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  1. Absolutely love it, lets me know I've been doing a good job being a cumdump for another cock
  2. Being on here made me get on prep so I could be gangbanged. Love the choice I made
  3. I like the blindfold at the baths simply to tell the tops I don't care what you look like, just give me the cock and cum
  4. Had gonorrhea and chlamydia the last year. Single dose treatments for both, but sucks to be out of action for 1-2 weeks
  5. Damn, would love to be part of one of those parties and maybe get a load from the tranny
  6. We left off from the first part of this story. After about 30 minutes, I heard a quiet knock on the apartment door. My Latin Mistress left the bedroom and I heard her speaking Spanish with her friend as she let her in. They spoke quietly in the living room still in Spanish then they switched to English. My Latin Mistress said this is Marlena. I could feed a pair of hands gently running all over my body and a gentle moan coming from Marlena. I could feel her pull down the poppers mask and she gently kissed my lips and said, I like this one. But why only one load in him that I can see from th
  7. If I'm poppered up on a fuckbench in a bathhouse, I really don't care, just give me your load
  8. Prefer anon. Hood on, thumping music, poppered up, hole wet with cum
  9. My best experience was just being in a public area face down ass up on a bench sniffing poppers Got at least 7 cocks one after the other with a good audience watching
  10. Trust me. Once she goes bare inside you, it will feel so much better for both of you. And of course that amazing feeling when she cums deep inside you
  11. Love the idea of masks in a bathhouse. Now if someone could make masks printed with "Top", "Bottom" and "Verse" it would make it all that much easier and more anonymous
  12. I really don't are what they look like, who they are, as long as they've got a cock and a load to dump in me.
  13. And just wanted to say, love having you inside me at SpaXs and sorry could not catch your attention at the last Fuckd Party. You have an incredible cock!
  14. Perhaps Black Eagle or SpaXcess will be able to host fukd nights
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