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  1. I grew up on the Jersey shore. Had summer jobs every year of all kinds. I loved the beach. After my junior year of college I came home once again to work at the beach. Got a job as a bar back in Asbury Park so I could spend my days getting tan. First night on the job I met Barry who was working the same shift and we hit it off. After work we sat on the tailgate of his pickup and drank a few beers in the parking lot. We agreed to hit the beach together in the morning. A few hours later we met up and walked under the boardwalk to get to the beach. Barry walked in front of me in a little peach colored speedo. He had a nice little ass I thought. I was thinking about his ass went I bumped into him...he had stopped short. “Shhh” he said. “Listen”. I heard moaning and slapping. I was already hard and Barry moved back onto my hardon. “Sounds like fun” he said. I stammered something unintelligible and sucked in my breath as he rubbed his butt on my cock. He turned to me and kissed me and took my hand and led me to the beach. He said, “ let’s catch some rays first”. I followed his sexy ass out onto the beach and we set up our towels and Barry rubbed Coppertone on me and I had a giant boner. He discreetly grabbed me and I moaned and he said, “now do me”... oh how I so wanted too! We soaked up the sun for a few hours flipping and reapplying lotion. I was SO horny. Barry took a walk down the beach and when he returned said he knew a bunch of people further down the beach hanging out, so we picked up and joined them. I was introduced to a bunch of guys mostly in speedos or small tight suits. Several different hot guys rubbed me down with lotion and I them for the rest of the afternoon. We drank beer, talked, smoked and tanned. We were close to the boardwalk and guys would pair off and walk underneath for awhile. Barry came back from “a walk” and I saw a huge wet spot on his sexy ass. My new friend Enrico and I made eye contact at the same time and he asked if I wanted to take a walk. We entered the dark coolness of the under part of the boardwalk and I could hear guys fucking. We walked to a darker area and Enrico spread a blanket out in front of us and pulled down my speedo as he drew me down onto the blanket. We kissed. We 69’d. He ate my hole with gusto, it was marvelous with his mustache and chin stubble. He dumped lotion in my ass and finger me while I sucked his sexy dark Dick and buried myself in his sweaty bush. And then he turned me around and slowly at first started long dicking me. I moaned and pinched my nipples as he picked up his pace. My Dick was bouncing with every thrust and suddenly another Dick was in my face. I was so horny, I gobbled that cock right up and the two cocks shared me in a spit roast. I was thoroughly enjoyed myself impaled on two nice cocks when a head slid underneath me and a mouth engulfed my cock! In no time I was moaning loudly and cumming like a racehorse! Enrico started pounding me harder and with one final thrust yelled something in Spanish and collapsed on my back. when he pulled out of me the mouth on my cock n balls moved to my hole and his tongue whirled around my rim. The beautiful cock I was sucking then pulled out of me and he flipped me on my back and pulled up my legs as he thrust deep into me. Barry appeared and kissed me with his crummy mouth and tongue, he whispered that he wanted to just watch but got carried away and wanted my cum. He pinched my nipples and my cock got hard again as the sexy man fucking me began pounding away at my hole. He thrust deep and as he hit bottom Barry twisted my nipples hard and my cock erupted again. Above me, I could hear the sound of the carousel and feet walking bi above. Ah sweet summer...gonna be a good one I thought
  2. Hey thanks for the follow 🥰

  3. I must say your stories about playing with your comrades as a short order cook as a teen were really hot.  Certainly changes the way I think of a kitchen.

  4. Hot thick build bro, I’d breed you 

  5. I was horny all day. Woke up horny, cleaned myself out, drank a smoothie, and drank coffee and water all day at work. My cock was sensitive when I peed and hung loose and long all day. My ass twitched now and then while I worked. I fairly bounced out to my car, I felt good, sexy, horny. I hummed along with the radio as I drove to my favorite place, pinching my nipples as I maneuvered through the traffic. I pulled into the parking lot and it was reasonably full. A sexy black man in a gray track suit came out the front door and sauntered towards me, his cocktail swinging and bulging, visible to me as he walked and entered the car across from me. I watched as he lit a cigarette drew in deeply and exhaled through his nose and mouth. I was instantly hard as he did it again and settled his eyes on me and smiled and winked at me. I got out of my car and he followed me into the store. I bought some tokens and half listened to my sexy follower talking to the sexy clerk about "things looking up". I went into the booth with holes on both sides. I stripped and kneeled on the floor and started the movies. I pinched my nipples, played with my cock, rubbed spit and precum on my hole and fingered myself. I heard the door open in booth next to me saw a movie startup and heard the rustle of clothing. A very nice cock came through the hole, shiny and big and black....my favorite. I licked and sucked on the head, up and down the shaft. Swirling, swallowing, sucking, liking and then....it disappeared. And then he fed me his balls, one at a time. I loved them too. And then his pretty asshole. I ate it, tongued it, slobbered all over it until he gave me back his dick. My nipples were extra sensitive and swelling by now, my hole twitching, my cock leaking precum, I was so turned on. A voice behind me then whispered, "stand up boy, back dat ass up over here". I looked and saw a big wet black dick behind me. So I stood bent over and backed up onto that beautiful dick as I kept working my man's dick in my mouth. I sank down to the wall on that dick behind me and heard him moan. I myself moaned around the cock in my mouth and just lost myself in pleasing these men. They came inside of me within seconds of each other after stretching my holes for what seemed like joyous hours. I slaked my thirst for cum on both ends. Got dressed and with a full belly and ass I sauntered back to my car. I smiled at the clerk and the sexy tracksuit man as they blew smoke my way while they leaned on his hood. I rolled down my window and said," see you soon I hope" as I drove past those sexy men with their sexy dicks bulging in their pants.
  6. Raw. So horny for his cock I sat on it and rode him like a horse. Shot cum all over his chest right before he filled me up with his cum.
  7. Great hot body there fella, awesome.

  8. The sensory overload....heightens the pleasure....fill my brain with lust....my cock like it's on permanent viagra...and my hole slick with anticipation while my nipples could cut glass! Yes! Yes! Yes!
  9. Used to live near a cruising spot in Philly...oh how I miss that little alley
  10. Kenny#5 I was so thirsty that I grabbed a glass and began chugging my drink. It tasted like Vodka and Gatorade. Javier said since I finished my drink first I could have the first toke of his pipe. Luis said something to Javier in spanish and Javier told me to fuck Luis. Luis wanted my seed. I thought kinda fuzzily as I entered Luis hole that seed was a funny way to describe cum. As I was sliding in and out Javier put the pipe to my lips and said, "suck on that glass dick baby, draw it deep into your chest" Moreno began pinching my nipples and nibbling them as Kenny wriggled under Luis and pulled my balls down into his mouth as I was moving in and out of Luis ass. It was exquisite, pain, pleasure and ohhhhh as I held the smoke and it began to exit my nose and mouth.....I felt SOOOOO GOOOOD. Like superman. I felt lie I could fuck for a year. My senses went on overdrive as they all pulled and pinched and Moreno slid into my hole. I felt as if I was watching myself from above and loving being loved that way. I looked into Javiers eyes as my body floated on a sea of pleasure. He smiled and patted my head and said, "Yes baby, I'm going to make you feel this good from now on. You love dick my sexy boy" and he fired up his glass pipe and put it between my lips and whispered "suck it in faggot, take big drag and hold it for Javier". I held it and held it and as the power rose within me....I bucked and fucked and bellowed as my cock erupted in Luis and Moreno erupted in me....and I floated above the sexy scene and floated away on a cloud of pleasure.
  11. Kenny#4 Javy moved around the bed and sat back in front of me. He fed me his sloppy cum covered cock and his friend Luis began to pound my fresh fucked ass. Kenny flipped down next to me as Moreno fucked his ass. He turned and whispered into my ear as I slurped at Javys cock and balls, " How do you like my friends? They love slutty faggots like us". Javier pulled Kennys mouth onto his dick and pushed my tongue lower into his ass. I was moaning and grunting at the pounding I was getting and I was SO turned on by the sounds, smells, taste and sights around me. I was hard as a rock. My cock bounced around as Luis pounded my hole. Javier said something in Spanish and Luis slowed down. Javy lifted my head and Kenny and I started making out as he poured coke on his belly. He then told us,"eat up amigos" so Kenny and I began snorting the pile. And then, Luis plunged balls deep into me....and my hole began to burn, the heat was intense, the feeling was amazing in my chest and my dick began to drip as he picked up the pace and Kenny and I licked the powder off Javys belly. I was numb, I was spinning, on fire, flying and SO HORNY. Moreno came with a bunch of grunts and then Kenny moved in front of me as Javier stood up. I plunged my tongue and lips into and on Kennys sloppy hole. His hole was sucking my tongue in and pushing cum out as I lapped and slurped. Kenny fed me his balls, his dick, his ass. Luis moaned loudly as he stopped pounding my ass, "Madre de dios" or something like that. He collapsed on my back as Kenny told me to squeeze my ass and milk his dick dry. I was trying to do just that whIle sucking Kennys balls when Kenny pointed his cock at me and shot his cum on my lips and face. I licked him clean and he fed me the cum from my face. We were all laying on the bed, naked and sticky when Javier walked in with a bunch of drinks and a big bong......
  12. Hot sexy profile pic mate.

  13. Cheers for the follow fella 😉

  14. Nice job on the Kenny story dude.... keep it up!! Cheers


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