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    Chattanooga, Tennessee
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    Bodybuilding (am one in real life and have competed), muscle growth, transforming myself into muscled breeding stock, see how much size (cock, toys, hands, etc.) my horsehole can take, love group settings (baths, sex clubs and resorts), exploring the unbridled sexusl side of my masculine nature that society works to shame and suppresz, being naked around other guys
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    I'm a long time hypersexual animal that found getting bred to be an amazing experience and has dumped condoms in favor of enjoying sex the way nature intended.
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    I have now filmed three scenes (clips on my Twitter feed @JaredEriksonXXX) and am applying to morecompanies. Any direction, help, or support is appreciated. I will soon have a justforfans page, too.
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    Horndogs like me who understand sex for the male pleasure sport that it is and strive to be solid sexual athletes. While guys of all sizes have been in me, horsecock guys are my favorites. The more guys and size the better.

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  1. That hole looks amazing!

    1. MuscledHorse


      thanks. i have even more trashed pics of it on my twitter.

  2. MuscledHorse

    ATL Pride Loads

    I've been in the Den before. I got used by some great guys. My fav was a horseguy from Jamaica who rode me like an animal. But there were plenty of others who looked through me like I didn't exist. Myself, i have been with multiple guys from every race. Proud to be a sexual mongrel here. šŸ˜‰
  3. MuscledHorse

    ATL Pride Loads

    i was at Manifest4u fri and sun til nearly closing both times. Wearing my pup/wolf mask i was fuked, suked fisted (and even topped a few guys with my pony fat penis). the end of Sunday, my hole was soooo ruined that a hot furry guy named Austin had me on my back, legs spread and as I stroked my fat penis, he ate out my sloppy hole and the cum dripping from it. and then he started sliding his hand in and pulling the fist out balled up to bring the rosebud out in spasm of pleasure and he would eat it and the feel of his tone and beard my my sensitive trashed canyon drove me wild. Over the three days of Pride I was used by 68 guys. (add to that the totals fromthe Ft. Troff Maneuvers FFand sex party in mid September and the 117 partners from a week in SF for Folsom and in 5 weeks i have been used by over 200 of my fellow males. In a few days I head to Palm Springs for a week of leather pride and staying at CCBC where I will add to my totals even further). In spring I am moving to Atlanta to continue building my porn carer and sex industry work.
  4. Some HOT vids on your twitter muscled! I know you prefer the real thing, but would LOVE to see you taking one of your largest dragons!

    1. MuscledHorse


      thanks! i have some vid clips of me taking my L and XL toys on there as well as on xtube. I will be doing more, of course.

  5. Just did Atlanta Pride. In a 32 day span I am proud to have set a new personal best have been with 208 total sex partners in that time between a weekend that included the Ft. Troff Maneuvers FF and fuking party, a week in SF for Folsom Fair, and 4 days in Atlanta for pride. The best part is that I still have Palm Springs Leather Pride and Fort Lauderdale Pig Week to go. At this rate I will also not only pass the 500 partner mark for the year (i'm almost there) but may well pass the 600 partner mark, with the total number of sex acts being even higher when you factor in sex acts repeat guys. I am hitting the level of Slut I have long hungered for.Ā 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NHCockSlut


      Holy smokes! That's awesome. I'd love to live up to a slut status like that. Anyone in NH?

    3. Pozbtm4breeding


      Congrats man! Keep us posted of the final results.Ā 

    4. MuscledHorse


      Thanks guys! I sure will! I have Palm Springs Leather Pride coming up next week and Fort Lauderdale Pig Week in late November where I will play as well as do some film work.Ā  Looking forward to pushing myself even harder sexually.

  6. Folsom was brilliant. I played naked Twister, was fondled and fuked in th street while others filmed and took pictures, went to sex and play parties where i was bred like an animal to fuked and fisted to the point cum was leaking out of my trashed hole. 5 days of sex on that level. This pig is soooooo happy. over 115 sex partners in my visit.

    1. Hairypdxpig69


      Iā€™m glad you had a fucking/fistingĀ great time, lucky guys in SF...

      I hope you tell us in more detail about your adventures at Folsom weekend

      A huge fan



  7. Gearing up for a week in SF for Folsom. Hoping for a lot of filmedĀ  sex and publicĀ  breeding and fisting. I'm staying just off Folsom and this is my first trip to SF as well. Anyone want to help me out with my sex beat needs or have tips on things I need to check out while I'm there, post here or PM me.

  8. Hey fellow sex pigs. I am traveling to SF for a week of sexual excess and (hopefully) public use and being filmed. I am staying in a hotel right off Folsom and welcum any suggestions for things I shouldn't miss as a hungry sexual athlete and upcoming porn worker.
  9. MuscledHorse

    Cumswap at Fort Troff Maneuvers

    Sounds like you had a great time. I was there as well and got fuked and fisted and bred like a piece of sexual livestock. I was pig heaven by the end of the night with lube and cum leaking from my sloppy fuck canyon.
  10. Had a blast at the Ft. Troff Maneuvers event in Atlanta on Saturday night. I was fisted by six different guys, plus one came back for more andĀ  11 different guys fucked me. My hole was skoppy and leaking lube and cum by two hours into the event. I took a pic of my trashed hole at the end of the five hours and posted it on my twitter feed. Slept like a baby last night and woke up this morning ready for more.

  11. Looking forward to my Atlanta trip this weekend for a huge sex party to get me warmed up and ready for the heavy open use that will be Folsom SF near the end of the month.

    1. boybottom4use


      hey man, you need to check out Manifest while you're here, also the Heretic.

    2. MuscledHorse


      I've been to Manifest many times, including CumUnion there. My first CUmunion was chronicled on here in part by justsexnowATL who was one of the many guys to breed me that night.Ā 

  12. MuscledHorse

    Pakistani dom looking for whores to breed.

    damn dude! If I was closer you could breed this whore all you wanted.
  13. MuscledHorse

    Using other tops cum as lube

    I love being in sex clubs or resorts and getting bred by multiple guys knowing the next one is using cum from those before him as lube while he plowes me till he adds his own and then pulls out and gives me over to the next guy. CumUnions are great for that level of open use.
  14. MuscledHorse

    What's The Most Loads You've Taken In A Day?

    yeah, i'm in the over 20 loads group and proud and humbled to inspire so much Lust hunger in so many guys and to be bred like a piece of livestock on a breeding farm. happily, if there was an over 30 times choice i could claim that one as well. want to get to Dawson's and Ryan Cumming's level of 50 or 100 guys in day of just being lined up and breeding my hole, hopefully on film.
  15. awesome! have a bunch of L and XL bad-dragon toys including the XL Fenrir and L and XL Chance

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