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  1. FelchingPisser

    first timers guide for a cumunion party (bottom)

    I think that would be up to each venue. There is a Frequently Asked Questions page (linked here) on their website. https://www.cumunion.com/?page_id=8
  2. FelchingPisser

    first timers guide for a cumunion party (bottom)

    I'll add that I don't think bottoms have to stay in one room all night. Use the public fuck equipment.--I always check the slings and fuck benches first. Make your hole available in the steam room. Use the gloryholes to give great head and impale yourself on the wet cock you've been sucking. Go to the porn area and suck the guys jerking to it--I'm only there to show off my dick--come find me.
  3. FelchingPisser

    Ass Rimming

    Then I'm not doing either.
  4. FelchingPisser

    Ass Rimming

    I have to eat what I stick my dick into----before, during and after the fuck.
  5. FelchingPisser

    Advice needed...

    I wish I could! I can't get to Toronto until the end of August or the first of September---either way, I'll time my trip around a Fukd party.
  6. FelchingPisser

    Advice needed...

    The Mayo Clinic website states it takes 6 to 8 hours for food to get from stomach through the small intestine. Than on into the large intestine. Eating can trigger other digestive matter to move which is why to clean before you go out for the night. You should be fine.
  7. FelchingPisser

    Any guys been pissed on by multiple guys at once?

    I can't wait to get to the IML piss party this weekend--though it's only 5 hours this year. I have been asked to bring my sling--I love a group of guys pissing on us as we fuck!
  8. FelchingPisser

    First Time at Adult Theater on PrEP

    I was sure from your description of that small room that I knew this place. I have fucked some hot Black ass bent over in that small room off the theater. And received excellent head in the back row.
  9. FelchingPisser

    And Now For Something Completely Different

    I enjoyed our two fucks--one in the steamroom and, even better, the one in your room--even with the gaggle of men outside the door watching and commenting. A shame you had to leave before I was ready to nut...
  10. FelchingPisser

    Any Guys Into Drinking Piss?

    I think he means that his feeder has drunk a ton of water orbeer so it dilutes the salts that naturally occur in piss.
  11. FelchingPisser

    Writing on Bottoms With a Marking Pen

    So that's what it said....I couldn't tell with the steam swirling around us....
  12. FelchingPisser

    Making Him Piss Himself

    There is nothing that kills the mood faster than making the trip to the tub for a WS moment. I love the fact I can piss the boys in my sling.
  13. FelchingPisser

    Has anyone else ever tried their own cum up their ass?

    I like that! My frozen condom filled Devil's Dick looks vaguely like a popsicle once you have 10 or more loads in it.
  14. FelchingPisser

    Has anyone else ever tried their own cum up their ass?

    I had a tray for ice that froze it into "icicles." They were too pointy for comfortable insertion.
  15. FelchingPisser

    Has anyone else ever tried their own cum up their ass?

    Won't you waste a lot of cum as you have to warm it to get it out? I line a wide shot glass with a condom. Jerked loads are shot in that and frozen. The condom peels away from the frozen cum and is in the right shape to insert frozen. Fucking with that fast melting cum in a hot ass is a treat!

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