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    Sucking cock and fucking raw cock
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    I'm a POZ friendly neg bottom looking to be knocked up with aids
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    I am looking for as much cum my hole can take and even more. I want to do everything from one-on-one to threesomes to gangbangs. I want to find a bull master to make me his slave for him and all his friends and to use me as his personal cum dumpster. I want a master to use me for everything he wants to use me for.

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  1. Do you have any advice for Cheshire motor inn. Like safety for oneself and ways to get the most "Bang for my buck"
  2. So I'm going to be in Atlanta during labor day weekend for dragoncon but that also happens during atlanta black pride weekend so I'm wanting to do alot of hooking up either at my hotel or at any of the sex clubs in atlanta. Can anyone help me by telling me the best places to go for sex in Atlanta
  3. I will be landing in Atlanta around 4 or 5 in the evening. I would love to swallow a few loads when I get off the plane. Will any BBC need their cocks sucked and load swallowed
  4. I shall be getting bred by hopefully 2 but I know for sure 1 well hung BBC top in Lagrange. Would love to hear from some more BBC near Lagrange, GA if they want to help breed my tight white slave hole
  5. So today was the day I had been waiting for. Today was the day I would be converted into a true whore. This was the day I took 4 big black cocks infected with HIV. It started off with me waking up after a long night of excitement and work to a email telling me that my conversion party is anxiously awaiting my arrival. After getting up and preparing myself for my gangbang conversion I grabbed 2 butt plugs. 1 was for the trip down and the other was for after every man dumped his infected baby batter into my man cunt. It took me about an hour to get to my hosts house where my life would change forever. Once I arrived I noticed there were alot more cars than expected since I knew of only 4 men that would be pounding my asspussy. As I walked up to the door, it opened and my host stood there with nothing on but a really small towel around his waste
  6. Never have and never will. I am a Black Cock Whore and I'm damn proud of it.
  7. I'm looking for a black man that is hung at least 8 inches to cum fuck me in a hotel room Saturday night. I would love that you fuck me with a rubber first to get me all stretched out but then quickly remove it and pound my tight hole raw and dump your load deep inside my cunt. Looking forward to hearing all the replies from all the Big Black Cocks out there near me :-)
  8. Im looking for a group of well hung black men to meet at a hotel in opelika, al and pound my white ass and fuck my throat. I only want neg men right now maybe if this has a good turn out the next gangbang I have will be a conversion party;-). I would like to have at least 4 men that are heavy cummers and have atleast and 8" cock. I will be providing lube. If you have any poppers you use, feel free to bring them. Message me here for more details :-)
  9. Well I usually never ask a black guy to put one on but it had been a while and a condom and lots of lube slid that massive black cock right in between my cheeks
  10. I'm looking for lots of cum in december(I know it's october but I want to plan this out good) I'm looking for lots of cock to abuse my ass and throat. I will be getting a hotel room for the location. I want clean cocks at this time and I don't just mean washed clean. I mean I don't want to get any sickness ( as I'm not a bug chaser) so I will need to see a copy of your latest test results the day of the event. I'm would love to get all black cocks but all cocks are welcome. My age range starts at 25 and goes up to 50. Message me if you are interested
  11. The last load I got was from the extremely well hung black guy with a wicked curve to his cock. i had put an ad out looking for some cock to pound me and fill my tight hole with a nice load of cum. Well he replied and I met him at his apartment. He was a very nice guy and very sexy too. We went to his bedroom and he sat down on the bed and slipped his shorts off and there was the biggest cock i had ever seen in my life. It was about 8 inches long soft and i started sucking it and it grew to about almost a foot long and it was so so thick. It had to be atleast 6 inches thick. I tried deepthroating it and it was all i could do to not gag. Well i got up and slide my shorts off and bent over onto his bed. I heard him looking for a condom but I quickly said i wanted his cum inside of me. So he grab some lube and lubed my very tight hole and his thick tool. He started working me over good and started fucking me good and deep. He finally after about 30 minutes drove every inch of his massive sledge hammer of a cock and unloaded a huge load of thick cum deep within my wrecked guts. He left his cock in me for a few more minutes and let every last drop of cum flow into me and then sent me on my way. That was back in july when i got my last load and I'm looking for my next load wherever it may be;)

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