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  1. Double Penetration

    DP is hard. As mentioned above, you have to have the right people. I do think longer dicks work the best. And the tops need to be limber for you are often contorted into not very comfortable positions. I have done countless DP's with a dildo, but with two dicks, two spring to mind. The first was with a top who had a sharp downward curve to his dick. The bottom sat on him and that dick wasn't moving anywhere. It was a wonderful fuck and seeding. The other was in my first porn--Jayson Park took two of us. The few minutes of video footage of the two of us in him took an hour to film....
  2. Writing on Bottoms With a Marking Pen

    I have--at the bottom's instruction. One time it was hash marks on his cheeks to keep track of loads at the bathhouse. Another time (same bathhouse) was "Cum Here" and an arrow to his hole. He was ass up on various fuck benches and beds all night and took about 16 loads for my felching pleasure before I fucked them deeper into his guts.
  3. Sexually incompatible relationships

    One of the great things about being gay is to create our own rules about love and relationships. We don’t have to do what the straight world does. My partner and I had 30 years together before his death. We were best friends. We worked together. We had the same interests. It was only in the bedroom where we were only sort of compatible. We were both great cocksuckers, but he hated to get fucked. I love to fuck. So, because we loved each other, we had to work out how we could make this work. Our option was to go our separate ways on set nights. He loved to hear me tell stories about who I fucked and how. It often led to sex between us. What the particulars of your rules and regulations has to be worked out between the two of you. But guys who truly love each other are going to want their partner to be happy.
  4. A Question About "Daddies"

    I was certainly taken aback the first time someone called me Daddy in my mid 40’s. I had always looked quite a bit younger than my years. That was beginning to change in my 50’s, as family issues carved lines in the face that weren’t going away. And the damn hair kept receding… So I shaved my head. I embraced my age and all that went with it. My confidence soared—and hook-up potential doubled. I think in my leather-ish world of playrooms, Daddy has a much deeper mark of respect. I hear it almost always used for an older top. Boys of all ages come to Daddy when they want to be fucked ‘right’. They want a man of experience. They want a man of sexual ability–and agility. They want a teacher. I am proud to be that Daddy.
  5. Do you clean cock?

    If I know ahead of time a guy is too squeamish to do ass to mouth, I won't bother to fuck him.
  6. Where is this scene filmed?

    They have built a three hole fuck wall like this for the Toronto sex party called fukdtoronto Info: https://www.fukdto.com/ I have been to it three times. Great men. Hosted by porn guys who love to play in the crowd.
  7. My first bathhouse. I loved Man's Country in the early 1990's. All the things mentioned above (and in the article) certainly hurt it. I don't think it ever recovered from the decision to close the Eagle, the leather bar next door, and use the space for more rooms. As busy as the Eagle's back room was, you had tons of men, still unsatisfied, who went from the Eagle to Man's Country at bar closing time. I always got to MC early, played and napped so I would be fresh to fuck the men from the Eagle who came streaming through the doors minutes after bar closing time.
  8. BBRT Subscription Worth It?

    I pay for the membership when I am visiting a big city or going to a leather weekend--the basic works for where I live in Michigan. My last trip to Toronto I was out of emails in less than 30 minutes, so it was certainly worth it to get the membership. I have done this off again/on again membership for 9 years and never had a credit card issue.
  9. Why is it so hard to find tops that won't flake.

    As others have noted, this topic should be "Why is it so hard to find GUYS who won't flake?" Distance seems to be a big factor where I live. Men seem to expect us to live next door to each other in rural Michigan. Another is the thrill of doing something different with me--piss or fist, etc--and the online man who's never met me chickens out. I frankly try to play with men from online as little as possible and take trips to different sex parties (CumUnion, Fukdto, Roughhouse, Chgowaterbuddies) or to sex venues (bathhouses, bookstores, clubs).
  10. I am glad to follow you and read your blog, it's so hot!!

  11. Headed to Fukdto in Toronto to ring in the new year!  The best bb parties I've been to in a long time.

    red black and blue ball jp.jpg

    1. wanttoconvert


      Fuck, I wish I were going instead of having to work.  You'll have to tell us how it was.  I wanna go this coming year, for sure, after my first visit to Palm Springs.  

    2. FelchingPisser


      It is well worth the trip.  I am writing a report today about highlights of the 4.5 hours of fucking I did.

    3. wanttoconvert


      You are a hot stud to get fucked by and watch fuck.  All guys like you should be highly toxic and eager to gift guys like me, so eagerly wanting to be converted and infected with the pozzing strains of the gift!

  12. Peeing while getting fucked

    Given my screen name, you can likely figure out that I'd say it's no problem....but for other tops you might want to ask.
  13. Vaseline for lube

    I have to say I hate Vaseline as a rimmer and felcher.
  14. Fisting websites

    Johnny84: I would also agree with FFun2BB, that you should join Recon. Make sure you specialize your interests.
  15. Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

    Time for an update. Jayson Park—twice and we filmed the first one Jake Wetmore Chad Brock David Benjamin I’ve sucked Nick Roberts cock after he was done fucking Jayson Park….. Ryan Cummings—twice on film and many times in private Butch Powell Matt Stevens Chris Wydeman Milan Gamiani –twice Jon Shield Chase Acland Zach Acland Parker Allen –fucked and felched Jack Vidra’s load out of him Jack Vidra

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