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Davis Gets Wet Inside and Out




My Playroom—April, 2021

Davis wanted to come back to the playroom.  We had both loved our January session.   We agreed on a time during the first week of April.  Davis also mentioned that he wanted to be used a little rougher than before.

That got me thinking.

I readied the playroom by lowering the fuck bench so it was flat.  I also dropped the sling so it hung by just the two D rings on the head side.

I set out some other things on the bed…


I hear Davis step out of the shower after his long drive.  Finally the door opens.  I hand him the robe reserved for guests—so he can get downstairs to the playroom without exposing himself in the many windows of my new duplex.

Downstairs, I close the door behind him and take off my robe.  I am wearing my boots and the Fukd jock—that is now very stained.  My cock is bulging in the pouch.  He takes off the robe and hands it to me.  He has on some green striped underwear and nothing else.  I tell him to sit on the flattened bench.  I kneel in front of him and take one of the ankle restraints from the bed.  I fasten it in place.  And the other.  I get up.


He does.

“Hands behind your back.”  He complies, head bent.

I fasten the two wrist restraints onto him.  I lock them together.

I step around in front of him.  My jock bulge rubbing on his face.  “Get me hard and get my cock out of this…”

Instantly he begins licking the stained fabric, moaning as he smells the pouch.  His saliva brings the scents back to life—of me and the countless men I have fucked in this jock.  He gets the pouch good and wet.  He uses his teeth to pull the fabric away from my balls.  His tongue bathes them, moaning in the back of his throat.

“Get my cock out.”

He tries the teeth trick again, but my growing erection is making it impossible with the small amount of fabric.  I finally pull myself out.  My cock slaps his face.  He drops his jaw and takes me deep into his mouth.

I begin a face fuck.  Hard and deep.  Bringing up the deep saliva I remember so well.  This time I smear his face with the strands as each time he catches his breath.  He is rock hard under that ugly underwear—I must be doing something right.  I face fuck him some more.  This time I coat my cock with his spittle.

I help him up and undo his hands.  I lead him to the sling frame.  He stands, facing the mirror on the wall and the slinging hanging by just the two chains.  I fasten his wrists to the middle X piecie of the top of the sling stand.

“Spread your legs and arch your back.” 

He does—as he hangs from the bar above—his ass arches temptingly toward me.  I reach forward and feel his ass cheeks through the fabric.  My cock slaps the underwear and I begin pissing on both cheeks, making the fabric very wet. I kneel and rip a hole in the seat.  His wet ass peers back at me.


I attack him with my tongue.  Licking up my piss.  Opening his hole.  Fucking him with the tip. 

He groans and sputters.

Soon, I stand—and fuck him in this helpless-slab-of-meat position.  I love seeing my cock disappear into him through the hole I’ve ripped.  I pull out and give him one last splat of piss on his hole.

I unhook him from the frame.  I move him to the flattened fuck bench.  He rolls onto his back.  I grab the hog time from the bed and snap his wrists to two of the clips.  His legs come up—and his ankles are clipped, too, making his ass wide open for me.  I fuck him—pressing down on the hog tie so his ass rolls forward and is slightly higher.  My cock plows his hole relentlessly.

It’s a great position—but not one we can hold for long.  I let him have a breather.  I make him drink some water as I set the sling back up to its regular position.  He gets in.  I blindfold him.  I move back to his ass.  I rip the hole in his underwear wider.  I fuck him.  I cut the sopping remains of the briefs off him. 

I piss on his hole.

I rim.  I fuck.

“Stay.  I will be right back.”

And I am.  With three frozen loads in a condom.  “You want my frozen cum up your ass, boy?”

“Yes, Sir!”

I cut the knot off the condom.  There is just enough mass in the frozen cum to fuck him with it for a moment.  Then I push it deep.  I fuck him with my loads melting over my cock deep in his hole.

Then I piss on his hole.  Letting a short spurt go in his ass.  I kneel and taste it all.

“Sir, I have to piss.”

“Do it.”

He becomes a fountain.  Piss covers his belly.  I reach up and hold his cock straight up.  It streams over his balls and down his crack.  I wait until he’s done—and lick that up.

I fuck him.  Harder now.  Intense. 

I pull out and take a long drink of water from my tea cup.

It makes me need to piss.

I get him up out of the sling.  I turn him around and tell him to bend over, chest to leather.  He does.  I enter him roughly.  And begin to piss.  Filling him.  “So much,” he moans into the sling.

I pull out and get under the rimseat.  He knows what to do.  He sits.  My tongue prods his pucker.  I get a trickle of piss.  Fuck, I remember there are three loads of melted cum in him too.  I probe deeper—and he opens, spewing the piss mixed with my melted jizz down my throat. 

My cock is rock hard. 

When he runs dry, it’s back into the sling.  I fuck and rim.

I do a popper hit and shoot my load deep into his well used hole…


The original post is here with a couple of pictures:  [think before following links] http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2021/06/davis-gets-wet-inside-and-out.html



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1 minute ago, Cornyoldfuck said:

hot story i would love frozen cum in my ass

Freeze your own--and suggest to your top to use it at your next hookup.  Most love to fuck in cum.

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