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    Sexually I am a bit daring. I've already tried a lot and will do it again!

    Sexual Activities: Blindfolds, npple Clamps, Uninhibbeted raw parTy Dominance/Discipline, Exhibitionism, Gangbangs, Glory Holes, Group Sex, Giving Anal Sex, Giving Oral Sex, Handcuffs/Shackles, Leather, Making Movies, Massage, Mutual Masturbation, Naturism/Nudism, Phone Sex, Public sex, Receiving Anal Sex, Receiving Oral Sex, Role Playing, Rubber/PVC/Latex, Threesomes

    Turn offs: Under 18, scat, animals, and permanen marks

    Prefer skin on skin.

    HMU! Friends, Cam, FWB, FBs. More?

    Most Erogenous zones? Neck

    Role-playing fantasies: Police/Civilian, Stranger/stranger

    Locations for sex? A dark back alley, A movie theatre, A moving vehicle, In the nature, A rollercoaster, A dressing room, A swimming pool/hot tub, An airplane, My bed, My desk at work, My yard, The beach, Under a waterfall.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Group Sex, Creampie, Bareback, Gangbang, Slave, Orgy, Latex, Bukkake, Kinky, Spandex, Dirty Talk, Shaving, Leather, Fitness, Model, Shopping, Swimsuit, Massage, Wrestling, Sex In Public
    Languages: English
    Education: Grad school
    Occupation: Sales
    Religion: Catholic
    Smoking: Never Drinking: Occasionally Drugs: Recreational drugs sometimes Star sign: Scorpio Webcam: Yes
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    Auditioned as Rod Steele, but another dude uses that stage name
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    Group Sex, Creampie, Bareback, Gangbang, Slave, Orgy, Latex, Bukkake, Kinky, Spandex, Dirty Talk, Shaving, Leather, Fitness, Model, Shopping, Swimsuit, Massage, Wrestling, Sex In Public

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  1. I have bbttmed two solid times where we got it all working, and many times in group scenes when id didn., but no one cared. The first time i was DP's I was selling my leather chaps and this hot blond tight gymnast dude and his similarly shaped but a few years older BF, made me an offer above my asking price if I'd drop it off that night. They cruised guys in chat/cruise/hook up sites, invited some over to PNP, opened the cam up and live streamed/recorded it all, then sold it. I was stripped and strapped into a low sling, with the younger guy lying on a workout bench head pointed in opposite
  2. BBPigsterXXX Thank you! this series is so hot! Love the Uncle/Nephew, The bar/club (Where is this place--I want to go!), and the ink, hardware, and gifting makes my cock drool! I hope you continue...but also write erotica and know how sometimes a story ends... Rocking Out with my Cock out!
  3. FUCK YEAH MATE! I wasn't sure about going to MAL, IML or Fetish Week London. I want the same experince and more, Please. Have you been to other parties? clubc? Rut Club?
  4. After I had left the dance club, and I was horny, and while I knew I was going to get off, I didn’t know how or where. The dance club my friends and I had gone to shares a parking lot with the big gay gym, a sex clubs, Adult toy and video store/arcade, a gay strip club and a leather/uniform club. Finding gay men wasn’t the problem. I had on some sexy jeans, biker boots and a black leather belt, but my shirt had fallen out of my pocket and was drenched in bar funk. I put the shirt on and walked into the adult toy and video store and was looking for a plain T-shirt or something. I checked out
  5. Admitting that electronic data processing probably could not have kept track is something I don't volunteer, but I will tell them the truth. In the past my relationships started out as monogamous, but after my now ex found me cheating at a small group on cam...I start out with wanting open and play mates invited in.
  6. Thats right! Was picked up by a Las Vegas dancer guy in L.A. And, he only spoke Spanish.. I said verga en mi culo, he nodded and then was balls deep. Fun!
  7. Hey Dudes, Back at it! I hope I'm wel cum. %0, wild, group, gear, cum, public, BDSM Subb, bboy. My posts on my original profile have me listed as a guest. I'm now here...willing/able to travel for cock, cum, chem, cam, and more. Hey! Rod
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