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  1. If I don't like the guy, I either won't kiss, or will do it but not really be into it. And good dental hygiene is important, I don't want to be swallowing someone else's dental plaque. I don't have an emotional attachment to kissing or anything, I just have taste buds.
  2. You make my dick hard. 

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    2. evilalex


      Not without eating your hole first 😉 

    3. evilalex


      You're just beautiful all over, aren't you, boy?

    4. Barebottom29
  3. Influence or inspiration? None. I just like chatting with other perverts.
  4. It's fine. I'm not super into cum when I'm not horny, so for me it's the deviousness of the act that gets me off.
  5. I've been using the haha reaction on Facebook for that purpose lately.
  6. Little pig, little pig, I'm cumming in.
  7. Hello, boy. 

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    2. ukboi6


      How much do you think they'd pay for me

    3. evilalex


      At least a fiver. 

    4. ukboi6


      For my mouth?

  8. I'm on [deleted]. I go between using it and deleting it. Same nick as here. What's the benefit of telegram and kik?
  9. I wish more guys used the chat. I like it.
  10. I'm proud of you faggot cum dumpsters.
  11. If we're talking about physically small though, I like small guys. Guys who are smaller than me give me a boner.
  12. I'm a professional destroyer of innocence and holes.
  13. If he's legal I'm putting my dick up his asshole.
  14. Innocence, destroying innocence, debauchery, having the back of my ears and neck nibbled, hockey butt, having low standards, I like public sex, and sneaking around cheating.
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