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  1. Rimming and Felching Hole

    I can’t fuck a hole if I don’t rim it first. I have always loved eating ass—even when I didn’t end up fucking it. I came to felching much later. Once I took the condoms off in 2008 I got into felching very fast. My first time, I was at a bathhouse in Toronto. I had been fucking quite a bit—in the sling, in a room, in the sauna. I took a break and was sucking dick on the slurp ramp. The guy who’s dick was in my mouth asked if rimmed. Without waiting for an answer he turned around and pressed his ass to the sizable hole in the wall. I ate his wet hole with abandon. He said “Can you taste the loads I took?” Before I could answer, or figure out it was jizz I’d been tasting, he pushed an amazing amount of cum into my mouth. I swallowed and shot a huge load as I did so. I was hooked. I instantly began hunting for guys who would let me fuck them after another trick. I threw gangbangs so I could felch and drive all those loads deeper (the best was 18 loads from 15 guys). I also cultivated a f-bud who loved to go around a bathhouse and take loads. He would then meet me after four or five guys—and sit on my face. I would felch and fuck the remains deeper into his gut before sending him out for more…(It's his ass pictured.) And my screen name says it all...
  2. Fisting websites

    Join Asspig.com. Nothing but men who love a hand in their ass--and love to put one there.
  3. Ode To Our Now Closed Gay Treasures.

    I came on to write about these two. I loved the nooner specials at the Cellar: An incredible cheap price to get in at lunchtime and the place was packed. That back hall was so dark you could find men doing any and everything back there. I am so glad I had one last fuck there this August with a hot young man who begged for my load in his perfect, round ass.
  4. Any guys been pissed on by multiple guys at once?

    You never looked (or smelled) better!!!
  5. Any guys been pissed on by multiple guys at once?

    Sure. On both sides, covered and covering. I belong to the Chicago Water Buddies. Any permutation of watersports and bb sex can happen there. I particularly love eating a well fucked ass--and often a ring of guys will stand around and piss down the ass crack of the man I'm eating out. Piss is flying from every direction. I drink most of it down--and poke some into the ass I'm about to fuck!
  6. young or old?

    I have fucked hole my entire adult life...but I don't think I REALLY knew how to do it until I was 35 to 40. Practice...Practice...Practice!
  7. Any Guys Into Drinking Piss?

    I am often playing with guys who are new to piss--they like the idea of it but have no experience. I want them to enjoy it--not be put off by piss so strong they decide to never do it again.
  8. Deep breeding or cum shot & plunge back in?

    I love it when those watchers shoot on my dick so I can fuck it into the lucky bottom!
  9. Deep breeding or cum shot & plunge back in?

    I think that the only times I have ever pulled out, shot on the hole and plowed it back in, was when I was shooting porn.
  10. Strangest place you were fucked?

    Well, I won't count bookstores, bathhouses or sex clubs--where I always try for public sex. 1) The final scene of the movie we shot with Ryan Cummings had him pressed to the huge picture window of our hotel as two of us traded off on him. The surrounding office towers got a show. 2) The next year we shot in the IML host hotel in what the director was sure was a corridor/elevator area no one used....well, guess again... 3) Just off the path at a straight beach in Aruba. I found a hot Latino bent over the hood of his car fingering his ass. I gave him something a good deal thicker in his beautiful butt. 4) I think the oddest was in a former convent--still run by the Catholic Church. We fucked on some nun's bed with the priest just down the hall...
  11. Raw Dawg - safe raw fucking?

    I had a guy tell me I was in for "the best fuck of my life" with a raw dawg. Once it was in his ass--my cock no longer fit in it. I used tons of lube and finally got half of it in and it hurt. That was that.
  12. Gay "scene" in USA during the 70s/80s

    Faggots is another...absolutely.
  13. Chaps. How did they come about for Sex

    I agree with theplayerking--gay men have always been attracted to hyper masculinity. Think Tom of Finland drawings in the 1950’s and 60’s—he chose policeman, military, bikers, construction guys etc. They were basically the same archtypes that the Village People chose (in parody) later. Chaps were also made incredibly sexy with Marlon Brando’s 1953 biker movie The Wild One. It’s just an easy step to get rid of the denim under the chaps….
  14. Gay "scene" in USA during the 70s/80s

    Read 'Mineshaft Nights" by Leo Cardini. Available on Amazon. Details the biggest NYC sex club of that time.
  15. Definitely like playing with someone like you for long periods. The nastier,  raunchier only charges the BEAST. inside that requires time to appear. 

    1. FelchingPisser


      I agree about the longer play...we'd have fun.

    2. AZRawPig


      It's like flexing muscle's. The longer you'll worshipn. ..you'll become completely uninhibited. And the BOND of ONENESS becomes easier to share. NO TABOOS BETWEEN OURSELVES will exist. 

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