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    Bareback,piss play,,being skull-fucked,heavy nipple play, being a cumdump, being used like a cheap poz whore.
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    Cook, cocksucker, fucktoy.
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    anonymous bareback, taking loads, mostly bottom, but love to fuck tiny asian guys bareback... love being face-fucked, and taking loads in my mouth, on my face, and on my body, as well as, of course, in my ass!
    Love gloryholes, adult bookstores, and adult theaters.
    Love ALL cocks, regardless, of size, color, cut, or uncut.
    I will NOT go near a cock that hasn't been washed recently! (hate dick chee

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  1. To be poz or not.

    Got told my results August of 2017, after i was hospitalized with MRSA. I wasn't at all surprised. I don't recall ever getting the fuck flu, but since getting out of the hospital, my bowels, and guts have been playing he'll with me. In 4 months, I've only been in the mood to suck two cocks, and actually felt better, physically, than in a long while. I WANT to get fucked, SO BAD, but my physical health keeps me from going out. Knowing what I know now, I would have started on PREP. I know is be getting more dick than I am now. Also, I'm unmedicated, as they want $600.00/ month for Genvoya.
  2. Atlantic City Poz bottom

    Still looking...
  3. Atlantic City Poz bottom

    Recently diagnosed poz, NEED to be used like a cheap whore! One on one, or in groups, your place, a sleazy motel room, an adult bookstore/theater, your car, an alley, wherever! No condoms allowed! Love ALL sizes, colors, shapes! Total cumdump looking for loads! Into most scenes, just ask!
  4. Atlantic City here,  poz, 90% bottom. Hit  me up

  5. My test came back..:(

    I've just gotten the results of my first test. Positive. Didn't really surprise me, but it's upsetting, nonetheless. Part of me wants to curl up and die. Part of me wants to get fucked! Not sure what's going to happen now...
  6. Restroom Floor

    I've made it a habit to, whenever I go too an adult bookstore video booths, or theaters, to actively LOOK for any wasted cum on the floors, walls and screens, and lick it up. Especially love it when guys are watching, and express their disgust at what a filthy pig i am, licking cold cum off the filthy floor. Many of those guys that showed disgust, wound up fucking me, or jerking off into my face!
  7. http://thisvid.com/videos/fucking-my-boy-pussy-with-a-cruel-condom-covered-dildo/
  8. My hole

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