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Matt Takes on Four




South Bend, IN—April, 2021

Don and Reid, the couple who were once ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ and are now finding new joy in playing together, had just gotten their second vaccine shot and wanted to play.  Matt, who was last at my house where we broke the bed (that post is here, if you missed it) wanted to be included.  As his ass was everyone’s favorite, it seemed logical.  We arranged to meet at a motel halfway between me in Michigan and Matt in Illinois. 

Don got busy and found one more local top—who proved to be my old friend Ryan (who used to blog, as well.)  Naturally I packed the sling and set out for a Sunday afternoon of wet sex…


We arrive at the same time—I see Matt parking in my rear view mirror.  Don has just checked in and texts us the room number.  I go up through the lobby with just my bag and then find the back stairs to get the sling up to the room.  Matt is busy in the bathroom as Don helps me set up and Reid turns down the bed spreads on the two double beds.

We get naked.  Ryan has texted he is running a little late.  Like true pigs, we don’t wait.  Matt kneels on the carpet and takes Reid’s big, thick dick into his mouth.  Don and I watch for a second, before Don kneels and does the same for me.  He inhales deeply as my Fukd jock is getting wonderfully scented before easily taking me three quarters of the way down.  I revel in his prowess with big dick.  I fuck into his face and the last of me goes down his throat.

He pulls off me and our attention is drawn to the far bed.  Matt is on all fours and Reid has his face deep in that fabulous bubble butt.  I tell Don to get in the sling—I want to do the same to his ass.  But first I answer the door and let Ryan in.  We hug and he strips.  I kneel and eat Don’s furry butt.  Ryan watches, jerking his swelling dick.  Soon I stand up and enter Don.  I bottom out in his ass just as Ryan feeds him his cock, in that awkward way you do with a sling.  I fuck in a nice slow, open-the-chute rhythm.  We soon lose Ryan—as he goes to feed Matt his dick, at the same moment Reid is entering Matt’s ass.  We can hear Reid’s big balls slapping Matt’s cheeks, which make me speed up my fuck, to match Reid’s rhythm.

Everyone is reveling in the wet sounds of sex. 

I make Don taste his ass on my dick.  Reid and Ryan reverse on Matt.  Don and I decide to use the other bed, so we can watch Matt get used.  He gets on the empty bed, matching Matt’s all- fours stance.  I slip my tongue into Don’s well fucked hole.  I have always loved the taste of his ass—and he is self lubing like crazy today.  I spit and push my cock into him again.  Reid stands between the beds, jerking, watching me fuck his boyfriend and Ryan fucking Matt.  Soon he taps Ryan on the shoulder—and they change off.

I pull out and Ryan takes a brief turn up Don.

“You need to fuck this man,” sighs Reid.

I replace him up Matt.  Matt’s hole is also very, very wet.  I fuck a few strokes—pull out and taste his hole—then plow back into him.

“Do that again.”  It’s Don.  He’s is on our bed now.  I know he wants to suck my dick with the taste of Matt’s ass (and his) on it.  I do as he asks.  This time, as my tongue touches Matt’s pucker, Don swallows my wet cock down.  I rim until Don pulls off me, then I fuck back into Matt’s hole.

Reid is on the other bed, getting head from Ray.  Don moves around, coming closer to us.  He puts his head on Matt’s back.  I know just what he wants.  I pull out and fuck his mouth for a moment and then go back to Matt’s ass.  Over and over.  Again and again.  Each time Don’s cock becomes redder and angrier looking.

“You need to fuck him now.”

“Fuck, yes,” he mumbles. 

He fucks Matt.  Brutally.  Slapping his ass as he plows him.  I squirm under Matt from the side.  I make a passing lick as his jock-strapped dick, but I want Don’s.  I move until I can lick the underside of his cock and he plows into Matt.  His balls brush my face with each stroke…


We have regrouped.  Matt is now the prime focus.  He is in the sling. 

Reid is up him.  Ryan and I stand on either side, stroking.  Don is on his knees watching his partner’s dick split that hot ass in two.  Reid fucks him so hard, I am sure he going to cum—but he pulls our just before he does.  Don cleans his dick.  I move to go in, but Ryan beats me to it.  He fucks a brief time—and then pulls out to let me in.  Don cleans Ryan, too. 

I fuck him hard enough to make the chains rattle.

Don licks me clean then stands up to fuck Matt himself.  He does—every bit as hard as I did.  I go to my knees and clean up Don.

“I need to cum,” Reid announces.  “But I want him on the bed.”

Matt bounces out of the sling and gets on all fours on the closest bed.  Reid sinks into that now puffy, open hole.  He fucks just a few strokes before he gets off—noisily—in that talented ass.  He marinates until Ryan asks to do the same.  He sinks into the freshly bred hole and immediately fires off his load.  Don has been cleaning Reid’s dick.

I clean Ryan.  It makes want to fuck.  I rail into his freshly spermed out hole.  I suddenly shoot—but with no real feeling.  Don can tell what happened.  He kneels and sucks the three loads out of Matt.  He grunts and slobbers into Matt’s spread ass.  He stands, enters and fires off his own cock.

I go to my knees.  I am sure I can cum again.  I clean Don in a couple of licks and bury my face into Mark’s dripping ass.  Don pushes my face into him—and holds me there.  I swallow every drop of the mixed loads that I can.  I have no air left in my lungs.  Don releases me just in time.  I stand up, my beard dripping jizz on Matt’s back, and I shoot again—a true orgasm this time with every nerve on edge. 

I collapse on Matt’s back as Don licks my balls from behind—ready to felch the moment I pull out….


The original post, with pictures of his hot ass, is here:  [think before following links] https://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2021/07/matt-takes-on-four.html



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