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    Saint Petersburg, Florida
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    I like one on one, three way and group sex. I enjoy guys comfortable with taking pics, and web camming. I also have enjoyed sites like ICU, and Google Plus which allowed me to meet guys from both the local area, across the US and internationally. I am friendly and approachable, feel free to say hello. I am here to make friends, share views and discuss similar interests and concerns. I like topics regarding health and LGBT rights and issues.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Because of my interest in web camming, I have hooked up with guys I met via ICU2 in Palm Springs, San Fran, NY, Miami and Vancouver. All of these guys were from the pnp or slamming rooms and by appearing live it allowed me the ability to meet and hook up with new guys in those cities.
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    I have hooked up with guys from Dick Wadd, Treasure Island and Raging Stallion. The guy from Raging Stallion streamed it live. I do not have credits in any porn videos however.
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    I like guys who are into three way and group situations who are open minded to partying. I respect an individuals feeling not to party but I make it clear that I will be.

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    Joseph Thomas (handle on skype)

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  1. I am glad the suggestion I made worked out for you! That is awesome, and sounds like a typical trip to Philadelphia. Like you said, hot ones show up, they love the fact that they don't know you and you'll be leaving. Perfect for you, and them. Everyone wins!
  2. Next time I need to evacuate for a hurricane I'll be sure to book a room at that motel 😏 Thanks for suggesting that video it was a good one...
  3. Favorite top: Sir Peter (one view and you'll know why) Favorite bottom: Andy Starr (never met a dick he couldn't handle, still looks incredible considering all the mileage on him. Future favorite bottom: Bastian Karim (his Eric Videos show he's willing to take on the big boys) Favorite vers: Romeo Davis. Okay, after seeing his latest videos where he's "enjoying NYC", it's safe to say he's crossed over from top to vers. Let's hope it doesn't go any further, but considering that "business" I thought it was inevitable for him.
  4. I have seen him on A4A when he was in Florida, he used his porn name, it was quite evident it was him. I am not sure if he is on any escort sites, though if I knew I wouldn't be allowed to post that information here. He does release most of his videos through Raw Fuck Club, I would check Twitter and see if he has an account there. He may post where he will be headed, he seems to be all over the country. I've actually seen him do videos for Eric Videos where he is in Spain and France. The guy is very active, always putting out more videos, I think you just have to track him down.
  5. Ah, thus the screen name "Close2MyBro". Now I get it. What are those sayings? "Incest is best", "It's all relative", "It's the game the whole family can play". Okay I'll stop now, but good for you!
  6. I have to agree with you on Lucas Entertainment. I met that tool in 2009, he lies to people about the HIV status of his models he uses and has mislead others to unknowingly have sex with infected individuals. He plays the "I am a poor immigrant card". What he doesn't tell you is that he escorted for years before he started making videos, and made a great living doing so. I am amazed he supports Trump, he doesn't hide the fact he is Jewish and what Trump says to the public and what he feels privately are two different things. Sorry if I rubbed you the wrong way regarding my comments on Drew Dixon. You're right, I've learned to look at the cast before I download, Dixon is just someone I don't care for, sorry if my wording wasn't the kindest. Have a good one....
  7. FYI - Romeo Davis XXL is in Florida quite a bit, there's a reason why he's got that backpack. That guy has done so many videos the past two years, I get all of his releases from Raw Fuck Club sent to my email box. They are fun to watch (he's now bottoming, which is too funny!!) But he's been online, doesn't disguise who he is. If you are familiar with him and you find him attractive I would just flat out proposition him, you have nothing to lose if he says "no thanks"
  8. Mainstream as in Eric Videos, or Lucas Entertainment? Or perhaps someone from RawFuckClub or Treasure Island?. I would keep my eyes on A4A, and to a lesser extent BBRT. I know in the instance of A4A, Peto Coast XXL from Eric Videos (also called "Crazy Dutch Guy" on Machofucker) was on A4A one weekend, he was in Tampa and he was "working" his way across the US, I believe eventually he was going to make a flick for T.I.M. Usually they are on there for one night, maybe a weekend, it seems Tampa might be the second best location to see them or contact them. South Florida is always going to be the best opportunity. Lauderdale/Miami your best bet. Sometimes they "advertise" under their porn name, in other instances they are just like every other horny guy looking to hook up, not always wanting people to know they do porn. They are out there, trust me.😉
  9. He was living on Westshore Blvd for the past three years before his arrest in late September, so it is certainly possible!
  10. Yes I can see why, now is that your hand doing the positioning for the camera? Sooooo photogenic.....😉
  11. I'll take #19 please, in a "to go" bag. Why do I feel like I am sitting in a chair at the barber's shop when I was a kid, and the kindly (pedo) man is asking me which number haircut I would like???? Too funny.....great thread by the way....
  12. He was initially arrested in Tampa because that is where his apartment is, apparently he's lived there for three years. But the offense occurred in Broward county which is why he's on your coast. Not uncommon to transfer inmates to where the crime occurred. Looks like the state is asking for the death penalty. It just amazes me that it took twelve years for them to link him with DNA. His DNA was found under the nails of the victim. Somewhere in that arrest report he allegedly admitted to being in the victim's home, obviously he didn't speak to an attorney prior to that admission.
  13. According to reports I have read, the victim and alleged killer had a four way back in 2010 and it seems jealousy was the motive. It took 12 years but DNA results points at Michaels . He was arrested on 9/22 in Tampa and has been charged with first degree murder, is being held without bond and currently sits in the Broward County Jail awaiting trial. Report says he could face the death penalty. 12 years. Wow, if this is true hopefully the victim's family and friends will get some closure.
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