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    North New Jersey
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    Looking to be tied up, blindfolded and have the top slam my arms and give me a booty bump..
    Want to be fucked when that rush hits!
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Dont get to play a lot but when I can play I love to get spun and then have no limits and will do anything asked
    Looking for parTy tops in the north east New Jersey area..
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    Want to make a porn.
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    ParTy tops to slam with. And record from the point to the drip!

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  1. Love truck drivers. I happened once for me at a rest stop. He had a large sleeper with a bathroom and bed. He had porn playing when we were in it. We sucked and he fucked the hell out of me then we both slept for a bit before i left the truck.
  2. I have top leave a hickey on my cheeks to mark they were there. When one leaves one its starts everyone to do it. It feels great when they do it
  3. I always try to play with 50 or older tops. I find the older the kinker and more experienced they are and with modern medicine they can last longer then the younger tops.
  4. Thats so fuckin hot🔥🔥🔥🔥 I love to have another bottom with me at parties.. Its so hot when my ass is up with another and we are next to each other while we both are getting fucked at the same time🔥🔥
  5. Wow.. Hot story🔥🔥 I have with a few couples before. One MF couple I see on occasion she is very hot looking with a great body. They just started to swing the past couple years.. He said he created a monster but loves it to watch. They invited me over when they had two other guys there and she had a fantasy to be gangbanged which was from watching gangbang porn with her husband. So when i got there they were already playing with her her husband wanted to watch and record it. I got undressed and jumped in. She also got her 1st anal experience from this night. We DP'd her and all left a good load in her. It was a few hours of fucking her in all different positions. One of the guys were bi and me and him played a little while she was getting fucked. Was a good time and got his number.
  6. Has a bottom: A choke collar tight with a chain on it or the best is when the top takes his belt off slaps my ass hard with it and puts it around my neck so he holds it has he is fucking me. Love the rush you get when its tight then loosens up! I sometimes will have a big orgasm. I have before got choked out for a second or a little more as he fucks me!
  7. Try it from a trusted administrator! You will be amazed how good it feels being a bottom!
  8. Thanks! Fucking hot as hell! So want to be that bottom in that video!
  9. That was a hot video 🔥🔥 Holy shit I got hard watching the cum dripping 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  10. Looking for kinky tops in South Carolina
  11. I always cum second. I get hard and hot when I can get the top to blow his load 1st! In my mouth or in my ass! I find it hot mentally when I please the top it gets me hard!
  12. Still trying to get tied up like this!!
  13. Wish NJ had a club with a sling room! Always love to get put on one tied and blindfolded and receive whoever is there!
  14. Yes love love WS!❤🔥 WS: There is such a great warm feeling you get when the top blows his load leaves his cock in you then fills you up with his piss!! Have had it a lot of time always ask the top to do it! Some will use a butt plug to keep it it for a while. Love to drink as many guys at a parTy as possible! I actually like the taste! FF: I have tried it a few times only one success with a small hand alot of other things to enhance the fun. I keep trying and I have a top that once in a while we play hard he trys to get me stretch enough.. hurts sometimes but feels also great. Ill keep trying
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