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  1. I often have porn playing in the playroom during a scene. I don't own porn with music tracks. It's for the grunts and groans--to heighten the aural experience. We never sit and watch it. I might catch something out of the corner of my eye and think--"I should get the speculum out, too.".
  2. I had no sex from the middle of March to the end of August, 2020. There are still posts and re-posts of hot times on the parent blog for those interested. Here I am skipping to the next new playtime. Kalamazoo—August, 2020 It was time to have sex again. I knew it—and I knew I needed to do it with some thought. I had not played since March 14. But now, in late August, my intensive summer work schedule (made even more intense with figuring out how to keep working safely during Covid) was over. Brayton, the always horny, cute cub I had first used at the bookstore—and then invited to join Don and Reid in the playroom—had let me know that he, too, was ready to play. A new text told me he had been talking to a number of men in his stable, all in the same boat. He had taken the bull by the horns and rented a motel room. Would I be interested? I was and I wasn’t. This was not quite how I thought I’d jump back in. I talked to Brayton. He assured me that the other men had taken the lockdown to heart and been idle for months. I declined. And then I changed my mind. My cock won. I went. It is an incredibly cheap motel. It’s not hard to find as it’s right on the highway. Top of the line when it was built in the 1990’s, it has fallen on hard times. I park and walk by another gathering, currently with the door wide open and the participants spilling out into the parking lot. With loud music blaring and cans, bottles or a pipe in every hand, it looks more like drink and drugs are on the menu there and not sex. I pick up my pace and knock on a door at the opposite end of this wing of rooms. It takes a second but Brayton opens the door, naked but for a jock. We hug. I go in as he continues to dither about getting his phone to play music to cover the sounds of sex. I start to strip. We seem to be alone. But then the toilet flushes. And there are voices. Two men emerge from the bathroom. Both are somewhere between 27 and 37. One is short, mostly fit, with dark hair and an impish grin. The other man is around six foot, also dark and carrying some extra pounds. The bigger man stops dead as he sees me in my jock and sits on the other bed. The smaller man smiles and goes back into the bathroom. I sit and retie the laces on my boots. And we sit. The smaller man returns. I am introduced. We smile and nod. The larger guy disappears back into the bathroom. Finally, with the music figured out, Braydon comes and kneels in front of me. I stand up. The smaller man watches intently as Braydon pulls my cock out of the pouch. It dangles for a moment—stretching to his full length—before Braydon swallows it down. I hold the back of Braydon’s head pulling him onto my cock. He chokes—and I let him off me. The young man on the bed touches his own jock pouch. I now fuck Braydon’s mouth. When he comes up for air, he turns to the smaller guy. “You’ve gotta taste this cock.” The young man comes over and kneels next to Braydon. Braydon steers my cock into the other man’s open mouth. He groans as his tongue finds my piss slit. I stand stock still and let the two men go back and forth on my dick. It feels great. Wet and sloppy. The groans from the two men bring the other man out of the bathroom. He sits on the far bed. He kneads his jock pouch as he watches them give me head. “I need to get fucked.” Braydon stands up. I assume this is my cue—but surprisingly the smaller guy tells Braydon to get on all fours. I watch the smaller guy spit on Braydon’s pucker and finger it into him. In moments, he has pushed his uncut dick into Braydon. The larger guy comes over to watch. I stick my dick into Braydon’s mouth. He groans as he is spit roasted. The larger guy moves behind me, reaching around my chest to twist my nipples. Soon, he stops and kneels down next to me. I push my cock into his mouth. He gives a great blowjob. Every inch of skin is licked. He moves down to my balls, too. These surprise him—bigger than he expects—and likely hairier. He leaves them wringing wet. “I need that in my ass,” he says holding on to my wet cock and looking up into my eyes. “Yeah,” I nod. There is a knock at the door. Braydon pulls away from the man fucking him and answers it. Two men come in—both around my age. I recognize the man with ginger hair from chats online—though we have never met. His partner is dark and hairy. They strip off and instantly kneel on either side of my dick. This sends the bigger guy back to the far bed to watch and stroke. The new couple take turns taking me to the root. It makes the hairy guy so hard, he stops to fuck Braydon’s ass, as his partner continues to suck me. Finally, I fuck Braydon myself. His ass is very wet—though no one has claimed to shot a load. I fuck him hard, kneeling on the bed—so Braydon can clean the cock of the Hairy guy. I fuck until my knees tell me to stand up. The small guy goes right back up Braydon. I replace the Hairy guy in Braydon’s mouth. I notice the Ginger has some sort of toy up the man I was about to fuck when the last two arrived. The Hairy guy slaps his semi hard cock against mine. Braydon takes the hint and sucks both of us—back and forth. Eventually, I pull out of his mouth, leaving the now harder cock of the Hairy guy in Braydon. I move around and sink to my knees and begin to eat the very hairy ass crack in front of me. I get lost in rimming the overly hairy ass in front of me. I have no idea how long I tongue fuck the Hairy guy as Braydon sucks him. I actually have to pull his ass cheeks apart, they are so full. My saliva leaves him incredibly wet. We now take turns fucking Braydon. The three of us in rotation. Always letting whoever pulls out of Braydon’s ass into his mouth for proper ATM. Eventually I go over to the other bed. I fuck the bigger guy. It’s rough getting into him—but once I do and he relaxes, he flowers open. But it is too much for him. He begs me to stop fucking or he’ll cum. I pull out as he continues to suck on the Ginger. I go behind the Ginger and kneel. My tongue finds the new ass crack. His response is at first surprise—and then he bends over in pleasure. His cock sucker flips onto his back and worms under him—so he can suck the Ginger’s balls as well as his cock. The Ginger is in heaven. I eat him out—reveling in the difference between he and his partner—one so hairy and one so smooth. I finally have to stand up. My cock slides down the wet ass crack as I stretch. He bucks back on it. I insert it. Slowly. Another very tight hole. “Holy shit,” the Ginger mutters. But I sink balls deep into him. I hold and begin to fuck. Slowly. Long strokes. Instantly, the Ginger explodes. Cum is everywhere on the man under him, his face looking like a freshly glazed donut. I carefully pull out. I go to lick up some of the jizz. There’s a knock at the door. “What’s going on in there?” First we freeze, then the five of us move to the tiny bathroom as Braydon answers it. A woman, claiming to be security, is threatening to call the police. Braydon gets rid of her. There is another knock almost immediately. It is the woman from the front desk, telling him she has just made the call. When the door closes a second time, we come out of the bathroom. For me, the mood is broken. Even if it is not true, as Braydon insists, I won’t be getting hard again easily. I get dressed. The others decide to wait it out. I get to my car just as the flashing lights of two police cars begin circling the parking lot… The original post is here: [think before following links] http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2020/11/breaking-quarantine-with-braydon-and.html
  3. Absolutely. I love bottoms who can't wait to taste their ass on my cock!
  4. I have always had a long fuse before the explosion, but the fuck time has just gotten longer and longer as I have aged. Prolonged even more by going back and forth between my mouth and my cock (and fist, for some) on the hole of the moment.
  5. Toronto—March, 2020 (This picks up right after the last post. And is a fitting conclusion to my 5 or so hours of fucking and felching....) I find Kevin in a sling in the upstairs area. The small area is actually deserted save for a blow job happening by the other vacant sling. From the look of his hole, Kevin has been busy all night. It is gaping slightly and the ass lips are tremendously puffy. I kneel and massage them with my tongue. He groans and hits the poppers. I stick my tongue in him as far as it will go. I am rewarded with the familiar trickle of cum. I swirl it in my mouth and spit it back into him. Someone comes up the stairs and stops by him. “You gonna just eat his manpussy or are you gonna fuck it?” I ignore him and keep savoring the load deep in Kevin. “Get out of the way, man, I want to fuck him.” I stand up. My rock hard cock slaps down on Kevin’s jock pouch. The impatient guy starts to say something, sees my cock and stops himself. Then: “Yeah, let me watch you fuck him with that big dick.” I slide in. Kevin moans and the demanding guy exhales a long, low breath. He begins to beat his standard issue cock. “Fuck, man. You must love that big dick.” Kevin just grunts and concentrates on squeezing down on me. I begin to speed up. I slam it into Kevin. “Fuck, yeah. If you fucked me like that, I’d blow a load. I fuck Kevin harder…then slow down so he can take another hit. Once the cap is safely on, I speed up again. “Fuck, man…” I turn to him. “Do you want to fuck him now?” “Yeah. Let me in.” I step aside. The Talker pushes in. “Damn, he’s wet. You take a lot of loads?” Kevin just murmurs “Fuck me.” I watch. My hand reaches out and touches the bucking ass of the Talker. I find his hole. It’s wet with lube, maybe load. I move around behind him and drill into him. “Fuck! You’re huge. Shit, I’m gonna cum!” And he does. Filling Kevin’s hole. I can feel each explosion, as he clamps down on my dick. I pull out of him—and he takes off, thanking us. “That’s what I want you to finally do to me,” says Kevin. It’s true. I have always wanted to breed him. But just not quite yet. Instead I hunker down and enjoy the load left by the Talker, before fucking it deeper and deeper into Kevin’s exceptional hole… * It’s the last hour. More and more guys are unloading and going home. Every hole I fuck now seems to be sloppy with someone’s cum. Dolf Dietrich is just dripping cum. When I fuck him again, there is a veritable river of jizz flowing from his ass. I have to work at not adding mine to the mix, but I am holding out for a re-match with Kevin. Finally, I know it’s time. I go in search of Kevin. But he’s gone. He is not at any of the fuck stations. But I do find a cum drunk Alexandros. He is being fucked, bent over a block in the maze, by a big burly bear twice his age. Another man, shorter and much younger, waits his turn to unload in that hot ass. I watch the Bear grunt out a “Take it!” and he obviously shoots deep into Alexandros’ hot hole. The Bear slaps his ass, and takes off. The younger guy slides right in before Alexandros can turn to see who he is...as if that matters… “Breed me…” hisses Alexandros. In about a dozen strokes the guy does. Violently and loudly. The breeder gets slightly embarrassed at the loudness of his orgasm and takes off. I kneel and lick at the runny, puffy hole. “Daddy!” croons Alexandros. He reaches back and holds my head in place. His ass flowers open and a river of cum oozes into my mouth. “Ooooh,” he sighs. I have to swallow fast. I stop touching myself or I’ll shoot. When the stream finally stops, I stand up and slip into his slippery canal. “Fuck me…” I churn the cum. I wonder if I will finally shoot. And thinking the thought, my cock responds. It unloads in his ass. Adding to the loads. But it is that involuntary expulsion—my dick saying ‘fuck you’ to so much stimulation. A dumping of load without the feeling. It feels good, but… I hold onto the back of Alexandros. He turns his head awkwardly and we kiss. I slide down and clean up his hole with my tongue and we kiss again. He tells me his name on AssPig so we can find each other another trip. He takes off. “Promise me you’ll fist me next time.” I nod. He disappears in the direction of the coat check. And I realize my cock has not gone down. There are not many men left. I continue in the maze. I turn a corner. And there he is. Dolf is still getting fucked. His hole is overflowing. There are three men watching a big guy pound into him, churning all that seed. There is a true sloshing sound with the pistoning. As if it were a piss fuck, not just cum in there. But it is all white and beautiful. My cock strains at the sight of it. The guy finishes—grunting out his load. He slaps his sticky cock on both of Dolf’s butt cheeks after he pulls out. I look at the three others, waiting my turn. But they are voyeurs, not fuckers. Dolf is groaning. He starts to get up. I touch his shoulder and he goes right back into place. I kneel. I lovingly slurp up the dripping loads on his balls, the frothed cum from around his puffy hole, the sticky spots all over his ass. Dolf groans. “I’m going to give you mine now,” I growl. I dig the poppers out of my boot. I take a hit as I give him one more tonguing deep into his over-used hole. I feel the orgasm warning before I even stand up. I rise. I fuck about six strokes. This time there is every nerve screaming as I unload whatever is left in my balls… The orginal posts are here: [think before following links] http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2020/10/fukdto-grand-finale.html
  6. My group play started slowly by the end of April--and in earnest in May. The first host did ask for vaccination cards.
  7. Toronto—March, 2020 (This picks up immediately after the last post.) “Please, will you a fuck a friend of mine?” I nod and Alexandros leads the way to the glory hole wall. Two asses are displayed in the side by side glory holes, their legs in the chains attached to the wall. The first it a meaty, hairy bear ass. A young Asian is fucking it hard—and panting. The other ass is younger, flatter and smooth. Alexandros nods toward him. “Jimmy has never tried the wall before.” I kneel and stick my tongue in the offered pucker. The man jerks in surprise that someone is there, making the chains rattle. But he groans as my tongue digs deeper into him. Alexandros watches me work, and then kneels and knocks my hand away from my own cock. It’s not a good angle but he sucks me as I eat out the hole. I stand up ready to fuck. “Go easy—he’s only had one dick tonight.” “Spit on his hole,” I tell Alexandros. He does. And then he leans forward and pushes his gob in with his tongue. Then I spit and he does the same with mine. I push his face into the wet ass. “Eat him out.” Alexandros squirms happily as I hold his head in place. Jimmy is moaning at all the attention, though it’s faint from behind the wall. I finally let go of the boy’s head. He comes up grinning and I pull him into a kiss. Our tongues are busy as I taste our spit and Jimmy’s ass. My cock is more than ready to plow. I break the kiss and enter the kid in the wall. Slowly and steadily. I hear the popper bottle open. But he takes me easily. Soon I am bucking into him. With both gloryholes in use, we get some audience watching and stroking. My friend from Fukd, Parker, has replaced the Asian in the bear’s ass. We nod to each to other as we fuck. A man I fucked earlier in one of the slings upstairs, spells me on Jimmy’s ass. He gives the kid as good as I gave him. Alexandros is on my cock, cleaning me up the moment I pull out. He does the same for the new guy when I go back up Jimmy. I wave Parker over when he pulls out of the Bear. “Clean him,” I tell Alexandros. Parker lets him clean him up and then holds him in place to fuck his face. Eventually he takes a turn on Jimmy’s ass. And I fuck Alexandros right next to them with Alex just bent over and braced against the wall. Then we switch, I fuck Jimmy one last time and Parker fucks Alexandros, whose mancunt is becoming incredibly sloppy from all his self lubing. Jimmy asks for a break. We help haul him out of the hole. He staggers a little as he lands on his feet. But is incredibly happy. “That was hotter than I imagined,” he says, hugging all three of us. He’s a cute blond boy in his early 30’s. He staggers away, in his own cloud of happiness. I ask Parker and Alexandros who wants to take his place. Parker slides in. I fasten his legs to the chains. Alexandros goes to his knees and begins to rim Parker. I kneel next to him and we take turns sticking our tongues in his hot, hairy ass. Parker seems to have been fucked a fair amount this evening. My not having seen him until now, speaks to how many men are rutting here tonight. As we slurp at his hole, it begins to drip cum. I lick it up. I share it with my rim partner and then he catches the next cum leak and we snowball that. Parker is moaning, sniffing poppers, and calling us cumwhores. The mutual felching has made Alexandros get fully hard. He has a very large, uncut cock now jutting out of his designer jock. I am ready to fuck. I stand up. Alexandros spits on me and I begin to fuck Parker. Alex wiggles around and finds a way to lick my balls on the back stroke. I fuck into Parker’s hot hole and then pull out and find Alexandros’ mouth on my dick. He cleans and I push back into Parker. We do this two or three times. Then Alexandros stands up. He is still rock hard…not just his semi he has getting fucked. “You want to fuck him?” I ask. “I don’t do that.” I step to the side and hold on to his erection. I swipe it across Parker’s cum dripping ass. Someone’s cum is scooped up by Alexandros’ generous foreskin. He lets me do it once more before I go to my knees and stick my tongue into his foreskin to taste the mix of cum and his precum. Heavenly. I know there is no way he is actually going to fuck Parker, so I give his cock one more lick, spit it all on Parker’s hole and fuck it deep into Parker’s gut. I fuck Parker with swift long strokes. Then I grab Alexandros and bend him over again. But this time his face is in Parker’s ass. “Eat him out as I fuck you.” He does. I love how my cock thrusts shove the pretty Greek face into Parker’s now gaping hole. Parker groans at the new invasion—likely figuring it out though he can’t see us. I fuck Alexandros hard. So hard he finally calls a time out. He kisses me and says he will find me later, but he needs a drink. I eat Parker out myself. Fuck him a few more strokes and help him out of the hole. We find a quiet corner and chat for a moment while we share my water bottle. He pulls me into a kiss. Tender. Sweet. After all the rampant sex, something so basic is electric. It leads to him sucking me. And then me doing him. A hot friend of his arrives…and the moment evaporates as we turn his friend into a shared fuck toy… * I am sitting on a fuck cube by the bar. The gathering is just about ending its third hour. I need some down time. I drink and watch a three way at the nearest sling. Finally I get up and wander. I find Kevin in a sling in the upstairs area. The small area is actually deserted save for a blow job happening by the other vacant sling. From the look of his hole Kevin has been busy all night. It is gaping slightly and the ass lips are tremendously puffy. I kneel and massage them with my tongue. He groans and hits the poppers. I stick my tongue in him as far as it will go. I am rewarded with the familiar trickle of cum. I swirl it in my mouth and spit it back into him. Someone comes up the stairs and stops by him. “You gonna just eat his manpussy or are you gonna fuck it?” (One more to cum…after all, I was there for 4.5 of the 5 hours it ran!) The original is here: [think before following links] http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2020/10/fukdto-asses-at-gloryhole.html
  8. I like to DP. It is often work to get everything in alignment: a hole that that can take it and 2 tops who are hard enough and long enough to make the process easier. It helps to have really limber men. The DP I did in my first porn took us an hour to film--for a sequence that lasted maybe 6 minutes on the finished video.
  9. Toronto—March, 2020 (This picks up immediately after the last post) Dolf envelops me in a huge bear hug. “And you have the perfect cock to get me opened up for tonight…” We kiss lightly and then he bends to sample my rampant, engorged rod, fresh from Alexandros’ hole. Dolf grunts his approval as he takes me deep into his throat. His tongue gets busy as he slowly pulls off it. He leaves my dick good and wet—as he leads me to a fuck bench that I hadn’t noticed behind us in a little alcove of the maze. He gets on it and I fall to my knees. I can’t wait to bury my face in his famous ass again. My tongue drills into him. He’s had at least one cock. I can tell—but I don’t think it’s a full load I am tasting. I spend a long time eating his hole. Dolf is groaning—and soon obviously has a dick in his mouth as I continue to ream him out. I stand and push my cock against the spit slavered sphincter. He grunts around the cock in his mouth and takes me in. Slowly—but a nice steady glide. Just a slight thrust from me buries me in one of the hottest asses in porn. My pubes grind into him. Dolf pants as I hold in place. I feel his ass relax. It’s my cue to begin a slow fuck. I finally focus on the man in Dolf’s mouth—it’s the African I played with upstairs. We smile. I pick up the tempo. You can hear my hips slapping that fine, upturned ass. A crowd gathers. The African gives way for others to push willing cocks into Dolf’s mouth. I slap Dolf’s ass and nod to the African. His long, thin cock glides right in—leaving Dolf empty for no more than a millisecond. He hammers Dolf’s ass—so hard Dolf has to stop sucking the group clustered around his head. Just as suddenly the African pulls out of his ass, grabs me by the neck and pulls me into place. My cock goes into Dolf again. And I realize I’m fucking in load. The African has cum again—not more than 45 minutes after his load upstairs. Damn. I use it to good advantage. And announce it to the group: “He just got a load. It feels fantastic.” A young man, who must spend hours at the gym, pushes from the crowd at Dolf’s mouth towards me. “I’m going to cum. Let me in him.” I pull out. The kid inserts. Just in time. “Yessss!” he groans. He doesn’t marinate in the hole. He pulls out and a lot of jizz comes with him. I step up and catch the jizz flow with my cock head. “Let me fuck your cum deeper,” I tell him. I fuck in what I know for sure is two loads in. The Gym Kid watches fascinated—and won’t let a willing man clean up his cock, which he holds tightly to his ripped abs. I continue to fuck Dolf until I see a thick uncut guy patiently waiting for me to finish. I lean over Dolf’s back and whisper in his ear. “I will be back to churn those loads…” Dolf whimpers his assent around the cock in his mouth before I let Mr. Uncut into that already frothy ass… * I really need to catch my breath. I empty my water bottle and go to piss. There is a guy hanging around the toilets—I hope he might want a drink. But no, seemingly not. I feed it to a porcelain urinal instead. I wander out to the upstairs bar. There is a familiar face. My cubby friend Franklin is here. I know he’s come straight from work—so his ass is off limits tonight. We chat for a moment. I tell him about Dolf. Moments later, he leads me out of the crowd of men at the bar to an empty area near the DJ booth. Franklin goes to his knees. My cock, after my piss, is back in my jock pouch. He kisses the bulge. Inhales. Deeply. Kisses it again. I begin to swell. He works my cock out, using his teeth to pull back the fabric. My cock all but slaps him in the face. He holds onto my balls and takes the head into his mouth. His tongue works every inch of that flared helmet head. Slowly, he begins to take the shaft into his mouth. Then his throat. I know he’s good for three quarters of my length. Not today. Suddenly he is to the base. My cock is completely wedged in his throat. It feels incredibly tight. But deliciously so. I sigh and don’t move. I’m guessing he needs to be in control. He backs off me quickly. And goes most of the way down me again. I return the favor after a bit…giving his very hard cock a good tongue washing. There is a low cube by the railing. He lies down on it, his head hanging over the edge. “Fuck my mouth.” I straddle his head and enter him. It takes a second to find the right angle, but when I do it is terrific. I can let him slobber over my cock head. I can pull out and lower my balls into his mouth for a good tonguing. I can fuck his mouth. I do this carefully. I listen to his vocal encouragement as I do this—and I fuck into him deeper with each positive sounding grunt. And suddenly I am fully down his throat again. Pubes in his nose. Not for long. I pull off him and he sits up panting. We go our separate ways. I find several men to fuck in the sling area where I began. I pull out of a short Latino and see my friend Kevin coming towards me. We hug. We take over a sling. Kevin is still looking extremely athletic—though I haven’t seen him for a couple of years. We used to meet at Steamworks, usually during CumUnion, for he loves multiple tops. But he had always had us wrap our dicks…well, no more. He’s on PrEP now and loving the feel of raw cock up his ass. I help get his ankles into the stirrups. “How many cocks?” I ask him. “Three—but no loads yet.” “It’s early.” I kneel and eat his used hole. He tastes wonderful. His sizable dick pokes out of his jock. He takes a hit of poppers and moans as I spit deep into him. I do it again and again as he toys with the precum leaking out of his cock. My hand goes up and mops it onto two fingers. I swipe down his hole and drill the liquid into his ass with my tongue. It makes my cock drip, so I finger some of that into him too. I stand up and enter him. We have been playing on and off for 6 or 7 years…and I am finally going in raw. Our eyes are locked on each other as I inch into him. It is a total mind fuck for both of us. I bottom out. I hold. I fuck. Harder and harder. A guy comes over and sticks a long dick into Kevin’s mouth. He goes into pig heaven. I fuck him a little slower now, so his teeth won’t connect to the other cock. I look at the guy in his mouth and point to Kevin’s ass. He nods and comes around. I pull out and take my ass flavored dick up to Kevin’s mouth. The guy fucks him while Kevin cleans my dick. We reverse. And once again. Finally Kevin asks for a break. I tell him I will find him later…and to come find me when he takes a load or two. I wander. I get my cock sucked by the downstairs bar. I fuck a few holes in the maze—men just bent over and eager. I watch Dolf take more dick I take a turn—Telling him how good the loads I’m churning feel. I pull out. Alexandros is right there to clean me up. I pull him up to his feet and kiss him. “Please, will you a fuck a friend of mine?” I nod and he leads the way to the glory hole wall… (More to come…) There are pictures with this orginal post. You can find it here: [think before following links] http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2020/10/fukdto-fucking-dolf-friends.html
  10. My last play, before the Covid lockdown stopped me having sex, was the final Fukdto gathering in Toronto with Dolf Dietrich. At least I went out with a bang. A really big bang. Toronto—March, 2020 “Are you sure they are even going to be open?” I am sitting in my car at the customs terminal, having just crossed the Blue Water Bridge on Saturday, March 14. I have told the rather hunky man in uniform that I am headed to a private viewing in downtown Toronto. An art viewing is implied, but never stated. I tell the man that there was an email on Friday stating that things were going ahead. And indeed I had received an email with the jubilant headline “Dolf Has Landed!” I had also sent the organizer of Fukdto a private email before I got on the road. Everything was still a go. He listens, still skeptical. Then: “Well, off you go. Drive carefully.” I take off and get into town easily, quite a few hours before the event’s start time at 10pm. I eat and nap in my hotel room—and check in online with a number of my friends who are planning on attending. By 9:30pm I pack my leather and walk over. I walk up the steep stairs right as the space opens. I am the only person there. The set up looks much the same. The maze of plastic sheeting is up. As I pay my admission, I wonder what play equipment is hidden in it this time. There is a sling by the bar. I go up to the smaller, open upstairs areas and sit so I can look down into the maze. It is dark—but a few people are running around, getting out things like the free cum towels or putting rolls of paper towels by the play stations. There are more slings set up in these two upper areas. I get into my leathers slowly. By the time I check my bag more men have begun to arrive. I stand, alone in the smaller upper area and look down into the maze. I can’t see much of anything. There are two men on the opposite area kissing. Both are in designer jocks and boots. I watch as the kiss breaks off and one man goes to his knees. I knead my stained jock pouch. My cock plumps. “May I do that for you, Sir?” I start. I hadn’t seen anyone come over here. Maybe he’s been here the entire time, sitting in the shadows. I grunt assent. He kneels and reverently frees my cock from the jock. The man is very young. And gives excellent head. He is taking me to the root now. Making himself gag and pulling off me, grabbing some air and going right back down to the base of my dick. I hold him down there this time. He gags—and I let go. He rocks back onto his heels and gasps for air. “Damn, I love that…” he rasps out. I pull him up. I normally would kiss him…but settle for a hug. He is hot. Dark hair on his head and wisps of it on his chest…and a forest of dark hair on his legs. My hands drop to his ass cheeks. They are as hairy as his legs. His skin tone is olive. He can’t be over 27. He grins and drops back down to his knees to suck me some more. Lots of tongue everywhere, including my fat, hairy balls. Then he deep throats me. He comes up for air, almost laughing. And my cock is covered in his deep throat spittle. He stands up. I turn him so he can lean on the railing, looking out over the club. I kneel and begin working my tongue between those hairy cheeks—all while stroking my spit covered dick. He groans. “Eat my ass, daddy...” I grunt my pleasure and drill into his tight sphincter with my pointed tongue. He groans again. Louder. “You like that hairy ass…?” I show him how much by standing up and rubbing my dripping cock on his hole. He reaches back and stokes my dick—but doesn’t let it into his ass. He jerks me for another moment and then turns. “I really want this big dick in my ass. But I need to check myself.” He kisses me on the cheek and heads towards the restrooms. I wonder if I’ll see him again. Things have progressed on the upper area across from me. The two men have been joined by others. I head over. A hot man is in one of the slings. A top I recognize from here is eating out his ass. I pull out my dick and put it in the hot man’s mouth. The top looks up from his rimming, recognizes me and nods a welcome. The angle isn’t great for head, but the scene is hot. Soon enough the top stands and slaps his short, thick cock on the man’s jock mound. He then plows into the man. “Fuck!” the man moan’s around my dick. The sling moves in the fuck rhythm of the top. He bangs into the hot guy two dozen times and then kneels again to eat the hole he just fucked. Still on his knees he waves me over. I move towards him and he has an extended moment of sucking my cock and spitting my precum into the hot guy’s open hole. Again and again. “Fuck him,” says the top, standing up. I kneel automatically to taste the hole I am about to fuck. And I have a covid inspired moment of ‘I’m about to lick this guy’s spit’…but it’s only a moment. I’m here—I’m playing and the hell with it. I rim the man. He is already awash with his own ass juices and the top’s saliva. I love the taste. It makes my cock drool even more. I stand up. And insert myself into him. The other top has moved to the hot guy’s mouth. The hot guy obviously enjoying his own ass juices on the top’s cock. He slurps loudly as I fuck him. “I pre-loaded him before we came,” the top tells me. “He has three frozen loads in that hot mancunt.” No wonder his ass feels so great. I am tapped on the shoulder by a very tall African. I pull out and let him take a turn—moving up to replace the first top for a cock cleaning. Another man joins us and tweaks the nipples of the man in the sling. I let a fifth man take my place in the bottom’s mouth. I kneel and watch the long, but thin, black dick go into the bottom. When he notices I’m down there, the African pulls out and shoves his cock in my mouth. “That what you want?” I answer by cleaning him thoroughly. He pulls roughly out of my mouth and plunges back into the dripping, frothing hole. “Kiss me,” the African instructs. I stand up and kiss him, letting him taste the man’s juicy ass on my tongue. The African groans. And shoots his first load of the night… The original top and I take turn’s felching… * I drink a long swig from my water bottle to clean my palette. I head down to the maze. The crowd has really grown—there must be over 50 people now. And I want to see if Dolf is in evidence yet. I move through the twist and turns of the maze. I notice the glory-hole-for-ass wall is up—though no one is at it yet. I find a sling hidden in the spaces created by the plastic sheeting. A man my age is getting railed in it. I move on to the back corner where I hear a man grunting out his pleasure. I turn a corner and find the source of the noise. My hairy legged cocksucker is bent over a block getting fucked. The top, also in his 20’s, sees me, nods and shows off with how hard he can drill the young man in front of him. He pulls out, slaps his hand on the hairy butt and leaves. I sink to my knees and eat the freshly fucked hole. “Fuck, it’s you, daddy,” the young man croons. My ego is stroked that he recognizes my tongue work in his hole. “I want your cock so bad…” I ignore him and continue to tongue fuck him. Only when I have had enough, do I stand up and sink into him for the first time. “Fucccck.” He croons. “You are even bigger back there.” I slap his up turned cheek and fuck his hairy ass hard. When I pull out, the boy spins around to clean my cock. This time we kiss. He’s good doing this, too. When we finally break he bends back over the block, reaches behind him and guides my cock back into his hole. We fuck a long time. One man finds us and stops to stroke. I offer him the hot, hairy ass but he decides to feed his dick to the boy’s mouth. The kid groans as he suddenly has two cocks in him at once. It makes me fuck harder to watch his hunger for the other guy. I offer his ass once again to the newcomer, but he just smiles and takes off. I pull out of the boy. Again he cleans me—totally turned on by his ass juices. We chat for a moment. He’s Alexandros. He pulls me closer and whispers in my ear, over the DJ-ed dance music: “And I am here for you all night. Anything you want…” I thank him and tell him to go get some loads in his butt–and then find me. He happily goes off into the maze. I go the opposite direction. I turn a corner and there he is—all six foot four of him. Dolf. He has his hand on a young guy’s cock—who pats Dolf’s ass and moves off. Dolf turns in my direction. His eyes first go to my wet, swollen dick that can’t possibly fit back in my jock, before his eyes come up to my face. I smile and nod. I see the light bulb go off. “I know you. Chicago,” I smile. How could I not be pleased? Dolf envelops me in a huge bear hug. “And you have the perfect cock to get me opened up for tonight…” (More to come…)
  11. Grand Rapids, MI—March, 2020 (This picks up right where ‘Opening His Hole Inch By Inch’ left off.) We have stopped for coffee and a light snack—and we take it out to the truck. We have about an hour’s trip ahead of us. I sip the hot liquid gratefully. It’s a chilly night. We eat. We talk. We love to compare notes on men we have both fucked. The coffee kicks in just as we reach the city limits. I am ready to fuck. And I really need to piss. Check in is fast. It’s a CumUnion night. It is nowhere near as packed as the previous one I attended here where every locker in the place was sold out. We strip down—and go our separate ways. I piss like the proverbial race horse and then go up a floor and scout out the play spaces. No one is in the glory hole area. One man is sprawled on a mattress in a dark corner—asleep. The sling is empty. One man is on all fours in the mattress area near the sling. Any number of men are sitting around by the stairs, but no one is playing. I sit down in the big screen porn area. Alone. I haul out my cock out of the jock I left on and stroke to the adequate porn. In no time the men from the seating area, one by one, come in to check me out. But only one is brave enough to kneel and ask to suck it. I spread my legs wide in answer and let him go to it. He is pretty good. He is also noisy enough in his enjoyment of taking my dick to make men gather around. Half a dozen men watch, hands under their towels or squeezing a bulge in their own jocks. Only one man opens his towel all together and tosses it on his shoulder. I reach for his cock and suck it as the man between my legs groans. But nobody else wants to join us. They stand around watching or shuffle off to sit and do nothing. I am enjoying being in the middle with a dripping cock in my mouth and an enthusiastic middle aged man slobbering over mine. Eventually I pull his head off me and, using the hand on the back of his head, guide him up to share the cock I’ve been sucking. He sucks it avidly and I hunker down in the chair to lick the standing man’s balls. It’s a big hairy sack—and I leave a ton of spittle all over it. “Which of you is going to fuck me?” The man on his knees has pulled off the dick and looking at the two of us. “I should open him up for your big dick,” says the guy we’ve been sucking. I stand up and the sucker bends over the first row of seats. I move behind him and spit on his very plump ass. I tongue fuck him a little. The other man moves around to feed him his dick as I rim. He thoughtfully reaches forward and pulls the man’s butt cheeks apart for me. “Get him good and wet.” I do. I spit and tongue fuck it into the hairless butt in front. He is tight. He’s obviously not been fucked tonight. I get him as wet as possible and then stand up, handing the small bottle of lube I keep in the waistband of my jock to the man getting his cock sucked. He comes around, lubing up his 6 incher. He pushes in. Hard and fast. The bottom yelps and I stick my dick into his open mouth. The force of the fucking is making the guy between us take me deep into his mouth on every stroke. He gives up trying to suck—he just holds on and becomes a cock sleeve for the two of us. The guy in his ass is breathing hard. Panting. He’s going to erupt any minute. The top gives a final shove in and howls out his orgasm. I pull out of the bottom’s mouth, afraid he might bite down. I let the top shudder as the bottom obviously milks his cock. After a moment, he pulls out and pushes past me. “Churn that load.” I want to clean his cock up—but he has already decided that is the bottom’s job. I use my cock head to catch a long drip of semen running out of the fucked and creamy hole. I push in between the now puffy ass lips and slide along the trail of cum. It feels great and I tell him so. “Push my jizz into this whore’s guts,” the first top barks. He has pulled his overly sensitive cock out of the bottom’s mouth. It is wilting fast—but his face tells me he is loving watching me churn his load. He moves around to see it better. I slow down my fucking and do long strokes in and out, pulling out my sperm covered cock for him to see. “That is so hot…” Then he slaps the bottom on the shoulder and heads for the showers. I pull out intending to taste the load I’ve been fucking in…but instead I find we both need to follow the first top to wash… * My cleaned up cock gets some head in the gloryhole area when I return to the play area. All the holes are low with my long legs. I have to hunker down at an odd angle to get my cock through, but the man who is sucking me is good—and I like not having a clue who it might be. He works hard—but gives up when he realizes he won’t make me blow my load. I do another walk around the various play areas. I find and fuck a guy in the sling. He is older and has a big, inviting ass sticking out for all fuckers. I rim him briefly—tasting the use he has had from at least one man tonight. He groans. I stand up and slap my cock on his ball sack. He grunts out: “Fuck me, stud.” I slide into him. He is tight and wet. I reach down and work the sizable nipples on his very hairy chest. His very small dick stands up and pulses each time I squeeze. I keep up a steady fuck rhythm. The sling chains creak and groan. A bystander comes over and takes over working the fuckee’s nipples. I grab the chains and increase the speed of my thrusts. The bystander squeezes hard and the man’s tiny cock shoots all over himself, hands free. Strings of cum hang from the forest of chest and pubic hair. The man groans deep in the back of his throat. I pull out. He thanks me, hoarsely. And I help him out of the sling. I find my friend. He is at the buffet set up in the front lobby. He has give some young man an oral load—and can go home anytime. He tells me to take my time, but, after two chocolate cookies, I head out on a mission to get off. I go back up to the play area. On the mattress near the sling, I see a familiar ass. It’s the man I christened Cowboy Boots years ago in these posts, as he was wearing them at the time. (I simply don’t remember whether he was on this night in March!) I move behind him. His hole has been used—as it always is. I lean down and begin licking up and down his ass cleft. He groans. When I go deep, he looks around to see who is chowing down on his ass. He grins as we make eye contact. “Eat me,” he grunts. “Love your tongue…” I grunt, maybe it’s more of snort as I wallow in the cum I’m finding deep inside him. He gives a slight push and I get a dollop of someone’s jizz on my tongue. I savor it and swallow. My cock jumps. It’s time to fuck. “I need to breed you,” I hiss in his ear. “Fuck, yeah…” he murmurs and his hole flowers open to take the big head pushing against it. It swallows me up. I am suddenly balls deep inside him. He squeezes. I begin to move. Not so slow. I know he can take whatever I can throw to him. I pump and churn the sperm in his hole. I pull out once and taste the load. It makes me want to shoot. I slide my dick back into him and almost immediately begin firing my pent up load. Once shot after another… I slept all the way back to Lansing… The original post is here: [think before following links] http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2020/10/the-holes-of-cumunion.html
  12. Lansing—March, 2020 The top man with who I love to share hole—often at a Michigan campground—wrote me. Work was getting him down. Prepping for the pandemic, which he knew would come to Michigan any day now, was exhausting him. He needed release. He needed me. But not to fuck alongside him. He wanted my dick. Inside him. To fuck his hole. This was not altogether new. We had tried it once before. BB. That’s not Bare Back—but Before Blog. It had been that long ago when I had eaten him out and he had managed to take most of my dick, but not all, and not for long. He wanted to try again. The itch in his hole was constant. So, on a Saturday night at the top of the month, I came up to scratch it… We are in his basement. His arms are wrapped around my chest. Tight. Without a word he kneels. My jock pouch swells. I ruffle his iron grey hair and tell him to suck me. He lingers, inhaling the jockstrap. This is an exclusively cum marinated jock, as I know he has little interest in piss. As he stares at the outline of cock under the worn, stained fabric, I glance around the room. He has curtained off an area for play—cutting off all the unused furniture and storage boxes from view. There is a sling and a flat fuck table side by side. Porn plays. The light is dim—and reddish. We look hot in jocks and boots. He pulls back the fabric. He takes a long moment to get my cock out. It brushes his cheek as it uncoils. He hesitates for a moment then takes me into his mouth. A third of my dick disappears. I let him set the tempo of the cocksucking. For the moment. He comes off it and moves his lips up and down the shaft. Then he ovals again and takes down half of my prick—enough to hit the back of his throat. He pauses…and pulls off me. I guide his head into my balls. “Lick them. Don’t suck. Lick them. Make ‘em nice and wet.” He does as he’s told. I like giving orders to this ex-military man. I pull my dick to my stomach so it allows better access for his ravenous tongue. He gets the hairy orbs good and wet. When I’m ready, I lower my cock and drill it into his mouth. This time he takes ¾ of it…with the tiniest gag. I pull out and thrust into him again. Just as deep. He takes it with no problem. I fuck his face. My hands clamp onto the back of his head. I don’t go as deep—but there is no escape from my pistoning cock. Five strokes. Ten. I stop and let his ragged breath come back to normal. The moment it does, I fuck his face again. Ten strokes…the last two a little deeper. He almost gags, but controls it. I pat him on the head. A job well done. “Get in the sling. I need to eat your hole.” He does. I get his ankles into the stirrups. I lube my cock as I kneel and dive in. I hear the poppers crack open as my tongue finds his tight pucker. It’s not tight for long. Between my insistent barrage of pointed tongue strokes and the poppers, he flowers open. I change to wide licks of the entire ass crack ending with me spitting directly into his hole. My tongue drives each gob deep in his chute. Over and over again. “I want…your dick in me…so bad…” He is lost in his own world of poppers and pleasure. I eat him out a little more, then stand and enter his open hole. Just my cock head. It makes a satisfying pop as his ass ring snaps over it. He grunts, takes a hit and I barely move. Just the tiniest of thrusts forward. I pull out and lick his now open hole. I spit. I stand and stick myself into him again. Maybe two inches of cock. Again, I barely thrust. I just keep slowly opening his hole. Getting him used to having something in there. He grunts his pleasure—keeping his eyes tightly shut. I repeat the process once more. This time as I push in, I slide in all the way. I don’t mean to, but his ass is open and welcoming. I hold, my thick bush grinding against him. He inhales from the bottle and I begin to fuck. “Oh, yeah…fuck…Argh…FUCK!” he groans. I am doing a very measured, slow fucking of his ass. I build up speed. I don’t bottom out with each stroke…maybe he gets the full shaft every third or fourth time. His cock is erect…but soon the poppers and the clamping down of his ass takes it down. I reach forward and twist his nipples slightly. He gasps, but groans his approval. My fuck picks up tempo. Soon I am giving it to him full throttle. Then I slow. Stop. I surprise him by eating his well fucked hole…his hole that can’t quite close now. I stand up and fuck him hard for a second time. I get him out of the sling and we stretch. I bend him over the table, chest to table top. I kneel behind him and tongue his battered hole. I taste his juices and my own, unmistakable preucm. I stand and slip inside again. He is not comfortable here. His head and back arch up…and I grab the back of his neck and force him back down to the table. I drill him deep. And hard. Only then do I let him up. We break for water. Back in the sling I use a vibrating butt plug on him for variety, fiddling with the controls. My dick goes back in, too. Slow, but soon it's too fast. Steady to pile driving. And that does it. He asks me to stop. His hole has had it. We talk—we both want to get off. What about going to the bathhouse? Both knowing this could be a last trip for a very long time. We clean up a little, get dressed—and get in his truck… Next time: Getting off in a familiar ass…. The original post is here: [think before following links] [think before following links] http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2020/09/opening-his-hole-inch-by-inch.html
  13. Near Home—March, 2020 Well, I am back to writing up the first of the three encounters I had in March before we locked down. (I still haven’t figured out how I am breaking the TWELVE WEEKS of no sex, but I’m working on it.) At the top of March, Don came to my place without his partner Reid. We thought about just using the sling—but while we talked, we realized that we both wanted to involve others. We got in my car and headed to the bookstore closest to me. It was a warm spring afternoon. The parking lot, while not packed, held more cars than I expected. We went in and paid. The straight theatre was fairly full. Men were scattered around the dim room—but no one was doing anything. I smiled at Don, a veteran bookstore cocksucker. He grinned and nodded. I sat in a chair down near the television and unbuttoned my pants… My cock springs out of my jock. I am wearing a dirty white pouch that will eventually be sent halfway around the world. The smell of piss and cum fills my nostrils and makes my cock start to drool. I have worn it for Don—knowing he loves the heady smell of it. The movie is good. I stroke. The man across the aisle takes his dick out, too. He nods to me. I take my hand away and show him my rampant cock. He shows me his regulation 6 incher. I smile—and he gets up. He kneels between my splayed legs. He looks at it for a moment, inhaling the jock, before he begins to bob up and down on my dick. I turn and look over my shoulder to the back wall where I left Don. He comes closer and sits in the chair the man vacated. His eyes are large as he watches the guy go to work on my dick. The man is good, but I want more. I motion for Don to come over. He stands up. “Lick my balls,” I grunt out to my cock sucker. He goes for the hairy orbs. I pull Don down to suck my dick. The two simultaneous mouths feel wonderful. The man on my balls is not upset at all by my roping in another—he works harder to make me feel good. Both men are totally into pleasing me orally. At one point they pause to kiss, before leaving my balls and taking alternate turns on my pre-cumming cock. Don eventually worms his way under the man on the floor to suck his cock, as the guy sucks me. The first guy finally has to get off his knees. He thanks me and excuses himself. Don has all eyes on him now as he sucks my dick. Another man, younger and hot, has taken the chair across from us and is even stroking. I make eye contact with him and offer him Don’s mouth. He holds up his hand, indicating he just wants to watch. Don takes his cue—and makes a show of loudly slurping on my cock; on taking it so deep it chokes him; of making countless deep groans in the back of his throat when I choose to stand up and face fuck him. The sexual temperature of the room is hot and intense. But no one wants to join us. They watch—and the cute guy jerks. We finally pause, take a piss break and go into the gay cinema. The first thing we see is the nicely hung cute guy getting head. I can’t see who is on the floor in front of him. I stand beside him and Don goes back down on me. Now I can see it is a good looking Hispanic young man I have often seen here. He is sucking for all he’s worth—and stroking his small uncut dick as he gives oral service. Suddenly he shoots all over the floor. He unceremoniously just stops and leaves. I nudge Don to suck the younger guy. Now, in the darker room, and having been warmed up by a younger guy, he lets Don take him. I watch his face. He obviously is enjoying Don’s skills. I move behind Don. I kneel. He feels what I am doing and moves to a crouching position, never taking his mouth off the hot man. I pull down his khakis bury my face in his jock framed ass. “Eat him out, man,” breathes the cute guy. “Lick his hole while he sucks my dick.” I eat him out, slathering in vast amounts of spittle to make for the coming fuck. I stand up. I slap my hard cock on Don’s upturned ass. “Fuck him,” the guy whispers. I slide right in. “Oh, yeah. Fuck him raw.” I start slowly—but build fast. My thrusts are helping Don take the dick deeper into his throat. I pull out to show the guy my dripping cock and push it right back in. Don is in spit roast heaven. He is groaning around the dick in his mouth. I fuck some more and pull out. “You should take a turn up his ass.” “I don’t know…” “Do it,” I urge. “He’s great.” Don comes up off his dick and leans against the back of a chair, invitingly. I want to suck the guy’s dick but I don’t. The young guy hesitates a millisecond, then walks the few steps to Don’s ass. He doesn’t fuck him…he falls to his knees and begins eating out the freshly fucked hole. “Fuck…I can taste your cock,” he mumbles into Don’s hole. He is jerking himself as he chows down. I move around and feed my cock to Don. “Taste your ass, man. Clean me good.” The kid is really jerking now as he drills his tongue deeper and deeper into Don. And he’s suddenly there. He stands and fires a massive load all over Don’s butt. Some pools in the small of Don’s back, while some clings to the hairs of his wet ass crack. “Let me push that into him.” I take the guy’s place. He stands aside, his cock still dripping, his eyes riveted on my dick as I mop up his seed and fuck it into Don. “You are so…nasty.” But he likes it. His cock has never gone down. “Let me clean you,” pants Don. The guy moves to Don’s mouth as I begin to fuck with his load as lube. “So hot…” And he begins fucking Don’s mouth in time with my strokes in his ass. I build. He builds. “I’m gonna shoot,” I tell him. “Me, too!” Mine happens first. I fire off a good three day load deep into Don. Seeing me shoot, makes him cum again. Don takes every drop. I stand still until the guy’s balls are empty—and he is truly shaking from the force of back to back orgasms. I kneel and make eye contact with the young man. My tongue snakes into Don’s wet hole and finds a huge dollop of our mixed loads. I swallow it down. The next one I share with Don in a deep kiss… I am catching Breeding Zone up on the full posts I have made on the official blog during this odd time. The original is here: [think before following links] http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2020/06/whoring-out-don.html
  14. So with Covid--and me being very careful until I could figure out how to play--I didn't have a lot to write up. I did some reposts. I did some equipment closeups of the toys and hardware in my playroom. And I dipped back into time. Here's one of those. And a warning. I was still using condoms... Near Home—September. 1997(?) As it is Memorial Day here in the United States, I looked for a post about a marine I knew. This was a hook up that I had long before I was doing the blog, but I thought I had written it up. I couldn’t find it. Maybe I had only meant to write it. Now this was a very early watersports adventure. Long enough ago that I was a very young 40... So here it is… I am online—on Squirt, the only dating site I know. I am reading the cruise listing when my email alert sounds. I click the mailbox open—and go to the profile first. A man in his early 30’s. A man with an incredibly built torso. No face. I open his message. “You like to piss?” I tell him I do. Though I haven’t done it a lot. “Come over and find me.” I tell him I am about 45 minutes away. “You can drink up as you drive.” He proceeds to give me instructions of how to find his apartment in a big apartment complex. And his address. I grab two bottles of water and head out the door. I chug one bottle and sip the second. It’s a night in late summer—and the sun is only just thinking about setting as I pull into his place. I see his number on a door on the second floor. I go up. It’s ajar and a note is taped to it. I open it and read before I enter: “Bathroom at end of hall—grab the hose. You know what to do.” My cock shifts in my jock—making the front of my 501’s tent. I go in. I shut the door and open my fly. I go down the dark corridor. I can hear some movement behind the half closed door at the end. I open it. He is sitting huddled over in the tub. Even in this pose, you can tell his body is magnificent. I can’t see his face for he is wearing a military issue gas mask. The breathing hose is connected to the filtered mouthpiece. I pick it up. “Here, boy…” And I begin pissing down the tube. Instantly he begins choking. And gasping as he swallows my piss. Swallowing and fighting for air. I can’t stop emptying my bladder. I piss on and on. He chokes and wretches. He writhes and reveals his incredibly hard cock as his body straightens up. I finally run dry. With no more coming down the tube, he wrenches off the mask—gasping for breath. He is handsome—with a big pronounced nose and high cheek bones. His long surfer hair is damp with piss. He gasps once more and asks for me to wait in the living room. I hear the shower turn on as I find his kitchen and the living room beyond. He joins me, fast, having just done a quick rinse. A light bathrobe over his handsome, damp body. “Beer?” he asks. I tell him I’d rather have water. “Can I add some scotch to it?” I nod. He brings it to me—and we go out on one of those mini balconies that were so popular with apartments built in the 70’s. “You were great,” he says. He’s talkative as we sit in two lawn chairs out in the dying sunset. He tells me he was in the marines. He got addicted to piss at boot camp. He never saw which of his buddies pissed him. He was always in the gas mask…as they passed the breathing hose from one to another. “You can’t breathe when the piss comes that fast. I didn’t used to want to drink it, but you had to, to try and get air.” “Did they fuck you?” “A couple of times…but it was the piss humiliation that we both loved.” He refills my drink. And has some scotch himself. I tell him about the piss party in Chicago—a group I have only just found. “I don’t think I care about guys who want to drink it,” he offers. “That’s crazy.” We chat a little more. We go inside when the mosquitoes find us. I sit on the end of his bed. I ask to see his body. “It’s not much…” he says as he slips off the robe. It’s magnificent. Toned, hairy in all the right places. That Jon Hamm/Robert Mitchum torso—defined by slightly soft. He is not remotely hard now. “Turn around. Let me see your ass.” It is hairy, too. He even bends, presenting it to me. I slip to my knees and tongue his hole. He whimpers. Like a bad boy—being punished. I stroke my dick as I eat him out. He reaches back between his legs and finds my cock. “Shit, no…” he groans. I bat his hand away and continue sticking all my spit up his hole. I guide him around so he leans against the mattress. I rip open a Magnum (it’s 10 to 12 years before I go bare again). I slip it on—with my mouth still plastered to his ass. I grease it up—and stand. I poke the latexed covered head at his hole. “No…no…” I work the head in. His breathing becomes fast. He goes from standing and leaning on the bed, to knees up on it in classic doggy. I push the first four inches into him. He moans in pain. The rest of me slides in. Now he truly screams. He falls forward, pulling it out. He is in tears. I have triggered something more than stretching his hole. “I…can’t do that,” he mumbles. I know I should be holding him—but I just stand there. Eventually he stops and crawls off the bed. This hot man crawls to where I stand, my cock still encased in latex. He takes me in his mouth and peels the condom off with his teeth. It’s not a great blowjob…but it’s not bad. “Can you feed me that scotch? The guys in the barracks had always been drinking, you see…” I nod. Like a shot he’s off to the bathroom. I follow. He is masked and ready. Hunkered down on the cool, damp porcelain. I grab the breathing tube. “I have something for you…” I growl. My strong liquor piss begins to pour down the tube. His breathing becomes labored as he tries to swallow while encased in the mask. I see his cock erect. And this time he shoots… This is a link to the post where there is a little more....[think before following links] [think before following links] [think before following links] http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2020/05/the-masked-marine.html
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