plugged in." Her sensual massage and kisses caused Dan's entire body as well as his penis to stiffen. She broke the kiss and said in a breathy voice, "I should take you right now on this fabulous desk."

Dan pulled his head away. "I have to keep my employee's respect."

"Hogwash! You told me you would be available to me any time anywhere. This is the time and the where." Evan relinquished her stiff prize, tapped her teeth with a midnight nail and shook her head. "Are you ashamed to be seen with me? Did you not enjoy our wild ride? I certainly did!"

"No! I ... um. Yes! It was great! It was..." His guts squirmed.

"It was fabulous, wasn't it. I love being a bottom - especially for a group of horny men - but for some reason you just make me want to top. I haven't cum that many times since ... well, it had been awhile. I had even forgotten how much I love doing the fucking." She slid her fingers sensually down her exposed throat. "I like a man who grows excited by all the outrageous things I say and do." She slipped inside her dress and fondled a plump breast. "A man who can keep up with my constant sexual demands." She touched a protruding nipple. Shivered. Sighed. "A man who wants his hands on my dick 24/7, or mine on his. Aren't you getting excited? I am."

Breath panted through his open mouth as he stared at her hand working inside her dress. His erection throbbed. Fingers tightened around the chair's armrests.

"Tell me, hun, do you like to be fucked or do you prefer to ram it in and do the fucking?"

"Um, both. I loved what you did. I like to please."

"I know you liked me breeding you and forcing you to cum, hun. How do you feel about a group of horny men and trans women having their wicked way with you? Some will fill your hole, others will use your cock to fill theirs. Ah, from your face I see you are intrigued but unsure. I love it so much I do it almost every weekend. But what about you? And what if you could just keep going and going? I know a way to do that."

Before he could answer, with a wicked gleam in her dark mischievous eyes, Evan suddenly hopped off the desk and pushed his wheeled chair. Scuttling beneath, she squatted and grinned up between his parted knees. She rolled the chair close. Her palms slid along his inner thighs.


"I am a demanding, wanton mistress, and you are my sex slave. I'm under your fucking desk. I came here to give you this present and I am going to do that. So do the honorable thing: shut the fuck up and accept fate. Come on, let's get that delicious ass and pussy stuffer out."

"Evan, please! They're going to..."

"Making men cum is my passion. I made you cum last Monday while fucking your ass. Twice! Now I want to suck you until you roar and fill my wanton mouth with your delicious juice. I am not waiting any longer!" Using only her teeth, she expertly drew down his zipper. Her amazing fingers tugged out his hard aching cock. "Ah, here we are, my pretty!" she cackled witch-like and began to fondle. Her long forefinger traced the length and tip. "You have an absolutely beautiful cock here, and, trust me, I am a connoisseur of cock. A Goldilocks cock: not too big, not too small. Just...right." She gulped his stiff organ straight into her eager mouth. Her sparkling eyes locked onto his. "Mmm... mmm... mmm..." Her experienced tongue fluttered, causing him to suddenly gasp. Fingertips lightly stroked the stem. She slowly slipped her sucking lips down and down then up and up.

He looked down at her cheeky round face and his heart softened. "Temptress," he said. "They're going to talk out there."

She released him with a loud pop. The foreskin was already rolled back. Swollen sensitive knob glistened. Licking it with the flat of her tongue - he flinched from the pleasure - she said, "I'll sort out anyone who plays up. Anyway, they should be doing the same thing. Mmm..."

"Evan... Oh, gah!"

"Mmm," she mumbled, joyfully working on him. Beneath her rubbing lips, her hand jerked him up and down, pumping sharp tingles through his quivering body. Her other hand rolled his full balls.

"Oh, shit! Oh, fuck! Take it easy!"

"Quiet, hun! I'm busy. Mmm..." Giggling, she gently slipped her hand along the length over the smooth knob and back, causing him to tightly grip the leather armrests, shudder, and arch his back. "Do you really want me to go easy? Doesn't that feel great?"

He gripped the chair's padded arms. "Oh...man..." Knuckles whitened.

"You like a man to take charge, so I'm doing just that." She pulled his chair closer. "Come on, hun, have some fun with me." Her mouth engulfed his hardness again; something playfully squeezed the tip and he shook.

"This is so weird," he muttered, and thought, you're so damn good at this.

Evan's wonderfully sucking mouth further descended around his sensitive cock. Her cheeks indented, clasped him like a velvet glove. The expert suction along with her squirming tongue felt so good he shuddered and gasped. Her finger touched a nerve on his fleshy scrotum in an odd manner and he jumped. She did something with her throat and it felt as if she were trying to swallow him whole.

Her head bobbed faster as she sucked more strongly on his straining prick. The wild sensations she induced made his entire body tremble and jerk. Evan shamelessly throat-fucked his cock. She slid her free hand down, groped through her dress for her own demanding hard pole, found it, and began to pump at the same time sucking and bobbing.

"Oh God!" he accidentally yelled. "What're you doing?"

She pulled his cock from her mouth and mumbled, "I'm doing what I love to do. Do you like it?"

"Yes. Oh! But I thought you're a top."

"Top! Bottom! It doesn't matter! I fuck you, you fuck me, we suck each other. So what? I have told you! Sometimes I like to bottom and sometimes, like the other day, I like to top, but what I mostly like is to top from the bottom. I simply do not understand anyone who does not like doing this, top or bottom or flip. Your reactions are so cool. It really turns me on, too. I'm so hard and horny I can't stand it." Her eyes flashed laughter. She took him back inside her slick mouth, sucking and licking in a powerful yet playful manner he had never before experienced.

"Evan..." he gurgled. He felt her warm, wet cheeks glide lovingly up and down, her hand grasp his stem, her other fingers cup his warm balls. His body tingled and his cock tightened at the new sensations. "Nnnngg..." he gasped. He looked down at her dark bobbing head. His fingers dug into the plush chair's armrests and he tried not to think about the large number of men with whom she had perfected her extraordinary technique.

Focusing her attention on the sensitive tip, Evan enthusiastically licked, rubbed, teased, nibbled. She elicited quivering, shaking, jumping reactions, moans and groans and eye rolls. She stimulated raw nerves forcing pressure to build within his whole quivering body. "I love cocks", she whispered, "I love making them cum." Her turgid lips slid down the slippery tip. She gave him a dirty wink then slid further down, resumed sucking harder again, and deeper. Her finger dug and pushed between his lower cheeks, pushed right inside and wriggled.

He grew painfully tight. "I'm..." His body tingled. "Oh!" he breathed. His entire body tensed further. He strained, lifted his hips, and pushed his cock still deeper into her loving mouth. His balls felt enormous and very hot. His breaths panted. His entire body wound tight. An explosion seemed imminent. Then her finger gently caressed that special spot inside, his p-spot, the spot she used to make him her writhing puppet.

"Oh... fff...!"

Evan's finger stroked and pumped and her head bobbed, her mouth sucked and her tongue licked. It felt as if she were trying to swallow him whole. She sucked hard. It was too intense. He tried to pull away but she held firm.

"Oh! I'm... I'm... I can't hold back."

"Don't! Fuckin' give it to me!"

Dan growled, tensed enormously. He thrust hard a few times. Her throat took him in and squeezed the tip. Suddenly, with a sharp yell, his entire body spasmed. His cock swelled and fired. With every thrash, every spasmodic jerk, squirt after precious squirt blasted while Evan shamelessly gulped each dollop in her greedy, sucking, noisy mouth. Shot after steaming shot she swallowed with embarrassing noise, all the while looking up at him with those brilliant dark laughing eyes. When he continued to shoot her eyes widened. Her cheeks swelled and some of his fluid escaped. His hands gripped the chair's solid arms as if he might fall out. His nerves flashed, sensations zapped, emotions snapped. His entire body jerked over and over as his cock continued to pulse and pump. The climax continued longer than any he could recall. Panting heavily, he thrust and shot, thrust and shot.

Even though he wished it would never end, somewhere on the other side of time it all finally stopped. He fell back into the chair, puffing like a mad man, his cock twitching in her hand and mouth.

Evan removed her finger from his ass, looked up at his wide-eyed face and opened her mouth for a moment. Thick cream swirled on her tongue. She swallowed quickly then back-handed her thick lips. She literally giggled then descended again.

Dan's face flushed tight, eyes wide. His lungs bellowed air almost as if gulping.

Evan sucked and licked and kissed for almost another minute before before she gave a final suck and long lick then shoved hard. His wheeled chair jarred against the wall. She rose from beneath the desk until she stood before him like a giant Amazon goddess. Hands on hips, she smirked and licked her lips and stared as his wet upthrust cock.

The tent in her dress shouted an obvious need.

"Do you always cum that much? How do you feel?"

Dan stammered. His wordless mouth goldfished. Fingers gripped the armrests as if he might fall from the chair. His body still quivered.

"If the man is quiet it means I've botched everything or I have done extremely well."

"Never... never..."

"You've never had head that good before?"

Dan barely shook his head. He sucked a nervous breath as his body began to shake. Mental pandemonium reigned. His penis jumped, jumped again as orgasmic aftershocks zapped. More milky fluid oozed.

"Never ... that strong."

"I am shocked. Haven't you ever been sucked off before? Hasn't that lovely little wench at your front desk ever done that for you?"

He nodded and sucked air. "Not her, not Jenny. She's gay and so am I. But...not... Oh, freakin' hell." Dan foot-walked his chair forward, touched her hand, forced himself to calm. "Thank you," he said and shook again.

"Only a taste, lover." Evan bent at the waist and kissed him. Passion erupted. He instinctively responded. Their lips slid, tongues licked, hearts raced. He reached and pulled her neck. She reached down, fumbled, discovered he was still capable. Eyes flicked wide before she retreated and smiled wickedly. "You've barely softened. Think you can do it again?"

He nodded demurely. "Usually."

She giggled in excitement. "Really? I love talent! Come." She pulled him upright then roughly pushed him onto his back on the desk. His head thumped down between the three monitors and keyboard.

"We shouldn't..."

"I want to fuck! Get up on the desk!"

Evan quickly yanked his pants off. His cock twanged thick and tall before her beaming face. "Much better!" She mounted the sturdy desk and straddled his lap. "Be fair. My turn. I'm hard as nails, my ass is needy, and I really want to fuck. Please your mistress."

She flung the thick red dress off and he saw her hard cock thrust upward like a huge invitation. Naked, she slowly slid back. He felt her bloated balls slide along his stomach. He inhaled sharply as her freed large breasts scraped his face. Grinning, her taught bare stomach pushed eagerly against his own. She slid his throbbing erection between her lower cheeks. She leaned down onto his body and sucked his tongue into her mouth. Over and over she pressed herself back against his cock, rocking gently, eyes closed, almost humming. He felt her adjust, felt her open, and Dan felt thick, warm, snug heaven embrace while she pushed him deep inside her strong body.

Evan sighed as if relieved. "Aaa... That is exactly where you belong. Now, I am going to make myself cum all over you." She began to move, slowly at first, forcing him to slip almost out then back in to her strong body. Her panting, her smooth sinuous movement sparked his invigorated nerves. "And your cock is so just right! I can feel it hitting the right spot even now." She moved slowly, deliberately, forward and back, her breasts rubbing against his chest, her ever smiling face centimeters from his. Panting, in moments her speed and ferocity increased. Evan slipped forward and back, sliding Dan's sensitive thick pole in and out and rubbing her hard throbbing cock between their stomachs at the same time. Playful magic spasms rippled along his sparkling length. Re-energized by her tight sucking anus, strong passion, her powerful kisses and sensual movements, Dan's body tingled again. Re-energized, his cock began to throb. He pushed up, she pressed down. Together they danced opposing erotic rhythms, panting deeper and deeper into each others open mouths. Breaths pumped between their lungs. Passionate friction built and built.

"Fuck!" she gasped, "I'm ... almost there already. Shit, this is fast! Almost there... Almost... Uh... uh... uh... Yes! Oh, fuck yes!" Gasping, she smashed her shaking body against his. Vigorously, she eagerly thrust her powerful ass up and down over his solid cock, a strange determination shining her beautiful face.

"Mistress, I'm going to..."

"Do it! Do it! Breed me!"

They moved together harshly, pounding each others bodies, skin slapping skin, his cock squelching in her as she forcefully slid him. Their smiles widened into huge grins. Puffing with each thrust, almost laughing together, they hurled every sprung muscle at their combined passion. When it finally happened, when he literally exploded, this time he cut loose a primal growl of immense pleasure. This time, he allowed himself to blast with total freedom. Fueled with powerful carnal lust, sticky thick seed shot over and over into Evan while his body convulsed shamelessly, admits her grunts and gasps. His fingers clutched her waist then ass and pulled tight. He rammed into her hard and pumped more shots.

Evan wrapped strong arms around his body, squeezed his thighs with her bent legs. Over-stimulated, his blasts triggered her first sudden orgasm. "Mmmph..." She continued to kiss him, vainly attempting to stifle her own noise. Her intense spasms clasped his hard, pumping shaft. Unable to stop, their paired orgasms powered onwards as if an invisible force had taken control and roped them together. In the severe peak of turbulent ecstasy, she squeezed him so tight the air flew from his tortured lungs spun into hers. He held her body as it spasmed with tremendous force.

Evan's head snapped up. Transformed by intense sexual energy, her face split into a wide, happy, gorgeous smile. Dan began to laugh with her. Even while laughing together, another shuddering wave crashed through her, causing that beautiful face to writhe and twist through surprise and pleasure. Her tongue flicked on his wet lips, and, with gritted teeth, as if demon possessed, she resumed madly gyrating while sparkling joy forced even greater laughter. The desk beneath creaked.

She quickly fucked him in and out, forcing him to continue to rub her sensitive prostate.

"Oh, fuck! I ... " Her entire body cringed as a completely different, yet powerful, type of orgasm claimed her soul. "That's it! That's it! I'm cumming again! Oh, fuck!" He held her while she shook until, panting heavily, staring into his excited eyes, she whispered, "You made me cum again, and so quickly!. Thank you." She took his head in her palms and softly kissed him. Her muscular body quivered in his hands with pleasurable aftershocks. 

"Thank you," he answered, huge smiling, lungs still heaving.

Tears welled at the corners of her eyes. "Damn it," she said, frowning, "we came at the same time."

He admired Evan's angelic face, her tearing eyes, her very dark smooth skin. His hands slipped lovingly from her round bum up her strong back then the sides of her firm breasts, down her flanks and hips to smooth bare legs. He felt as if he had just bonded with the most beautiful trans-sexual in the world, and it had happened through amazing sex. No prolonged meetings, many dates, time to learn about each other. It felt so right. It had happened in a flash.

He had no idea what to say.

She broke the stunned silence. "I didn't expect you to cum again so quickly."

"Talent," he snickered, "like you said. And you. Did you feel it?"

"Feel what?"

He enthused, "You're fantastic! I've never felt anything that strong before! It's like some type of energy sprang right out of you and into me...and it spun around and flew back to you. It felt like we gave something to each other. Like we connected. Like love. Like..."

"Oh, yes. That." But she frowned.

Shocked, Dan said, "Have I done something wrong?"

"Oh, no, hun. You did everything right." Evan pushed herself up, leaned back but kept him embedded deep inside her perspiring body. He could feel her playfully squeezing his tumid length with practiced internal muscles. Her upthrust cock strained for a full release. She gripped it and began pumping rapidly. "You are too perfect." Softly, "In too many ways."

Dan gazed up at her glorious breasts and sighed. "I don't know how to describe it! Intense. Overwhelming. Significant. Is that what you're feeling, too? Is this what great sex feels like?" The energy was causing him to babble. He reached and gently held her fist as she rapidly jerked. He wanted to share the experience, to be part of her feelings, her euphoria.

"You never had sex like this? Honestly?"

"Not this driven. Not this ... intense! Not this loving! Until yesterday, I only ever dreamed about it! It's so fantastic! You are unbelievable!"

"I find that hard to believe." She smiled. "Are you worn out?" She was pumping madly now. Her anus squeezed him tighter and her breaths panted shallow. "Huh...huh...huh..."

"Oh, no!"

He pushed up inside her and tried to help but she suddenly stiffened. With a surprised cry, long white shots hit her breasts, her stomach, her arm, his hand. He felt her clench his cock tight, her muscles cringe with hidden power. He held her hand as she held her cock as it pumped.

When she finished she glared down at his intrigued face and shook her lovely head. "You're still hard inside me and you can keep going for me. You turn me on so fucking much. I feel like a damn fucking machine. I just want to keep going. I want to bang you, too. You're too damn perfect." Evan's manner suddenly hardened. She raised and pulled his still hard cock from her body. She stood next to the desk. Grasping the base of his, she knelt and blew softly. "I think you shot a gallon of man crème into me. Best not to waste all this tarty juice." Grinning, she licked and sucked him again.

"Hyperspermia," Dan uttered. "That's what a specialist told me."

Evan paused.  Shot a surprised glance. "Really? You cum a lot?"

"And often. I have to at least twice a day or I go crazy. Once I get going it can be hard to stop. I know it's not normal, and it puts people off, and a lot of guys don't believe me, and when they see me keep going and do it several times, it can freak them out, and... Oh. I'm sorry. I'm babbling."

He squirmed but not from over-sensitivity.

"Sorry for what? Does my tongue on your knob still feel good, hun?"

"Fantastic, like you."

"Some men are too sensitive to be touched afterwards. Some men shut down completely," she said. "I am just the opposite. Cumming just makes me want to do more. And you're like that, too. Wow. I never expected to meet someone like you."

He gently stroked her bobbing head. "We can do it again, if you want, or you can fuck me again, or we could have go lunch and then..."

She kissed the taught crown, lovingly squeezed the stem, shook her head, suddenly stood, backed away and said firmly, "That's enough for now."

"I'm sorry," he said again, dumbfounded.

"Stop it." She picked up her dress, stretched it over her hips and thighs but pulled the top apart so her firm breasts glistened in the light from the wide window behind the desk. "It's just sex. Nothing to worry over."

"Just sex? I don't understand. I felt something between us like ... like a power, or a shock, or ... I just want to scream and laugh and do it again! It's so good! Don't you feel it?" He sat up, swung his legs off the edge of the desk. His arms spun, hands chopped air. He was still hard.

"Yes, I do feel it." She began to pace. "Damn it! I do feel it and I will not allow this to happen again! I vowed...  Right. As my new sex slave in training, I order you to drop it."

He hopped off, fumbled with his trousers. "In training? Drop what?"

"I didn't expect this ... this feeling! I haven't felt this in ... way too long." Her face went hard. She looked straight at him. "It is not going to fucking happen!"

"I don't understand," he pleaded.

"Dan, it was just a root, okay, hun? A really good root. Like last Monday." She stared at him, long legs parted beneath ankle-length red skirt, hands on hips akimbo, firm large breasts still exposed, aureole crinkled, small nipples proudly erect. Her cock had not entirely shrunk. A half naked TS super hero. "Please. Do it for me, hun."

Humbled by her sudden softness, Dan said, "As you wish, Mistress." His pounding heart knew otherwise. "What about my people out there? They may have heard and they have to respect me," he said, tucking himself away with difficulty.

"They should hear such things, and bloody often, and they should be doing it, too. You should encourage your staff to go naked and play with each other. I do. It is a big thing at the club. In fact, that's what the club is all about. It is a haven for trans-sexuals who thrive on abundant sex. One huge happy family, in a special way."

"What about others? Gay men?"

"Some are allowed membership. Very few straight men or women. Most of the women there have fully or partially transitioned, and some of the men, too." Evan's entire lovely body shook. "We both came so hard! I can still feel it shooting through my legs and arms. Even my boobs." She shuddered beautifully. "And ... may I have a tissue?"

He scampered to the desk and handed her two white tissues.

She reached beneath the skirt then passed back the thin wet paper. He was just about to pop it into the bin when she called, "Are you going to serve me?"


"Eat the tissue."

He paused. "What?"

"Do as I order!"

Obediently, Dan placed the wet tissue in his mouth and sucked and chewed on it. Not vulgar. Slightly salty and gooey. Palatable. Staring at her eyes, he made sure she saw him swallow.

"Good boy." She tucked her breasts beneath red material, collected her bag, and headed for the office door. She swung open the door and paused. Looking back at him, "Let me know when you have really fixed the database. I need it as soon as possible. And, tell you what, come to the club after 10 tonight. Friday night is usually a blast, and there's someone I'd like you to meet. I have a group booking but I'm sure we can fit you in as well. I'll let Simon know you're coming. Oh I'm going to have so much fun with you!"

Shocking red swirled. The door softly clicked shut.


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Part 3

The modest city of Flinders wrapped itself across the geographical horseshoe known as Encounter Bay. Over half a million called it home. Suburbs sprawled across the low hills to the north cut by a slippery major highway that ran past the small wheat-silo town of Adelaide - a planned city that never grew - along side Spencer Gulf, past Pirie and Augusta and Woomera and Coober all the way to The Alice. Flinders city center stretched from a rickety horse-drawn tram line between the original settlement town of Victor Harbor and lumpy Granite Island, along the bay's picturesque shore, to the sprawling suburbs of Port Elliot, Goolwa and Hayborough and further toward the Coorong. By ordinance, few tall buildings blocked the skyline.

Three blocks from the sandy shore, Light Street lit the late Friday night: cafes, clubs and pubs, tattoo studios and oddity shops thumped and howled and harked for business. Music crashed. Throngs swarmed the dark summer heat like bees in a yellow soursob paddock, heedless of loud cars and glaring drivers. Girls, many evocatively and scantly clad, flirted and skirted with topless and leather-clad boys. Topless and leather-clad boys flirted with other boys and men. Uniformed police patrolled; some flirted with the crowd, too, while others tried to stay aloof or even menace. Colorful clowns and horrible buskers entertained or annoyed. Advertising signs glared. Strong scents burst, causing riotous laughter and surprised havoc.

Dan had rarely ventured into this weekend night maelstrom. Full of anticipation and nerves, hands in jeans pockets, he quickly scuttled from his car park through the reveling crowd and arrived at the bottom of the steps  to the door that opened to the Down Below Club. A dark lanky young man with a pearly smile gave Dan an approving eyes down and up once-over. He wore only silver hot-pants - smooth where Dan expected a lump - and blonde streaks in his long black hair. Dan tried not to stare. Beside him, a bald, black uniformed, heavy-set security guard nodded in recognition.

"What's your name, cutie?" the lanky young man smiled.

"Dan Harmon."

The man checked his computer tablet and giggled to the guard, "He must be royalty, Simon. He has a ticket from Evan." His smile spread so wide Dan wondered if the man's handsome face might crack.

The guard even smiled and stepped aside. "I remember him from the other day. He did some work for the club, and Evan had a lot of fun with him. Welcome, chum. I think she's at the bar."

The checker giggled again and swatted Dan's rear as he passed, causing him to nearly trip. "Have fun, cutie!"

Loud dance music assailed his uncomfortable body. Flashing lights and lasers blinked surreal colors. Mirror globes and posters beckoned a foxy age long departed. Large screens advertised liquor or played softcore sex scenes.

He wormed between knots of noisy men and women toward the glittering bar. Blue light ringed the edge, its dark surface as shiny as the mirrors. Behind the bar, a very short woman glared sourly at him. Thick brown hair curled down her shoulders. Her olive-skinned body glistened as if thoroughly oiled. Long gold chains chattered against her heavy bare breasts. Taught workout stomach, nicely curved hips, muscular legs of a dancer; a gorgeous mature woman with a pint-sized body encasing stern attitude. Dan's eyes widened as he realized, apart from the gold chains and fingerfuls of gleaming jeweled rings, the petite woman stood unashamedly and comfortably nude. Next to her, a friendly young rust-colored bearded man, also naked, served customers. When Dan peered closer he did not make out a penis ether. He caught Dan's gaze, smiled and nodded as if in appreciation. Of course. Evan had said the Down Below Club was a haven for sexually-voracious trans people.

Dan knew firmly he was attracted to other men. Then why was he feeling uncomfortable and turned on at the same time? Why was he even looking? Why was his mind even close to the gutter with someone like that?

Because, he knew, it was there before him. Because Evan had said this was the local center for sexually voracious transgenders. Because... he couldn't help it.

Leaning against the shiny bar, a giant of a man regarded Dan. He wore heavy dragon-head boots and nothing else from his knees to his waist. A tight armor-like leather corset accented his swarthy skin. Bulging breasts spilled over the top of the corset. The man's neck and shaved face could have been chiseled from stone. Wrapped beneath one huge muscled arm, a pale young naked skinny man with small pointed tits stared at Dan. He idly slipped fingers down and up the giant man's enormous flaccid cock. His own poked out straight.

"I appreciate the compliment but, you know, I've been told it is rude to stare." Giant's deep, resounding voice rumbled. "In my case, I appreciate outright gawking!" His laughter rolled like a friendly summer storm. "Go ahead, gander all you want!"

Dan blinked and turned his head away. "Sorry." His face flushed.

Giant chuckled. "Haven't seen you before. First timer?"

"That obvious?"

"Like what you see?"

"Still taking it in. This place isn't what I expected."

"I mean me. My giant tits. My muscles. My e-quip-ment. This body is cult-tee-vated, and always ready to play."

"It's, uh ..." Dan nervously licked his lips, blinked, vainly trying not to stare at the man's bulging chest or hefty penis. Dan hoped the shifting lights hid his blushing face.

The man belly-laughed at Dan. "Well, what did you expect, newbie? This IS the Down Below Club!"

"I really don't know what to expect."

The man chuckled. "You seem familiar. Maybe we have met in the outside world? You don't look trans, but I could be wrong. Ftm? Closet cross-dresser perhaps? Who did you come with? Husband? Wife? Partner? A ticket?"

"Gay. I was invited."

"Ticket." Giant nodded, half smiled, half frowned. "If I may ask, invited by whom?"

From behind the bar, the nude woman blew Dan a sarcastic kiss. The big man laughed at her. "Keep your dirty claws off this one, Xanthe! He seems much too innocent for the likes of you, little one."

"If he's so innocent then you keep your precious horse dick away from him!" she said with a smooth Jamaican accent.

The man raised his eyebrows and rumbled mock-laughter. "If we are ever alone again in that purple dungeon, little one, you will discover the true meaning of submission, and you will swing on the end of this precious tool while I breed and fill you with my power and potent seed."

"In your perverted dreams you foulmouthed slut." She actually laughed.

"That I am, and proud of it." He laughed hugely then glanced back at Dan. "Cruel bitch, this one, but, hey, we're old friends and fuck buddies, too. Was she the one who invited you?"

"No." Dan spied Evan at the end of the bar, chatting to a short, balding man. "Her," he gestured.

His heart melted. Evan's midnight skin sparkled in the strobe lights as if a thousand stars sprinkled across her chest, shoulders and graceful onyx neck. Apart from knee-high crimson boots, her ample muscular body and delectable bare sex was as shamelessly on display as Giant's. Stunning, statuesque, just the sight of her caused his heart to race and mind to forget worries and nerves. Despite hair buzz-cropped so close it was almost invisible, despite her athletic physique and tight ass, Evan's laughing face and gentle voice oozed pulchritude. Twin studs sparkled red on each earlobe. A black velvet strip with a single diamond ringed her long neck.

"Evan?" The man's laugh boomed. "Now there's a good man, unlike that voracious evil slut behind the bar."

Dan heard, "Who are you calling a man? She is far more than that!"

Giant laughed again and said to Dan, "Immaculate taste you have." He held out his thick hand. Dan tried to shake it but found his fingers could not fit properly. Still, the big man did not try to squeeze Dan's hand, instead offering a modest but firm grip. "I'm known here as Master X and I am now pleased to meet you. So you're the new man Evan's been crowing about. 'Bout time he took on a regular pet. Look, I'd love to swap sex stories, and maybe even have some fun with you if you're into it, but I have been invited to join a couple, old dear friends actually, in the Voyeur's Lounge. You can come along and watch. Or I might see you around later. Have fun, and watch out for that little one behind the bar. She scratches and bites without shame."

In a mental haze clouded by "crowing about" Dan heard a woman's soft voice, "He looks alright to me. I'll play with him, no worries." The bearded transman behind the bar flashed a lusty smile and held up two fingers in some type of symbolic gesture.

Xanthe was smiling at him with lust-filled intent as well.

Master X winked at Dan, and, along with his faithful pet slung beneath a huge muscled arm, disappeared into the milling half-clothed crowd.

Dan hopped off the barstool. Shook himself. Felt his heart pound. Felt stunned at the big man's openness and offer, and the offer from the barkeep and the comment about Evan's new pet. Was it that easy here?  He looked down the bar and caught Evan's laughing face.

"Dan!" She raced around the bar, grasped the back of his neck and kissed him savagely. "Mmm... I'm glad you made it, hun. Hey, where is that big flashdrive in your pocket?"

Ignoring her tease and groping fingers, he faintly grinned. "Haven't had a chance to fix the database yet." Was that all he could say? Really? He felt a total nerd. What about It is great to see you again? Or You are the most stunning person here. Or Don't stop! Or I haven't been able to get my mind off you? Or Just seeing you makes me so hard. He found his palm rubbing her exposed smooth rear and his disobedient penis quickly responding to her insistent massage.

"Well, I'm just glad you're here," Evan said. "The group's getting together and I have to get ready. I'll be at it for a couple of hours with them. Look, there's plenty of eager guys and trans here. Why don't you have some fun?"

"Who did you want me to meet?" Dan blurted.

Evan smiled, winked, and nodded at the naked woman behind the bar. "You just met her."

Dan gawked and pulled back.

Evan kissed him again, leaned far over the bar, and whispered something to Xanthe who looked back at Dan with narrowed eyes and a sly smile. "Be good to her and have fun," Evan almost sang to Dan and quickly disappeared around the bar through a dark arch.

Dan's heart beat strongly. He felt completely out of his depth. What the fuck was he doing in this sordid place? What was he doing with a woman who took on another man as if he was simply a delicious appetizer? Stupid questions. He knew the answer.

Apprehensive, he slid onto the crowded parquet dance floor. Distracting lasers and holograms flashed, highlighting gyrating bodies. Music thumped their bones and the summer heat added slippery sweat. Most of the crowd glowed topless or completely naked. They jerked and danced, laughed and giggled, frotted and slid and fondled. A half naked man slid suggestively against him. He spun and rubbed Dan's crotch with his tight bum, then, arms raised, laughed, leaned forward and open-mouth tongue-kissed a dark-skinned girl. Someone behind rubbed against Dan's buttock. He turned to find a tall, slender woman with streaked dark hair. She smiled at him then tapped two fingers on his shoulder. He felt her semi-hard cock brush against his rear and flinched. Whirling, her arms snaked around his neck. She pulled him against her writhing body, beaming face close to his. Hips swaying, her tongue licked his mouth before her lips barely brushed his. He felt unbelievably weird and deliciously turned on. She frotted Dan again in time to the music, her thick prick rising against his, probing and pushing. Her hands slipped down his body and tugged on his board shorts.

Reeling, everything spinning, he stepped back.

Someone tugged on his arm. He was yanked him away from crowd induced sweaty claustrophobia.

Dan looked down on Xanthe. "Evan asked me to show you around. Introduce you to what goes on here." Her arm snaked around his waist and tugged him against her short body. "Come with me, pretty boy."

Xanthe took his hand and slowly lead a bewildered Dan through dim arches and passages, as if inspecting the entire club. They paused first at the large open room known as The Pit. The floor was covered by mattresses which were covered by black sheets which were covered by over a dozen naked writhing bodies, moaning and groaning, engaged in widely assorted sexual activities, seemingly oblivious to observers. The dimness made it difficult to see details. He squinted more closely. Was that a cheerleader being taken when sucking another man? Was that the cheeky bearded bartender riding someone? The long man beneath seemed to have his mouth full of someone else. Bodies shifted and slid and moved in languid rhythm amongst moans and groans, sighs and the occasional gasp or "Yes!" or "Oh my God!" and squelching and slapping sounds.

"What do you think?" Xanthe asked.

Confronted by such a blatant display of shameless sexual activity, Dan felt unable to speak. In a perverse manner, he resonated with excitement at the same time feeling completely out of his depth. "I don't know," he managed to say. "They seem to be having fun."

"Of course they are. So should you. Come." She pulled him again and, next, they paused outside the glass walled Voyeur's Lounge. Several men sat on couches, jerking themselves or their neighbors. In the brightly-lit middle area, Dan spied the heavily muscled Master X rutting another older man who was sucking the cock of a third man who was, in turn, being fucked by Master X's pet. All stood and grunted and slammed into each other so hard waves shot through their bodies.

"Does Master X excite you? See how he fucks with such force and enthusiasm with that giant cock?"

"Might hurt," Dan muttered.

"He's a pussy cat really. Come."

She then lead Dan through a side door and into a dark hall. They were surrounded by moans, groans, cries of unbridled ecstasy, outright laughter and lust as they slipped by uniquely colored doors. A loud thump startled. Laughter followed then a shriek. Someone was having a rambunctious good time.

Xanthe linked her fingers in his and pulled. She paused outside another door. This one was red. He could make out faint sounds then a sudden loud, familiar cry of a silver-throated woman clearly in orgasm.

"Does she excite you? Do you recognize her shouts of passion?" Xanthe said. "Evan is a most sensual being. I have never known anyone more responsive, nor one who engenders more of her soul into each and every sexual encounter. My salacious partner responds quickly and with more savage emotion than most. She is a high level sex addict, like myself and many other club patrons. We thrive on abundant sex. This entire little special pleasure palace is devoted to that single aim - abundant, frequent, easy - especially for trans-sexuals like Evan and myself, although we allow some like-minded non-trans people, such as yourself, the privilege of membership or visitation. Evan and I never deny our true sexual nature and unquenchable thirsts. Nor should you, our obedient submissive. She informs me you are most capable. I would like to taste this myself. Come."

They proceeded down the hall and stopped at an orange door.

"How do you feel knowing what a slut she is?"

"I am really not sure," Dan admitted. His stomach twisted. What was he walking into?

"She said you might require a lesson. Come."

Xanthe patted his hand and twisted the ivory knob. The door swung as if it knew they wished entrance. Indirect orange-red light bathed the sparsely furnished room. Long couches stretched against each wall. At the back stood a small round table with a simple lamp and a dish of plastic tubes. Dan stared listlessly at a life-like painting of men engaged in group fornication and fellatio with a small nude big-breasted, long haired man displaying an enormously hard cock. Dan recognized the person and flicked to Xanthe, and instantly knew her original gender. His will-power seemed drained.

Xanthe directed him to a long couch.

Standing before him, hands on hips, Dan saw dampness between her thighs. Like a small cock, her clitoris poked out, eager and inviting. Instead of pushing him down, she squatted, carefully removed his shoes and socks, unbuckled his belt, pulled the zip down and tugged off his shorts. Her face beamed as his unfaithful cock twanged upright. His knees parted automatically.

"It is good our new pet shows proper respect."

Tiny ringed fingers grasped, and, unexpectedly, her small eager mouth engulfed.

He shivered and looked down on Xanthe's dark head bobbing in the pale orange light. Felt her cheeks slide and her tongue lap. Lovely shivers cascaded throughout his body. He laid a hand gently on her soft hair and stroked. Her ceaseless tongue rubbing caused him to shudder further. She seemed to know exactly what to do, how to make him respond, how to cause a shiver or shake or gasp for breath. She was easily as good at this as Evan or anyone else he had ever felt.

An image of Evan flashed in his turbulent mind, her tall lithe body bouncing against his, her laughter and joy, how her lips and tongue had felt against his, how she responded and came from his stimulation, how hard he had cum into her mouth, how her cock had felt plunging into his shocked rectum. Their strong emotional connection. Trust Evan, he told himself. She must have wanted this experience for him with the trans-gender now devouring his cock.

Xanthe suddenly sucked hard. He gasped and his body jerked as the tip of his cock grew pleasurably painful. Her teeth raked the stem, popping him back to reality. Red marks ringed.

"Concentrate on me," she ordered.

Pushed onto his back, her mouth and fingertips continued to pleasure him, pump him, stimulate. Dan abstractly watched little bugs spin and jump on the red-lit ceiling. He heard her slurping and sucking noises. Felt her almost urgent manipulations. Felt her mouth and tongue perform amazing stimulations. Felt his cock begin to strain, his body tense, his heart race. Heard her gulp and hum. He could not avoid the pleasurable sensations she engendered. His mind melted and he began to appreciate Xanthe's determination and skill. Continuing to suck and lick, her finger snaked between his clenched buttocks, invaded his private hole, performed something unexpected. The emotional distance he had been maintaining suddenly vanished. A powerful feeling shattered and blazed. He gasped, squirmed, began to thrust up, up. She worked him expertly, her body swaying with the same motion as her hand and head and his hips. Gold clinked as her long-nailed forefingers and thumb slid.

He realized she was receiving something, too. The act was not just for him. Perhaps it was the same as Evan had admitted: Xanthe also loved making men react. Somehow, the thought softened his feelings, drew his focus to this demanding mistress. He could give something back to her. He allowed strong sexual feelings to build, obliterating his thoughts of Evan and their afternoon joy. He allowed Xanthe to become his sole stimulant.

Xanthe sucked very hard and pushed her caressing finger deeper inside his quivering body. His cock could feel everything, every stimulation, and the thing she was doing in his ass was already causing his head to spin and nerves to jerk his entire body. With a surprised yelp, his cock bloated, surged, spasmed. Without warning, he gasped and suddenly exploded into her greedy mouth. Scampering pleasure raged with each strong spurt. His tense body jerked. He burst. He pushed. She sucked and swallowed and held him while he shook in an unexpectedly strong orgasm. He had not wanted that to happen this quickly. Wham and bamb was just plain wrong. But this extraordinary being had expertly forced him to cum just like that, and that quickly. Xanthe had played him well.

Wide-eyed panting, propped up on shaking elbows, Dan stared open-mouthed at the amazing smiling small woman squatting on her knees between his spread legs, still holding the base of his elevated cock with her finger shoved up his ass. Despite his attraction to men, this amazing  woman had somehow gotten to him.

She slipped her finger out, and, with a naughty grin, seductively sucked it.

"We're nowhere near finished. Strip."

Panting, he sat up. "As you wish, Mistress."  She helped him remove his shirt, which she folded neatly and placed on a chair. He felt naked and exposed.

She crawled onto the couch, straddled his legs, scooted up along his chest, and pressed the tip of her erect small clit into his mouth. Her tone changed to iron. "Your turn to make me feel good."

Clutching her fleshy rear buns, Dan lightly flicked her small knob with his snaking tongue. She thrust against his face. "You must do far better to please me, little man." She wriggled and his fingers dug. "That's more like it. Make me feel it, pretty boy."

Between puffy lips and intricate wet folds, he carefully tongue-fluttered her swollen little crown. When he suddenly sucked hard, she gasped, surprised, and gently laughed. He sucked then licked. She moaned. He vibrated his tongue and sucked hard at the same time. She bucked and groaned and shouted, "Tease!" Desperately trying not to think of Evan or the pain in his working jaw, Dan played Xanthe with his flexible tongue and lips, catching her tiny quakes and shudders, repeating an action when she seemed to respond.

"That's it! Oh! Oh yes! She was right. You do know what to do, you fucking bastard. It hasn't been this good since I had a dick. Harder! Make me feel it!"

She roughly ground herself against his face and began to thrust almost as if her engorged clit was an erect little cock. He grasped her tight buttocks, dug his fingers so deep they must have hurt the trembling woman, but she only moaned in apparent pleasure. Breathing through his mouth, Dan sucked as hard as he could. Her bony hips thrust forward and back, her tight buttocks clenched in his hands. "Suck harder!" Slapping against his face, her pants deepened, strengthened and suddenly burst with an incoherent cry of pleasure. She mashed herself onto his straining face. He felt her swell further inside his mouth. She squeezed his ears with her long nails.

Pain seared.

She grunted loudly. Her whole body seemed possessed by a thrashing quake. Her clit literally pulsed. Glorious rapture ran riot.

Panting heavily, now almost laughing, Xanthe roughly shoved him onto his back. She smiled and gazed down on her slave. "Look what you made me do, you naughty boy. You made me cum in your slutty mouth." Her heaving breasts descended around his juice-slicked face. "Your tongue seems well trained," she breathed as she smothered him between heavenly mountains.

Her fleshy breasts rose and he gasped, breathed again.

"Suck me," she ordered. He took a nipple in his mouth and drew breath. Her tiny nipple swelled further. "Pathetic. I said suck me! Make me feel it!" When his cheeks indented from his strong suction, she closed her eyes and began to bounce against him. "Much better. Now the other one." He suckled hard and she crooned.

When she slid back and felt his continuing hardness, she smiled strangely. "Extraordinary, I thought you may have softened but it seems Evan was right about you. You may perhaps be her fantasy, in fact her very kryptonite." Then softly, "And mine as well." She slipped back along his body. "Now let's see if your submissive dick is as good as your tongue." She positioned herself, reached back, grasped his swollen cock and guided it inside herself. He was not sure if it was her vagina or anus, but it felt as if he slid impossibly deep into the petite transwoman.

When she settled she clenched on his cock.

"You're tight!" he gasped.

"How very observant," she said dryly. "Sensitive as well. Now fuck me. Let's see if I can feel it in there."

With her strong short legs tucked firm against his hips, she placed her hands on her knees and rose slowly up then down then up again, stopping for a moment at the apex, clenching on the tip of his cock to elicit a squirming reaction, then very slowly sliding down again until he was fully rooted. Like a teasing dance, he felt every centimetre of her tight, slick passage along his turgid length, felt her rise to the top then carefully drop and engulf him fully, her trained muscles playing along his solid length as if it were a clarinet.

She leaned forward, roughly pushed him down, and clawed her fingers into his chest. Smiling, slowly increasing her strong, seething tempo, her breaths became shorter and she began to rub her swollen clit with her fingers. As her speed increased, her right fingers painfully dug into his pliant flesh. The couch creaked in protest to her harsh movement.

He grasped her taught hips, pulled and pushed, trying to ignore the pain.

This type of fuck was something different in his experience. Xanthe felt like a man, yet not like a man. Different, but still good. Very, very good in fact. Also painful in a strange erotic manner.

"Fu... fu... fu..." she panted and bounced.

The glorious friction caused all the feelings in Dan's body to rush to the point of their hot join. He grabbed her pumping legs, curled fingers into her yielding flesh. In surprised response, she moaned and her breaths shortened. Her eyes closed. A wide smile slashed her round cheeks. Like a writhing snake, she hissed, "Oh, that's so good."

Dan's hands slipped over Xanthe's slick olive skin until he reached her heaving breasts. He squeezed and pinched her nipples as hard as he could. "Yes!" she cried. "That's it! Make me feel it!" She savagely ground herself, forcing his cock to wetly slide, her own to flop, and, when she finally yelled again, she slammed down onto him, eyes shut tight, driving him even deeper. She clenched his cock tight. She beat his chest with both fists. Her entire body shook as if a monster had absconded fierce possession. She ignored his cry of pain and continued to shake. "Fuck yes!" she yelled and finally fell onto his chest. She opened her dark brown eyes, grinning open mouthed as if she had won a prize. Still panting deeply, she laughed, pushed herself up and slapped his face.

"Ow!" What the fuck?

She laughed again. "You made me cum two times, you filthy, dirty little man! You and your slutty submissive cock and well-trained tongue. I feel like the woman I am, and you are very good at giving that feeling to me. That," she breathed, "is extremely special. I hope you appreciate it."

Holding his stinging cheek, he began to pull out but Xanthe slammed down on him again.

"Not so fast. I am not yet finished, and neither are you." She sat up straight and began to rock up and down as if she were slowly riding a horse. "I like men who obey without question. Men who know the true meaning of sexual worship. I am an uninhibited mistress who can bring out your true self." Her voice softened. "You need me in your life as much as you desire her. She will fuck you, and you will fuck me. A perfect arrangement."

Dan was about to say, "I am here with you...," but Xanthe covered his mouth with her hand.

"Shhh. I feel you are still capable. Evan said you were amazing. Can you cum again for me perhaps?" Xanthe stopped moving and sensually pulled off. She dropped onto the couch next to him, on her hands and knees. "Fuck me from behind now, the way you fuck men, and make it good and hard. I want to cum again. Put your dirty cock into my filthy wanting hole. I want to feel it thick inside my body and I want to feel you explode in me."

He carefully placed the tip of his penis between the round cheeks of her inviting rear and slipped down.

"No, not that hole. The other one. The man's hole."

He maneuvered his penis until it rested at the tight entrance. She suddenly pushed back, automatically gulping him inside her clenching ass. She was dry but he was wet. Brief pain lanced through his dick. She reached around and pulled against his body causing him to penetrate further. She still felt fantastically tight and, for such a small person, terribly strong.

"That's it!" she yelled. "I love this. The pain of entrance, the stretching, and then the pleasure. Start fucking me now. That's it. I can feel you move inside. You're hitting the right spot already. That's it, that's it! Fuck me like that! The sensations are already beginning to drive me crazy again, sooner than I expected. Fuck me hard until I cum again!"

Despite her love for rough sex, Dan discovered he had warmed to this unusual mistress. She desired him, made him feel as if he could be a top even though she was topping him from the bottom. She seemed to mean well. The pressure on his entire pistoning cock became exquisite. He held her waist and fucked as fast and hard as he could. She grunted with every thrust and even pushed back herself in tune with his movements, causing her fleshy buttocks to slap against his stomach and his cock to penetrate deeply.

When he slowed, she yelled, "Faster!" He lunged and pumped. She began to moan. The tome rose and rose. "That's it! Do me fucking hard! I'm coming! I'm coming." She cried out in as an intense internal orgasm struck, the type of which he knew so well. "Don't stop! Don't pull out! Keep going! Give me another!" On and on he pounded while she squirmed and shouted and even screamed. He thrust and rammed until his straining body finally tingled. He pumped and pushed and drove and, finally, thankfully, he clenched.

His body spasmed.

Through teeth, he grunted and erupted with a volley of throbbing pulses.

"Don't pull out!" she moaned. "Keep fucking!"

He did, and five minutes later, he was astonished when his jetting sperm again seared like actinic flame and his balls hurt as he pumped spurt after amazing spurt into her again. While his body shook, she again yelled as a final intense internal orgasm wracked her twisting frame. She came when he did, hunching wildly, with frantic need and fantastic intensity.

When she stopped quivering, she fell forward and spun around. She suddenly pulled him down and kissed him, deep and passionate, her firm breasts pressing against his chest, arms wrapped around his neck and shoulders. She parted her legs, lifted them around his waist and he jabbed straight back into her body, into her warm ass. He felt her clutch, squeeze with stacto pulses as if she was still cumming. Panting, breaking the stunning kiss, she gazed into his eyes then briefly held his cheek next to hers. She kissed him again, softly, gently, licking his lips and tongue. Her small body continued to softly undulate beneath his and quiver in delightful aftershocks. She held him tight, her cheek against his, his cock slipping inside her wonderful rear passage, until she sighed through a last long gentle orgasm.

They lay embraced for at least a minute until, with a final kiss, she pushed him off her sweaty body.

He felt thrilled, thankful and pleased. He had managed to meet her demanding needs. He had cum for her when she wished. A vision of Evan rearing above him flashed through his memory. Now he felt guilty. He remembered what she was doing with other men but he still felt guilt.

Xanthe rolled off the couch, stood, and said with a smirk, "You're nothing but a trashy whore to be used and abused! I made you cum three times while I let you use my precious little body." But she laughed and smiled at him. "Of course you didn't use me. I used you. Evan does that, too. We love men who can make us cum as much as men who can keep up with us." She went to the table. "By the way, I love fucking but don't often cum, especially being fucked in my cunt. But you did it, and you also made me do it more than once. I feel great! You truly are amazing. I understand now what she sees in you."

Leaving him laying drained on the couch, Xanthe casually cleaned herself and headed for the door.

"Do you like being humiliated and used like that? Many men do. But I wonder about you. Maybe you are just an obedient but sensitive loverboy. I like that in a man, too. In fact, and do not tell anyone, I prefer that." She smiled and returned to him. Kissed him passionately again. Her fingers held his chin. Her gold chains raked his arm. "I love it rough, but sometimes I love to love, too. So does Evan. She's the most important person to me in the world. Be good to her when she has you again."

Dan's mouth gaped.

"Until next time, and I promise there will definitely be a next time."

Gold chains swaying swaying, Xanthe strutted away.

He slumped thoroughly exhausted. The spangled room spun and disappeared.


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Part 4

Dan woke, dressed and wandered into the hallway. The club felt strangely quiet. He found Evan at the bar. Her nudity surprised him at first. But she smiled a huge smile and greeted him with a strong hug.

"I've been waiting. Where the hell were you? Thought you might join the group."

"You told me to do what Xanthe asked. I kind of got wrung out by her. Sort of dozed off after. Sorry."

Evan laughed. "I did ask her to break you in. She seemed pretty happy when I saw her leave. Guess she did it too well."

Dan nodded, "She sure did. She said she was your partner."

Evan frowned, pulled back, then began to smile again. "Xanthe and I go way back, even before she transitioned. I met her when I was young and acting like a male even though I had these tits. She was a he back then, barely nineteen, selling her ass in the pubs around Montego Bay, a wild cross-dresser having fun making money off tourists. I breezed in, full of energy and life, brash as could be. The lust that fired between us was the stuff of fairy tales and legends. Attraction at first sight. Intense love at first kiss. We were fucking less than an hour after we met and spent the whole week sucking and fucking our brains out all over the island. She came back home with me. We kept at it for years. I helped her transition and she helped me realize I like being more female than male, I like twisting it all up, and I really like sex an awful lot, way too much to be monogmous. Ian, Xanthe and I formed this special place together. A haven for all types of trans-sexuals and trans-genders and selected gay and bi and even a few special straight men and women who love them. This is a place dedicated to pure lust and abundant fun sex, where no one has to worry about fucking or getting fucked in any way, where it can happen easily and safely, where we're all one huge happy fucking family. Xanthe is my business partner. Ian owns this place and she and I run it. We're a team. We share everything, even our men."

"Ian?" The name was itching Dan's memory.

"Ian Minihan."

"I know that name. Just can't place it."

"Master X," Evan said. "Ian."

"Oh, of course! Think I might have done some work for him."

"You certainly did. He thinks highly of you. Why do you think I called you to fix the database, hun?" Evan stood and took his hand. "How did you get here?"

"Car park down the street. What time is it?"

She grabbed her leopard bag, slung the thin strap over her shoulder and towed him to a passage that lead to the back. "Around 3. The club'll go for another hour but I don't have to stay. Come on. Be good and head to my car."

Outside, the summer warmed stars twinkled overhead. Darkness transformed huge gum trees at the edge of the deserted parking area into misshapen ghouls. The gibbous moon hung low, peeking between the twisted branches and hanging leaves. Sparse traffic noises seemed far away.

Dan was silently thrilled at Evan's dark nudity right out in the open. He said hopefully, "Meet at my place? 13 Apollo Way, Hemsdale."

Evan stopped at a shiny red Lotus. She turned her back to gawking Dan. With a naughty smile, she leaned over the curved bonnet. Naked apart from her red knee-high boots, she bent down on the sleek car so her breasts spread, parted her long tapered legs and provocatively presented her dark perfect manly ass to Dan.

"Fuck me now, please."


"It's dark, there's no one around. I'm still horny as hell. You have a naked wanton shemale splayed over a searing hot sports car. She is desperate to be fucked. And you're hesitating?"


"Right here, right now!"

"Yes, Mistress, as you wish, but this isn't quite what I had in mind."

"Did Xanthe wear you out? I though you were the always ready man. Any time, anywhere, you promised."

"Well, I usually am. You know my secret condition."

"I need to be fucked! Get 'em off and ram your lovely dick where it belongs."

"But I thought you liked fucking me?"

"I do! But right now I need your hard cock driving into my ass. I need to be fucked by you! Don't loose the moment!"

Dan dropped his board shorts and briefs to his ankles, stepped out, and knelt behind her. Her ass smelled deliciously damp and ripe with accumulated spunk. He took it in and felt his penis begin to quickly swell. He reached out with his tongue but when he barely touched her, Evan yelped and squirmed.

"Forget foreplay! Fuck me now!" She spread her legs a little wider and arched her back, offering him her inviting rump.

"Yes, ma'am!"

Holding his renewing erection, Dan slid behind her legs and slipped the tip of his exposed crown up and down between her pliant cheeks.

"Stop it!" Evan yelled in frustration. "Dick me now!"

"The lady gets what they lady wants."

"I'm no lady! I'm a foul-mouthed wicked slut who needs breeding right now! If you don't start fucking me, I'm going to go back and fuck a cleaner. Or Xanthe if she's not busy with someone. Or even Simon, and he's gay married. Don't lose the moment!"

Shaking his head, Dan pressed the shrouded head of his cock between her yielding bum. He pushed and easily slid straight into heavenly warmth. Despite being extremely wet, he could feel himself swell quickly. She moaned in relief and squeezed his invading cock with her hot muscles. He moaned in turn from the exquisite pressure. He pushed again until his stomach rested against her inviting rump. He was buried deep. It felt perfect.

"Oh, heaven is in my ass, yes," Evan groaned. Her fists hammered the car while she clenched his cock in tight spasms. "Don't just stand there. Fuck me!" Her splayed fingers clawed the red bonnet.

Dan curled his deft hands around Evan's waist and began to gently thrust in and out.

"Oh, for fuck's sake, hammer me!"

"You feel good," Dan groaned. "I want it to last."

"Of course I feel fucking good! I need to cum now! Come on, harder!"

Dan began to work harder, increasing the tempo and strength of his strokes. He set up a strong rhythm. "I'm trying!"

The red car rocked.

"For fuck's sake... Ram it into me harder!" She then quietly uttered two words which would haunt Dan the rest of his life. "Punish me!"

His hands tightened, the fingertips pressing into Evan's skin. Evan squeezed him harder. He rammed himself deep inside Evan's rump.

She began to shudder. "Oh, my God! Fuck, Dan. Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

His heart raced and his cock throbbed as he rapidly jerked in and out, pulling on her hips with as much strength as he could muster. The slaps of his hips against her shaking buttocks echoed like crickets snapping in the dark night. He could feel his swinging balls tighten. He thought of Xanthe and how she loved rough sex like this. Was Evan the same?

"Ug," she groaned and pulled on the smooth surface of the car. Gasping, she began to scrunch back at Dan, as much as the awkward position and his weight on her back would allow. "I've been a naughty girl. I've been fucked by half a dozen men tonight, but not you. Now, punish me! I order you to fuck me as hard as you can!"

Dan levered himself up and suddenly slammed into her with a series of jackhammer jabs.

"Uh!" she shouted. "Yes! Like that! Oh, sweet mama..."

His loud hammering became fierce. The car rocked like crazy. Evan groaned then cried out "Yes!" as her first noisy orgasmic wave finally broke free. Squeezing her hips tight, Dan pumped his steel cock into her while she shuddered in the midst of an intense climax. Her loud moans echoed amongst the ghostly trees.

On and on Dan thrust, causing her tight body to shudder. It seemed as if Evan's orgasm refused to peak, refused to subside, refused to let her down. She huffed, yelled and screamed, and swore a litany of filthy descriptions. With smashing rhythm he pounded into her. She cried out in continual ecstasy. He punished her with his massive cock, just as she wished. She pushed her long body up with her arms and howled. She arched and bucked as Dan hammered her quivering ass. Her guttural grunts filled the night. On and on she rammed back at him, not slowing for a moment until her first prostate orgasm finally swept through her like a torrent. She clawed at the car, growled and moaned and groaned and hissed.

"Not enough. More!"

Evan felt her slave continue to fuck. She came again within mere seconds. Her anus gripped his sliding cock. She felt something powerful, something special, something dangerous yet wonderful. She screamed and screamed and screamed. The car rocked. She was in a sexual frenzy higher than she had achieved in a long time. She came again and lost control. Her entire solid body jerked and shuddered. Waves of orgasmic energy washed through her.

He kept pounding but it became too much. She slumped onto the car, moaning, whimpering with pleasure.

"I love you, Evan. I love you," he said through ragged breaths. His mind had become a complete strange turmoil. He was filled with the joy of Evan. She was his. He was hers. He had to do right by her. Completely. Utterly. Whatevere she wanted he would gladly give.

Dan slowed, pushed his cock deep and stopped. He was puffing, too. Damp dripped off his forehead and chest. His mind whirled. He could not remember feeling this great, ever.

Evan looked back over her shoulder.

"Your turn, hun. Paint my black hole white. Plunge your rocket into the center of my galaxy."

Shaking his head, Dan resumed jack-hammering, now racing for his own climax. Arching her back for him, he plunged so deep that Evan squealed. As his balls suddenly contracted, he yelped. The feeling of his rampant cock ramming into her tight muscular body became too much. Unable to hold back any more, Dan released. Hot, wet seed jetted into her wanton body. Shot after intense shot. She cried out from more incredible pleasure as she clutched his deeply impaled penis. Warm wet overflow spluttered down their thighs. Her fingers arched as if she tried to dig into the car. "Oh, my fuck! I'm coming again!" Dan felt her body spasm and jerk and his cock felt her clench as her own throbbing muscle unloaded again. "Oh man, oh man, oh wow. Fuuuckin' hell." Panting heavily, they stayed frozen in that carnal position, locked together by mutual bliss, until Dan let out a final long breath and raised himself off her perspiring back.

"You were magnificent," he purred. "We came together again. I love you."

"It's becoming a bad habit," she panted. "And I'm awfully soaked." As he pulled his softening cock away, she ordered, "Clean me. I don't want to mess the car."

Dan knelt, extended his tongue and lapped up his juice dribbling down her glistening thighs. As he licked higher, Evan moaned again. "Oh, sweet mama, you know how to make me feel good."  Parting her ass and licking furiously, she squirmed, pushing back against his face. "Fuckin' get your tongue in there!" He eagerly licked every drop of seed, his and all the others. He sucked it all into his greedy mouth.

"Oh, you sweet man, I'm so sensitive you'll make me cum again, you naughty fucker, just doing that," Evan groaned. "Oh, sweet fuck, fuck, fuck." Her whole body shuddered as Dan quickly flutter-licked the super sensitive pucker.

When he reared back, she levered herself up and stood on wobbly legs. He took her in his arms and kissed the back of her neck softly. She spun around, pressed her plump breasts against his chest, and licked his mouth and cheeks. Smiling impishly, she slipped down and sucked his sperm-covered, half hard cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled on the sensitive knob while she licked him clean with her thick black lips.

He began to harden again.

But she slid up his body, back into his welcoming, hugging arms. He felt her hard cock between their hot bodies.

"Thank you," he said. "That was exciting and lovely." His hand spread on her back and slipped lower, cupping her warm, round cheek. He pressed against her inner thighs, hoping she might mount him. "You are fabulous."

"Thank you," she smiled dreamily. Her hand stroked his long hair and her chin rested on his forehead. "God, I'm still shaking, and my dick is so fuckin' hard. It feels heavenly against you."

He pushed back. "How about we go to my place? I'll make you breakfast." He began to wonder if she had heard his statement of love.

She shook her head and detached herself from his arms. "Rain check, hun." She stooped and picked up her bag.

Dan jerked his head back. Stunned, he reached for her but she took a step backwards against the car door. She touched something and the doors lifted. She sensually slid into the car and buckled her seat belt. The sports car's powerful engine purred to life almost like a whisper. He could see her upthrust penis. It called to his fingers, his lips and tongue, his needy asshole. Gripping the wheel, Evan said, "I'll be in touch. Let me know when you have finished fixing my database." The doors swept down. She zinged the engine and waved at him before she sped into the swallowing darkness.

He felt like as if he had done the most wonderful thing for her in the world, at the same time said something incredibly wrong.

He felt like shit.


(more to cum...)


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Part 5

Dan managed to stagger into his house just as the eastern horizon began to glow. Tossing his clothes and shoes across the floor, he flopped face first onto the bed.

He felt like total shit. Why had he said that? He had it good and now he had ruined everything. She had warned him. Stupid man.

A foghorn blasted. It wasn't fair. "Stop it!" The tome blasted again. The annoying noise kept intruding, and he realized he must have been asleep. This time the noise chimed. It was his doorbell and it was not stopping. He pushed himself up off the bed.

"It's four a.m.!" he grizzled loudly.

Groggy, he tripped to the solid front door without noticing he was completely naked. He pulled the door open.

Back-lit orange early-morning light silhouetted the tall shadowy figure standing just inside the screen door. Graceful curves. Long legs.

Evan barged past him into his house. His astonished gaze took in her naked black body. She had shed the red boots. His eyes raked from her stern round face, down her long neck, down those beautiful firm globes topped by small hard knobs, down her firm ribbed stomach, down to boyish hips, down to the stiff hard-on jutting up between long smooth bare legs like a huge signal.

"Bed! Now!"

With vice-like fingers, she dragged him through the open doorway at the side and roughly threw him onto the queen-size bed. Growling like a dog that will not be denied, she roughly parted his legs with her own and roughly jabbed her hard cock between his pliant ass cheeks.

"I...I thought...

"Shut up!" She pointed a stiff finger at his face. "Do not say a word!" Grabbing his ankles, she probed his rear with her throbbing tool. "I can't get you out of my head, you piece of shit."

Evan lunged. Her solid body pressed him onto his back and into the bed. Her mouth sucked his tongue as if it were a penis. Her teeth pulled and pinched his lower lip. His hands automatically held her waist as she squirmed with wanton energy. Her luscious body felt firm and heavy, and moved quickly as if filled with hidden angry power.

"Love this!" She roughly pushed straight into him. "There. Feel that? I'm balls deep. I hope it hurts." She stared down at his astonished face. He could feel it, all right. Throbbing and demanding. But it didn't hurt. His anus knew instinctively what to do; he could never have denied her even if he wanted to. She let go of his feet and pushed hard, while grunting. His knees automatically pressed against her hips. His heels locked onto her muscular thighs. With a mean laugh, Evan speared her marvelous hard-on deeper into his straining guts. She thrust, pulled back, and thrust. Back and thrust, back and thrust. Hard. Again, again, again she rammed into him, panting heavily into his face, almost laughing at the same time. She quickly pounded into his body as if she was crazed.

"I have needs and you're gunna really get fucked you worthless cumdump!"

She lunged. The wind knocked out of his mouth. Her cock hit the right spot easily. She lunged and rubbed that oversized spot and quickly drove him crazy. Ecstasy flashed like a crack of lightning causing him to gasp from the shear pleasure. The tips of her mouth turned up in a slight mischievous smile. She fucked in, he fucked up, but she pressed him down and took control. She levered her body up, placed her hands on his chest for balance and, squeezing her magnificent boobs together while still grinning wickedly, she thrust her demanding cock in and out in short quick movements, smacking his thighs with each increasingly vicious stroke. He felt her hard muscles clench to her fucking rhythm. He felt her strength and power. His legs parted wide to allow her total uninhibited access.

Evan fucked harder, faster, slamming her steely cock into him with unbridled strength.

"Ah..." she breathed. "Yes... I so need this, you shit." She moaned. "I was fucked by five different men tonight, twice by two, and then at the car by you. It was all a lot of fun, but still I want more!"

Dan held his breath and looked up from her her large, bouncing breasts to her dark ecstatic face. With closed eyes, she seemed to savor the pleasurable sensations as if tasting a great desert. She began to breathe in time to her strokes, deeper, stronger. Huffing, she moaned, "I'm going to cum like a monster. I am going to fill you with my power, and you are going to learn a great big lesson." Her fierce face twisted as she worked toward her orgasm. She rammed him for minutes, her speed and strength increasing. She hammered his body and his ass without regard for his feelings whatsoever.

He felt her fleshy cock spear deep. His strong anus clamped vice-like, evoking Evan's long primal cry of sexual conquest. As she pummeled him, he fucked back, vainly trying to increase her pleasure. He felt her entire body cringe in animal ecstasy.

For long minutes Evan continued to pump her rigid shecock inside him, stretching his asshole even wider, vending her feelings, and feeling her cock squeezed as she slid it inside his pulsating rectum. She pumped vigorously, teeth gritted, eyes focused on his.

"I'm gunna cum," she hissed. "I'm going to unload my seed into your pathetic body and you will know you are mine! I'm... I'm cumming!"

Evan shoved incredibly hard and, with a yell, gushed a volley of powerful blasts into his wanting ass. With each hot blast her body spasmed and her face contorted in brilliant ecstasy. It felt like white hot lava churned deep into his guts. Blast after blast coated him until she finally slowed and slowly pulled out of him.

She rolled to his side, looked into his eyes. She tenderly kissed his lips then chin then her excited tongue slid down his neck as her strong body slithered along his until she reached his cock. Licking her lips first as if about to enjoy a delicious morsel, she held his hard swollen penis by its base and gazed at it with a lecherous expression.

He said, "Look, I'm really sorry."

"Did you not hear what I said? Shut the fuck up!"

Her fingers danced along the stem, pulled back his foreskin, tapped the exposed top, slipped down. He shook from sudden pleasure.

"Hmmm... You know, I adore men's cocks," she said, "and how they respond." Her fingertip traced little swirls on his swollen sensitive glans causing slight tremors. "What is she going to do next? Is she going to suck me? Or is she just going to use her hand? Or is she just going to just stare at it and salivate. Or is she going to impale me with her mighty shecock again? What is she going to do?" Evan carefully fingered his excited throbbing prick with both hands and giggled. He squirmed from the strong sensations. "Licking, playing, watching and seeing, using different types of touch and oral techniques to surprise and give more depth of pleasure and surprise to you via your dick and balls, well, what more can I say? So many men are amazed that I enjoy sucking cock so much, or just playing with one. Or just holding one for an hour. Or just letting them fuck me until they unload and then forcing them to continue to do it again. I can't get enough cock, enough cum, enough orgasms. I love to turn men on, make men hard, and make them cum. I love to feel their bodies work on me and tense when they unload. Sometimes I get rewarded by feeling their cocks pump into me, and if I'm really lucky, I can feel their load squirting into me like a firehose. Like you, you rascal."

She took him into her warm mouth and sucked and licked his yearning cock with even more enthusiasm than she had shown before. Her head bobbed rapidly.

Sensations blossomed. He swelled in her skilled mouth. He gasped, reached for her fuzzy scalp, lovingly stroked. "Mmmm..." he moaned. His whole body responded. He trembled as she licked his balls and stroked his cock and swallowed his crown and sucked and licked and sucked. "That's fantastic."

Without saying anything, Evan reared up, swung a long trim leg over his body. Reaching behind herself, she roughly grasped his stiff cock. When he entered, he felt her ass clasp on him like a slick glove. She was extremely wet and for a brief moment, Dan thought of all the men who had filled her tonight and nights before. He didn't understand how she could top him so ruthlessly and yet behave like a wanton slut for other men and trans-sexuals. It didn't matter, though. Evan was what Evan was.

Rapidly gyrating her hips back and forth, one hand snaked between her thighs and jerked her foreskin quickly. Her entire demeanor had changed. "Your cock feels like gold," she panted.

Dan lifted his hips and she fell onto her hands again, forcing him to gasp. Straining his neck, he latched his mouth onto her hanging breast and sucked. With his flicking tongue he felt the nipple swell. Felt her entire body respond and, miraculously, fuck him even harder. Even though he was in her ass, it was she who strongly fucked him. She rode and bounced and forced his cock in and out.

She gasped. "Oh yes. Oh, my God, I can feel it all over my body. I'm going to cum!"

Dan was overwhelmed with lust and desire. He pushed up, hoping to help, but she sat up straight and mashed him down, bouncing on his steel pole. She moaned while cupping her round breasts and fingering her little hard nipples. She bounced and exploded with immense pleasure. By itself her thick cock jerked and spat again. She screamed so loud Dan worried the neighbors might think he was killing someone.

He yelled as she did, surprised at the enormous emotional intensity. Staring into each others excited eyes, pounding fiercely, her anal orgasm flamed impossibly hotter. Savage passion screamed. Fluids gushed. Shudders scampered. Emotional stars burst in bright blue novae. Even after she slowed, she continued to moan and shake as if her orgasm had permanently claimed her heaving, gasping, beautiful body.

If he was being played, it was a magnificent opus.

Correction: he could not believe he was being played. But if this was all Evan demanded of him – to be her living fucktoy, to lay beneath and offer his eternally hard cock and his loving fingertips while she fucked herself on him - it would be more than enough. Lesson learned.

She fell on him. Holding him with her thighs and strong arms, she rolled them both over, wrapped her legs and arms around him, and thrust her hips. He looked down at her face. He was still buried inside her. He could feel her cock soften between their tight stomachs.

His was still hard as a rail and he had not cum yet. It throbbed.

"I shouldn't do this but your mistress orders you to unload your near-to-bursting balls into her. Fuck me like a lion!"

With one thrust Dan slammed back inside her eager body. Crying out in glee, her long legs wrapped around his muscular hips, her feet and hands tucked against his heaving buttocks. With arms holding him tight, she used her anal muscles to playfully suck him like a squeezing sleeve while he shoved and shoved.

"Yes! Yes! Oh, fuck, yes! Fuck me hard! Hard! Make me feel it!"

He knew that line and remembered the petite women with gold chains who had demanded his performance last night. Pumping savagely, the familiar tingling sensation quickly grew in his balls. It spread throughout his body. He tensed. He quivered then shook, holding off as long as possible. He pumped and savored the moment just before ejaculation. With a series of sharp, hot blasts, accompanied by more erotic noise than he had ever made, he spasmed into her with a long series of intense spurts as he dumped a large load. At the same instant, she cried out in searing passion, her anus, legs and arms clamping tight.

The universe contracted to pure pulsating sensation. Embracing, they tumbled together into a black hole of overwhelming orgasmic bliss. Tumbled and rolled and roiled, then and burst out the other side, wrapped in white-hot ecstasy. The burst of creation exploded into turbulent emotion. Galaxies of rapture pinwheeled, collided, arched, flamed. Quasars split the heaven with sticky, spewing love juice. Nebulae congealed and glowed hot.

Beneath his gasping face, Evan blinked open her heavenly brown eyes. He saw happiness, contentment, excitement. The anger seemed to have vanished.

Creation bent then snapped straight.

Gasping for air, he rolled off and lay next to her perspiring body. He watched her big breasts quiver as she took deep calming breaths. He took her hand; she gripped his. Great feelings cascaded and they both laughed strongly.

"Wow! You are so damned magnificent!"

"That...yeah. What the fuck just happened?" She shook her head. "Freaked you out, did I?" She laughed with him and touched his continuing erection then held her own with her other hand. "Oh, look, my shecock is hard again. And you're still hard, too! Right, get on your hands and knees, my stupid dirty dog."

He felt Evan rise behind. Without using her hands, she probed with her stiff cock until she slipped it into his tight asshole. She plunged again, this time for a long time, before she fell away, exhausted, puffing heavily. Perspiration streamed off her magnificent body. She had not cum but it did not seem to matter.

He spun around. "You're fantastic! Awesome! I could never tire watching you, feeling you, being part of you. This is the greatest gift, a supreme treasure, more than I ever dreamed. You are so great! I..."

Dan stopped himself.

Evan frowned then looked over at him and quickly changed to a tender expression. She said, "I don't ever want to hear that four-letter word from you again. Do you understand?"

He nodded but enthused, "Is there anything else I can do for you? Backrub? Oral? Bubble bath? Breakfast? Music?"

"Enough with the romance and food!" she laughed and rolled to face him. Her leg slipped over his. Her midnight skin glistened. Small nipples on her heavy breasts still stood proud, ready to be licked and sucked and loved again. Her right fingers slipped up his leg. "You know, from the moment I spotted you in the mirror checking out my ass, my dirty, slutty mind has been sizzling." Her silky fingers lept, found his thick penis, and began to slowly trace invisible lines along the stem and crown. "Dan, you've cum for me and you must have cum for Xanthe. Yet you have hardly gone soft. You really could keep going for me, couldn't you?"

He nodded, grinned stupidly. "Told you I'm a freak of nature. Hyperspermia. Big sensitive prostate. Gay. Now a trans lover."

She shook her head, frowned again, released him and rolled off the bed. Standing tall, she set a fist on her hip, looked down and smiled at her latest conquest. "I hope tonight has been an important lesson for you. You said something bad but I forgive you. It is beautiful when two people just want to fuck each others brains out and nothing more. When the only sweet thing between them is sudden, intense lust. That in itself can have plenty of meaning. It is the stuff of life and a perfectly great thing to do. You did it tonight with Xanthe and myself, and that is all we want from you. Understand, our lovely piece of green kryptonite?"

She stood straight again, and crossed her arms beneath her breasts. She looked down at his bobbing, hard cock. It wanted action. It wanted more. It was excited by her. It understood the truth on a level he barely comprehended but could feel throughout his tingling body. She knew the feeling well herself.

She said, "Love is just another word for sex, Dan. Hormones. Wild body chemistry at play. Dopamine gone mad. Testosterone surges. Powerful shit those chemicals. Screw with your mind, even your soul. Make you think you're in love when you're not."

"Feels like a lot more than chemicals."

"That's their function. I've seen it happen plenty of times. Common sense gets screwed over. Evolution's gift to humanity."

"Have you ever been in love?"

He saw her face wince as if a painful spear had lanced hot and stared longingly at her light blue eyes. "Twice. I love Xanthe but we haven't fucked in a long time, and there was a man once, and a trans woman." Evan took a beautiful deep breath. "Love can be like bondage, and I'm not into that scene. This bird must fly free."

Dan hesitated then said, "One can be in love and still allow that freedom."

"I'm very aware of that." She turned away from his confused expression, bent and picked up her shoes then looked back at him with wide, glistening eyes filled with longing and despair. "You beautiful man. You want to care so deeply. You want to please and love me no matter how much what I do hurts your feelings. How do you feel about Xanthe?"

Dan stuttered. "Um, I, um, I don't know."

"Was she fun?"

Dan swallowed. Was this a test? "I, ah..."

"She must have gotten to you, too. You certainly got to her."

"Well, um..."

"She and I are kind of a team. You have one of us, you get the other. That's the way it is, Dan. Treat Xanthe with as much respect, affection, love and attention as you do me. Don't hold back. It's all about sex, Dan. Plenty of great, dirty sex. Xanthe and I are sex addicts. If we don't get fucked for three days, we go nuts, crazy, insane! And you, you freak, can feed us well. Now, who is the boss?" she asked.

"My mistress," he said submissively. "Always." And thought: submissives also suffer.

"Only half a point there. Both your Mistresses know best."

"And, yes," he said. "She was fun. I like her, too."

"Good. Maybe that can lead to something for the three of us."

Stunned, Dan swung off the bed and followed her to the front door. He thought Evan would never see him again, but now she clearly wanted him involved with herself and her partner.

The warm morning summer sun had risen. She stepped onto the porch and regarded him for a moment. Anyone could walk past and see her beautiful nude statuesque body. Dan found that disturbingly exciting. He hid behind the screen door.

Evan stretched, caressed his cheek and kissed him lightly, then spun and walked with a beautiful sway to her low-slung sports car, bright red in the morning glare. The door lifted. She turned, called, "I have something exciting in mind. Be in touch, hun."

Thoroughly exhausted, Dan stumbled to bed and allowed the universe to slumber.


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