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  1. Great hot body there fella, awesome.

  2. The sensory overload....heightens the pleasure....fill my brain with lust....my cock like it's on permanent viagra...and my hole slick with anticipation while my nipples could cut glass! Yes! Yes! Yes!
  3. Used to live near a cruising spot in Philly...oh how I miss that little alley
  4. Kenny#5 I was so thirsty that I grabbed a glass and began chugging my drink. It tasted like Vodka and Gatorade. Javier said since I finished my drink first I could have the first toke of his pipe. Luis said something to Javier in spanish and Javier told me to fuck Luis. Luis wanted my seed. I thought kinda fuzzily as I entered Luis hole that seed was a funny way to describe cum. As I was sliding in and out Javier put the pipe to my lips and said, "suck on that glass dick baby, draw it deep into your chest" Moreno began pinching my nipples and nibbling them as Kenny wriggled under Luis a
  5. Kenny#4 Javy moved around the bed and sat back in front of me. He fed me his sloppy cum covered cock and his friend Luis began to pound my fresh fucked ass. Kenny flipped down next to me as Moreno fucked his ass. He turned and whispered into my ear as I slurped at Javys cock and balls, " How do you like my friends? They love slutty faggots like us". Javier pulled Kennys mouth onto his dick and pushed my tongue lower into his ass. I was moaning and grunting at the pounding I was getting and I was SO turned on by the sounds, smells, taste and sights around me. I was hard as a rock. My cock
  6. Hot sexy profile pic mate.

  7. Cheers for the follow fella 😉

  8. Nice job on the Kenny story dude.... keep it up!! Cheers


  9. Kenny#3 I looked up when the door opened and a very sexy tall dark man entered the room. He had that Tubbs look from Miami Vice....so hot. He smiled at me and said to Kenny, "I brought some of my boys and some party favors, why don't you go say hi while this sexy baby and I get acquainted ". Kenny stood up and kissed Javier and undressed him as Javy pinched his nipples and kissed him. I was entranced as his big black penis swung into view as Kenny stooped to pull his pants off from around his feet. Javier met my eyes and smiled. He pushed Kenny out the door and kneeled on the bed, his coc
  10. Part 2. I woke up with my ass throbbing and a hardon. Kenny was still spooning me and I could feel his breath on my neck. I got up, found the bathroom and felt wetness at the top of my thighs. I sat on the toilet and peed and let go 3 large long loud flappy farts. Kenny poked his head in and said we should shower. He jumped in and I followed, we soaped up bodies, cocks, balls, nipples. And then he bent me over and put a hose up my hole and cleaned me out he said. He put his soapy cock in me after and pumped it a few times as I moaned at the fullness and burning soap. He pulled out and pro
  11. I met Kenny in a snowstorm. He lived in the apartment below my girlfriend and she had told me to go home because the storm was bad. As I was brushing my car off and thinking about my blueballs, he came outside in a robe to bang his boots off. He said I shouldn't drive in this and to come inside where it was warm. I thought about it for a minute....and he turned around and went inside. I was cold...it was snowing bad...girlfriend's lights were out. I followed him inside. He handed me a drink, a heavy triple vodka on the rocks with some Tab mixed in, like his. We sat, drank and he tol
  12. Thank you for the follow!

  13. Thanks for following, hot stuff. Its nice to meet you.

  14. Guy I worked with was my first bbc. He seduced me at work late one night and we blew each other in the breakroom after closing. Things got hot and heavy after that. I visited his apartment before work, after work, every day for weeks. Couldnt get enough.
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