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    Transwomen, women, bi sex, fisting. Being verbally degraded sexually.
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    Trying to make some ;)
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    28 year old Bi bottom (usually in Virginia but also Texas). Lately trying to slut it up as well as stretch out my hole. I gladly get fucked by men but I honestly prefer more to be with dominant transwomen or women. Wanting to become a true cumdump.

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  1. I think it's dependent on the situation in a few categories. If I am looking for an one on one hookup I will be more selective with who I choose as I want it to be an enjoyable experience. (I would gravitate towards transwomen or hung guys to breed me) If I have the time and ability to be a cumdumpster it then depends on where I am hosting. If at home or a hotel I will be picky based off the vibe and attitude. I am not going invite someone who I feel may be dangerous or overly aggressive. If am taking loads at a public cruising spot or sex club then I will allow any raw cocks to breed me.
  2. Fantastic chapter! Love how this story keeps going. Interested in Katie's twisted point of view again.
  3. This is really hot! Sounds like you have a well used and worn out cunt 😍😍. Definitely goals, haha.
  4. Loving how this story is going!! Definitely wish I could be in Jamie's place and get knocked up this way.
  5. Hot! Definitely an unexpected turn. Have a feeling that Katie is a bit of a chaser herself.
  6. I had to stop PrEP as it caused my liver numbers to get funky (I don't drink alcohol or do drugs, so it's not like I was doing activities that harm the liver) That being said I had already been used to taking raw loads from strangers that my hole is too addicted to being a cumdumpster for me to stop letting randoms breed me 😅🥵 I do understand though that I will almost certainly end up poz.
  7. Great story! Love seeing how it continues. Glad that Katie is still in the story.
  8. Absolutely loving this story! Hoping that Katie gets to watch the pozzing of her boyfriend in person 😈😈
  9. Great story so far! Excited to see how it goes.
  10. Finally broke my drought of not having sex since Covid started. I was in Houston for work. Sunday night I hooked up with a black transwoman who gave me a quick breeding. But Thursday night was the real fun. I was downtown having dinner with a friend when I realized that I was close to Club Houston. I visited the club after dinner. First time getting fucked in a sling as well as gloryhole. A lot of big cocks tore up my hole. Only got 3 loads out of the 7 that fucked but all were bareback. Guess I will have to wait and see if I ended up getting knocked up 😈



  11. I was 22 and he was 18. He bred me 3 times in the backseat of my car and I have love being a cock sleeve addicted cumdumpster since 🥵🥵
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