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    sub piggy boys in Toronto Canada or anyone that knows their place and can travel or relocate , twinks, jocks, bi boys, skater boys, pups, pigs to the front of the line. I also have a thing for blondes and dirty blondes. Not a huge fan of hairy boys

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  1. Ha. well.. Currently a Butcher / Chef ...a few months ago I was sourcing emergency medical supplies to my government and 3 other foreign gov, .. first it was emergency ventilators then it was body bags when one of the governor called. and then it was masks . Historically, well I have bad many hats.. co founded what was once the world largest hard core gay bdsm lifestyle magazine in the 2000s, before that was an intel analyst in my late teens ( sorta graduated high school way ahead).. oh there was a point I was licensed to carry as in investigator/ body guard but I was the guy who desig
  2. Wish u are in TORONTO ,will so give 6iu a load and more
  3. That is probably the easiest way to do this , otherwise you will end up with literally hundreds of different threads if you do it by the fetish. Question Now before I get myself into trouble again, would these be under fantasy forum or not? Because as I just explained to @drscorpio privately, often I went click happy and went from someone profile to a story then click here and there and forgets to look which forum it is under. And then AI have my boo boo and wrote about facts on HIV etc. Which I truely apologize. Fetish and kink is my specialty , actually court certified
  4. Hi, pup, Toronto here, very experienced Dom Top , pup handler /trainer , very hot puppy, always enjoy using a party eager btm, especially one that can cook and knows his way around a commercial kitchen ! Evil grin.
  5. I am curious how young you started I lam also going to private message u about something else... I have a proposition for u .. I know you are a big chaser
  6. Hi, thanks for following me in here ... nice collar 😈

  7. Just saw this .. too bad you in Germany private messagee boy
  8. Yes and no, the problem with setting up that is, many will lie and send fake pics or younger outdated photos of themselves. And with PNP involved you will always end up with a guy showing up high beyond cloud 9 and doesn't understand that some of us have neighbors and live in a decent area.
  9. Hey not far from toronto here, also into twinks, boys, pups


  10. Good boy sound like a true faggot .. u need to get trained by a real Master like myself and be owned and put you in the right place , whore out and used by all Degraded humilatied and out u in your place for sure .without a doubt. Use u and treat u like the object u are meamt to be
  11. Actually boys Aside from the traditional douching ways There are at least three other ways that can get you clean out. 1) high soluble diet 24 to 48 hrs before (yeah right like anyone of you know what I am yakking about or plans for sex.. ) 2) HIGHLY recommended... Get some Glycerin Suppositories. (u may oray not had it as a kid, I sure did back in the 80s they look like tiny bullets you get them over the counter.. U store them in the fridge when it's hot as fuck in the summer. Hr before fucking or getting fuck you shuff one up your ass and no matter what you you ho
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