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  1. It sounds like you also had a great time. I was hoping somebody on here saw my action ?
  2. Arriving at Fort Troff Manifest4U in Atlanta on Saturday night I had no clear intentions for the evening, other than to cum hard. My visit to the sling room revealed a mix of fucking and fisting scenes, some of which were hot and drew me in. After that I walked back to the entry hall and saw two of the hottest guys ever taking off their street clothes to reveal matching backless singlets, one in red and other other in blue. I observed them from time to time being approached aggressively by guys and politely brushing them off as they were just getting acclimated and their front pouches weren
  3. My heart raced when I saw the parking lot full of mostly beater cars with license tags from every county in a 50 mile radius. After paying the $20 entry fee to the cute counterboy who shot me a shit-eating grin, I made my way through the club,wishing my eyes would adjust faster so I could see if where I was going. It did not take long before a multitudeof hands were rubbing my cock hard in the semi-darkness. One of thehands unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock which was immediately engulfed in some guy's warm deep mouth. I ran my fingers through his crunchy hair while I fucked his th
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