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  1. Thanks for the follow!

  2. and the boy is totally this Sir's type too btw, very hot stats n pics!

    1. subhole4u


      Thank you SIR. boi is beyond flattered.

  3. how many active people on here are from Toronto or Southern Ontario , does anyone know approximately ??
  4. Definitely being consider for a collares position with this Master .. can always use and own a younger piggy white trash faggot who knows it's purpose and place..  

  5. New here. But definitely not new to Kink, chem, pnp, FF, pain and using eager cum dumps.   will update profile soon.. Base in Toronto Canada. Once upon a time ago, back when I was 21 ( Turning 38 in April 2018) co-founded the world largest hard core gay BDSM lifestyle magazine,..figured. 

    1. SeaSketch


      Wish I could be kept permanently drugged and in chastity, collared. Serving however required, taking training and re-programming of its brain 

    2. Collar4chemboys


      just notice this, where about you located fag boy 

  6. I am in Toronto.. if you plan to move here. I can direct you to the right places and pharmacist, doctor/ clinic as well as where you need to go to get your benefit including the government offices etc. send me an email  to Collar 4 Life at gmail  no space subject be rawbottomchub32 from breeding zone 

    1. rawbottomchub32


      Cool! Thanks. I will send you a message then. :)

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