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    Australia, Adelaide
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    Barebacking, breeding, hot sex in general.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Vers, played safe for many of my younger years but got addicted to taking raw cock in my fuckhole and never went back to rubbers.
    I only go raw when topping any willing bottom too.

    Tested Poz last month (March 2019), got converted at a sex party in a basement in Melbourne, Australia. Two of the five tops were poz and knowing they were Poz i got excited and decided to concentrate my bottoming with them because lets face it, Poz tops know how to fuck. I guess i just assumed they were Undetectable. Obviously months later i learnt one or both of them weren't on their meds because i tested positive.
    Im ok with it, i wasn't chasing but knew eventually i would hook up with a poz breeder.
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    Fuck buddies

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  1. I always shave my ass, pubes & balls. Prefer clean shaven rather than hair.
  2. So far this year ive taken 18 different cocks in my ass, a few multiple times. Roughly received 30 loads. I've bred 13 guys, two of them more than 5 times so far this year. Good news is one was a first time barebacker. Now I doubt he will have a covered dick in his ass again 😎
  3. Most of the time I can feel the guy unload in me. The loader grunts, moans & the heavier breathing with the extra pace of him fucking me gets me prepared to take his load. I can also feel most cocks throb & twitch just as they shoot. The warm sensation i can usually feel in my ass if his load is a decent amount is the obvious giveaway πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'll never forget a guy I hooked up with that was on holiday from Brazil about 4 years ago, great thick cock around 7.5" with big balls. We hooked up at a nightclub and went back to my place. During the kissing, undressing, cock sucking etc he asked if he could fuck me without a condom as he cums alot and feels uncomfortable. I replied i wasn't going to ask you to wear one anyway πŸ˜‚ He rimmed me for ages, used a little bit of lube and fucked me missionary the whole time. Wasn't interested in other positions. He didn't break rhythm, make much noise and all of a sudden I feel this warmth inside me yet he is still fucking me like he is building up to it. About another minute passes and I can still feel the warmth in me yet still no reaction from him!!. Just as I was about to ask if he had cum he stops and pulls out slowly. I thought he had pissed in me i really did! I felt it running out without effort from me. I then pushed out and it was like a fountain. I was a gusher! Lol The amount was unreal. I've been fucked by 3 guys and then pushed out their loads and wasn't half the amount of cum I pushed out with this Brazilian guy. He must not of cum in like 2 weeks or something. Haha. His big balls were definitely drained, just can't believe he didn't grunt or indicate he was unloading in me especially with that volume of cum. I understand why he doesn't like fucking women, probably would get them pregnant first go. Haha
  4. Im 100% gay vers! Im attracted to men only, not all men though of course. I have my particular types I look for. First tick of approval, must be a barebacker otherwise no thanks. πŸ˜‚ I love the intimacy and body contact of another man, my cock gets erect very quickly when i touch and feel another man. I get great pleasure out of making another man feel loved. Nothing says i love you more than a erect raw cock up your ass followed by a hot load semen 😈😈
  5. Condoms just don't feel right. They seem to ruin the passion & intimacy of sex! It's kind of like having "fake" sex if you use a rubber, might aswell just jerk off and save the money instead. πŸ˜‚ I'm a true believer of being natural, let nature take its course so if I hook up with another guy and I let him fuck me I expect him to deposit his sperm inside of me. When I find a guy I want to fuck I mention before hand that I will be fucking him bareback and cumming in him as thats what sex should be like.
  6. I enjoy it all. Love long sex sesh's however sometimes I crave a quick fuck and a load shot in me. Makes me feel useful lol
  7. For my first years of being sexually active condoms seemed to be the right thing. As I got older i started reading more gay forums and enjoyed reading about bareback experiences. All of a sudden I was watching bareback gay porn more often. When I was having sex I was thinking more & more what it would be like & feel like. Eventually curiosity was my main conversion to bareback, it was like an itch I needed to scratch. I was finding words like raw & bareback turn me on more. I needed to know what it felt like. Never forget the day I built the courage up and tried it. I topped & bottomed and can honestly say it was the best sex I had ever had up to that point. I even dumped my load balls deep and had him dump his in me. Never forget the feeling!! From that day never used a rubber, if a rubber was insisted i didn't fuck. Convinced myself natural gay sex requires semen exchange and still do!
  8. Im with the minority too. When I top I have to blow balls deep, I want to give my sperm every chance of being absorbed into him. When I bottom I obviously prefer to be bred balls deep but I don't mind if he nuts on my hole then pushes back in my hole slowly.
  9. Never asked. Only a small amount of people would answer truthfully anyway so whats the point. To be honest whether he replied to the question with neg, undetectable or detectable I would still be craving some raw cock and doubt I would pull my pants up and leave πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  10. A couple weekends ago I went into town, before I headed out ofcourse i cleaned myself and got my ass ready incase I got lucky. Attended 2 different gay bars for drinks with friends, no one really appealed to me or caught my eye to be honest. Left my mates and the club around 1am for home. Checked Uber, nothing available so proceeded to walk home as im only a 30 min walk out of the city. While walking home naturally im on grindr having one last chance at getting lucky for the night. Chatting to a few guys and this one guy I had interest in swapped some sexy pics which got me excited mainly due to his very thick uncut cock! πŸ˜‚ He couldn't host and I knew my housemate would be at home and asleep so didn't want to wake her up. I showed him my location, he could meet me where I was as he wasn't far from me. I assumed maybe some car fun but not long after he arrived out of know where and mentioned my name. I asked where his car was and he said at home. He said public fun would be a great thrill. We spoke about a small park just out of the city thats got alot of cover.. Ironically on the way there we passed this lane that was fairly well lit up and heard a few noises. It was two blokes fucking against a wall. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ’¦ Both fully naked too, not a bad sight, they definitely seen us but that didn't stop them πŸ˜‚ Well this got us both horny as, I could see his bulge through his pants. We ofcourse passed these two guys very slowly πŸ˜‚ I wasn't making it to the park as i wanted his cock there and then after seeing the other two guys fucking out in the open so the next lane we walked passed i pushed him to turn down it. We started to kiss and rub each others cocks. His bulge was very noticeable, I dropped to my knees and dropped his pants. There was enough light from a near light to see he had a clean shaven 7" thick uncut cock that was fully erect. I kissed and licked his balls then moved onto his shaft. We backed up against a wall then I hear him say suck my cock. I take it in my mouth and suck him for a few minutes. I stand back up to kiss again. Then I turn around and he drops to his knees and starts rimming my already lubed hole. Felt so good with my hands spread up against a brick wall and his tongue in my ass. He spits on my hole on last time, stands up and presses his big head against my hole. We didn't talk about a condom which suited me fine, my hole gives in and opens up to his girth, he slides in slowly balls deep. He proceeds to fuck me and I can't help letting out a few moans of pleasure. Felt really good, he had great rhythm and finally he says the words that I love..."Im about to cum, can I cum in you" I replied breed me! He made a few moaning noises and gave some short sharp thrusts as he unloaded a torrent of love juice deep in my ass. He withdraws, I suck his cock clean and we leave. I could feel so much cum leaking out too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’¦
  11. Thanks for the follow Stud

  12. My Bareback heros... As a Top - Ethan Wolfe & Antonio Biaggi As a Bottom - Lucas (Culiando?) & Armond Rizzo Love all their vids!
  13. I would love to play with you Poz hereΒ 

  14. Thanks for the follow stud. Be fun to swap loads with you.

  15. Fuck me that was hot. Made my dick hard. I remember the first time I took a knowingly poz cock, slide in my ass inch by inch. I was in absolute heaven and my heart was racing!
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