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  1. It is so hard to know. When I am at a leather weekend or go the piss party in Chicago or head to Toronto for Fukdto, I fuck a ton of guys. Sometimes it can be 20 to 25 different men and sometimes it's more like 12 to 15--as I keep fucking the best 6 or 7 more than once over the four or five hours I'm at the event. I can fuck forever. And the length of play makes for a massive load when I finally decide who is going to get it.
  2. The July release from Lucas Entertainment was called Barebacking Brent Everett. (For those of us with condom issues....)
  3. My second load went into a young man who had made himself my fuck boy for the evening. He gave me his ass repeatedly, found other men for me to fuck and did incredible atm on my cock as I pulled out of those other men's holes---how could I not give him my load?
  4. I had a blast at that March party--and fucked Dolf repeatedly throughout the long evening. He made for some damn good felching, being the center of attention. I finally bred him myself. So many great men there...I think many of us realized that we wouldn't be doing anything like it again for quite some time.
  5. For me, it's a grand mix. I have regulars--but I have enough that, before Covid, I was seeing them no more than once a month. Which still left me time for a big dose of one timers, usually at a bookstore or bathhouse. There are men I enjoy the connection and growth of play. Others just need my load and I never need to see them again.
  6. As are the Waterbuddies in Chicago.
  7. I don't sell it...but I wear jocks to fill with my cum and/or piss for my blog readers. I have them send the jock to me so it can be the correct size in case they want to wear it when I'm done. I also have them send me a jock of the same type in my size--which often works out to be about the same price as the postage I will spend on getting the ripe jock back to them. They request what juices of mine they want. I take pictures of the jock's destruction along the way. It's good blog fodder--and I love the idea that I have a number of men around the world wanking off to my smell as th
  8. Absolutely. I can't imagine fucking an ass without rimming. Before, during and after the fuck. I love how the hole changes as my tongue and cock repeatedly invade it. Loosening it, making it mine for the playtime. Felching my own load (and sharing it with those bottoms who love to snowball) is my biggest fetish. And I love tasting another man's cock and load in a used hole, just as much as my own. The most intimate sex act I can think of is the two of us rimming each other in a 69 and then kissing--tasting our asses on each other's tongues... And don't get me started about men wit
  9. I figured it out on my own. With a little help... My dad had pornographic novels. No pictures except on the cover. I kept finding them hidden in the barn, the basement or under the front seat of his car. I found the first two when I was 10 or so. I was fascinated by the drawings on the covers--of half naked women in provocative poses--but I never thought to read the book. I found two more a few years later. He had made the switch from straight to bisexual stories. This time I read one. My parents were gone for the night and I lay on the couch, fully dressed, on my stomach. I be
  10. Thanks! What a good way to break my Covid dry spell.
  11. All the men I know who are in the best/longest relationships are playing with others--each pair with a different set of rules that work for them. I'd say the one rule they all share is communication--they have worked out what works for them. Some men (like my partner of 30 years) wanted details of what I did. Another man I know wants to know nothing of what his partner does--but is happy that his partner is getting what he needs from another (and it's something the more vanilla partner can't give him.) Partners I know love to go out and whore around and come home and play/eat/fuck with th
  12. Pigs at the Troff is probably my favorite WS porn of all time.  Thank you!!

    1. ScottyPstar


      It was one of my favorites to make. I hope to make one similar to that in 2021 if everything works out.

  13. I love billiard balls in a hole...and then add my dick so it glides over them...I'm sure the marble would feel great.
  14. I have had quite a bit of good luck with inviting voyeurs to watch me fuck. Not counting the countless times I play in public, I have only let the voyeur come over if I am playing with a bottom I know--and a bottom who I know will get turned on by having the guest stroke to my using his hole. I do tell the voyeur up front he doesn't have to be naked, but we'd prefer it. And he doesn't have to stroke his dick, but usually they can't help it. They are allowed to touch either of us if they want. I have never had a voyeur try to take over a scene. More often than not, I can convince the voye
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