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  1. “Where’s your phone?” Matt broke our kiss. I pointed to the nightstand and he jumped up. “Pull your legs back and show me that hole.” I presented my cunt to him and he took several pictures. “Text these to me and you new owners, I’ll send it on to Sir.” “Yes Sir,” I responded instinctually. “Sir? I like that. You’re my sub, and I’m not even a top. How perfect.” “Just a cunt Sir.” “Fuck! I love this new you.” “Honestly I do too!” We laughed and I set Tom and Robert the pics of my wet, cum covered cun
  2. Almost three hours later it was late into the afternoon and I lay on the living room floor with cum drying on my chest. Four more Craigslist guys had come over and fucked me making my count 17 and the last one had shot a second load over my body while he made me eat his hole. In all honesty they had started to blend together in the best way. Apart from Tom and Robert, Matt, and a little bit Jeff I had no interest in who these men were. They had become as much a means to an end for me as I was to them. I was just a hole and they were just a way to get more cum inside me. I lay on th
  3. I kissed Matt at the door, breathed for a moment, and then ran for my phone. There was an exciting collection of new messages. One was a picture of a cock that I thought had to belong to the young otter from Craigslist, followed by “you want this cock?”; another simply read “free now, address”; another “got your message on Craigslist whats your address”; and lastly “Got your number from Matt, when are you free?” I responded to all of them in roughly the same way. “I’m free now, taking loads all day. Come over whenever, though I can’t promise you’ll be the only top here,” and I incl
  4. He pulled his shirt off and dropped his pants as the guy stepped away from my worn out cunt. “Fuck pig, you ready for another cock already?” “Yes Sir!” “I had his hole earlier, before he got caged up and wrecked, I had to come back and try out the cunt now.” “It’s fucking beautiful man.” “Fuck yes,” Matt, already hard stepped up between my legs and slid inside me. I groaned. It was so much hotter this time looking into his eyes, knowing that my friend now knew what a whore I was and wanted to breed me again. He bottomed out no problem
  5. Back in my car I sent a quick text to Jeff saying “Thanks for sending Tom and Robert my way” and then one to my friend Matt “You will never believe what just happened to me.” Then I dove home. Both of their replies came just as I got back in my apartment. Jeff: “They’re fun I hope you got two big loads rom them.” Me: “Far more than that. Matt: “You get some more loads dumped in you slut?” I stripped off my clothes and took a picture of my caged cock and sent it to Matt, along with a video of Tom sliding a massive toy inside me that th
  6. “Fuck” I groaned and lay back on my bed. It was just past lunchtime and I had six loads in me. I had never been fucked more than twice in a day before and today I couldn’t get enough. My cock was soft but leaking cum, my ass was sticky with cum, I was nothing more than a pig. For a long minute I lay on my bed breathing in the smell of sex that hung around. After a few moments I picked up my phone and checked for messages, nothing. The apps were silent too. Things seemed to have calmed down for a minute. I could have gotten up and showered, or pushed the loads out of me, but I didn’
  7. following you cause you have some of the best stories on BZ

  8. “Just parked pig,” another message had come through. Shit! I had forgotten about the guy on his lunch break. I did the only thing I could do in that moment. I texted him back, “Doors open, just took another load.” Then I quickly texted Matt back, “Next guy’s already here ;)” I heard my door open and put my phone down on the bed. Naked, I walked into the front room and greeted my next top. He looked a little older and stouter than his photo, but there was something animalistic in his eyes, and his crotch was already bulging. Without saying a word he undid his tie and unb
  9. The latest message was from my third email, the middle aged guy with the beer can cock. “I’m just starting my lunch break,” it read. Shit, I thought is it only lunch time? It was in fact only just now 1pm. “Still taking loads? I’ve got an hour and a half.” “Yes, just took a big one from a jock boy, come breed me.” “Fucking pig. I’ll be right over. My office is about twenty minutes away.” Another guy, another random man was on his way to fuck me, and something told me he too would not be enough to slake my lust. Rolling over on my bed, I grabbed m
  10. 10. With two more loads from Rodger pumped deep in my cunt, we sat half-dressed on his couch. “How do you feel?” “I feel amazing. I meant what I said, I’ve never felt more myself. Did you send Sir the vidoes we took?” “Yep just sent them, so he knows your cunt if free for your next assignment.” “You think he’s going to send me out to more guys?” Rodger laughed, “Hell yes, at least a couple more. If your cunting is anything like mine you wont finish today till late, and you’ll wake up tomorrow sore and gaped.” “
  11. 9. Out on the street my Super sent me the video he had taken on Scruff. I watched it with the sound off, my cock throbbed. I downloaded it and sent it to Sir right away with an apology for not responding to his text fast enough. His response came almost immediately telling me not to be sorry for taking a fat cock and to hurry off to my appointment. Sir must know every top in the area I thought, realizing that the address he’d sent wasn’t that far from my apartment either. I didn’t even need to take the train. Checking Google to make sure I knew where I was going, I head
  12. 8. I stood outside of the stranger’s apartment building for a moment catching my breath and checking my messages. Nothing yet from Sir, but a few on Scruff from guy’s I had messaged the day before. I started to walk home, slowly answering messages as I went. As I walked I could feel cum running down my leg, leaking from my hole. It was just a tiny bit but I felt certain that anyone walking behind me would see a massive wet spot forming in my shorts. I stank of sweat and cum, I needed a shower, but I was still horny. I hadn’t cum myself since Sir had fucked me the firs
  13. 7. That was the first night I spent with Sir. He fucked me four more times and eventually we fell asleep with his soft cock nestled between my cheeks. The next morning I woke, with his big arms wrapped around me tight and his morning wood sliding slowly in and out of my open cunt. I pushed back on his cock and moaned. “You’re awake. Good.” With that he began to fuck me in earnest. Quick, hard, deep thrusts, opening my guts up again. I was putty in his hands. I would have done anything for him. This was not meant to be a long fuck. Sir built up to a quick j
  14. 6. The load I had just taken had been massive, and my hole felt slick as I buzzed Sir’s apartment a few minutes later. It was three minutes to eight, right on time. The first words out of Sir’s mouth when I got in the apartment were, “Get in the bedroom and strip. Have your phone out. I want to watch the videos you took for me today.” Eagerly I ran into the bedroom and stripped off. Without being told to I got on the bed on all fours with my ass pointing towards the door. “Fuck,” Sir said, sliding a finger into my hole, “That is not the cunt th
  15. 5. I had fifty minutes before I had to be at Sir’s place which was about a twenty-minute walk from my apartment. Deciding I would rather be early and wait around than risk being late, I got dressed for the first time all day and started to walk slowly downtown towards his place. As I walked I checked the messages that I had and sent a few back hoping to be able to hook up with some of the guys another time. About halfway to Sir’s I noticed a familiar face on the Scruff grid. It was the second twink, the one who had been sent over by his friend to fuck me.
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