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  1. I will tag you all for my responses since it seems that there is a limit of posts that I can make per day @ErosWired You are right, sometimes when u have a big story you forget to mention some basics. I think that thinking of him is the most precise word. I would like to fuck with him but that's not the center of my feelings. There are times that there is a balance and I'm okay, we're like regular brothers. And others that I just really need him now to hug me. That's true for him too. About why I came back and the "cake" paradigm.. We grew up in a large city and our lives are there. We own the house so that means that we have no rent and if we were on rent we would have something way smaller. So financially it's not viable, unless we sold the house and buy two small appartments. So apart from the stay together part, it's the practical part. Part of my fear is that he could feel the same. I believe our mother was afraid of that, and that she couldn't even say it out loud. Aboyt my bf, I thought that I needed to try a healthy relationship. I did fell in love with him. What I really like is that he loves my brother too, they are on good terms. I also appreciated that he didnt do what many gays would do; ask for a threesome. Our father kinda knew. As children we would sleep together but our mother would seperate us. When she wasn't there (visiting our grandparents) he would let us sleep together. About the "brother thinks I was angry" it's more intense that it sounds. I could feel his sadness. @backdoorjimmy I really don't know what I should tell to my brother. I fear he feels the same. And I think that's bad. My bf knows how much I love him and maybe deep down he knows. But I love my bf, I am with him bcz it feels nice. I didnt pick him as a desperate solution. @hntnholeI can really feel ur story. What twins feel and why is a mystery. it's something that I avoid to discuss. I have similar stories. We have a blood disease (hemophilia) which is pretty mild. But we do take medication and implications have happened. I was sleeping with my best friend in my room and I was mumbling my bros name. He woke me up and told me that maybe I should check on him and while he was sleeping he was bleeding from the noose and choking. I have many similar incidents. I can feel his heart beating fast. I can feel his emotions.
  2. I am a doctor so I was very positive about seeking professional help. That happened when I was 24. The following year I move to a distant area (which is something that doctors must do in my country, but I chose a far off place so I couldn't see him at all). And after that year we live together but it's a big house we have our own space. My bf sleeps with me several times and so far this works for me. About twins, I only know our case. But we are really are connected. Most people tend to think twins as parts of a whole. Like a pair of shoes let's say. You consider them equal and you need both. Even if we have friends that are not common, they regard me as a friend and vice versa. From an embryological perspective, twins are a mistake, but a nice one. A confused cell duplicated itself and created two persons instead of one. I never told him about the psychologist. So he kinda thought that me leaving was somewhat out of the blue. My fear is that he could feel the same for me, but I really dont know. Us being seperate was always a things. Parents, teachers.. everyone tried to do us part. We even went to diifferent school. I believe that made our bond stronger.
  3. Well on the outside world it would be "oh man that's [banned word] burn in hell eternae". Actually I was seeing a psychologist and he was a very good professional (he was my fourth shot). He didn't imply that I'm [banned word] (like the others) and he made me trust him. But beyond that.. he told me to step away from him and so I did, I changed town for a year. Then my bro thought I was angry wtih him and he was sad. I was sad. Then I had sex, I had boyfriends. But.. About what's driving me to thiis.. That was a year's sessions. We concluded that its basis is that we're twins, more close than we should be. He said it's not a sexual thing, but it's a desperate love that is so intense that it's looking for a way to release that's pressure and that could turn sexually or in any other way. So I'm really not looking for an advice "suck him and watch if he cums". But I just dont know.
  4. I am a gay closeted guy in my late 20s. I live with my brother. We have a very good relationship, he knows I'm gay. I have a bf we're together 4 years. I thought this would help me forget about my brother. But I don't think it worked. It's painful and I have no one to discuss about it.
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