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    Atlanta, Georgia
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    Bodybuilding (am one in real life and have competed), muscle growth, transforming myself into muscled breeding stock, see how much size (cock, toys, hands, etc.) my horsehole can take, love group settings (baths, sex clubs and resorts), exploring the unbridled sexusl side of my masculine nature that society works to shame and suppresz, being naked around other guys
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    I'm a long time hypersexual animal that found getting bred to be an amazing experience and has dumped condoms in favor of enjoying sex the way nature intended.
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    I have done studio scenes and have a justforfans page (JaredEriksonXXX) that I have filmed original content for as well. Clips also on my Twitter @JaredEriksonXXX. More to cum!!!
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    Horndogs like me who understand sex for the male pleasure sport that it is and strive to be solid sexual athletes. While guys of all sizes have been in me, horsecock guys are my favorites. The more guys and size the better.

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  1. I am incapable of sexual monogamy and this is true of most males. I never tire of being a piece of fuck meat and feeling yet another cock or hand (or sometimes both) enter me even as I am being milked for my own seed. You will have to decide what is important to you and discuss it with your partner. I have a boyfriend now that I love to pieces and both of us are highly promiscuous. We enjoy hearing about the sexploits of each other and he has been the cameraman for several of my porn scenes because he enjoys seeing me get used hard and heavy, so you can have Love and Lust in your life at the same time but you both have to be open to it.
  2. All you wanted! I am honored so many males desire to use me sexually and shoot their essence into me so it can absorb into my tissues and become a permanent part of my being. I just posted a justforfans video (JaredEriksonXXX) of my hole after various breedings as the cum runs out of it. I am amazed how much cum by body is filled with.
  3. I was promiscuous from the start and discovered very quickly it scandalized people that I could be so causal about how I had sex. But I realized that the scandalized front was really a cover for fascination, admiration and a little envy, because then they would start asking a lot of questions about it all. So many guys I have met really get off knowing they are adding their seed on top of thousands who have bred me before them. They like fuking a guy they know gets heavily used. Many of them see it happening when I am playing in resorts or sex clubs and guys are taking turns using me.
  4. I have enjoyed group use in countless baths and sex clubs. On more than one occasion I have met a guy out somewhere socially or had a guy slide in me for what I thought was the first time only to learn he had bred or fisted me me during a CumUnion or the like but I couldn't see him because of being on a fuck bench or not in a well lit area. And yeah, it is a huge rush knowing that i have had guys enjoy me like that and I was their piece of anonymous fuk meat.
  5. As a high use power bottom I love when guys ask me how used I am, though most know as soon as they finger my large opening. I have found the more used I am the more it turns on many tops. I am betting it is because they know they are using the DNA juice of many other males as lube for their own cock as they prepare to add their DNA to the mix for the next partners that enter me. Plus, many love the fact that a guy like me is so sex hungry that I will spread my legs and take use from that many guys. Being fuked and bred for hours at a time requires a lot of endurance for use as a bottom and seeing a guy physically capable of hours of use is a huge turn for many tops as much as being that sexual livestock of a male taking so many cocks (and hands) is a huge turn on for me.
  6. I would kill to go to that. To be naked in an amusement park of sexual gluttony is my idea of paradise
  7. I have found if I just show off my muscles, thick cock and especially my beefy ass, tops will eventually come over use me. The biggest hindrance I've found is that my build make some afraid to approach me out of fear of rejection because they aren't built, too (thanks to stand and model guys doing that). Once a guy gets in me, especially if I get fisted in there too, I wind up with a line to use me because they see I am a slut for all that can take rough fuking and long use. I am also very verbal, which turns a lot of guys on. I have had many tops tell me they hate it when the bottom just lays there and says nothing.
  8. The fastest loads are always at the end of a CumUnion Sex party. You have all these tops that have been fuking all night and avoiding cumming and they are now desperate to unload. Since I stay til the end I am an easy access point and one of the few remaining. The tops are so ready to cum that they barely have it in and you can feel their cocks pulsing as the nut load shoots into you. By the end of a CumUnion night a lot of guys have left so I have had cases where a top nutted in me, pulled out and as his load was dripping my my well used ass, another top slid in and unloaded immediately and another. I've had 8 in a row do that before to the point that by the time the 5th or 6th one pulled out you could hear cum hitting the floor with a splat as it fell from my overloaded ass and the next guy slid in to add his DNA to the mix.
  9. Most likely you have introduced a GI infection (usually a norovirus) during the sexual play. These are spread through fecal oral route (that's why all the stuff about handwashing and not touching the restroom door handle after in case someone else skipped the hand washing after defecation). (there is also the possibility it is complete coincidence and you picked it up elsewhere and the timing matches the sex play). The other possibility is that the double dose of PrEP produced it as a side effect as you're not supposed to take that high a dose. Maintain good fluid intake with water and gatoraide/pedialyte. If it lasts more than a couple days or you develop a fever, see a physician immediately. Lastly, do NOT take an anti-diarrhea med (e.g. Immodium) unless absolutely necessary. Your body is trying to flush out of an infecting GI virus and slowing down its removal gives it more time to multiply inside you before it gets flushed out.
  10. A lot of the pleasure is mental. In addition to all the sexual stimulation the body is receiving, it is allow males to live Naturally and finally separate out the pleasurable act of sex from the emotional act. This comes from having been raised having the Xian church conflating Lust and Love as the same thing and we only should have sexual desire and engagement if there is emotional engagement as well. This is not how Nature works and we have the ability to have sex that way but we also have the ability just to fuk the way our animal brothers do, purely from the pleasure drive that is deep in our primal DNA. Anonymous settings free us from those restraints and allow us the freedom to enjoy sex for the physical pleasure act it is without any emotional engagement from the many guys we are mating ourselves with.
  11. I have seen his legit naked pics on the net stalker paparazzi got and it is a really nice piece of meat. I'd get bred by him.
  12. Thanks! I am sodomized and stuffed and stretched everyday. I love being a hypersexual heavily used slut among men. I love long play sessions wher I am just hanging open from the use and nuts sore from the multiple milkings.
  13. Wishing I could be there for the PIG WEEK events this year.  It's looking like it's going to be ONE of the BEST attended and supported events of 2019.   ENJOY!  Looking forward to hearing and seeing some of the action that's going to be available for sharing.

  14. I am excited and honored to announce I will be among the five porn stars for this year's Pig Week Gangbang Lottery. If you have not been to the 10 days sex marathon and breeding fest that is Pig Week Fort Lauderdale, you are missing out on a great opportunity for the kind of raw, high use marathon sex, the male body is made for. 

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    2. MuscledHorse


      Aww thanks! 🙂 You should make plans to attend Pig Week next year. It is a true male breeding ground for sex pigs that need heavy daily use. Last year I was mated by just over 200 partners during the 10 days of events. Given the additional work I am doing this year on top of porn filming it will mean less time to take as many guys but I will still hit triple digits easily.

    3. RhodyCumhole


      Holy shit.  Impressive!  I definitely want to check it out sometime.

    4. MuscledHorse


      The event has a website, you should check it out.

  15. Yes, it does produce some fluid, but not copious amounts. Personally, I prelube with an oil based lube like Slam Dunk before going out anywhere so I am ready to bend over and take a guy. My clean outs vary because as a power bottom that gets into large toys and fisting, I have to make sure my whole colon is clean... it's not a major issue everyday, just some days when the food catches up. I prefer hosing out to natural shitting, it is easier and your fuck guts stay clean and ready for use. on days the clean out takes longer I give my hole a rest for an hour or two as that much expulsion is pretty demanding and it's about to get large stuff shoved in it, which is also pretty demanding on your ass endurance after awhile.

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