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  1. Raw Dawg - safe raw fucking?

    I had a guy tell me I was in for "the best fuck of my life" with a raw dawg. Once it was in his ass--my cock no longer fit in it. I used tons of lube and finally got half of it in and it hurt. That was that.
  2. Gay "scene" in USA during the 70s/80s

    Faggots is another...absolutely.
  3. Chaps. How did they come about for Sex

    I agree with theplayerking--gay men have always been attracted to hyper masculinity. Think Tom of Finland drawings in the 1950’s and 60’s—he chose policeman, military, bikers, construction guys etc. They were basically the same archtypes that the Village People chose (in parody) later. Chaps were also made incredibly sexy with Marlon Brando’s 1953 biker movie The Wild One. It’s just an easy step to get rid of the denim under the chaps….
  4. Gay "scene" in USA during the 70s/80s

    Read 'Mineshaft Nights" by Leo Cardini. Available on Amazon. Details the biggest NYC sex club of that time.
  5. Definitely like playing with someone like you for long periods. The nastier,  raunchier only charges the BEAST. inside that requires time to appear. 

    1. FelchingPisser


      I agree about the longer play...we'd have fun.

    2. AZRawPig


      It's like flexing muscle's. The longer you'll worshipn. ..you'll become completely uninhibited. And the BOND of ONENESS becomes easier to share. NO TABOOS BETWEEN OURSELVES will exist. 

  6. Day off at the ABS

    Well, this white guy slaps an ass--not constantly, but when I want to make it spasm and tighten down around my cock....
  7. Sex For Money

    And an update for me: I finally hired an escort while on vacation. He is a porn star I have wanted since I first saw him. For me, hiring a guy who does reality based porn tells you so much more about the kind of sex you will have--after all those scenes are pretty much non-directed. I knew from watching that we were compatible in so many ways. It was super hot to have the man I'd whacked off to literally choking on my dick. Even better to toss him in my sling to seed and felch the ass I'd dreamed about. We had an explosive good time. It won't become a habit, but I can see myself hiring maybe once a year for a treat.
  8. Now there's a tasty profile!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. piglooking4pigs


      reallly into your profile...you skype?

    3. FelchingPisser
    4. piglooking4pigs


      No problem, just looking for a way to connect realtime with you stud

  9. When you gonna put it on your blog?

    1. FelchingPisser


      I am one month behind....so at the longest, one month....but I seem to be writing more, lately.

  10. Question of responsibility

    And I agree. Please treat before.
  11. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    My last load was shot into the hot, furry ass of porn star Jon Shield on a visit to Toronto.
  12. Hiring an escort...

    They are both on Rentmen.com
  13. Hiring an escort...

    Seaguy: Start saving. My friend who hires says Ray Dalton is the best fuck he has ever had. He's nice, fun and all about sex. My pal--who has included me three times in his escort hiring by hiring versatile porn guys--has found that if you pick guys who have done porn, you can "audition" them by watching how they perform on video. He's had good luck this way. (You can see the energy Ray brings to sex in any of his videos.) For my friend, it is easier. He tops on hook up sites, but when he wants to bottom it's an escort. (or me if we happen to be in the same state.) As to fucking bare--use a site like rentmen. There is a category to sort by safe or bare.
  14. Experiences at CumUnion

    I had a great time at CU-Toronto this Friday. Just a few highlights: 1. A hot fuckbench fuck with a man who instantly turned and gave me fantastic ATM each time I pulled out of his ass—so of course I kept fucking/rimming him to pull out one more time... 2. A young Egyptian who I began sucking in a dark room. He took me to his room and skull fucked me until he blew a massive load in my open mouth. 3. A Black kid in a designer jock pulled me into a booth near the slurp ramp. He worked my throat with his thick, curved cock like he was all top. I turned him around and ate him out until he begged to be fucked. I bent him over right in the hallway and plowed his hole in front of the crowd. 4. A young lad took one look at my erection trying to be contained by my jock and led me by the hand to the fuckbench. I ate and fucked and shared his ass with another top. Then he flipped over and balanced on the bench so he could jerk a load out as I fucked him. I lapped up his jizz and reverse felched it into his ass—so he would be loaded with his own cum when he was ready for round two. 5. Fucked a younger guy in the sling—sharing him with a hairy young otter. I felt up the Otter as he was fucking the guy and felt load dripping from the Otter’s hole. I inserted and fucked him while he continued to fuck the pig in the sling. Both got loads…
  15. Sling etiquette

    I have seen it. More so ten years ago than today. Maybe the distinction is if the sling is in your own room you can be choosy. But if it's a public space, I believe you should be taking any and all who are interested.

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