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    Uh, sub stuff mostly. Chastity, edging, and a lot of other things that I'll fill out once I get my thoughts tiogether.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    5'7" Latino. Average/slim build. Average cock size. Uncut. Currently have hair down to my neck, I dont' know if I want to cut it or not. Not really experienced, but want to gain some.
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    none haha
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    Someone more experienced than me, I guess. Also size difference is hot to me, especially when chastity is involved. I am 5'7" tall and average/slim weight/body, so someone taller and maybe even fitter than me would be nice. Not really a fan of hair. Also, usually someone older than me, so say 30-50 age range is great.

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  1. I agree it is more of the act of giving/receiving that brings pleasure. It’s hot to get head from a greedy cocksucker or to give one yourself, especially if you’re collared and in chastity. It adds to the experience.
  2. So I'm really interested in trying out chastity and was wondering if there are any newbie friendly guides out there in regards to sizing, materials, and where to buy. The only online storefront I know is amazon. lmao Also, what color do you guys prefer to see in a cage? I was thinking pink.
  3. How in the world do you "like" photos/pics. I am feeling quite technically challenged tonight. 

  4. Oh wow now I want to try this. Would wearing a collar be ok in this scenario too?
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