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    Sexually I am a bit daring. I've already tried a lot and will do it again!

    Sexual Activities: Blindfolds, npple Clamps, Uninhibbeted raw parTy Dominance/Discipline, Exhibitionism, Gangbangs, Glory Holes, Group Sex, Giving Anal Sex, Giving Oral Sex, Handcuffs/Shackles, Leather, Making Movies, Massage, Mutual Masturbation, Naturism/Nudism, Phone Sex, Public sex, Receiving Anal Sex, Receiving Oral Sex, Role Playing, Rubber/PVC/Latex, Threesomes

    Turn offs: Under 18, scat, animals, and permanen marks

    Prefer skin on skin.

    HMU! Friends, Cam, FWB, FBs. More?

    Most Erogenous zones? Neck

    Role-playing fantasies: Police/Civilian, Stranger/stranger

    Locations for sex? A dark back alley, A movie theatre, A moving vehicle, In the nature, A rollercoaster, A dressing room, A swimming pool/hot tub, An airplane, My bed, My desk at work, My yard, The beach, Under a waterfall.
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    Auditioned as Rod Steele, but another dude uses that stage name
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    Group Sex, Creampie, Bareback, Gangbang, Slave, Orgy, Latex, Bukkake, Kinky, Spandex, Dirty Talk, Shaving, Leather, Fitness, Model, Shopping, Swimsuit, Massage, Wrestling, Sex In Public

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  1. After I had left the dance club, and I was horny, and while I knew I was going to get off, I didn’t know how or where. The dance club my friends and I had gone to shares a parking lot with the big gay gym, a sex clubs, Adult toy and video store/arcade, a gay strip club and a leather/uniform club. Finding gay men wasn’t the problem. I had on some sexy jeans, biker boots and a black leather belt, but my shirt had fallen out of my pocket and was drenched in bar funk. I put the shirt on and walked into the adult toy and video store and was looking for a plain T-shirt or something. I checked out a display of rubber gear -- tank tops, shirts, shorts, pants, chaps, and jockstraps, and one of the salesmen asked if I needed help. He was a sexy muscle cub in work boots and jeans and he turned his nose and said “Dude, you gotta throw that shirt away – it smells, and not like hot man funk!” In the light I could see all sorts of stains and it did smell! I tossed the shirt aside, and shopped shirtless. I saw some of the other customers checking the scene out. He went through the rack and found a black sleeveless V neck rubber shirt that looked way too small. The cub and I struggled to get me into it. The shirt was tight and showed every bump and curve, but it was sexy. When I said I would take it he asked if I needed anything else. I grabbed some lube, a cock ring. He came up and asked if I was going to a party, hooking up or one of the clubs? I decided the spot to hit that night was the sex club. He reminded me that it was gear night, so I would have to get down to my underwear…and I was commando. The cub chuckled and handed me a black rubber jockstrap, and two rubber arm bands for my biceps. I paid for it all, put it on in the dressing room, and bolted out the door. The rubber jock rubbed against my jeans and felt strange. I felt sexy and was even hornier than before, and jogged to the club. I got checked out in line by some of the guys before and after me, and I was getting hard. There was a sexy couple from my gym behind me, and they were openly checking me out, rubbing their bulging jeans and whispering to each other. I paid my entry and the clerk gave me a bag for my clothes, and I went to change. It took a minute to get boots and the rest off, and back on, but when done, I looked pretty hot. My stiffening cock protruded in the jock, my chest, abs and back rippled under the muscle shirt, and my ass was open in the jock. I put my claim ticket and favors in my boot and took my first lap around. I saw familiar faces, a few casual friends, but a lot of guys I didn’t know. The place was busy! Twinks, frat boys, muscle studs, black, Latino, asian and white. Everyone was in briefs, jock straps, thongs, or a few were in bad boxers. I went to the video room first, and stood against the wall and watched. I had an older guy come over and start rubbing my bulge. I wasn’t attracted to him, but let him get me harder. I thanked him, and he slapped my ass which felt so good. I went to the row booths with the glory holes to lube my hole up, and was immediately offered a mouth for my cock. I let the willing sucker lick my rubber jock and he was moaning so loud! I pulled my cock out and he swallowed me in one gulp. While I was getting serviced at one hole, another guy reached in and was massaging my ass. His fingers played with my hole and he pulled my hole to his mouth. He rimmed me for all I was worth. I dropped to my knees and a nice sized cut 7 inch cock came through the hole. I sucked on it, and took the elbow grease and lubed up my hole. He started to buck and shot into my mouth! He was swearing – I guess he came too quickly and he bolted. I waited for some new neighbors, but it was kinda quiet there, so I bolted for the dark room! My cock was hard, my ass was licked and lubed, and I wanted to play. As I walked toward the room, I could hear some guys moaning and slapping of skin on skin! I noticed the cute muscle gym couple were ahead of me and heading in the same direction. They both had on sneakers, an Andrew Christian Electric Air Jock w/ Show-It Tech in bright blue and neon trim, and baseball caps. One had the cap on straight and his hand was on the shoulder of the other, who wore his cap backward. They were both really cute and definitely had a wild side. One was taller, black hair, greying temples, cleft chin, and deep dark eyes. The smaller of the two was very fair – a ginger – and a bit more slight of frame. The ginger’s backward cap told me he was in the mood to suck cock! They stopped before entering the play room and spoke to each other, when I passed to get in the room, I ran my hand down their smooth and rippling chests and abs, and lingered on their bulges. I walked into the dark room and took a second for my eyes to adjust. When they did I was in the middle of the room. The sling was occupied. There were 20+ guys on their knees, bent over railings and benches, circle jerking, sucking, and some empty BDSM equipment like a St. Andrews Cross and cage! Immediately a guy came up and started rubbing my straining cock. I reached for his. He had an 8 inch uncut thick cock and I dropped and started sucking him. Others came around and circled me, so I went from cock to cock around the circle for a bit, and I heard the 8 incher start to huff and puff. I swallowed his cock to the root as he unloaded into my mouth. I stopped servicing the others because I didn’t want a cum shower -- yet! I stood back against the wall and my sexy Andrew Christian Jock Strap Couple (Barry and Michael) came in. It took a minute for them to get their bearings, but they were immediately groped by unknown men. Barry, the taller guy, spread his feet to shoulder’s width, and reached for the ceiling. There were men’s hands, mouths, and dripping cocks all over him. Michael, was on his knees rimming Barry’s ass! I liked this scene. A guy pulled out Barry’s cock and sucked on it good and hard. Barry grabbed Michael’s head and pushed it into his hole and the guy sucking his dick onto his cock for a good while and I thought he was going to cum, but Michael, stood and pulled them away. Michael, whispered in Barry’s ear and they left the room! DAMMIT Where were they going! They walked past me and as he went by Barry pinched my nipple! I followed them toward the canteen, but lost them. I stood against the wall outside a play room that had glory holes encircling it. I saw some sexy guys heading to the booths and I went into the room. There was a fuck bench in the middle and 3 glory holes. I stood in the middle of the room and rubbed on my rubber covered cock. Immediately a cock came through. I was on my knees and sucked. Then a second cock came through a different hole, so I sucked that, and then I saw some light and when I bent down to look in the hole I realized it was Barry and Michael in the third booth! Michael was on his knees and grabbed my head and pulled me to kiss him. He french-kissed me so deeply! I could taste the cum he had swallowed, and he could taste my cum souvenir! I stood, pulled my jock down and Michael’s face came through the hole to start sucking my cock. I noticed the other cocks in the glory holes were aching so I reached and tried to hand job them, but also focused on the talented tongue swirling around my cock! I also felt hands tracing my arms to my back to my ass very gently. I was then kissed behind my neck and felt the weight of some guy. When I looked back it was Barry! He had come around and was touching me all over. He started kissing me over my right shoulder as he rubbed his cock against my ass! He whispered that he was gonna fuck me while Michael services me through the hole. And I breathed “FUCK YEAH!” I grabbed some elbow grease and pulled his jock down releasing his beautiful 7+ inch cut cock. He said he and Michael play raw and I said “skin all in!” He started kissing me as I lubed up his cock and he entered me. Slowly, and steady! I was ready for cock, and Michael was working my cock through the hole! Barry pushed my hips against the glory hole, pushed his bare cock in, balls deep and leaned back with his hands on my shoulders… It looked hot and we started to get an audience. Some guy kept pinching my nipples and even though I pushed his hand away, kept at it. Barry had hands all over him too, so he pulled out and grabbed the back of my jock and pulled me to Michaels room! When we got there, the door was open and there was a sexy frat boy massaging Michael’s ass as he bent over sucking a new cock through the glory hole. The young guy, Steve, had on a red mesh N2N jockstrap and Boots was really hard. He asked Barry if he could fuck his boyfriend, and Barry grabbed the guy’s cock and helped guide him to Michael’s hole. He shoved the cock into Michael’s ass still covered in the mesh jock! He pushed me over and I was facing the glory hole next to Michael. Barry plowed in me. He told Michael and me to suck those cocks that came through those glory holes, and we did! The frat boy and Barry were kissing while fucking Michael and me, and I loved it, but the frat boy wanted my ass too! He pulled out of Michael, came to my face and kissed me and asked if he could fuck me. He said he was getting close and I begged him to fuck til he bred me. Steve, pulled down his jock, glopped on some lube and entered me. He was fucking me hard with his thighs slapping against my hamstrings. Michael and Barry were talking and leaned over and spoke to Steve. He stopped fucking me and pulled out so I stood and they said we were going to their place. We all checked out, got dressed, exchanged numbers and addresses, and caravanned to Barry and Michael’s home. What a place that was. It was only a 15 minute drive from the club, and as soon as we got there we went downstairs into a finished basement/office. Michael pulled out some Powerade, party favors, some snacks and towels. Barry worked for a few minutes turning on the electronics – music, lighting, porn on the TV, computers up and online, and the play room was stocked with a sling, fuck benches, lube and toys! Steve and I undressed and put our respective things in a bin, and then started to get revved up again with some favors of our own and supplied by our hosts! Barry ushered us into the play room and pointed out where the cameras were so that if we didn’t want our faces shown as we cam2cam/recorded, to face away. HOT! Barry immediately posted on barebackrt.com and dudesnude that we were inviting hot guys to reach out. We agreed, PNP, BB, no drama, videos and pics are going to be taken! We had a couple reach out and we agreed to invite them over. As we were rejuvenating, chatting and beginning to play the couple arrived. They were both in their 20’s, a couple that liked an open relationship, and had a jock gear/spandex fetish! They both had jeans & T-shirts on when they walked in, but were immediately stripping and showed a sheer wrestling singlet and the other had on N2N running tights and a cock ring! Their sexy gear turned us all on, and we wanted to join them in spandex. Barry and Michael pulled out their collection, and I had a few bikinis and thongs in my gym bag in the car, so we all geared up, turned on the web cam and started performing on Skype. I was feeling kind of high, my cock was growing, and I wanted to play. I dug through Barry and Michael’s gear collection and found an orange FT Grunge Amour Jock and I liked how it looked with my rubber armbands! The two young guys were named Mark and Pete! They came over to me. Mark grabbed my head and kissed me, while Pete explored my body with his mouth and hands. I felt him chomp down on my nips, to then realize he had snake bite suction cups! Barry came over and tied my wrists to some straps suspended from the ceiling. He kissed Mark and pushed him down to kneel in front of me. Mark pulled out my cock and was joined by Michael. I saw Barry and Pete talking and looking at a monitor, then thy adjusted the lights… I forgot we were camming for everyone on skype. Pete grabbed Mark and Michael off my cock and started slapping their hard cocks with his hand. He had Mark rim Michael while Michael was sucking his cock. ALL going on in front of me, but I was still tied up. Only in rubber arm bands and a cock ring! Barry grabbed a riding crop and smacked the yellow suction cups on my engorging nipples. He had requests from online viewers to suck me. Have me suck him. Us to fuck. So Barry turned me around and had my back facing the camera. He had me spread my legs and got out the elbow grease. Barry started rimming me up and I was really being vocal. Telling him I wanted him in me first. That I only want his bare cock. He started spanking my ass and then, he pushed into me. He fucked me good and hard – long deep slow strokes! Mark had come over and pulled the cups off my rock hard nips and licked… nipples, to abs, to navel, to cock to Barry’s cock going in and out of my ass. Steve had disappeared for a bit while he watched the action on the monitor. He came in and grabbed a bench and put it under the sling. He pulled Mark and Pete to the sling and pushed Mark onto it and adjusted his feet in the stirrups. He ensured that the camera could see the play as he and Pete rimmed Mark and lubed him up. Pete slid onto the bench under the sling and entered his boyfriend in one push. Steve got really hard and after Pete was in, he made his entry. Michael was fucking Mark’s face while he rode two cocks in the sling. Barry left me tied up, and played with my nipples, and cock and got me super hard. I was shocked when he turned around and guided my cock into his hole! He bent over at the waist and started bobbing on my cock. I tried to push into him, but he was fucking himself on my cock…not me fucking him. Out of no where, I felt my cock stiffen as waves of pleasure rolled over me. Barry rode me harder and harder until I started cumming in him, while I moaned and gasped. Michael, came over and licked the spot where my cock was entering his ass. As I came he licked my cum from his partner’s hole. Barry, jumped off my cock and came around and pushed into me furiously and he started cumming too. When he was done, Michael ate his cum from my ass, and Barry kissed me. The other three guys played for a while more, then they took a break. I was untied, and we stopped to watch the video and chat online. Steve bolted because of work the next day, but Pete and Michael hung out. We prepped for round three by recruiting more guys from BBRT to come over. We had around three more rounds before calling it quits and heading home.
  2. Admitting that electronic data processing probably could not have kept track is something I don't volunteer, but I will tell them the truth. In the past my relationships started out as monogamous, but after my now ex found me cheating at a small group on cam...I start out with wanting open and play mates invited in.
  3. Thats right! Was picked up by a Las Vegas dancer guy in L.A. And, he only spoke Spanish.. I said verga en mi culo, he nodded and then was balls deep. Fun!
  4. Hey Dudes, Back at it! I hope I'm wel cum. %0, wild, group, gear, cum, public, BDSM Subb, bboy. My posts on my original profile have me listed as a guest. I'm now here...willing/able to travel for cock, cum, chem, cam, and more. Hey! Rod

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