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  1. The more hair in an ass crack the better. I am always trying to braid it all with my tongue. Honestly either is fine--as long as it is natural. NOT shaved.
  2. Chicago—February, 2020 The last day of February I returned to Chicago to see Zane, the scent pig, again. There was to be a huge sex party at his place hosted by his house mates. Being a polite pig, I took the fuck bench and rimseat as Zane told me they had more than enough slings. And indeed they did. The entire house was converted to play areas. We set up the fuck bench in the basement where there were two slings and a huge bed. The rimseat was put in the biggest bedroom. I helped put protective covers on the furniture in the main living area. Zane and I made up the bed we’d
  3. Lansing—February, 2020 (This picks up right where the last post left off…) I need to stretch my legs after sucking the load out of the man with porn on his phone. I walk the length of the building to the big screen gay area. I sit in the shadows against the back wall and take my cock out. I take a long drink from my water bottle—for a moment it brings the taste of the last man’s cum to life before it washes it all away. My cock stands back up—and I lean back in my chair, shutting my eyes. I hear someone approach. I don’t open my eyes. I hear him kneel. He takes me in his
  4. Lansing—February, 2020 (This picks up right where the last post left off…) As the well hung foot licker struts out the door, I roll over and grab my sock. My toes are still very wet. There is a roll of paper towel on a table under the screen, so I hop over to it and rip off a couple of sheets. As I sit and dry my foot, a series of hot men stream in and out of the room, never pausing on their hunt for cock or ass. Once fully dressed again, I go out looking myself. All the gloryholes seem to be in use—at least the doors are still shut. In the straight screening
  5. Lansing—February, 2020 Zane, the scent pig, had invited me back for a big sex party in Chicago at the end of the month. By the middle of that last week of the month I became so horned I knew I had to blow a load before that event. I had just been to my usual bookstore with Braydon, so I headed a little farther away to the half bathhouse/half bookstore. I was there for just under five hours. I arrive right after lunch. The parking lot is nicely full. I am buzzed into the dark playland of slings, fuck tables and glory holed booths. I piss and lock my coat in a locker. I g
  6. He made 6 movies in 1983 and 84. And that's all I could find out about him.
  7. Yes. Michael Braun is the bearded man. Jim Rogers is his boyfriend who is willing to try tea room sex. It was directed by the great Al Parker and Steve Scott.
  8. Oh, yes! had a magazine of stills from Dangerous. It's available from BijouWorld
  9. I love for my boys to do ATM--and not just after the fuck. My padded fuck bench is set up so I can circle it easily. Fuck him, have him clean me up, fuck him some more...on and on. If there are three of us playing, then both holes can be used easily and we keep rotating around the lucky bottom.
  10. If I don't kiss you...how are you going to taste the load I just dumped in your ass?
  11. I was just about to type a response--and Read1's came in. This is pretty much what I was going to say. It is the surprise factor that I hate. If I know you only sell, I might move on, or not, depending....but I need to know that from the first sentence.
  12. I saw the same one's BearBandit posted about it in 2013. Wonton instead of wanton Bet it know should be Be it known.... But the more I think about this, I wouldn't mind having bareback sex followed be some really great wontons....which I could eat with abandon...
  13. I think my tongue was a little more in my cheek than you took it...
  14. And it still has the two typos in it......
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