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    Australia, Melbourne
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    Barebacking, breeding, hot sex in general.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Vers, played safe for many of my younger years but got addicted to taking raw cock in my fuckhole and never went back to rubbers.
    I only go raw when topping any willing bottom too.

    Tested Poz last month (March 2019), got converted at a sex party in a basement in Melbourne, Australia. Two of the five tops were poz and knowing they were Poz i got excited and decided to concentrate my bottoming with them because lets face it, Poz tops know how to fuck. I guess i just assumed they were Undetectable. Obviously months later i learnt one or both of them weren't on their meds because i tested positive.
    Im ok with it, i wasn't chasing but knew eventually i would hook up with a poz breeder.
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    Fuck buddies

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  1. 100% bareback. Stopped using rubbers a long time ago. No intimacy or passion when wearing a rubber. Fuck naturally and enjoy fellas!
  2. Saturday night went to a bar with intentions to hook up if i found the right guy. Got there at just after 10pm, i wasn't even half way through my drink and i was getting hit on by two decent enough guys. Haha. Wasn't interested because i only just got there and wanted a few drinks atleast. 15min or so later another guy approached me, he definitely caught my attention. Solid build, sexy face with a cut beard, latino darker look (later learnt Brazilian) and about 10 years older than me. Perfection in my eyes and straight away i knew i wanted him. Had a few drinks & a laugh with hi
  3. I don’t mind if guy is cut or uncut

  4. I was a neg vers bottom for years that preferred the intimacy and great feeling of a bareback fuck. I knew i would become poz one day but didn't chase it, just accepted it would happen if i kept fucking raw. Hooked up with a couple poz guys over time who had the toxic tats etc but i was attracted to their looks, cock & personality not their status.
  5. Not alone! Im like most of the others, if i see a condom i turn it off. Its like watching "fake" sex! Might aswell watch someone fucking themselves with a rubber dildo. Its not a proper porno unless its barebacking then breeding.
  6. Grindr hook up last Tuesday night. Spoke for half a day to a 19 year old, exchanging pics and talking shit etc. Telling me he recently got fucked for the first time and liked it alot so he wanted to be fucked again. He asked if i could host so i sent him my location not expecting him to turn up. He did within a couple hours and what a sexy twink in the flesh he was. 😍 Walks straight in and strips down, smooth body, shaven all over. Got me hard instantly without him touching my dick. I too stripped exposing my hard on and he dropped to his knees and started sucking. For a beginne
  7. Hi nice way you got converted 

  8. Felt randy last night so texted a regular fuck buddy. Watched some porn whole playing pool then we fucked eachother on the pool table. 😂😂 I hadn't cum in 3 days so i shot a decent load in him.
  9. When i bottom im expecting two things: - He will want to fuck bareback. - He will want to cum in me. I think the same when i top so i know they are thinking what i would want. Bottoms that enjoy natural bareback sex want to feel they have been fucked properly. The only way you know you have been fucked properly is knowing the top has shot his semen inside.
  10. Hopefully get to that number. Never kept tally, must be 50ish different dicks when i played safe when i was younger. Currently about 225 bareback maybe a little more. I was in a relationship for 3 years so that slowed the numbers. Haha. When i was travelling around the world a couple years ago i tried taking as many raw dicks as possible because im an interacial whore. Lol
  11. Grindr hook up - met him in the parklands because he wanted to get fucked outdoors. Young twink, skinny but had a perfect bubble butt. Went behind a tree and i started rimming him, he only sucked my cock for less than a minute before he wanted it up his ass. I gladly obliged the young twink and slid in him raw. Within a minute of fucking him we noticed another guy walk past, the twink said he did invite a few others which i didn't know about. He was a short muscle latino guy with a roughly 7" thick rod. He was already erect and started to rim me while i was plowing the twink. He soon put
  12. Very hot story!! Got me fully erect!
  13. Came off Prep because i basically thought well if im engaging in bareback gay sex Prep or no Prep im more than likely was going to become Poz eventually. Didn't chase it but took under a year for me to become Poz which did surprise me a little. No regrets though.
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