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    5'3/125lb, vers, gwm, 6.5cut, gr/sp hair, extremely clean/demand same, don't smoke/drink/pnp, nothing rough, very oral, blind as my name says, mutual respect for each other's limits.

    Love to lick, suck, rim a super clean hole and fuck.

    Small, smooth Asians and Hispanics to the front of the line. The younger, the better. Extremely poz welcoming.
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    Small, smooth Asians, Hispanics and blonds to the front of the line. Young and poz detectable is the best, but welcome all.

    Clean and respectful of limits. Cum smells and tastes so good.

    Totally vers. No drugs or drinking needed or wanted to have fun.

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  1. I like my hole being pissed on while in the shower. It feels good hitting my hole, then running down my legs. I’m starting to get interested in the idea of drinking it.
  2. Yes. I’ve cum without even touching myself.
  3. If you are truly concerned about HIV, you need to take care of yourself, instead of relying on others to take care of you. What type of evidence would you want? These days, anything can be faked. Even if he showed you his prescription of PREP, do you know if he is taking it? Put on a condom, or get on PREP yourself.
  4. I would be extremely pissed. I don’t want anything on my face. I’m always worried that something will get in my eyes and harm them even more. I don’t even like a fan or air conditioner blowing in my face.
  5. As I said, after I realized that boys smelled so good, the locker room was my favorite place. I never considered the scents there to be disgusting. Of course, some of the individual boys had bad hygiene habits, but the other wonderful smells usually blocked them out. Oh, for those days again. On the other hand, they were also some extremely frustrating times.
  6. My attraction to males definitely didn’t come from seeing them nude. I never touched another male fully, until I was 28. I had an extremely fleeting touch when I was 13, but by then, I knew I wanted other boys. My first attraction came when I was in first or second grade while standing in the middle of naked boys while waited to go swimming in my school’s indoor pool. I could smell the chlorine, and something else. I realized it was the scents of the boys around me. I was hooked from then on, even though I didn’t exactly know what it meant. The locker room was my favorite part of gym class from then on. When I did have the opportunity to bury my face in a guy’s fresh smelling crotch, I said to him, “this is where I belong.” So, in my case, I’d say it was nature.
  7. I am so sorry to hear that things went badly for you. Unfortunately, some people can’t handle it. It makes them question their own sexuality. They can’t think for themselves and follow what society at large says about the LGBT community. You learned, I’m sorry to say, that your friend and yourself weren’t as close as you may have believed. There is a chance, that after he has a chance to really think about it, it might occur to him, that you are the same person as before. He just knows you better. He knows the “real” you. He should feel honored that you chose to tell him. Give it some time. He might have second thoughts and want to talk with you. If so, take the opportunity and say to him what you said here. I’m sure that others will chime in and give their opinions. Even though it might look like it right now, not all hope is lost for your friendship with him. Hugs
  8. Thanks for another hot story/! Your writing will definitely be missed. Hopefully, after a long rest, you’ll be back. Thanks again.
  9. He is living with his grandparents—your parents. Do they know the whole situation? Your brother “runs” the family business, does he “own” it? If nothing else, your nephew can get a prepaid phone. Help him as much as you can. Talk to your parents, if they know what’s going on, and have them attempt to talk some sense into your brother. Who all in the family really knows what is happening?
  10. I was wondering if you were just testing us to see if we were really paying attention.
  11. Amateur is best. Usually there is no stupid music track over the hot sounds and talk of sex.
  12. I don’t know about others, but I didn’t have a gun to my head when I joined BZ. I realize I’m blind, but I don’t believe anyone is standing near me at this time with a gun pointed at me. If I don’t like it here, I could go start my own site called “BreedingCorner” or “Cumzone.” You aren’t held hostage and being made to stay here.
  13. One of my top desires is to fuck with a cute, little, smooth Asian. I don’t care if he is a top, bottom or verse.
  14. The deaf/gay community in the U.S. is very organized. They are most likely the most visible disabled gay people in the states.
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