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    An all purpose top for fucking, FF, Watersports, sub/DOM scenes.
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    4 scenes for Bad Seed Media as Charles Wolfe.
    House Top for Transmaleerotica.com
    Blog: felchingpisser.blogspot.com
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    Expereinced bottoms that love size, cum and piss.

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  1. I'll write you personally on here.
  2. Hi felchingPisser, thanks for being here, you are indeed so sexy and smart guy, hot pics

    hugs Carsten

  3. Absolutely. Bill Schmeling was the artist who signed himself as the Hun. He even has a Wikipedia entry.
  4. I think of it as variety. I often describe in my blog how I love his hot flesh above and below me and cool stainless steel to the sides of my cock as I fuck with a speculum in place. I certainly don't do it with every man, but I love the different sensations it creates for a variation in a long fuck session.
  5. Bad Seed Media had their own site, but it may be gone. Search with Ryan's name. I know it's out there. Last night a guy at the bathhouse told me he'd just watched me in it. The title, I think is Cumming to Chicago.
  6. I have been to two. I had a great time at the one at IML this year. Even better was the four day wellness retreat at a campground in Georgia. The porn guys are eager to play with any and all.
  7. Seeing a man in a chastity device tells me he is serious about having his hole worked. That he gets his pleasure from anal orgasms. I have had men who wear them so they can't touch themselves and cum too fast. I have had men, as mentioned above, who want you to leave their dick alone. Since I am mostly all about the ass--I love to be clued in instantly to what the guy wants from me.
  8. I always want feedback moans...vocalize as I hit "that" spot.
  9. That is both wonderful--and pervy! Fantastic that you have it!
  10. I don't care about volume--it's the sincerity level of the moans and groans. I need to believe what he's feeling.
  11. I was typing something very similar as your response came in. Just this!!
  12. I wrote an illustrated blog post on just this: [think before following links] https://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2020/03/making-devils-dick.html
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