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    Transwomen, women, bi sex, fisting.
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    Trying to make some ;)
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    27 year old Bi bottom (usually in Virginia but also Texas). Lately trying to slut it up as well as stretch out my hole. I gladly get fucked by men but I honestly prefer more to be with dominant transwomen or women. Wanting to become a true cumdump.

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  1. @Hungnreadytofuck Great story!! Always love reading your work and excited to see how this one turns out.
  2. Yeah I definitely had fun there. A UT guy saw on my grindr profile I was cumdumping it up and invited me to a sex party 😂. Unfortunately I only have experiences with sex stores in Austin and Houston so I wouldn't know about Waco ones.
  3. If you are willing to drive to Austin, All Things Adult there is pretty good. No gloryholes but it does have nice clean private booths with double benches.
  4. Thanks for a like 

    1. pulcish


      Always love hearing how you are getting your slutty hole wrecked and flooded with cum 😊😜

  5. The subtle pozzing is a nice change up in this section. Great story!
  6. Thanks! Yeah guys tend to like my juicy booty and pumping a load deep in it too, haha.
  7. I love being filmed while being fucked. I actually have an amateur pornhub channel that I post too. I let whoever is fucking me know that the goal is for it to be posted and most show my face. I find that it can be hard finding people willing to film and have it posted, yet the ones against it are always asking for more videos 😑. If you are curious [think before following links] https://www.pornhub.com/users/14pulc
  8. Aren't you still on PrEP or did you take a pause?
  9. I used to live in the Belton/Temple area until the beginning of this year. Grindr is honestly your best bet for hooking up, a lot of horny guys who will just about stick it in any hole they can find and also quite a few easy slut bottoms. There are not any gay clubs/baths or shops that I know in the immediate area, but All Things Adult in North Austin is not too far away and is a great hookup spot for randoms. I hope this helps some.
  10. Great story so far! I have to say I would love to be used like Mike if he is fortunate enough to also bust a load in Becky. ??
  11. Would love some toxic cocks in Austin to fill me up 😈

  12. QT

    1. pulcish
    2. evilalex


      I can't wait to rape you.

    3. pulcish


      And whore me out to any hard cock you can. In order to punish me for being a dirty little no questions asking cumdumpster.

  13. I love being filmed while fucking, especially if I am being bred. Perfectly fine with my face being shown too. Most of it is in my personal collection that I share but I know of cases where it is public. First time was with a transwoman I had met of Craigslist (I miss those days) her post stated that she liked filming it and I was cool with it. I fucked her while her laptop and webcam recorded. Later found out that she is a cam girl so the event was most likely broadcasted to her stream ?. More recently I met with a different transwoman off Grindr. She fucked me and recorded parts. She posted
  14. Oh, was it originally posted in gay fiction? Or was it always in the bi/straight section? Great story so far, by the way.
  15. Trying to think of a good ass tattoo to let guys at the gym or whenever I am naked know that I am faggot cumdumpster made to take any load, anywhere. I want it to feel dirty like the slut I am.

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