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    Chattanooga, Tennessee
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    Bodybuilding (am one in real life and have competed), muscle growth, transforming myself into muscled breeding stock, see how much size (cock, toys, hands, etc.) my horsehole can take, love group settings (baths, sex clubs and resorts), exploring the unbridled sexusl side of my masculine nature that society works to shame and suppresz, being naked around other guys
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    I'm a long time hypersexual animal that found getting bred to be an amazing experience and has dumped condoms in favor of enjoying sex the way nature intended.
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    I have now filmed three scenes (clips on my Twitter feed @JaredEriksonXXX) and am applying to morecompanies. Any direction, help, or support is appreciated. I will soon have a justforfans page, too.
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    Horndogs like me who understand sex for the male pleasure sport that it is and strive to be solid sexual athletes. While guys of all sizes have been in me, horsecock guys are my favorites. The more guys and size the better.

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  1. MuscledHorse

    What Celebrities Awakened Your Desires?

    Ton Cruise in Risky Business and Brenden Fraser in George of the Jungle as well as the HeMan cartoon.
  2. MuscledHorse

    Married Guys In Their Own Beds

    in my line of work i act like i've never seen them unless they say 'hi'
  3. Hot ass

    1. MuscledHorse


      thanks! it stays heavily used like it's made for. 😉

  4. I love the Clubhouse. I get used a ton when I go there (and 321 Slammer) on my visits to FTL. Last visit was a CumUmion there that ended with another guy and I flip fisting each other around the club while guys watched.
  5. MuscledHorse

    I want to be whored out and ruined

    You will Love it dude. Keep at it and you will wind up having sex with guys nearly everyday and going to sex events, sex clubs and sex resorts to get the amount of it that your body needs. It is a great life to be in.
  6. MuscledHorse

    Married Guys In Their Own Beds

    yep. and I love giving them what they really need and using my body to land them when i see them out in stores etc.
  7. MuscledHorse

    Married Guys In Their Own Beds

    Married and curious guys are my two favorite types of guys to land because they are less common. I love when a married guy is breeding me in his bed and I am satisfying him in a way only another male can. Fortunately, the bible belt of the USA is filled with opportunities for my 2 favorite types.
  8. MuscledHorse

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    achieving huge partner counts like that is easy. Guys like us go to sex parties and sex clubs and baths and resorts often and you can easily get bred by a couple dozen guys in a night. I do it all the time to help satisfy me own gluttonous sex appetite that has only, happily, grown since I entered the sex industry. One of my personal sex idols Ryan Cumming gets bred by so many guys in a session he has a converted "now serving nubber..." digital counter (google search him) that he uses to keep accurate track of his breedings--sometimes 50 to 100 guys in a day. If you have the appetite for it like he and I and many others do, your partner count will far exceed the sex once a day count that you are basing your analysis on. At the rat I am going I will pass the 12,000 lifetime partner count before this time next year, and that to me is the kind of result every sexual athlete should be proud of.
  9. WOOF !   Extremely HOT , Sexy , Beautiful and Delicious profile and topics you like - you are Extremely HOT !  :)   :)   

    1. MuscledHorse


      BLush. Thanks! I"m just your red-blooded gym rat male with a glutton size sex appetite who has finally started working in the sex industry as I have long wanted to do.

    2. ronnie4u


      Sounds HOT and Wonderful - wishing there might be a Gym close by - meet males and developing my body and hunger !   :)

  10. MuscledHorse

    Is Your Pussy/cunt Your Primary Sex Organ?

    Is it a turn on to have your fuckhole referred to as a pussy/cunt? Do you not care one way or the other? Do you hate it? My hole is capable of accommodating bigger than human stuff including a guy's paw so it is very definitely a pussy and looks like one when at rest now. Is your pussy/cunt your primary sex organ? i am blessed with a fat pony penis but my hole is my priamary sex organ and both cock and ass get daily use Do you have internal orgasms? i have huge assgasms and full body orgasms, especially when taking super big cocks, oversize toys and fists. Do you like getting bitched out? NO. besides i am a very verbal bottom Does your cock get hard when you are getting fucked or does it flop around like a useless appendage? once a guy is really inside my hole i lose most of my erection but there is stuff to make it stay hard even while getting punch fisted Is there any point to getting fucked if you don't get the sacred sperm? feeling a guys cock plowing my hole an hitting my prostate and pleasure circuits makes the act of sodomy always worthwhile. getting a guy's highly personal nut juice is bonus. the onlytime i don't get bred with a guy's cock juice every time is at group sex stuff wher a top may be saving himself so he can fuk multiple asses before unloading in one.
  11. MuscledHorse

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    then there are lifelong sex beasts like me that have sex industry experience on top of being insatiable pigs. I am both proud and humbled to have a partner count over 11,000 partners and adding constantly to. I go to a lot of group settings like sex clubs/resorts and baths as well as events like CumUnion and Folsum...any place there is likely o be a lot of guys who just want to fuk and fist me.
  12. Love the sex beast rhythm my life is settling into. Wake up every morning and fuck the piss out of me riding my stallion dildo, then if no work' I am on the hookup apps and chats to indulge my body in the Lust life I live and try to satisfy my gluttonous sex appetite. The result: i spend hours every day just devoted to sexual indulgences. Now I have to focus to get my justofrfans page going.

    1. faggot hole

      faggot hole

      Me too.  i spend the majority of my time being fucked or trying to be fucked.  That is the focus of my life.  i fully understand MuscledHourse.

  13. MuscledHorse

    Getting fucked at the gym

    I am a gym rat as any one whose seen my pics knows. I have had sex in gyms countless times from simple suking and j/o to full on mating with a guy's hard meat inside me, breeding me. I always stay naked as long as possible in the locker room and wear as little as possible for lifting. I keep watch on the guys checking me out as potential sex partners. Once I hit the gym floor my focus is on my muscles and my training. As soon as I'm finished and recovered I am in cruise mode. It's always hit or miss and different times of day offer different guys and opportunities.
  14. Thousands and thousands of guys have had their hard meat in my mouth as well as my ass. And my annual partner count has only increased since I started working in the sex industry.
  15. MuscledHorse

    Is my hole too sloppy?

    I am looking forward to it even though my work in the sex industry will take priority I know my already high levels of sexual use and multiple partners will only increase further as my hole is trained to handle even more and my fat pony cock is miled dry by hands, mouths and the occasional hole.

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