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    sub piggy boys in Toronto Canada or anyone that knows their place and can travel or relocate , twinks, jocks, bi boys, skater boys, pups, pigs to the front of the line. I also have a thing for blondes and dirty blondes. Not a huge fan of hairy boys

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  1. In regards to voyeur or what we called in the dungeon or during dungeon parties as gawkerd... Unless you are high as a kite on T or Coke or G, or you are an exhitbitonist most people actually dislike voyeurism. As it's very annoying. I used to work at the local leather bar, there is a back room where e anything goes.. The biggest problem we had are trolling voyeur will thinks with two others are playing they are there playing for their entertainment.... U be surprise how many times the bar has to kick some of these gawkers out because I out 10 times they are high on T and they will go interrupt the two going and it and tell them. How they should and should do something.. Voyage is one.. Starting is different. You have to be so out of it that u don't realized someone is starring at u. The niche of being pimped out a what some consider as TPE in BDSM, aka total power exchange. It is about domination and submissions it is about degrading and owning a boy/sub it is about control.. At least that's is what it started... U add enough Crystal Meth and G into the equation and u go sprial into that T influence su missive piggy slutty raunchy slut that wasn't to take more and all.... ... Yes T or. Meth or. Clouds or slam it blocks the neutrotransmitter in yiur brain so u have a proper risk assessment... Anyway u get the idea we all all adults here those of us knows knows better... Some of you are [banned word] and I hope it's mostly poz talk. 🙄
  2. I don't think it's. Story.. He is describing what happened to him. Wtf is wrong with u dude. 🙄. Seriously like really....
  3. Hi there, very hot profile.  Would love to meet you. 7608982422. Live at Queen and jarvis. 

  4. Your Dom is an idiot. You don't does not care about you, literally, and that s a bad sign, there is a difference between u being treated as a slave and or object vs someone who actually dies not care about you, it means it uou get killed tomorrow, he would not care. It saids a lot about a Dom doesn't care if you get off or not during sex. It's a great thing that you cum hands free when being fucked. It means he is fucking you the right way. If he does not want you to cum then he needs to learn to stop hitting your spot aka prostate. It is all about the anatomy. Know your body.
  5. Castration, is the only way. Chemical or physical. Estrogen is not chemical by the way. When another bottom answer saying eventually a btm won't cum or caging it, they have not a clue what they are talking about, or they been getting lousy sex. I have been a kink sex educator for the past 20yrs. Once co founded the world larger gay kink magazine. Anyway.. Testostarone level has nothing to due with the amount of cum you will produce,, that has to do with the sperm count, you can have a zero sperm count being sterile and still cum 4 to 6 x a day!
  6. If you can't cum being fucked, sorry then you been fucked By the wrong tops. My boys aren't allow to cum on their own and both are cagedc, but they cum only 3 ways, being fucked / direct anal stimulation / or e-stim. 000
  7. Hey pig, Toronto here also.. Your profile is empty. U mind stating your stats? Hueght weight white black brown asian+ any limits???
  8. That is a wild Pic on your profile. Love it

  9. Thanks for the follow!

  10. So what I also know about u is u talk a lot of fantasy but you are not as sexually active as you say you are, you have multiple accts that you created to boost this pain accct of yiyra and its been working quite well for u event though in reality all u do is fantasize about these stores and then imagine its you and post on forums pretending u went thru them. This is like the last forum allow u to do that after being kicked off many... I know people tried to book u and u either unite or no show... And at bath house u weird people out because us how up in a dress... Claim To be MTF when u don't know what that is... You know MTF is an actual Gender not a kink. I have friends close friends that u insulted because they were actual MTF or FTM, you don't seems to umderstad there is a difference between a transvestite and a transsexual vs a Transgender.. One is a kink the other is not.. You are a transvestite not MTF... It may help u to get back into bathhouse if start showing some. Respect to Transnpeople.
  11. I used to volunteer and worked with the best sexual health clinic in Toronto Canada. So one Saturday morning, there was an intake and it said foreign object lost stuck in rectum. The entire clinic knows I am. Kinky and is a very experienced FF TOP as I have taught seminars on fisting. Anyways. The Chief Medical Director was on duty.. What was supposed to be missing was a magnum size condom, he said it broke off, the first thing we asked was what LUBE did you use. Did you put any lotion or oil base cream o. Your ass or hands. Next, we took out the crown jewel of the clinic, the spetulum used for hoursey... Nope couldn't find it. I did offer to go in but I don't think I will find anything seeing you could say HELLO into that hole and he will hear the echo. He was worried, so we told him to go to ER, and his reply was, and tell them what? We lost it at that moment. Well sorta. Another time there was a guy with a butt plug he forgot he had in him.. His ass was tight as he was nervous... I took caee of that one. Been fisting this 1999!
  12. I just look at your profile mate. I don't live in Manchester, but there are ALOT of kinky guys there, and ai mean a lot, are your on recon? If not why not? May be you should and don't be one of those douche that doesn't fill out their profile. Bbrt can be a good choice too. And I know for a fact that there are quite a few that will like you in Manchester. I was going thru what's available there not so long ago.
  13. Reply to My message boy let's meet and make it come true

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