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Fukdto: The Grand Finale




Toronto—March, 2020

(This picks up right after the last post.  And is a fitting conclusion to my 5 or so hours of fucking and felching....)

I find Kevin in a sling in the upstairs area.  The small area is actually deserted save for a blow job happening by the other vacant sling.  From the look of his hole, Kevin has been busy all night.  It is gaping slightly and the ass lips are tremendously puffy.  I kneel and massage them with my tongue.  He groans and hits the poppers.  I stick my tongue in him as far as it will go.  I am rewarded with the familiar trickle of cum.  I swirl it in my mouth and spit it back into him.

Someone comes up the stairs and stops by him. 

“You gonna just eat his manpussy or are you gonna fuck it?”

I ignore him and keep savoring the load deep in Kevin.

“Get out of the way, man, I want to fuck him.”

I stand up.  My rock hard cock slaps down on Kevin’s jock pouch.  The impatient guy starts to say something, sees my cock and stops himself.  Then:  “Yeah, let me watch you fuck him with that big dick.”

I slide in.  Kevin moans and the demanding guy exhales a long, low breath.  He begins to beat his standard issue cock.

“Fuck, man.  You must love that big dick.”

Kevin just grunts and concentrates on squeezing down on me.

I begin to speed up.  I slam it into Kevin. 

“Fuck, yeah.  If you fucked me like that, I’d blow a load.

I fuck Kevin harder…then slow down so he can take another hit.  Once the cap is safely on, I speed up again.

“Fuck, man…”

I turn to him.  “Do you want to fuck him now?”

“Yeah.  Let me in.”

I step aside. 

The Talker pushes in.  “Damn, he’s wet.  You take a lot of loads?”

Kevin just murmurs “Fuck me.”

I watch.  My hand reaches out and touches the bucking ass of the Talker.  I find his hole.  It’s wet with lube, maybe load.  I move around behind him and drill into him.

“Fuck!  You’re huge.  Shit, I’m gonna cum!”

And he does.  Filling Kevin’s hole.  I can feel each explosion, as he clamps down on my dick.

I pull out of him—and he takes off, thanking us.

“That’s what I want you to finally do to me,” says Kevin.

It’s true.  I have always wanted to breed him.  But just not quite yet. Instead I hunker down and enjoy the load left by the Talker, before fucking it deeper and deeper into Kevin’s exceptional hole…


It’s the last hour. 

More and more guys are unloading and going home.

Every hole I fuck now seems to be sloppy with someone’s cum.

Dolf Dietrich is just dripping cum.  When I fuck him again, there is a veritable river of jizz flowing from his ass.  I have to work at not adding mine to the mix, but I am holding out for a re-match with Kevin.

Finally, I know it’s time.  I go in search of Kevin.  But he’s gone.  He is not at any of the fuck stations.  But I do find a cum drunk Alexandros.  He is being fucked, bent over a block in the maze, by a big burly bear twice his age.  Another man, shorter and much younger, waits his turn to unload in that hot ass.  I watch the Bear grunt out a “Take it!” and he obviously shoots deep into Alexandros’ hot hole.  The Bear slaps his ass, and takes off.  The younger guy slides right in before Alexandros can turn to see who he is...as if that matters…

“Breed me…” hisses Alexandros.

In about a dozen strokes the guy does.  Violently and loudly.  The breeder gets slightly embarrassed at the loudness of his orgasm and takes off.  I kneel and lick at the runny, puffy hole.

“Daddy!” croons Alexandros.  He reaches back and holds my head in place.  His ass flowers open and a river of cum oozes into my mouth.  “Ooooh,” he sighs.  I have to swallow fast.  I stop touching myself or I’ll shoot.  When the stream finally stops, I stand up and slip into his slippery canal.  “Fuck me…”

I churn the cum.  I wonder if I will finally shoot.

And thinking the thought, my cock responds.  It unloads in his ass.  Adding to the loads.  But it is that involuntary expulsion—my dick saying ‘fuck you’ to so much stimulation.  A dumping of load without the feeling.  It feels good, but…

I hold onto the back of Alexandros.  He turns his head awkwardly and we kiss.  I slide down and clean up his hole with my tongue and we kiss again.  He tells me his name on AssPig so we can find each other another trip.

He takes off.  “Promise me you’ll fist me next time.” 

I nod.  He disappears in the direction of the coat check. And I realize my cock has not gone down.  There are not many men left.  I continue in the maze. 

I turn a corner.   And there he is.

Dolf is still getting fucked.  His hole is overflowing.  There are three men watching a big guy pound into him, churning all that seed.  There is a true sloshing sound with the pistoning.  As if it were a piss fuck, not just cum in there. But it is all white and beautiful.  My cock strains at the sight of it.

The guy finishes—grunting out his load.  He slaps his sticky cock on both of Dolf’s butt cheeks after he pulls out.  I look at the three others, waiting my turn.  But they are voyeurs, not fuckers.  Dolf is groaning.  He starts to get up.  I touch his shoulder and he goes right back into place.  I kneel.  I lovingly slurp up the dripping loads on his balls, the frothed cum from around his puffy hole, the sticky spots all over his ass.

Dolf groans.

“I’m going to give you mine now,” I growl. 

I dig the poppers out of my boot.  I take a hit as I give him one more tonguing deep into his over-used hole.  I feel the orgasm warning before I even stand up.  I rise.  I fuck about six strokes.  This time there is every nerve screaming as I unload whatever is left in my balls…


The orginal posts are here:  [think before following links] http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2020/10/fukdto-grand-finale.html



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