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  1. FelchingPisser

    Toronto Club120 BB Orgy

    I wrote up this party on my Blog, From My Side of the Sling. Here's the link: http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2018/09/blog-post_14.html And a sample... "I am leaning on the railing, still on the dark side, looking at the busy slings across the divide. I am also watching this top with a massive cock piercing fuck the hell out of a Latino bent over the rail next to me. The Latino finally begs off and leaves. The Pierced Top grabs the Fukd cum rag out of the band of his jock to wipe his dick. “Don’t,” I tell him. I fall to my knees and clean his cock for him. He’s big and the piercing is a challenge. I stand back up—my bigger cock slapping his on the way up. “Shit.” Pierced Top leans against the rail. “Fuck me with that thing.” He doesn’t have to ask me twice...."
  2. FelchingPisser


    How do these guys not notice this themselves??!? I have seen it, too. Granted, it means that I end up fucking those tops, too....but it is ridiculous. If I ever use poppers, it's only after I've shot--and I've settled down to felching my load (mixed with the other loads) my boy of the moment has taken for me to eat out of him.
  3. FelchingPisser

    Stretching my asshole.

    Buy a series of graduated butt plugs. When you JO, start with the smallest and keep working your way up. Colt makes such a set. And, of course, keep taking dick
  4. FelchingPisser

    Cleaning out ya bottom

    Fort Troff sells nozzles that fit on any commercial drinking water bottle.
  5. FelchingPisser

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    It was a great session....all the way around!!
  6. I can only think that's true if you are drinking a ton of piss that is full strength--so you are getting all the salts the body is expelling. Guys into piss play hydrate so well that the piss is diluted. I attend the WS parties in Chicago. We are pissing hot water by the time we have played for 4 hours. I have drunk tons of piss and have no problem with it. I wrote a piece for my blog about Watersports. How, why, ways to prep for it, ways to get over being piss shy, safety. It is here: http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2016/03/watersports-101-mini-master-class.html
  7. Love your comments. Like you, I’m not somehow “opposed” to monogamy, just been burned by it. I doubt ill ever be partnered again, even in an open relationship. I do know I’ll never be monogamous again. Like you say, why should we try to emulate straight people? And that goes for the whole marriage thing too. I support my brothers who want to do that, good luck to them. But why? Why pretend to be straight? 

    1. FelchingPisser


      I will say that I would have married my partner if he had lived longer.  Just for all those legal benefits.   I don't want anyone else to stand in a hospital waiting room and be told that while he may be the man you love, we can't tell you a damn thing about his condition.

  8. FelchingPisser

    RIm or be Rimmed?

    I would suggest that you and someone you know shower together. Soap his ass yourself so you know it's clean. Try licking his butt with the water still beating down on the two of you. Progress from there... Rimming is an incredibly intimate act and I can't fuck without it.
  9. FelchingPisser

    Bathhouse Last Night

    To me, this is just how partners should do it...revel in each other's good time and have it lead to fucking together.
  10. FelchingPisser

    Experiences at CumUnion

    I have done one rough house in the space, too. I found the guys much more stand off-ish. With the similar screen name as on BBRT, I'm pretty sure I know who you are...and I loved getting into your ass. After we played the second time, where I could really eat your ass out properly and fuck in more comfort, I didn't do anything else for a time--I wanted to keep your scent on my beard....
  11. Well, thanks. I just added my two cents to your Club 120 post, too. See you at Fukd - Club 120 on 8/26? I've decided to stay in town.
  12. FelchingPisser

    Experiences at CumUnion

    It was good to see you. I WAS very, very busy. Maybe it was the "new meat in town syndrome." I had about 8 men that I kept rotating through repeatedly throughout the night and many more just to fuck for a few minutes. One I knew from previous visits, the rest were new. It was sweet to take one young man's bareback cherry. I love the event for it's variety . I had very connected play with some partners and wild hole to hole frenzied fucking at other times. A great evening...that convinced me to stay in Canada for the Sunday, August 26 Club 120 Fukd gathering (4-8pm)
  13. Well, thanks....I hope to do it again!
  14. FelchingPisser

    Are you capable of monogamy?

    Maybe I need to expand my statement above. I am not against relationships. I had a great one (30 years, ending only in his death.) I just think the best relationships I see around me recognize, even embrace, that we are sexual beings who love variety. I have always been able to separate love and sex. I had a man who complimented me in dozens of ways, but the sex was vanilla and soon rather rote. Instead of giving up all the ways we were an incredible unit of support for each other, we simply opened the relationship. We did men together and alone. I loved watching him have sex. He loved watching me fuck other men. Our jobs often kept us in different cities. Reporting our sex lives to each other kept us talking, sharing and hot to re-unite and have fun. While I am not actively looking for a long term partner for the second half of my life, I wouldn't say no to one if it happened. I can certainly see myself living with a cum dump who is free to go and get his hole loaded. Is it too much to ask that he wake me up when he comes home by sitting on my face and letting me felch it out of him? I promise he'd get a fresh load to replace it....
  15. FelchingPisser

    Are you capable of monogamy?

    We are men. Gay men. Men who love sex. Why should we emulate straight people (who aspire to monogamy and rarely have it)?

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