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  1. I think i spelled it right..anyway i dont know alot about this,so thought that this would be a good place for the discussion. I know guys take this as a last minute effort to prevent HIV,which i personally think is silly,but thats just me
  2. Silly question maybe..but ive been inactive for a bit,and when i was away i deleted alot of my profile,just for personal reasons,so my question is,how do upload pix,edit profile? I dont see where the option is on my tablet..if i cant edit it,its ok..ill just deal with it
  3. Yea man..definitely negative..give it your best shot man :)

  4. I recently told a guy i wasnt into it after it was apparent his dick wasnt getting hard..i think he was nervous too,but the worst thing was his cock wasnt so fresh..but i was nice about it..
  5. Lookin for tops,vers guys who get this way..
  6. Yes im having issues,please delete my personal info from the cumdump network,i am receiving harrassing texts and calls..and i dont understand why i got an infraction for titleing my thread "cumdump network"..anyway please do this,and thank you..
  7. I politely asked to have my info deleted from this thread,and i just noticed my info is still all there,can you PLEASE take my info out? Theres never any1 on here that comes to my area so its pointless to have it listed..please do this and Thank You
  8. Hey hairyone..God bless you man..hope things get better for you
  9. I kept count when i was first messin with guys at 18, back then i was pretty innocent,never barebacked,i topped some,and mostly oral,so pretty vanilla..anyway i stopped counting at 19 when i was with guy number 60.. id say im prob up to number 1000 or so by now lol
  10. It depends..if the chemistry is rel good,then yea it can be hot,but the guy has got to be very masculine,straight acting..dominant ,verbal too..cuz a fem guy saying it would be a huge turn off in my opinion
  11. Sorry about your issue..yea i hate Facebook..i never use it..but i guess i can see using it for business purposes,like twitter too..btw im a big fan of yours ...
  12. Had two great tops fuck my hole real good yesterday,one lives close to me,older guy,40s total macho redneck,said he wants to make me his regular bottom bitch..i fuckin love it..and got fucked earlier this morning..so its been a great wknd so far
  13. OK for example,my profile on a4a is cuminmyazz,my profile says im a bareback btm lookin for bareback tops,i try to be pretty blunt in what i want so no ones confused,but today earlier this top hit me up askin if i wanted to get fukd,and i said "yea..definitely", i liked his profile,nice cock,etc..so i asked him,"you fuck bb right?".. and he replies.."no,safe only" ,so im thinking..what the fuck?, but i was nice and said "sorry..only into gettin bred", and he says "well if only bareback,then ill have to decline" LOL!... wow..talk about confused..anyway..so i was still nice and we just chatted s
  14. Yea i cant find a way to edit my profile..also its kind of a late complaint,but one of your members who actually is in my friend list stole one of my pix,,i mean im flattered..but its still annoying..
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