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Canyon club?


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I've only been there during Palm Springs Leather Pride events so I cannot speak to what it's like on a daily basis. During the event parties I've been to there I have had piles of use from getting tag team fucked while getting pissed on in the the garden area to being openly fisted in a sling by the pool (set up for the event no doubt).  I have stayed at All Worlds and CCBC on my visits and I can say that they are busiest a) on weekends and b) during sex related events. I can even say the same thing about Inn Leather in Fort Lauderdale. So, if yo want to get the most sexual use you can, I recommend staying during an event weekend in Palm Springs. Between event parties and bars and the sniffies app, you should be able to garner all the sexual use you can handle.

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I spent one evening at Canyon Club, and one night was enough for me.  It was a real fuck fest once the sun went down, but the property itself isn't up to the standards of alot of  the other guest houses.   To answer the question posted by @Gekfun - yes the did allow me to have visitors, and actually asked me if the two were "visiting" in my room when I went in to buy lube at the front office.  It seems if you don't rent a room or have a reservation, they allow people in but they keep their photo ID until they leave the property.  At least that was the policy when I was there..  The back play room was very busy, and if you are an exhibitionist this place has no problem with that.  One room in particular set up a sling and left the blinds open so everyone could watch.  A very diverse group of men, 20s to 60s, Americans as well as Canadians and Europeans.

The rooms could have used some remodeling, or updating, and getting towels became difficult as the night wore on.  But for one night, it helped me greatly as I flew stand by and could not get into the resort I  had booked until the following day.  Granted the staff does the bare minimum, but the price was reasonable, there is plenty of sex available, especially in the evenings.  The year I was there I went in March, the weather was warm enough during the day and in the evenings you could still be naked and not freeze your ass off outside.

You won't have a problem getting laid there, and no one will hassle you about  where on the property you do it.

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