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    Australia, Melbourne
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    Barebacking, breeding, hot sex in general.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Vers, played safe for many of my younger years but got addicted to taking raw cock in my fuckhole and never went back to rubbers.
    I only go raw when topping any willing bottom too.

    Tested Poz last month (March 2019), got converted at a sex party in a basement in Melbourne, Australia. Two of the five tops were poz and knowing they were Poz i got excited and decided to concentrate my bottoming with them because lets face it, Poz tops know how to fuck. I guess i just assumed they were Undetectable. Obviously months later i learnt one or both of them weren't on their meds because i tested positive.
    Im ok with it, i wasn't chasing but knew eventually i would hook up with a poz breeder.
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    Fuck buddies

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  1. Received mate! Nice to chat with you
  2. Like most guys i get horny very often but im not necessarily looking for a hookup. I enjoy talking about sex, especially about barebacking. If anyone wants to ad my snapchat to chat it's pommy_099 please do so. Not really looking to swap pics etc, more chat about sex etc. Snapchat is pretty much the only social media i use.
  3. Curious to know if people try to target hairy or shaven guys when looking for a bit of fun? Tops - do you prefer shaven or hairy asses? Bottoms - Do you prefer shaven or hairy cocks? Do you have a preference or does it not bother you at all? For me personally as im vers i shave both my cock, balls & ass all the time, seeing completely shaven cock & ass drives me wild but i dont turn down hairy if they are i just dont enjoy the sex as much.
  4. Went to the local sauna last Saturday night, i haven't been for a while. Straight away got chatting with a guy who was travelling for work and was in town for 5 days. Very handsome and i wanted to fuck him. Bought him a drink and we chatted about life in general. We finished our drinks and got up and went into the lockeroom to change. We then walked into a room and as we walked in he mentioned he was a "top" only. Dammmm!! Because i wanted him. I just said ok with a little disappointment in my voice. We kissed for a while, rubbed eachothers cocks and got a little passionate. He dropped his tow
  5. Hooked up last friday night with a Bi guy on Grindr that was keen for some cock. We chatted for a bit and he mentioned he has only been fucked twice. A 24 year old, blonde hair, blue eyes and slim. My type for sure! I sent him my location as he was living with his girlfriend. He rocked up and we had a quick chat about poppers. He had never used them and wanted to try. We undressed and i noticed straight away he was clean shaven all over. 😍 We sucked each others cock on my bed for a while and then i grabbed his ass and proceeded to rim and finger his tight hole. I made him lay flat o
  6. So far for 2021 Ive fucked 3 guys & cum in all 3. Been fucked by 5 guys, 4 have cum in me.
  7. I was at a known public gay sex spot many years ago sucking on a couple cocks and all of a sudden felt this large cock touch my ass as i was on my knees. Turned around to see a latino muscle guy kneeling down behind me with a thick curved cock resting on my ass. He started to finger my ass with lube then all of a sudden felt the tip of his cock against my hole. I could tell he had put a condom on. He slid in and straight away thought fuck this feels shit! I stopped sucking the other guys cocks so i could concentrate on this guy fucking me more. I slid off his cock and turned to kiss him. He wa
  8. Yeah i have for sure!! About a two years ago i had just finished a swimming session and went into the change rooms for a shower, it wasn't a busy night infact there were only 3 others there so i showered naked. Just before i got into the shower i was on my phone messaging a guy on grinder and he sent back several ass pics and naughty messages that got my cock almost rock hard, i stepped into the shower for couple minutes and this guy walked passed the cubicle looked at me then looked down at my erection and just said "very nice" I got out the shower and started drying myself o
  9. Prefer to absorb. Im a guy who loves being intimate & passionate hence why i bareback. When i bottom if the top wants to cum in me its an honour to accept & absorb his sperm deep in my ass.
  10. Thanks for following

  11. The pulsation of The pulsation of that cock as he unloads his semen into that guys ass is perfection. Can't get any more intimate than that!
  12. Dont waste my time if i seea rubber on a cock. Complete turn off, its almost like watching "fake sex" Natural fucks are more realistic & intimate, they should ban condom porn!
  13. 100% bareback. Stopped using rubbers a long time ago. No intimacy or passion when wearing a rubber. Fuck naturally and enjoy fellas!
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