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  1. Those of us on here sometimes forget we are a subset of gay men as a whole. I find it easy to find piss guys on BBRT, but not so much on, say, Adam4Adam.
  2. AirmaxAndy pretty much answered what I was going to say.
  3. I don't think you can go wrong with a good pair of combat boots. And at an Army Surplus store the price is right.
  4. Maybe the hardcore level goes up with how you use the piss. I think a quick pissing of myself as I sit in the hot sun, can be erotic. But it is likely a different kink level than my filling the ass of a hesitant sub and telling his partner, who's been watching me fuck, breed and fill his boi, to drink it.
  5. I just had a very wet session with a piss boy. I kept rimming him after pissing on his hole, and then again while he was pissing down his ass crack. Lots of fucking and before two piss fucks. (I hydrate ALOT for this kind of session.) I got under the rim seat each time for him to dump the piss in his ass down my throat. The first load also had the remains of a melted devil's dick mixed in with the hot piss. Bred him with a fresh load, of course. A great way to spend two hours!
  6. How my rimseat is often used...I LOVE men to feed me back my piss.
  7. Everything in my playroom is JimSupport: sling, fuck bench and rimseat. The frame goes up in minutes if I'm taking it to a sex party. I have used other men's Fort Troff frames....but was at one sex party where one bent.
  8. Absolutely. Though my gay brother working in a gay retail store had great stories of customers coming in and buying everything leather trimmed in red (fisting) who had no idea....but liked the color because it was "pretty."
  9. I would swear on a stack of In Touch magazines that the expanded code of more than 65 variants was merely the product of a group of drunk gay men sitting around one night, trying to out do each other...
  10. I only use the hanky code at leather weekends such as CLAW, IML or MAL. I have found many a urinal in the host hotels, flagging yellow on my left. I think it works at the events because a large percentage of the guys still know it--I can't imagine it helping much walking around any major city anymore.
  11. They affect our talking about it on this forum. DM MuscleHorse.
  12. A number of my bottoms use a long toy to help the clean out process when they are playing with me. And that's on top of a good diet and a shower shot. It seems to be very effective.
  13. Grrrrrrrrwooof oink Boss 

  14. There are a number of products to help you. Simple suction cups work very well. [think before following links] https://the-leather-man-inc.shoplightspeed.com/nfw-design-supple-nips.html I own two different types. I also have forceps to use on men when they are in the sling. A simple clothes pin, the kind with a spring, will also work once you get started.
  15. I too loved the Bijou. On my first visit, I went thinking of it as just a porn theatre...but I kept watching the men going down the aisle and disappearing back behind the screen. I had to investigate. Downstairs I found the men's room and the guy who who never left, likely drinking all the piss he could. I was still too naive to feed him. Upstairs, with all the booths was amazing. It was not very crowded that first time, but it made the few men there really want to play. I got sucked through a gloryhole, of course, by a number of men. The third one turned around and impaled himself on
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