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  1. Atlantic City here,  poz, 90% bottom. Hit  me up

  2. nah love my bf and love cum. can't let go of either
  3. yeah he was undetectable he said. but i ended up taking his raw cock again ... it was too hot of an encounter not to. now I'm craving more cum
  4. was really bad today... had guy come up to me at work tell me I'm hot and gave me his number. so i texted him found out he was staying at hotel i work at and he wanted me to come to his room so we can hang. i have bf and didn't know.... eventually he mustve realized i was hesitating and started to sext me really naughty things. and i got so turned on... i went up and gave up my hole for his poz cock. and he shot a ton of cum in me i felt it.... I'm bad
  5. bf doesn't know i sometimes take raw loads. I'm bad ... i just got one few hours ago while at work. couldn't help it he was hot and i was horny. went to his room and got pounded good
  6. Anyone ever in atlantic city let me know. I posted on this early on probably on oage 4 or 5. Only ever met 1 guy since want more!
  7. hey im from the Atlantic City Area. i dont have kik but you can email me at skate4815@gmail.com
  8. names I answer to: Alex Phone number (voice calls): 609-287-9230 location: Atlantic City NJ Times available: wednesdays or nights sometimes Age: 27 Height: 5'8 Weight: 175 lbs Ethnicity: latino BBRT SN: njcumslut44
  9. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): Alex Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): 609-287-9230 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): Atlantic City NJ Times you're generally not available: changes every week. but mostly wednesdays all day or weekend after 6 Age: 26 Height: 5'8" Weight: 185 lbs Ethnicity: hispanic

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