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  1. My Playroom—May, 2021 “I need you to open up my hole.” Maybe it wasn’t Stuart’s first sentence. He might have said “Hi” before that. I am not sure which hook up site we were on, but likely AssPig. He had taken a hand before, but not for a very long time. The guy was in his 30’s and big, but not sloppy. A true bear. Hair everywhere. The picture he opened showed a hairy ass I knew I would love to get lost in. We arranged a date. Which he cancelled. But correctly. We set another time and he drove a very long way to end up on my fuck bench… I come into the playroom. I am so used to finding men kneeling there, ready to suck. But Stuart knows what he wants. He is on the fuck bench. I kneel behind the hairiest ass I’ve had in ages. My tongue hits his pucker. He is tight. I begin to tongue drill him. He flowers open easily. I use a finger to work the saliva in deeper. And some coconut oil. “Fuck me.” I go back to rimming and finger fucking his ass. Stuart begins to pant. I stand up. His head snaps up off the bench to look at me in the full length mirror in front of him. “I want that dick in me,” he grunts out. “You still want it raw?” “Fuck, yes….” I slather more coconut oil on my throbbing cock. It probes his hole. I slide in. Carefully. Letting him get used to my thickness. I bottom out. Hold. And begin a slow fuck. “Just use me,” he grunts out, opening his poppers. “Open my hole.” I wait until I hear the cap go back on before I begin a much more powerful fuck. I slam into him repeatedly. I pull out and bring my dripping dick to his mouth. He doesn’t hesitate. He swallows me down. “Taste your ass, man.” He grunts his approval—with my dick deeply lodged in his throat. I fuck him some more. I pull out the trusty egg-headed dildo. He takes the toy easily after my fucking. But it is harder to add me along with it. I get in, but it’s not a comfortable stretch. I go back to just my dick alone. “Let’s switch to the sling.” I get him in and comfortable. He loves watching my dick go into him from the mirror above. I end the fuck and work the speculum into him. I crank it open. Slowly. Playing with his prostate after each crank. I get it wide enough to add my dick in with it. “That’s so hot,” he moans. He watches my dick fuck into him—held open by the stainless steel walls of the medical device. I crank him closed. I finger him a little—getting 4 into him easily with lots of coconut oil and a little Crisco. I try the medium sized butt plug…well, medium on my shelf of toys, but it may large for some. It goes in. But it is definitely a stretch. I beat on the base—making him squirm and pant and huff some more poppers. I do some serious hand work. We do lots of stretches, but it is not going to happen today. I tell him so—and remind him its a process—as wipe excess Crisco off his hairy hole. He understands—but is disappointed. “So just use me any way you want…” I take him at his word, and piss all over ass. I kneel and lick it clean—loving how the drops of piss cling to the hair around his hole. I stand up and give him another spurt—this time getting some inside his ass. His cock has erected with each pissing. Now I do a third spurt on his balls and shaft. I clean those off with my tongue as well. I am super hard—so I fuck him. Fast and hard. Making the sling chains clank. Then I stand still and push the sling away—and pull it back onto me. It makes him feel how really deep I am in his guts. I keep impaling until we are both breathless. “I want to eat your ass. But over here.” I pull out the rimseat. Then help him out of the sling. I get out and get under. He sits. His hole is wide open above me. My tongue probes up into him. I get a steady drip of coconut oil. And now coconut oil mixed with piss. I hear him with the poppers…and his groans as his ass is reamed out with my tongue. Once I figure his rush is gone, I tell him to ride my cock. It’s not an easy position for him, but he does it gamely, impaling himself over and over again. When his legs tire, he sits back on the seat. I welcome a fresh stream of coconut oil, precum and ass jizz in my mouth. I know I want more. My mouth is sealed around his puffy ass lips. I reluctantly pull it away and tell him to get up and lean into the sling. He does. I get up and take a major swig of water from my bottle. It not only clears my palette, but makes me need to piss. Stuart is leaning chest into the sling as I told him. I fuck him for a moment in that position, but then stop, keeping my cock buried in him. A moment…and then he is literally flooded with my piss. He groans and then begins to whimper and go for his poppers. “Keep a clear head,” I tell him. He stops and just enjoys the sensation of his guts getting heavy with my piss load. I finally exhaust my bladder and pull out. I get under the seat. He hands me his popper bottle. I take a hit. He sits. He is clenching his ass incredibly tightly. He huffs…and lets go. There is no trickle. The moment my tongue hits his pucker, he relaxes and the piss waterfall is in full force. I swallow as fast as I can. I let go of my dick for fear of cumming. It’s a huge flow for maybe 15 seconds. Then a trickle…and then it’s just normal tongue fucking for a long while to get every drop. I get him up fairly fast. We go back to the sling. The urge to breed is on me. He asks for the blindfold—and looks hot, lying there, used and damp and hungry for my load. I do some nipple work on him…but I need to shoot and know it. I feed him poppers. I rim. I push in. I fuck. For longer as it feels so good. So wet inside. And I suddenly make it wetter. I gush out a big load into his hot ass. I felch a little…and lean across him, dribbling it into his mouth. He is surprised—but pleased. He goes home thoroughly used… The original, with some fun comments, here: [think before following links] http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2021/07/just-use-me.html
  2. I drove by Jackhammer yesterday. The windows are papered over with the remodeling. The website says they are closed with Covid-19----"per order of the State of Illinois."
  3. My Playroom—May, 2021 He was one of those guys who checked in on AssPig every few months. Evan had an uncanny ability to write me just as I was going into a project that cut my play time. I would explain what was up…and he’d try again, offering his ass during some other busy time. There was also geographical distance to be juggled. Then there was Covid. And my move. But by May all the stars aligned. From our profiles, we were pretty sure we’d be a good match. He showed up right on time. Evan is a little younger than I am, maybe 5’ 9” and thin and trim—with a shaved head. The ass looked great in his jeans—I couldn’t wait to see it naked. He went off to clean up after a long drive…and I took the lube down to the playroom… He’s naked and hot and is still slightly damp from the steam as we embrace. Evan drops to his knees and takes me into his mouth. I am easily erect. Evan manages to take most of me pretty effortlessly. I don’t spend long face fucking him as I can’t wait to taste his ass. “Get on the bench. I need your butt on my tongue.” He crawls up on it. I sink to my knees and bury my face in his warm, wet hole. My tongue darts into him and he clamps down on it. I pull it free and do it again. So does he. I get harder with each spasm of his ass. I spit and start pushing it in. His hole swallows it up. I rock back and look at his ass. My finger pokes a strand of stray spittle into him. Evan moans. “Give me your dick,” he murmurs. “Your raw dick…” I stand up. My cock head stretches his hole a little more—and I sink into place. He welcomes me with a hard squeeze. I hold. Then begin the slow drag back. Evan does a huge intake of breath. “Fuck!” I begin a slow fuck rhythm. “Yes!” I build to a hard fuck. Slow down. And do it again. Then I pull out and taste his hole. Oh, yeah…he is a self juicer. His ass is really wet with natural lube. I rim him deeper now. Then stand up and fuck. I grab the slender egg-headed toy. I grease it up and slide it in him…adding my cock just seconds later. Evan loves the stretch of the DP. I fuck him, doubled, for a long time—staring at myself in the mirror in front of us. I pull out and let him clean my cock—which he does, hungrily. I go back and pull the toy out and grease up my eight fingers. I do a lateral stretch. With very little work my left hand goes into him. Repeatedly. Both of us enjoying the moment his ass lips snap down on my wrist. We move to the sling. More fucking. Now fisting, with alternating hands. The hand that is not in him is stroking my drooling cock. I stand up. With my left hand still in him, I slide my cock down my wrist. It pushes through his engorged ass lips and is buried in my palm deep inside him. Evan is breathless—having watched it all in the mirror above him. He groans now as I begin moving my hand in his ass—jerking off in his guts. I pull out and do it again. I try it with the right hand inside him, but it is not as easy so I go back to the left. I move on and grab the big black butt plug. I grease it up. I work it into his inviting hole. He snaps his hole shut around the slender stem after the cone is deep inside. I am kneeling and love seeing the big black base filling his hole. I tap it. His body responds with a slight tremor. I pound on it with my fist. Evan groans out his pleasure as it seems to hit all the right spots inside him. I fuck him again. I grab the smallest chain and grease it. I work it into him link by link. “That is so heavy.” I smile, holding onto the last six links as I stand up. My cock is added, gliding over the hard, smooth links. “Damn…” he exhales. I fuck for a bit then pull it out link by link. Each link giving him a mini stretch. I fuck him. I move on to the speculum. He loves the cranking—and the prostate examination my lubed fingers give him. We break. I pull out the rimseat. “This is a first,” he tells me. “You want to?” “Yes!” I get under it and he sits. His ass is amazingly open—with the seat spreading him even more. My tongue goes deep. He squirms—wanting more. I eat his hole for a very long time—edging my dick all the while. We go back to the sling. Soon I have my fists back into him. We try for a double—but it doesn’t quite happen. A goal for another time. “Jerk off in me again.” His eyes are riveted to the mirror above him as my left hand pushes into him. My very red, very thick cock slides down my thin forearm—and into his hole. I curl my fingers around my cock, deep inside him. The slightest movement inside his ass is amplified for him. And there is the mind fuck we are both feeling. My hand is moving. Barely. But it must feel momentous for Evan. “Shoot in me.” My hand flicks over my over sensitive head. Once. Twice. And I explode. Covering my fingers. Covering the inside of his ass. My fingers working my load into him… The original post is here: [think before following links] http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2021/07/jerking-off-deep-in-his-ass.html
  4. Near Home—April, 2021 So my last outing in April was back to the bookstore nearest my home. If the time before (detailed in the last entry) felt like I could not put a step wrong—this one felt quite different. Until an explosive end… The parking lot is busy—but not totally full as I pull in. A good sign. I pay and enter the larger, straight video room. A small crowd. I can actually sit in the aisle seat in the back. It’s the one I call the cocksucker seat as guys can stand along the back wall and with a simple turn be in your mouth. I stroke. Two guys are in the chairs in front of me and two guys are standing along the back wall. When I take my dick out, so do the men on the wall. I look at the one nearest me. He’s guy around my age who I have sucked before—and I know he likes my mouth. The other man is younger and new to me. He is late 40’s and looks like he is fresh from his construction job. I make eye contact with the guy closest to me. I nod at his cock. He nods back and begins to turn to me. With lightning speed the construction guy is on his knees and sucking the guy. I watch, slightly pissed, but wait for my turn. But in moments the guy being sucked blows his load and leaves. I wait for the construction guy to offer to suck me—or vice versa—but he zips up and leaves. In the dim light I can see the puddle of jizz on the floor where he shot as he took the load. The men in front of me are unaware—or pretending to be—or one of them may actually be asleep. I button up and go next door. I am all alone. The movie is good so I stay. Again, taking the cocksucker seat. I am not alone for long. A younger guy comes in. He stands against the side wall. He openly stares at my crotch. I spread my legs, that not so subtle invitation for him to kneel. He stands still and squeezes his bulge under his khakis. His eyes only leave my drooling dick once to look in my eyes. Instantly he looks to the floor, seemingly ashamed we had eye contact. “Do you want to suck it?” Even with the half-voice I use, it sounds loud in the empty theatre. He takes his eyes off me and looks at the screen for the first time. There is a long moment before he whispers: “I want to, but someone might come in.” “No one will care.” I can see him wrestling with himself as he looks back at me—and then back at the screen. He finally decides. He takes a deep breath and comes near me. He kneels. He kisses the head of my dick. Then seems unsure. Finally: “That jock of yours smells really strong.” I sigh and wait for him to bolt. But no, he unzips and pulls out his very small dick—and then opens his mouth and takes the head of my cock into his mouth. His tongue begins lapping quite nicely. But then his teeth connect with the glans—hard. I flinch. He doesn’t notice. Every time he comes up on my dick his teeth connect with my helmet head. Finally, I can’t take any more. I stand up—still in his mouth—and begin to fuck his face. This is better, I am in control—and deep enough not to let his teeth connect with my cock head. But it is too much for him. He shoots all over my boots. “Sorry…” he whispers as he stuffs himself into his Andrew Christian underwear and scurries out. Other guys amble in. Three of them. All are content to watch me stroke—and nothing more. I go back to the straight side. I lean against the wall. A rather thin, fey university student I recognize from here is in the cocksucker seat. He nods at me—but his attention is on a man leaning against the side wall by the door. With good reason. He is mid-30’s, perfect hair, chiseled features. In fact he’s the stereotype of the young dad in some Johnson & Johnson advertisement. I pull my cock out. It is harder now—at the thought of doing anything with this guy. The college kid moves his hand, so the guy can see both our dicks. He nods at us, his hand going to his crotch and cupping his literal baby maker. I nod. He nods. The kid nods. The baby daddy walks over to us. He is now between us on the back wall. He touches the shoulder of the college kid. “Suck my dick. Next door.” They go out, the kid barely having time to zip. I try to figure out if I should follow. I don’t want to be the sore loser. I wait a bit, sitting in the vacated seat. The two men ahead of me are still in the same places—one watching the movie and one now definitely asleep. I get up and go next door. The three men I left in the gay theatre are ringing the Baby Daddy and the college kid. They are all stroking to the scene in front of them. The college kid is on his knees, his dick out but forgotten, as he gives BD head. It’s a big dick, the daddy is sporting—at least 7 inches and thick. The kid is working hard. He soon resorts to his hand—jerking while sucking the head. Daddy will have none of that. Each time he does it, he pushes the kid’s hand away. I join the circle and pull out my dick. The Baby Daddy smiles at me. “I want to see you suck that big dick,” he tells the college kid. Gamely, the kid crawls over to me and starts sucking. The Daddy moves next to me, jerking wildly. “Blow your load down that cocksucker’s throat,” he tells me. Everybody in the room starts jerking faster as they watch me begin to fuck the college kid’s ovalled mouth. “That’s it. Make him take your load. Deep. So he can’t spit it out.” His own words are obviously turning him on. BD’s cock has grown thicker as he talks. The kid is tearing up. He can’t take much more of my pummeling. “He wants your cum, man, give it to him…” And I do. My body contorts and I shoot. Deep in the kid. He takes every drop. “Shit!” says Baby Daddy. “Let me…” I pull out. Baby Daddy steps in and shoots an impressive load all over the kids face. It runs down his nose, covers his lips and chin. Two spurts on his thick brows are about to drip into his eyes—but the boy smears them away, covering the rest of his face with cum . I flick the tip of Baby Daddy’s spent cock head and get the last drop on my index finger. He tastes as good as he looks. The original is here: [think before following links] http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2021/07/he-wants-your-cum.html
  5. Well, I am echoing others--but here is what I wrote up while others were responding. I take my playspace seriously. Here are some thoughts… Sling When I came of age, all the slings I knew were attached to the rafters or ceilings of the playroom. When it was time to start furnishing my own playroom, I was renting so I got it on a frame. I am really glad I did for it became so much more versatile: it can go with me to motel parties, other playrooms or it is easier if you just want to re-configure your own space. I am tall. I got the big and tall frame (6’6 high) from JimSupport and the love those extra inches. Fuck bench I love the padded fuck bench from JimSupport. The middle section is adjustable. It can flatten to be fisting/fucking table. I have the conversion hangers that replace the legs so I can hang the bench or table in the sling frame. Rimseat Of course you can rim on any or all the equipment above, but the rimseat feels so right for either my subs—or when I need to sample the loads my boy took at some sex party. Bed There are times you want to lay on top of each other. I went with a single for space. It serves as a seating position, too. I have the Fort Troff bed bondage restraint straps on it so it can do double duty. Cross I don’t do enough flogging to spring for one. But I have an attachment to my fuck bench that creates a sort of T-Bar with places for restraints. Mirrors We are men and are visual. Guys love to see themselves. I have mirrors everywhere—above the sling and to the side. There is one on the bed wall, ala old style bathhouses. Others are scattered around the room . Porn/Music There is a big debate whether you should have porn in a playroom. I don’t like music in this area of my life, I would rather fuck to the grunts and groans of others. We are always too busy to watch it… Lighting I want to be able to see, but I also don’t want it bright. I used red light bulbs. There is also some regular lighting if we are taking pictures or filming. Cage I don’t have room for one—though I would like one. When my playroom was a bedroom, I always thought about taking the door off the closet and then build a door with bars like a jail cell. I have had any number of men who would love to be shut away, waiting their turn in the sling, but able to watch others being used. I have seen large dog cages used effectively. Storage If you have a lot of toys where are they going? I have shelves and a filing cabinet. I have friends who keep large wicker baskets of dildos. I have seen toys hung from peg boards on the wall, along with floggers, restraints, chains, etc… Floor I bought the big mats that interlock like jigsaw pieces to give older knees some cushion on a hard floor. They also provide good traction for the equipment. I then tarp under the sling for it becomes a wet area. It needs to be built around your interests. I don’t do suspension, but friends have it rigged so the bottom can be hung upside down. Maybe a gloryhole wall is of interest. Make it fit you.
  6. You are fucking sexy man!

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  7. Near Home—April, 2021 The next encounter I had was with Ross and his amazing rosebud. As much as I love playing with him, our scene was almost act for act as the one just a few posts ago—so I am not going to write it up again. The only real change was his feeding me his rosebud from the sling and not on the rimseat. Towards the end of the month, with both my Moderna vaccinations under my belt, I ventured back, for the first time, to the bookstore nearest me. I had avoided the smaller, enclosed spaces there. Now I felt I would investigate… I arrive. The parking lot is crowded. I mask up and go in. I buy my ticket and push open the creaking door of the straight side. Three men are scattered around the room. All masked. One stroking. I sit, nicely distanced, but with a good view of the guy jerking. He is very interested in me as I haul out my own cock. I get it hard—watching a very well hung, older man up on the screen use a barely legal, heavily tatted, young woman’s ass. The other stroker loves this, too. He beats his cock with abandon. Suddenly, he moves from stroking to kneeling at my feet. His mask comes up and he slips my dick into his mouth. He is good, if not terrific. But he is definitely good warm up head. At one point I tell him to lick my balls. He has no interest in this…so he loses a lot of points. Finally, I thank him, button up and go next door. The gay porn here is, for a change, great. It is an early bareback porn from Lucas Entertainment. A welcome change of the usual rubbered up cocks this store often chooses for our viewing. There are three men in here, too. Two of them are my age and one, standing against the side wall, looks ten years younger…but it’s hard to tell with the masks in place. I take out my cock. All three of the other men suddenly unzip, too. We stroke for maybe 60 seconds. One of the guys my age kneels in front of me and gives me really good head. The other older man kneels in front of the guy leaning on the wall and begins to service him. With the suckers masks removed, I recognize them as a couple who come here to play together with others. Eventually, the two suckers change cocks. I can finally see the dick of the man on the wall. It is just smaller than mine—and a beautiful shade of mocha. The two guys go for broke our two cocks, stroking themselves as they suck. Almost as if planned, they each stroke out a load at almost the same time as they do their damnedest to deep throat us. They thank us both and go home. I smile and nod at the standing guy—if he can tell with my mask. He nods back, and goes back to stroking to the movie—where an intricate 5-way is happening in some exotic locale. The door opens. A tall, young, skinny guy walks in. He moves straight to my dick. No preliminaries. He kneels and sucks—but is all teeth. Just as I am about to ask him to stop, he stands up and announces: “I hate sucking, I need that big dick in my ass.” He drops his basketball shorts instantly. Now in nothing but an A-shirt and athletic shoes he spits in his hand and massages it into his ass. The lanky kid is quite well hung and in a semi hard state. As his fingers touch his ass he stiffens up. He leans over to drool some more on my dick. Now he sits on it. All the way down in one movement. His ass is wet and wonderful. And he knows how to use it. The guy on the wall comes closer, stroking harder. The skinny guy rides me with hard, deep strokes. He squeezes my cock expertly as he impales himself. He is sure he will get my load at any moment—but I out last his legs. He stands up. “Fuck—take me from behind and slap my ass as you do it.” He bends into the chair next to me. I stand up and slide in. My hand whacks him. Hard. The sound filling the tiny room. The stroker moves around to watch my anal assault of this 20-something. I slap his upturned ass again. “Take my dick, boy.” “Yes, Daddy,” he croons. The stroker slaps his big cock on the boy’s back. The kid groans again—but doesn’t reach for it. I fuck him harder. The kid’s cock is now rock hard as I plow him. “Make me cum, Daddy!” I buck into him. I am hitting his prostate on every stroke. He moans—and unloads a massive load all over the dirty tiled floor. He howls with each spasm—loud enough that I am worried the cashier will come to check up on us. I slowly pull out, holding myself back from orgasm myself. I am damn close. The kid leaves with a “Let’s do that again…” and I go wash, though the kid’s butt is spotless. I find the mixed race guy still in the gay theatre. “That was quite a performance,” he says sitting next to me. I grin—forgetting I have a mask on. Suddenly the guy next to me takes his mask off. He is incredibly handsome. His black hair is cropped close to his head, his lips full and inviting. His eyes are focused on my crotch. “Let me suck you…” I unbutton and let him go for it. He does not touch himself as his tongue treats my cock to the best head of the night. His mouth is as velvety as that kid’s ass. This guy’s tongue just never stops. He moves from sitting next to me, to moving down between my splayed legs. He begins a tongue massage of my balls that is incredible. I finally have to stop him. I do it by standing up, pulling him up to his feet, taking my mask off and sliding down to suck his cock. It’s a beauty. Over seven inches and thick. I can just deep throat him—another millimeter of thickness and I’d be choking. He stands in place for a moment than undoes his pants so I can get to his balls. They are slightly musky, which makes my cock drool. I go back to his dick—but he pulls me off with “I don’t want to shoot yet.” He sits and I get off my knees and sit next to him. He leans in and sucks me again. Then he pulls off me. His voice is soft and right next to my ear. “Will…you kiss me? It’s been so long since…” I look at him, our noses just inches from each other. “I’m fully…” he starts. I shut him up with my mouth going over his. We both melt. The kiss is even better than the hot sex. Eventually I take his sweet cum. And we kiss again. The original post is here: [think before following links] http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2021/07/the-bookstore-hot-but-sweet.html
  8. South Bend, IN—April, 2021 Don and Reid, the couple who were once ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ and are now finding new joy in playing together, had just gotten their second vaccine shot and wanted to play. Matt, who was last at my house where we broke the bed (that post is here, if you missed it) wanted to be included. As his ass was everyone’s favorite, it seemed logical. We arranged to meet at a motel halfway between me in Michigan and Matt in Illinois. Don got busy and found one more local top—who proved to be my old friend Ryan (who used to blog, as well.) Naturally I packed the sling and set out for a Sunday afternoon of wet sex… We arrive at the same time—I see Matt parking in my rear view mirror. Don has just checked in and texts us the room number. I go up through the lobby with just my bag and then find the back stairs to get the sling up to the room. Matt is busy in the bathroom as Don helps me set up and Reid turns down the bed spreads on the two double beds. We get naked. Ryan has texted he is running a little late. Like true pigs, we don’t wait. Matt kneels on the carpet and takes Reid’s big, thick dick into his mouth. Don and I watch for a second, before Don kneels and does the same for me. He inhales deeply as my Fukd jock is getting wonderfully scented before easily taking me three quarters of the way down. I revel in his prowess with big dick. I fuck into his face and the last of me goes down his throat. He pulls off me and our attention is drawn to the far bed. Matt is on all fours and Reid has his face deep in that fabulous bubble butt. I tell Don to get in the sling—I want to do the same to his ass. But first I answer the door and let Ryan in. We hug and he strips. I kneel and eat Don’s furry butt. Ryan watches, jerking his swelling dick. Soon I stand up and enter Don. I bottom out in his ass just as Ryan feeds him his cock, in that awkward way you do with a sling. I fuck in a nice slow, open-the-chute rhythm. We soon lose Ryan—as he goes to feed Matt his dick, at the same moment Reid is entering Matt’s ass. We can hear Reid’s big balls slapping Matt’s cheeks, which make me speed up my fuck, to match Reid’s rhythm. Everyone is reveling in the wet sounds of sex. I make Don taste his ass on my dick. Reid and Ryan reverse on Matt. Don and I decide to use the other bed, so we can watch Matt get used. He gets on the empty bed, matching Matt’s all- fours stance. I slip my tongue into Don’s well fucked hole. I have always loved the taste of his ass—and he is self lubing like crazy today. I spit and push my cock into him again. Reid stands between the beds, jerking, watching me fuck his boyfriend and Ryan fucking Matt. Soon he taps Ryan on the shoulder—and they change off. I pull out and Ryan takes a brief turn up Don. “You need to fuck this man,” sighs Reid. I replace him up Matt. Matt’s hole is also very, very wet. I fuck a few strokes—pull out and taste his hole—then plow back into him. “Do that again.” It’s Don. He’s is on our bed now. I know he wants to suck my dick with the taste of Matt’s ass (and his) on it. I do as he asks. This time, as my tongue touches Matt’s pucker, Don swallows my wet cock down. I rim until Don pulls off me, then I fuck back into Matt’s hole. Reid is on the other bed, getting head from Ray. Don moves around, coming closer to us. He puts his head on Matt’s back. I know just what he wants. I pull out and fuck his mouth for a moment and then go back to Matt’s ass. Over and over. Again and again. Each time Don’s cock becomes redder and angrier looking. “You need to fuck him now.” “Fuck, yes,” he mumbles. He fucks Matt. Brutally. Slapping his ass as he plows him. I squirm under Matt from the side. I make a passing lick as his jock-strapped dick, but I want Don’s. I move until I can lick the underside of his cock and he plows into Matt. His balls brush my face with each stroke… * We have regrouped. Matt is now the prime focus. He is in the sling. Reid is up him. Ryan and I stand on either side, stroking. Don is on his knees watching his partner’s dick split that hot ass in two. Reid fucks him so hard, I am sure he going to cum—but he pulls our just before he does. Don cleans his dick. I move to go in, but Ryan beats me to it. He fucks a brief time—and then pulls out to let me in. Don cleans Ryan, too. I fuck him hard enough to make the chains rattle. Don licks me clean then stands up to fuck Matt himself. He does—every bit as hard as I did. I go to my knees and clean up Don. “I need to cum,” Reid announces. “But I want him on the bed.” Matt bounces out of the sling and gets on all fours on the closest bed. Reid sinks into that now puffy, open hole. He fucks just a few strokes before he gets off—noisily—in that talented ass. He marinates until Ryan asks to do the same. He sinks into the freshly bred hole and immediately fires off his load. Don has been cleaning Reid’s dick. I clean Ryan. It makes want to fuck. I rail into his freshly spermed out hole. I suddenly shoot—but with no real feeling. Don can tell what happened. He kneels and sucks the three loads out of Matt. He grunts and slobbers into Matt’s spread ass. He stands, enters and fires off his own cock. I go to my knees. I am sure I can cum again. I clean Don in a couple of licks and bury my face into Mark’s dripping ass. Don pushes my face into him—and holds me there. I swallow every drop of the mixed loads that I can. I have no air left in my lungs. Don releases me just in time. I stand up, my beard dripping jizz on Matt’s back, and I shoot again—a true orgasm this time with every nerve on edge. I collapse on Matt’s back as Don licks my balls from behind—ready to felch the moment I pull out…. The original post, with pictures of his hot ass, is here: [think before following links] https://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2021/07/matt-takes-on-four.html
  9. So I was confessing to my gay brother how much I love to rim--how that sometimes it is even better than fucking. As soon as the words came out, I wasn't sure if I should be confessing this to him. I'm glad I did. On my next birthday he sent me a rimseat...
  10. I think I have written this here before. I play with a Dom/sub couple. The boy could not take my big cock--he would choke after just a few inches. Between my visits to them, the Dom began to train him by making him use toys. They were the life like series from Fort Troff, but there are many softer material options. It did the trick.
  11. I really wish that the others would agree. The host and I would have no issues, but there are some higher up medical types in the group who would not be amused....
  12. Grand Rapids—April, 2021 By April, the host of the group that I attend in Grand Rapids was ready to host again. He talked to me by text. He wanted to start small—do a sort of All Star mini group. He wanted men he knew were vaccinated. Men who loved to fuck and were ready for sex. I agreed with him—and in 24 hours he let me know he had the men and had set the date. He also asked me to bring the rimseat and my sling chains. “You need my sling?” (I was surprised. I knew he had two.) “No, just the chains—Get here a little early…” I couldn’t wait to finally be in a group again. On the day, I packed the stuff he requested and set off… I do indeed get there early. We hug. He tells me there would be just half our regular sized group—eight men. I know all but one he names. I set up the rimseat. The upstairs now has a wall built along the stairs—so there is a separate bedroom and playspace. The rimseat and the sling are both in the playspace. My host has a ladder waiting by the sling. “I want to hang this sling above the regular one…so I can get my ass eaten by you when you are fucking another guy.” He climbs the ladder. A few clicks onto the other set of chains and the upper sling is ready. He climbs in. It is at the perfect height. I bury my face in his spread butt cheeks for the first time in over a year. The door opens and closes downstairs. The guests are arriving. It is a small group—but one that can’t wait to get naked and play. Soon we are all in the bedroom. Men are sucking and licking—moving from cock to cock. I eat the Host’s ass again—as he is on all fours with another top’s cock in his mouth. I feel a man moving between me and the bed to get at my dick. I don’t even have to look to see who it is…I just try to give him room to suck. Another man goes from sitting on the bed to sprawling ass up. We all shift. We are now a massive dog pile of sucking, slurping men—giving oral to any and every dick or ass near us… * I fuck the host. First on the bed and then in the sling. Soon, the Top who loves me to open a hole for him, comes into the playroom—his cock very wet. I make room for him to take over fucking—but first I lick someone’s ass juices off his dick. I watch his massive cock split our diminutive host in two. I move around behind the standing top and stick my tongue in his ass on his backstroke. He groans—giving me encouragement to proceed. The Top’s boy comes in and crouches down to give me head as I stay in place to service his partner. Soon I end up fucking the boy on the floor—so this partner can keep fucking the host—but watch me use his boy’s ass. We change around. The host climbs the ladder and gets in the top sling. The other bottom gets in the main sling. It works perfectly—my dick sinks into one ass and my tongue in another. The other Top strokes his cock, occasionally giving it to his boy to suck. Then the Top tries out the double decker sling. He loves it. We go back and forth, ravishing both holes open to us… * Later. I am under the rimseat. The Top’s boy is sitting on my face. Someone is riding my cock—but I have no idea who it might be. The wet hole on my mouth is incredible. He has taken every dick here at some point during the proceedings. He isn’t loaded…but he is so wet he might as well be. Suddenly he is pulled off my face. His partner bends him over and fucks him, standing there above me as I watch. “I know you love this,” he barks out, as he rails into his partner. He suddenly pulls out. “Now sit!” The even wetter hole is instantly on my tongue. I go as deep as my tongue will allow. The boy moans—loving the feel of me reaming him out. He is pulled up again. “Fuck my boy. Right here, so the fucker down there can see.” I see the guy I don’t know slide into the wet ass I have been eating. I feel whoever was impaling himself on my cock get off. His ass on my cock is replaced by his mouth, cleaning me up. “Fuck, I’m going to cum,” croons the stranger. I watch his body shake as he drops a load. He keeps his dick in the boy—marinating in his own seed. Finally he pulls out. A big splat of cum falls on my forehead. I wipe it up and put it in my mouth—just before the boy sits. “Feed him!” his partner instructs. His ass opens and the cum escapes his hole and into my mouth. I feel my Host’s tight ass slide down on my cock at that very moment. It is too much. I shoot, bucking up into him as I swallow every drop of cum that I can get out of the spasming ass above me… Here is the original post on the blog....where there are more than 11 years of posts: [think before following links] http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2021/06/an-afternoon-orgy.html
  13. I'm glad you enjoyed it...I need to get back there myself.
  14. Mine has worked very well for me--being a combination of two of my favorite fetishes. And it tells folks they aren't likely to get a vanilla fuck. I am not even sure what I look for. I don't think top or bottom has to be in the screen name for me-- that will be self evident in the profile (and the fact I see most of the world as a potential bottom anyway.) I do like, in no particular order, clever names, literary names, things that tell me of a kink.
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