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  1. Oh, and I also don't fuck with racists. So, that's a double hard pass.
  2. I'm not American, so I don't really care about his treason, but I do care about him being dumb enough to not cover his face during an insurrection. Hard pass.
  3. By it, I mean Knight Breeders stuff. I like their stuff when it's just sex.
  4. I don't like how he superimposes old horror video footage or whatnot over the porn. I like it a lot when it's straight up fucking
  5. I can't even follow any new people in Twitter jail. Booo.
  6. I love when a guy is sitting on top of my dick riding, but facing away from me. I love feeling his cock slap on my balls whilst he bounces.
  7. I seriously first got on my knees for a classmate in kndrgtn.
  8. I guess you could reverse stealth if you're cool with lying. Like saying you're poz. Or, what I'd do actually is just not disclose my status.
  9. lol I'm currently in Twitter jail. Again.
  10. lol His ass is like a potato cannon lol
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