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  1. Hey,  very fine nickname xx Carsten 

  2. Thanks for the friend request---keep that hole open and take any and all loads.

  3. I've watched lots of straight porn. I've also seen naked women and not been "threatened, disgusted or offended." However, I've been in lots of blended kink communities, and am frequently alienated when I run into straight content there. Particularly when the communities don't make much effort to delineate the content (Fetlife, for example). So, I appreciate the rules here as, when I'm in the middle of a wank, I'm not sifting through content that doesn't turn me on, and might even turn me off.
  4. In Chicago from the 31st to the 2nd. Looking for loads. Hit me up.
  5. I've found Craigslist useful for finding tops. As for no PnP, you might end up lowering Your " customer base''. Sometimes I wish d I hadn't turned down some of the partied out tops. Especially if you're looking for numbers.
  6. Saw a homeless guy yesterday begging for money with a sign that said he was HIV positive. I half considered giving him $100 to come back to my place and fuck me. Anyone ever do that?
  7. My pet peeve are excessively negative profiles. Laundry lists of things the poster doesn't like seeing in other peoples' profiles. I usually try to be "positive" (pun intended) when I write a profile and avoid alot of "not"s.
  8. Someone online told me that one of the Bathhouses in Providence has a bi weekly bear party. Is this true? Is there any way to get details on it?
  9. I used to be obsessed with heavy assplay. Fisting, double fisting, big toys, feet. Then I got a boyfriend who was all about his dick. And putting anything bigger than that up my butt didn't interest him. We fucked a lot. Now, the only thing I really want up my butt is raw cock.
  10. heh, yeah, but I don't think you can take it with you, like the towels.
  11. I've had sex when I was drunk. It was part of our scene. The downside is that I don't remember everything that happened. I like to remember when I do something fun.
  12. I'm thinking about taking a week off from work, buying a portable sling, renting a car and traveling around the eastern seaboard to get loads. Any suggestions?
  13. 6 loads from 6 different guys this past week. I took a vacation off from work. I have a roommate, so don't usually host. But while he was at work, I was able to play.
  14. Not surprisingly disappointing. The only load I got was in my mouth from a guy with a cock too small to fuck me. What little other contact I made involved someone who, I'm sure was hoping the dumb ass in the blindfold (me) had left his cell phone somewhere open.
  15. im in room 213. no loads refused
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