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    sub piggy boys in Toronto Canada or anyone that knows their place and can travel or relocate , twinks, jocks, bi boys, skater boys, pups, pigs to the front of the line. I also have a thing for blondes and dirty blondes. Not a huge fan of hairy boys

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  1. thank you for following me Sir.  Hundreds more pics and vids on twitter.com/jonny4dad 




  2. You remind me of the florist. That's goes to the eagle


  3. Haven't been on lately a I am involved with Emergency Procurement of Medical Supplies and Equipment for 4 different countries. I am the guy that gets called when all else fails or when nobody else can get or sourced it....


    ie: Emergency Ventilators back in April May last year,


    Then it was. Masks.  Follow by Gloves..  just 3 weeks ago got a call from Gov of Spain to get 1 million Chemo grade nitrile gloves as their original contractor default on them.


    Then it was testing kits and vaccine.


    The façt that to this day there are people still doesn believe Corvid is real is absolutely disgusting, I took 2 weeks off and setup  a private group party ( yes still needs to laid , to relieve some stress, I had brought a case of Corvid Rapid Antigens  testing  kit , and every one ha to be tested before allow to enter.... As I was taking a break for a few hrs. Came back to see these 2 high as a kite spun out boysthat I didn't know were invited , encouraging  poz breededing and attempt to poz a 22yo who is neg and not on PreP ..THAT was the last draw!  Coming on here and read it write your these fantasizes is one one thing , actually trying to stealth and purposefully  infect someone with HIV is a whole different story.  The boys did, get it , try today they adult blah blah blah.  So I said good I am going to stealth both of you with CORVID !   THEN IT SUNK IN! 


    THE MOMENT ANYONE, CHOOSE TO INFECT ANITHER HUMAN WITH A KNOWN VIRUS that doe not have a cure, you are no difference than a terrorist deploying a biological weapon. Because that is the definition for convict that particular crime.


    I have lost 6 friends and plus 4 4 of my previous owner boys . A friend's spend 4 years battled cancer , 3 yrs in remission, survived 80S AIDS pandemic ,he is a nurse, to have some red neck spit on his face because he was asked to please put on a mask. 


    Sorry don't meant to post something depressed here.


    The worst request I had since last April was when a US state Governor called, he had previously called requested my assistance in acquiring ventilators to which , I had to decline as my own country has first priority, but the his second call , I couldn't possibly decilined and it was one of the most difficult call I have to received,. I stayed up the next 40 yrs as I had promised the Governor that at 36:00hrs make sure I have access to transport , get me the clearance!!!! If needed be. I will have it flown in via Helio! 


    The call was requesting my assistance to get 100,000 body bags ...


    Well everyone involved didn't charged extra it was done at cost.  Everyone stayed awake to make sure it was taken care of!!!



    I learned  that Israel has unlimited supply of body bags.  Well at least at that time.



    This is NOT FICTION. , for those of you who moan about people going on meds when they become poz, wake up and grow up we live in 2021 now,.  


    Sorry admin if this is against rules but posting on my on thread. I hope it isn't.  #corvid  #sleath #twink #pnp #rape #reality #[banned word] #nonfiction 









    1. iosam


      Thanks for sharing and venting, your perspective is appreciated and I certainly agree that people who aren’t taking Covid seriously in 2021 are a huge part of the problem.

    2. Bottomhole




      This is NOT FICTION. , for those of you who moan about people going on meds when they become poz, wake up and grow up we live in 2021 now,.

      Well put. Glad I started meds early. Sorry to hear about the losses and hardships you're witnessing. You're really strong and great to see you  taking it seriously.

  4. One is a fetish , cross dressing is transvestite. The other is not a fetish , stop pumping them together !!!! Transgender or transexual is a gender identity just like make, female , intersex. They are all sexual identitY not fetish. Fetish are storm of paraphilia. Transvestite is a form of paraphilia. Transgender is not a paraphilia!! Transgender is not the same,transgender is a gender identity , people need to stop mixing the two! Transgender is NOT a fetish ! If you insist on mixing the two, it makes you ignorant and extremely transphobic and offensive for thosewho are trans
  5. Ever been to Toronto after the plaque , you are ore than welcome to visit .. I can host and have u look after boy
  6. Not if it has been claimed , collared and owned by those amount Us who are Masters, Leathermen. Not all faggots are equal, some are restricted and prohibited to loath and just used by public without any discipline nor structure in its life, a dime a dozen... Owned properties are more scarced and valuable as these faggots has come full circle and understands it's purpose is no longer self loathing by getting used in turn getting their sexual needs satisfaction, but once owned,it exist for its true purpose in life That is to be of service, to serve, to please , to be used sexually and domestical
  7. woof, sexy attitude mate


    1. Collar4chemboys


      Sorry I haven't been on lately been quite busy as I am involved with procurement an distribution of emergency medical  supplies 

      You are hot   see my private  message



  8. Looking to be an owned bottom for a master who is chem friendly and will keep my hole sore and stuffed with cocks and cum. Willing to relocate. Love anon, glory holes, restraints, blindfolding. Like to rim a man more than I like sucking cock. Some experience as a urinal. Want to be double penetrated.

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