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    Chattanooga, Tennessee
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    Bodybuilding (am one in real life and have competed), muscle growth, transforming myself into muscled breeding stock, see how much size (cock, toys, hands, etc.) my horsehole can take, love group settings (baths, sex clubs and resorts), exploring the unbridled sexusl side of my masculine nature that society works to shame and suppresz, being naked around other guys
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    I'm a long time hypersexual animal that found getting bred to be an amazing experience and has dumped condoms in favor of enjoying sex the way nature intended.
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    I have done studio scenes and have a justforfans page (JaredEriksonXXX) that I have filmed original content for as well. Clips also on my Twitter @JaredEriksonXXX. More to cum!!!
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    Horndogs like me who understand sex for the male pleasure sport that it is and strive to be solid sexual athletes. While guys of all sizes have been in me, horsecock guys are my favorites. The more guys and size the better.

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  1. The more sexual use you get the easier it becomes to take everything. In between sex play, ride toys. Sex is a sport and if you want to be a success at it you have to train as athlete just like you do for any other sport. My hole is filled everyday as part of my training and you can see the benefits in my pics.
  2. damn dude! You just described me: hyper-promiscuous masculine, muscled, extra thik penis and huge hole that makes a slit when not in use and could live life being used most of every day and be truly happy at. I know how to pleasure a top and bring out the agressive beast in him to satisfy my gluttonous sexual needs as I satisfy his with my ass and mouth.
  3. yeah, you do reach a point as a pig bottom where there is never enough cum in you. I have been at sex ersorts on a multi-day binge, hole trashed and multiple loads of cum leaking out of it and i see a cock and think, yeah, I could go for one more" And then that gives way to another and another. I keep my body ready and am always cruising guys and looking for sex anywhere i go. so no such thing as enough breeding of loads into me.
  4. Just back from being full sexual livestock at the Rough Stock Roundup where I got used heavily. Highlight was saturday morning one of the other bottoms and I used my oversize toys and did a toy demo for a bunch of the guys to show what we were capable of accommodating inside us and then we  flip fisted each other in front of them. they watched with the same casual passiveness you would watch a circus freakshow or TV. It was amazing.

  5. for me, i open up even more as tops take control and bein to really plow and use my hole and I realize I have been reduced to male breeding stock in their eyes as the y fuck and fist my hole til it's a sloppy gaping wreck.
  6. Thanks! I think he saw the potential sexual animal in me long before I did, even though I was very active sexaully from the satrt. He intro'd me around to guys he knew and they taugfht me a lot as well.
  7. Plenty of those. My favorite is when i was at the 321 Slammer sex club in Fort Lauderdale and stayed til the end of this night. Around 3am most guys seemed ready to call it a night and started looking for holes to dump their load into. I was in this unlit room off a larger room where guys could do gloryhole type stuff. A guy had mounted and bred me and once he unloaded another grabbed me and did the same and then another threw me down on this big cushion thing that took up a large part of this area and bred me and then another and by this guy when he pulled out the cum stared coming out with the cock and i felt it running down my legs and sack and some of it splattered on the floor even as the next guy was going in me. It was a great high being passed from male to male like that just so they could breed out a load and call it a night finally. By the time 8 or 9 of them had done this to me. I was dripping cum from my sloppy hole (i had been there since around 10pm) another guy came up, added his load and then fisted it further into me. I stayed until nearly closing that night and other guys also added their loads but it was not with the rapid fire frequency I experienced at 3am where I was literally passed around and bred repeatedly in a short span of time. I have only had use like this in a dark area a couple of other times but this was by far the best. I fell into bed that morning as the sun came up covered in sweatand cum, my trashed hole saturated with a couple dozen loads of DNA soaking into me and slept sound and happy.
  8. I have had sex with so many married guys in my life it's laughable that the idea of monogamy keeps being pushed as legitimate. i have done everything with them. i have topped a few that could accommodate my thickness i have been fuked, bred, and fisted by countless others. One even used my pony size equine toy in my ass and was fascinate that the entire life size toy just slid fully into me, then all the way out and all the way back in. One thing married guys all agreed on was that they loved my cock sucking skills and the fact I swallowed every drop of their warm nut juice when it shot out of them; the women hate doing that.
  9. I was 15. He was 17. We had been playing around a number of times already and he had wanted to fuck me. To prepare me for it though he had me fuck him first so I could feel it from a top's perspective and see how much he enjoyed it. I have a very fat cock, even at 15, so I know in hind sight he had already enjoyed taking a lot of cock since most guys can't handle my thikness. He was 7.5 long like me and average thikness. When it came time for his to top me I still remember the thrill of the new sensations of having my ass entered when usually everything was going the other way. I had no way of knowing that in the end my rectum and colon would be re-purposed for just fucking and fisting and toys because it felt so amazing. We got into a good rhythm and he unloaded his nut seed in me. I came shortly after that and it was so intense that I was hooked on sodomy permanently. By the end of that year I had earned my Slut card and never stopped.
  10. I have lived out this fantasy without really having to put it together like in the films since I am not filming it (though I would do a high use gang fuking like that ANY day for filming). Easiest way to do it is to hit a sex resort on an event weekend (like CCBC during Palm Springs Leather Pride or Regular Pride or attend events like Pig Week where the sex only stops when you have had enough. In the multi-hour sex events it had everyday I easily racked up a huge partner counts, ending my 10 days there in 2018 with over 200 total sex partners that played inside my ass. The reality is though you have to have solid sex use endurance to just lay back, spread your legs and let guys play inside you with their cocks and hands til they are done using you and enjoy the high of all those partners and the feel of your sloppy trashed hole by the end.
  11. My hole is used everyday so it has a great recovery time since sex is for me like a night of drinking for others and after a little rest I am ready to go. Examples: 1) This past Saturday evening I spent 4 hours or so in a porn shoot getting power fuked and then fisted by JD Daniels, By the next morning I was ready to go again and had a bud come over who had most of his forearm in me and then later that day i had 2 more hookups and toy play besides. 2) Pig Week Fort Lauderdale is 4 plus hours of sex parties everyday for 10 days. I was active at those everyday getting fuked and fisted, plus i did porn filming, plus other stuff Ican't write here, plus I was the guest piece of meat at 2 of the private parties where i was fisted and double penetrated as well. My body has been trained to be a sex machine and a super fast recovery is one of the benefits.
  12. I am more than a hole at thus point. I am a hungry canyon. I know my purpose is to take guys in me, as many as I can as often as I can. I display with well used hole with the pride a hypersexual bottom should so males know I am sexual active, easy to use and always in need of fuking wherever I go, so much so that I never leave the house without being hosed out and pre-lubed for play. Nothing gets my hornier than being in a group sex environment and guys just seeing my beefy ass as a place to put their cocks and hands and hear them talk about what well used whore I am and how much more used they are going to make me. Being just a hole, even a canyon size one, is a great high.
  13. some yes, but a lot of being a bottom is also mental. I really want to be deeply stuffed, stretched and penetrated. I learned that aspect with I was a teen and my third or fourth sex partner was a hung thik 8.5 inch cock. He was the first huge cock I had seen in person and after he let me play with it and feel it and suck on it some he topped me with it. I wanted him in me bad and apparently that helped make it happen. He didn't have to do much to prepare me and once we got going he rode me like boss. My bud who had set us up was amazed that i took him and told me I was a natural at taking big stuff. Given what my hole accommodated since then, he was right. But as with fisting, you have to train but you also have to REALLY WANT it in you.
  14. I enjoy play with some repeat guys because being into the heavy use stuff like Fisting where you want to have a knowledge trust of the other person's skills when it comes to pushing your limits and training you to take more. That said, nothing turns my crank like being in a sex club and just taking guy after guy after guy inside me with his cock and hands and never knowing his name even. just anonymous male after anonymous male as I add to my bloated sex partner count. I love stumbling out of a sex club or event or nearly crawling back to my room at a sex resort after a night of sexual excess knowing i have had more partners and use in one night than most males will get to enjoy in a lifetime. That reality never gets old. I am proud to be hyper-promiscuous like my beast brothers.
  15. Having a guy, especially the horsehung ones, shove their cock into me in one long stroke is an amazing physical and intellectual high. I am open enough it always feels satisfying to be instantly stuffed with a guy's firm cock hitting the pleasure circuits in my ass hard and fast and I enjoy hearing them tell me how few guys can take a full deep thrust like that with no problem.

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