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    Dallas, Texas, USA
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    Kissing, sucking, rimming, getting rimmed, breeding and getting bred with toxic seed.
    For FF I am a top, in everything else, I like the bottom bunk. Cloudy days and shotgunning are hoT
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    Versatile Bottom
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    [gay love haiku]

    Night-time's good for sex
    How I relish rough gay trade
    As the moon shines down.
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    Too old for porn - but too young for a Depends commercial
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    Come on over to the dark side -- I have cookies

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  1. Can I call over for a chat, I will bring cookies.😎

    1. MTWTFSS


      We both know the type of cookies we both like ✔

  2. Love your profile, and you KNOW i love pokies, let's go, go go!

    1. MTWTFSS


      Fuck Yeah bud

    2. HardVersSF


      Anytime you want on a cloudy day stud.

    3. MTWTFSS


      Love swapping clouds

  3. I must tell you - your Big profile picture - Black Man Raw Fucking a White Boy is Extremely HOT - making craving a Big Black Poz Cock - Cock Hound here !  Love it - my Uncut Dick got me going as a young male for Older Guys !

    1. MTWTFSS


      That pic really turns me on too --  so damn hot

  4. Hi... Thank you for the follow... Hope all your bareback dreams come true... 🐷

    1. MTWTFSS


      Thanks bud. You too

  5. I need your profile mtwtfss👿

  6. Thanks for posting all of the hot pictures.  I love the pictures and the pictures allow me to maintain my soul centered around the energy of men....

  7. Does Daddy like this one?

    man with pussy.jpg

  8. Thanks Sir

    1. hornynhung


      Amazing arse love to fuck you

    2. Scandianviantwink


      this was just after a big German Master had dildofucked me and then given me his big cock, seconds after he made me push out the cum into his hand and drink it

    3. DutchBBfucker
  9. The boy with flu in the clinic and his cousin, very young, are curious about male fuck. 22 year old showed hiding place. Told the men where the two are (they paid him). The men were looking for the boys
    and despite their bloody ass they were horny and often let themselves be fucked.

  10. Are you telling me something about yourself? Are you afraid of HIV and still horny to fuck with a butt? I had lues and Hep B.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. storymix


      thank you Sorry I think it's cool. Did you know when you were infected? I at lues and Hap didn't know. I am only active. I'm horny because I've had that. How are you doing Do you have to take med? Have you ever met someone who didn't want to? Were you so horny that you did it after all?

    3. storymix


      do you take med or can you still give presents? You certainly don't dare, but I hope that you make a young guy really horny by becoming a breeder.

    4. MTWTFSS


      Presents are always fun to give

  11. Thank you for the pictures. Yes, I know that hunger. I have two younger friends who might visit me and be horny. Both over the age of 40 look much younger. I saw one again in Prague and soon I will visit him and with him ...

  12. Thanks, sorry I don't speak English, unfortunately, only German

    Danke, sorry ich kann kein Englisch, leider, nur Deutsch

  13. Thanks for bringing me to the kinky dark side.

    1. MTWTFSS


      My pleasure  --  and welcome  🙂

  14. Conflicted -- understand your reasoning, which is fairly sound but, for me, part of the encounter is kissing - I have not hooked up with guys in the past who say they don't kiss -- I would feel like I am missing something without kissing - which probably means (for now) I won't play
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