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The Bookstore: Hot, But Sweet




Near Home—April, 2021

The next encounter I had was with Ross and his amazing rosebud.  As much as I love playing with him, our scene was almost act for act as the one just a few posts ago—so I am not going to write it up again.  The only real change was his feeding me his rosebud from the sling and not on the rimseat.

Towards the end of the month, with both my Moderna vaccinations under my belt, I ventured back, for the first time, to the bookstore nearest me.  I had avoided the smaller, enclosed spaces there.  Now I felt I would investigate…


I arrive.  The parking lot is crowded.  I mask up and go in.  I buy my ticket and push open the creaking door of the straight side.  Three men are scattered around the room.  All masked.  One stroking.  I sit, nicely distanced, but with a good view of the guy jerking.  He is very interested in me as I haul out my own cock.  I get it hard—watching a very well hung, older man up on the screen use a barely legal, heavily tatted, young woman’s ass.  The other stroker loves this, too.  He beats his cock with abandon.

Suddenly, he moves from stroking to kneeling at my feet.  His mask comes up and he slips my dick into his mouth.  He is good, if not terrific.  But he is definitely good warm up head.  At one point I tell him to lick my balls.  He has no interest in this…so he loses a lot of points.  Finally, I thank him, button up and go next door.

The gay porn here is, for a change, great.  It is an early bareback porn from Lucas Entertainment.  A welcome change of the usual rubbered up cocks this store often chooses for our viewing.  There are three men in here, too.  Two of them are my age and one, standing against the side wall, looks ten years younger…but it’s hard to tell with the masks in place. 

I take out my cock. 

All three of the other men suddenly unzip, too.  We stroke for maybe 60 seconds.  One of the guys my age kneels in front of me and gives me really good head.  The other older man kneels in front of the guy leaning on the wall and begins to service him.  With the suckers masks removed, I recognize them as a couple who come here to play together with others.

Eventually, the two suckers change cocks.  I can finally see the dick of the man on the wall.  It is just smaller than mine—and a beautiful shade of mocha.  The two guys go for broke our two cocks, stroking themselves as they suck.  Almost as if planned, they each stroke out a load at almost the same time as they do their damnedest to deep throat us.

They thank us both and go home.

I smile and nod at the standing guy—if he can tell with my mask.  He nods back, and goes back to stroking to the movie—where an intricate 5-way is happening in some exotic locale.

The door opens.

A tall, young, skinny guy walks in.  He moves straight to my dick.  No preliminaries.  He kneels and sucks—but is all teeth.  Just as I am about to ask him to stop, he stands up and announces:  “I hate sucking, I need that big dick in my ass.” 

He drops his basketball shorts instantly.  Now in nothing but an A-shirt and athletic shoes he spits in his hand and massages it into his ass.  The lanky kid is quite well hung and in a semi hard state.  As his fingers touch his ass he stiffens up.  He leans over to drool some more on my dick.

Now he sits on it.  All the way down in one movement.  His ass is wet and wonderful.  And he knows how to use it.  The guy on the wall comes closer, stroking harder.  The skinny guy rides me with hard, deep strokes.  He squeezes my cock expertly as he impales himself.  He is sure he will get my load at any moment—but I out last his legs.  He stands up.

“Fuck—take me from behind and slap my ass as you do it.”  He bends into the chair next to me.  I stand up and slide in.  My hand whacks him.  Hard.  The sound filling the tiny room.  The stroker moves around to watch my anal assault of this 20-something. 

I slap his upturned ass again.  “Take my dick, boy.”

“Yes, Daddy,” he croons.  The stroker slaps his big cock on the boy’s back.  The kid groans again—but doesn’t reach for it. 

I fuck him harder.  The kid’s cock is now rock hard as I plow him.  “Make me cum, Daddy!”

I buck into him.  I am hitting his prostate on every stroke.  He moans—and unloads a massive load all over the dirty tiled floor.  He howls with each spasm—loud enough that I am worried the cashier will come to check up on us.

I slowly pull out, holding myself back from orgasm myself.  I am damn close.  The kid leaves with a “Let’s do that again…” and I go wash, though the kid’s butt is spotless.

I find the mixed race guy still in the gay theatre.  “That was quite a performance,” he says sitting next to me.

I grin—forgetting I have a mask on.

Suddenly the guy next to me takes his mask off.  He is incredibly handsome.  His black hair is cropped close to his head, his lips full and inviting.  His eyes are focused on my crotch.  “Let me suck you…”

I unbutton and let him go for it.  He does not touch himself as his tongue treats my cock to the best head of the night.  His mouth is as velvety as that kid’s ass.  This guy’s tongue just never stops.  He moves from sitting next to me, to moving down between my splayed legs.  He begins a tongue massage of my balls that is incredible. 

I finally have to stop him.  I do it by standing up, pulling him up to his feet, taking my mask off and sliding down to suck his cock.  It’s a beauty.  Over seven inches and thick.  I can just deep throat him—another millimeter of thickness and I’d be choking.  He stands in place for a moment than undoes his pants so I can get to his balls.  They are slightly musky, which makes my cock drool.

I go back to his dick—but he pulls me off with “I don’t want to shoot yet.”

He sits and I get off my knees and sit next to him.

He leans in and sucks me again.

Then he pulls off me.

His voice is soft and right next to my ear.  “Will…you kiss me?  It’s been so long since…”

I look at him, our noses just inches from each other.  “I’m fully…” he starts.

I shut him up with my mouth going over his. 

We both melt.

The kiss is even better than the hot sex.

Eventually I take his sweet cum.

And we kiss again.

The original post is here:  [think before following links] http://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2021/07/the-bookstore-hot-but-sweet.html



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