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  1. Has anyone sniffed poppers before swallowing cum? Does it make it more exciting? Do you get more of a rush to taste his cum? Always wanted to try it.
  2. The hottest part of seeing a cock in front of you or that moment when you first taste that penis in your mouth, is knowing that you're going to get a thick, hot load of sperm to eat.
  3. Reading the words of men and what they love about cock really turns me on, so thought I would share my writing. I love dirty talk so naturally enjoy reading the dirty ways to describe things that turn us on. Might do more of these if there are requests. This one is about my love for a man's sack. Play with his nutsack. His sack is such a sensitive part of his body, his testicles must be protected, but he's trusting you that you will take care of them and not hurt them. It is an honor for a man to grant you permission to his sensitve sack and balls, so you should pleasure them to show him ho
  4. Is there anything better than the sensation of wrapping your lips around the big meaty head of a penis? Feeling the weight of a thick schlong slapping against your tongue, slapping against your face, really makes you admire the power of cock. And what better way to appreciate that power than to make hot salty sperm shoot out of that penis head into your mouth.
  5. There's nothing hotter than feeling a big cock head going in and out of your mouth, looking in front of you as he's jerking his cock, being such a man. Sucking on that sensitive head, helping him to achieve that final goal any way you can because you want him to have it, and you want it for yourself too. It's a front row seat to witnessing a man being a man, doing such a manly thing, and you're right there on the receiving end ready to experience all of his manhood. That head between your lips, the rapid shaking of his hand jerking, the moans, the moaning louder, the losing of control, the spa
  6. I've had guys cum in my mouth small to normalish amounts before, and sometimes swallow a little bit but spit the rest. My dream is to work up the nerve to swallow an entire load one day though, and want it to be a big thick one like in this video... [think before following links] https://xhamster.com/videos/my-buddy-mark-wanted-me-to-cum-on-his-tongue-so-i-did-6495085 For anyone that has done it, what's it feel like to have that much cum in your mouth? What's it taste like? How does it feel when you swallow it? Can you tell the difference between a guy that came a day ago vs. a wee
  7. For sure this. Find an aggressive top guy. Doesn't have to be rough with you, just let him control what's gonna happen. Sounds like deep down you really want to swallow cum but kind of chicken out at the end, even though you really want it. It just means you need a more aggressive guy to make you more submissive, to give you no choice. Whether he physically or verbally commands you, you're gonna love when you finally swallow his entire load because of that masculine power he gave you to give you the confidence to do it.
  8. love when a guy holds my head while my mouth is fully stuffed with hard cock. It just reaffirms that feeling of not being in control which is a real turn on. It's hard to describe that moment, when he's jerking off his cock, and your lips are wrapped around his head, or his cock is right in front of your face, and he's holding you in place by the back of your neck. It's so exciting because it's a little scary, like, there's nowhere for you to go. He's holding your neck so you can't escape. He wants you to do something, and you're going to have to do it. That big load of hot sperm is gonna
  9. I love hearing about other guys' love for cum, so wanted to ask you to answer this survey 🙂 1. Do you enjoy making a man cum with your hand and mouth or him jerking himself off and feeding you his load? 2. Do you like cum that shoots out hard, or cum that oozes out that you can lick up? 3.How do you like to swallow his cum and why? With his cock deep in your throat? With his head resting on your tongue? With your mouth open and your tongue out? Jerking him off? 4. Do you like thick semen or more watery? What is the sweet spot between too thick or too watery? 5. Do you
  10. Was wondering why sperm has that tingly sensation in your mouth when you swallow it. It almost feels like it's the sperm cells swimming in your throat. And why the flavor of sperm can linger for so long after you've eaten it. Is all men's cum like this? How do you prefer the taste? Do you enjoy the long aftertaste, or the tingly/numb sensation? I personally like it because it feels so dirty and kind of surreal having those sensations that you can't have with something else.
  11. Weed and sucking cock are so amazing together. I love getting super high from a bong and then playing with his thick hard shaft while he takes a hit. Weed just enhances everything, it reduces my inhibitions and makes me so horny, I'll always take his full load and swallow it when I'm high. Sometimes I literally tremble from the pleasure of tasting cum when I'm high out of my mind.
  12. Love when he grips the back of my head when he's about to cum. I love that feeling of being controlled because it adds a little fear and anxiety to the situation, that he is not going to let you pull away and you're going to take this big mouthful of sperm no matter what. That's the joy of sex with a man because he'll force you to be brave enough to do something that you really want deep inside.
  13. I was just thinking about how exciting it is, when you first start to taste a guy's precum, because you know the load is on the way. They are both hot but very different experiences. Tonguing a guy's head and his piss slit as he squeezes precum out is pleasant, enjoyable, and calm. I love that it tastes sweet and you get a little bit at a time to taste and reflect on. When I'm tasting his precum, it makes me feel so greedy because this could technically be enough. I'm sucking a cock, I'm tasting some of his liquid, I get to enjoy his flavor. We could stop there. But as a greedy cocksucker, you
  14. It's amazing when you have a big mushroom head that really fills up your mouth and you can feel the texture of that silky fat head and the slit on top with your tongue. Knowing that that head is so sensitive and gives him so much pleasure, and playing with that hole, knowing what is going to come out of it, is such a turn on.It's amazing when you have a big mushroom head that really fills up your mouth and you can feel the texture of that silky fat head and the slit on top with your tongue. Knowing that that head is so sensitive and gives him so much pleasure, and playing with that hole, knowi
  15. I like sperm the best because in a way it reminds you that it's just a necessary substance for biology and reproduction, but instead it's a hot treat that you like to eat because you're a perverted faggot that loves to eat sperm from a man's penis.
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