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    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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    Fucking, Breeding, Bare, POZ, PNP, Chems, Slam, Nipple play, Fisting, Assplay
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    hot young boys (<30) and sexy older men (>30) who like parTy and BB (top? bottom? versatile? all are welcum)

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  1. Man, you are a fucking dream! 

  2. you have a fucking hot body... 😛

  3. Looks so damn hot! You got a new fan 😛 Greetz from Amsterdam
  4. you look like a hot kinky poz boi ... 😛

  5. you have a hot body... would love to poz you 😛

  6. hmmm that sounds so fucking hot
  7. hot!! yes please make new porn vids 😉
  8. you are so fucking hot

  9. Everything was set up for my monthly parTy, a few friends were helping me setting everything up. After setting the sling my friend Thomas walk towards me and said: “i have a feeling that it’s going to be a very hot party”. I only replied with an evil grin. Everybody took off the little clothes they were still wearing. I watched Thomas undress, a saw his hot tanned athletic body and when he stretched out you could see his defined abs; a rock hard eight-pack. He was only 21 but an expert at nearly everything that has to do with sexual pleasure. His fat cock was dangling between his legs; a d don
  10. HI i wanted to know what you think about the porn vids from slamrush[dot]com.... Slam Rush is a edgy site from the producers of Sketchy Sex and Fraternity X and depicts bare sex and chemsex.
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