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    Chattanooga, Tennessee
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    Bodybuilding (am one in real life and have competed), muscle growth, transforming myself into muscled breeding stock, see how much size (cock, toys, hands, etc.) my horsehole can take, love group settings (baths, sex clubs and resorts), exploring the unbridled sexusl side of my masculine nature that society works to shame and suppresz, being naked around other guys
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    I'm a long time hypersexual animal that found getting bred to be an amazing experience and has dumped condoms in favor of enjoying sex the way nature intended.
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    I have now filmed four scenes (clips on my Twitter feed @JaredEriksonXXX) and am applying to more companies. Any direction, help, or support is appreciated. I will soon have a justforfans page, too.
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    Horndogs like me who understand sex for the male pleasure sport that it is and strive to be solid sexual athletes. While guys of all sizes have been in me, horsecock guys are my favorites. The more guys and size the better.

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  1. I hose out pretty much everyday due to my love of large toys and my constant hookups for sex play. Fisting and huge toys have happily taken care of that kink in my rectum area and it;'s now straight. Ii use long big to ensure that no water is trapped anywhere and that i am full clean. For big events where know there are going to be hours of use, I pop a couple Immodium to ensure nothing change, especially if I get heavily fisted along with all the fuking.
  2. Hey fellow sex pigs! I will be at CLAW for the full event. Anyone that's going to be there and wants to film, let me know. I will be in my pup gear a lot dressed as pup Canyon too. And will be attending the many sex based events there for maximum use.

    1. TotalPig


      I’d like to use you at the nastykinkpig parties 

    2. MuscledHorse


      please do! I would love to be one or the hired porn star models for their parties. I attended the NKP parties there last year and will again this year.

  3. I keep my hole hair free. Being a pig bottom that takes cocks, huge toys and/or fists on a near daily basis, it makes things easier when it comes to oral play and general keeping everything clean. Nothing worse than eating cum out of a guy's used dripping slop hole and having a stray hair in with all the cum. Plus it makes my daily hosing out everyday easier with the cleaning from that.
  4. of all options at a sex party--a fuck bench is my favorite because it supports you in a ll the right places so you can comfortably get fuked and fisted like livestock non-stop for hours. That said, i usually don't stay on it more than a couple hours so that others can have a turn, plus i like to mix it up some and hit the sing and stuff too
  5. I get bred by a lot of younger guys. I think I get more guys in their 20's now than I did when I was in my 20's 😛
  6. hey your asshole is so amazing - you surely have spent hours to make is this loose and beautiful

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MuscledHorse


      thanks. i love being a human sex  beast and that my body is a commodity for carnal pleasure among males.

    3. cardoc49


      for me personally getting infected with HIV and stopping my meds has helped dramatically to be the human sex beast that I want to be

    4. MuscledHorse


      I am a huge sex beast  as it is. Multi partner group use everyday would be my life ideal and I could handle it based on all i so sexually now. I did the 4 plus hours of daily sex parties being fuked and fisted over the 10 days of Pig Week, for instance, including additional hookups and play time and shooting porn. And that was all sober. 

  7. Some of the best sex I've ever had has been with fellow bottom pigs. We know how to really push each other when it comes to mutual ass play. So when I am stuffing a bottom, pushing his limits or he is doing the same to me, we each know exactly what the other is feeling, the sensations our hole is experiencing, the messages our brain is receiving from the stretching or extra deep penetration because we have experienced it. That only makes the scene hotter to me.
  8. I have a few regular buds I satisfy but for me I enjoy a lot of random partners. This satisfies my sex appetite physically, especially in group environments and also my intellectual side gets off knowing I have as many partners as I do and most males don't get to enjoy or know such pleasure. There is an indescribable high I about being on a fuk bench or in a sling and a line of guys all taking a turn in you...
  9. Being bred is the ultimate act of male intimacy. When a top unloads his warm male essence in my fuk guts i know a part of his DNA will be inside me forever. Many guys on here are sexual livestock like me and we get bred frequently in group settings where multiple loads are pumped into us. as breeding stock. Get t it and let a guy's cum fill your guts as only he can.
  10. I have several: Matt Damon, Adam DiMarco (Randall the RA and Werewolf in The Order), Casey Cott (Kevin on Riverdale), Zac Efron,
  11. I did a an essay for my mentor Ray Dalton, (that he may one day manage to post on his website) on the ways escorting had improved me as a person when I did it in college and this my type-not my type thing was one of the big points I touched on. Or as I put it in an interview I did for another website: if it feels great in the dark why should it change if you can see the person? That's the whole point of Beauty and the Beast everyone seems to miss.
  12. i agree! I love multi-guy use so that my hole is swimming in semen from a bunch of strangers who shared my hole at a sex club or party or the like.
  13. I have been swallowing my own cum and that of my fellow males since my teens. Our nut juice is the most personal and sacred thing a male produces so I make sure it is never wasted.
  14. not impossible. if you go to a lot of group settings like sex clubs, sex resorts and sex parties it is easy to run up the count. In the 10 days of Pig Week, last year, for instance I enjoyed over 200 matings in 10 days time while in a CumUnion party during my 5 days in SF for Folsom Street Fair I have over 30 guys in 5 hours including one the jerked off inside me because I was so used by the end of it. I finished my year off with a total of 903 sex partners and over 1,100 sex acts done to my body when i factor in repeat users. If you are promiscuous enough from a young age like many of us on here were, such totals are easy to achieve. With my upcoming move to Atlanta to further build my sex industry career and even easier access to CumUnion and similar parties 2019 looks to be another banner year of sexual excess for me.
  15. Stuff like this is exactly why this pig of a sexual athlete wants to hit Berlin and do porn for some of the companies there. I know I will come home used beyond my wildest dreams. Maybe I just need to move there....

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