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About this blog

I have been writing  about my sexual adventures for  nine years now--since 2011.  

I write the truth.  Names are changed....except for a few men who know I write and ask me to use their real name or a screen name. 

It is always how it happened:  the good, the bad, the weird, the crazy, the explosive. 

Some entries have pictures.  A few have some video attached.

My format here is certainly to link you to the actual site.  There are over a 1000 entries now--fucking, sucking, felching, fisting, watersports, leather....

Just the way I have sex and glory in it...

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Entries in this blog

"Just Use Me..."

My Playroom—May, 2021 “I need you to open up my hole.” Maybe it wasn’t Stuart’s first sentence.  He might have said “Hi” before that. I am not sure which hook up site we were on, but likely AssPig.  He had taken a hand before, but not for a very long time.  The guy was in his 30’s and big, but not sloppy.  A true bear.  Hair everywhere.  The picture he opened showed a hairy ass I knew I would love to get lost in. We arranged a date.  Which he cancelled.  But correctly.  We se

Davis Gets Wet Inside and Out

My Playroom—April, 2021 Davis wanted to come back to the playroom.  We had both loved our January session.   We agreed on a time during the first week of April.  Davis also mentioned that he wanted to be used a little rougher than before. That got me thinking. I readied the playroom by lowering the fuck bench so it was flat.  I also dropped the sling so it hung by just the two D rings on the head side. I set out some other things on the bed…   I hear Davis step out

Breeding Davis

My Playroom—January, 2021 We had chatted on two different hook-up sites over the years.  But timing had always worked against us. In January it clicked.  We had both been keeping pretty much to ourselves with the pandemic. We weighed the risk and decided to meet.   Davis and I soon moved to text.  Once he was told I had a playroom, he couldn’t wait to get in the sling. 😧 “I cannot wait to meet you and be fucked by you.” FP:  “Great.  Are you ok with some piss on your ass as I

"...Lick It Up, Fucker..."

My Playroom—December, 2020   We talked online all through November.  Soon we switched to text.  His pictures were certainly intriguing.  In his very early 30’s, he was a tall-ish bear with long hair, a full beard and tons of body hair.  I soon learned he had a fun sense of humor and was kinky.  Very Kinky.  He had come from India to a neighboring Great Lake state to pursue his post graduate degree.  He was finding few kink daddies in his college town before Covid.  And no one now.

"Daddy, I Have to...Piss..."

My Playroom—September, 2020 We’d been talking online forever.  I was pretty sure that talk was all that this one would ever be—after all there was an almost 40 year age difference.  But we kept talking.  We loved the same things—  juicy, cumfilled fucks.  Loads shot down the throat.  And most of all piss—anywhere and everywhere. And then on the last day of the month, he asked to come to the playroom.  We talked about covid.  He never left his college apartment, where he lived alone, as
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