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  1. In Ontario Canada the level of re-opening is based on the number of people who have received first and second vaccine doses. So I got mine to help up the numbers so our baths can open. Can;t wait to be poppered up and spread out on the bench taking cock and cum
  2. I know there are guys who love a hairy ass and bush. But for me, for appearance and ease of cleaning, it is all shaved.
  3. I always let him fuck me. But i grip the base of his cock as he thrusts in and out, trying to slowly unroll the condom
  4. Always wanted to try Regatta Rd but never sure where to go
  5. The load goes deep inside unless you are lubing me up for the next 10 guys
  6. First time I got a dose and was happy about it. Got mine because this is probably the only way for things to open up again
  7. Taking some time off work for the next few weeks. Looking for Tops to fill me, spitroast, tag team, gangbang me. Cannot host
  8. Once I got on Prep, it is bareback or nothing
  9. Cost of HIV meds vs Prep meds. Prep you can stop at any time HIV you can't unless you want to feel its effects
  10. Get on Prep, got poppered up and go for it (forgetting you are on Prep). Prep you can stop at any time, Hiv you can't stop
  11. Personally, if a CD or Trans wants to hit steamworks, I have no problem with it, We're all here to fuck or get fucked. If there is no action for them, then they won;t come back.
  12. I prefer my hoof that leaves an opening for my mouth to suck cock and my nostrils to inhale poppers
  13. Definitely, It helps reaffirm that what I want/desire.have done is not unusual
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