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  1. Gay Guest House

    True story from this past summer. I was staying at a guest house in Provincetown in June. I’d stayed in the same guesthouse a few times, and booked a room that had an outside entrance off the deck. Easier than walking through the guesthouse every time. June is pre-season, so there are a lot of guys around, but town isn’t overly busy. My first full day turned out to be pouring rain, and I was feeling disappointed and horny. I chatted with a few guests downstairs while I grabbed some yogurt and juice, then headed to Joe’s Coffee for a breakfast sandwich. All the while I had my apps open and was cruising. A few familiar faces from years past were on, and one older guy I’d chatted with at the guesthouse that morning. He didn’t really hold my attention (out of shape, and didn’t give off a lot of energy), though he quickly sent 3 messages on Scruff after I left. I heard from a few guys in varying states of readiness to play. Most were still “waking up” and wouldn't be available for awhile. I decided to hit the gym for an hour. As I was leaving the gym, it was still raining. One of the guys I’d chatted online said he was ready to meet if I could host. I checked out his pics. Mid40s with an average, lean body, dark hair and nice beard, and an impressive looking cock. I told him where to find me. He told me to have just a jockstrap on when he arrived. About 15 minutes later, I saw him coming up the steps onto the deck. I took a quick hit of poppers to get me going, just as he showed up at my door. He was easily 15 years older than in his pics, his skin weathered and his beard longer and stragglier than I like. I hesitated and was about to say I didn't think it was going to happen when he pulled out his cock. It was an easy 7 inches, swollen with a nice head and thick shaft, and a silver cockring at its base. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. With a hand on back on my head, he fed me his cock. After a couple minutes, he fed me a hit of poppers, and pushed his dick back into my mouth. Now my blood was pumping and I started sucking him voraciously. He leaned over my back, driving his dick all the way into my mouth so I choked, and pushed two wet fingers into my hole. He repositioned himself so he had better access to my ass, turning my head to the side and pushing me down on all fours on the floor. He had me take a long hit of poppers, and began working 3 fingers into my ass. My piggish side was being activated, and I was offering both holes for him to use. He was stretching my ass with his fingers, probing deep and pushing his fingers apart to relax The sphincter. “Get on the bed, on your back, ass hanging off the edge.” I assumed the position, taking a moment to take two long drags of poppers. I held those drags in my lungs, leaned back on the bed and brought my knees to my chest, letting the chems absorb slowly, and exhaled just as he stepped up to my exposed hole. I felt the warmth of his cock pushing against my hole as the rush of the poppers hit me. I felt his hot shaft pushing inside my prepped hole, stretching it wider than his fingers did. I felt that hardness slide all the way inside, and he held it there as we both groaned. He began fucking me with his raw cock, long, deep strokes that had me moaning. His balls slapped my ass and I could hear the bed squeaking with his deep thrusts. I was caught up in the moment, grunting as this stranger pounded my open hole. He grabbed by ankles and pushed my legs wider apart, watching his own cock pierce my ass. He fucked me for awhile, pulling out just a few times to dive back in again and make me groan with the girthy penetration. I fuck’n loved it! “Where do you want this load?” ”In my ass!” He kept pumping away, that thick dick feeling amazing inside me. He thrust a little faster, then harder, and he rolled his head back when his thrusts became really hard, deliberate, and he paused at the end of each thrusts for a moment. He kinda grunted and gasped a few times in these pump-and-hold combinations. I knew I was being bred! He quickly pulled out, and I could feel some of his cum around my hole. He wiped off his cock on a towel, then dressed, said thanks, and walked back out onto the deck in the rain. He didn’t bother asking me if I wanted to cum. I laid on the bed for a few minutes, feeling my really wet hole and coming down from the fuck haze I’d been in. I stroked my dick, but was still super horny and knew I was a long ways from coming on my own. After a few minutes, I threw on a loose pair of shorts, grabbed by phone, and headed down to the common room to see if there were any snacks. I saw a dozen more messages, with 2 new ones on BBRTS (which had been silent all morning). Sure enough, it was the older guy staying in my guesthouse; he’d figured out my profile based on distance and description (I only show my ass in the public profile). He’d unlocked his pics, and sent his room number. I was still feeling poppered up and horny, and he actually had a really hot looking cock. Without thinking much more about it, I walked up the other set of stairs and started looking for his room number. I found it on the third floor, where is was feeling stuffy and hot, despite the rainy weather. His door was actually open, and he was sitting in a chair inside. Seeing me, he started rubbing his crotch. He stood up, pushed a bottle of poppers under my nose, and told me to whiff (he’d obviously read by profile). As my head started to swim again, I just dropped the baggy shorts, got on all fours on his bed, and offered my ass. I heard him fumbling in a drawer, and then the pumping sound of a lube bottle. Shortly thereafter, his fingers probed my hole, seemingly to find the target, and then he slid inside. It was a rough fuck — the type you get when someone finally gets the piece of ass he’s been wanting. I felt like a total pig, and he was reaping the benefits of it. He pounded away at my hole, and I started getting verbal to egg him on. Finally I told him, “I want your load in my ass.” He bred me pretty quickly after that. I could hear him panting heavy, and I was reminded how out of shape this guy was. He was holding onto my hips as he plugged away until he unloaded. I didn’t stick around, but pulled on my shorts, thanked him, and walked back across the guest house in just my shorts. My ass was totally wet, and I was feeling both piggish and kinda hot walking by a few other guests after having been bred by both guys. If you’ve enjoyed reading about my rainy day breedings, let me know by clicking on the blue heart, leave me an upgrade, and I’ll know to keep pigging out and posting for you.
  2. If you follow my posts, you know I like sucking off "str8" men. And one of the ways I do it, is to post Craigslist ads offering free massages to str8 guys. Living here in Las Vegas, I tend to get some pretty good responses from str8, married guys that are in Vegas alone, away from the wives and kids, here for a convention or tradeshow, that will take me up on my offer. I posted one of my massage ads yesterday on CL and got hit with about 7 or 8 responses. I waded through the flakes and pic collectors and began to chat with a 45 year old black guy staying at Bellagio Hotel on the Strip. We agreed to meet at his room at 4pm. after he got out of his trade show. I got there on time and he opened the door wearing a handsome and expensive looking suit and tie. "Hi, Dave. Thanks for being on time. Unfortunately, I'm running behind. I just got back to my room. Do you have enough time for me to hop in the shower", Donovan asked? "Yes. Of course. Take your time", I replied. Donovan invited me in. After I shook his hand, I moved to the window to admire his beautiful view of the Bellagio fountain, The Eiffel tower and the High Roller observation wheel across the strip. Donovan was kicking off his dress shoes, removing his suit, tie, shirt and pants. He joined me at the window in his boxers and undershirt. "Amazing view. Isn't it?" he asked. I turn to find him right next to me. FUCK! He's an incredibly sexy and attractive black man. As I said, about 45, 6'2, muscular, masculine, with handsome facial features. He squeezes my shoulder and says, "I'll be right back", as he pulled his undershirt off and tossed it onto the dresser as he headed into the bathroom. I soon heard the water in the shower start. I was imagining his hot, naked black body in that shower, getting soaped up. It was all I could do not to strip and join him in the shower. But, all we had discussed was a massage. Nothing sexual. He had told me he was married with 2 kids. One girl in the first year of college. And one boy still in high school. So, I knew he was living a "str8 life". But, I had no idea yet if he's experienced m2m sex before? Or if he was even looking for that? However, of course from most previous experience, they usually let me go there with the massages. Within about 4 or 5 minutes, I heard the water shut off, The shower curtain slid back and shortly Donovan came out still drying off with the large, plush, white hotel towel. His cock was flopping in front of him. And, boy, was he hung. I'm guessing he was hanging about 7 inches soft. With a thick, mushroom head, covered with foreskin, swinging between his legs. With low hanging, floppy balls swinging back and forth. "How do you want me?", he asked. "Why don't you lie sideways along the foot of the bed. Then I can work on your head, shoulders and feet as well". He tosses the towel to the floor and laid face down on the foot of the bed as I remove my clothes. Even with a King Sized bed, his feet hung over the edge of the bed. I move to his head and begin to massage his shoulders, neck and upper back. I oil up his back, butt and thighs. I lightly rub all of this oil into his soft, light chocolate skin. Then I go back to massaging his top torso. After spending about 5 minutes on his upper torso, I move to his lower back and buttocks. His butt is a muscular bubble butt. I pour a bit more oil onto his ass. Letting a bit of the oil dribble into his ass crack. I lightly massage the oil into his skin. Getting my fingers into his ass crack. He widens his legs as I massage his ass. Then he lifts up his crotch and adjusts his cock, so that his cock lays flat against the mattress, under his balls and sticking out between his legs. I can see his big cockhead between his muscular thighs. I continue to massage his massive ass, upper and inner thighs as I can see his cock harden, thicken and lengthen between his thighs. I now spend a few minutes getting my fingers between his butt cheeks, rubbing across his ass bud. He moans slightly and lifts his ass just a bit. Then my fingers lightly go over his balls as I rub his inner thighs. He moans again and lifts his ass a bit again. I work my hands down his thighs and calves. Then I begin to massage his feet. Donovan is now moaning loudly. I get on my knees, at his feet and lightly brush my goatee along the bottom of his feet. I can see that it tickles a bit. But he's also turned on by it. He almost gasps. I now take his big toe into my mouth and suck on it. He goes wild. "Oh, Fuck!" he exclaims! I now suck on each of his toes individually. Then move to the other foot. And repeat all of that on his other foot and toes. I now massage back up his legs and again focus on his ass. I spread his asscheeks and now flick my tongue across his asshole. His back arches and his ass raises. I now spread his ass cheeks and lick his hole more. Then slide my tongue into his hole. He's now moaning and grinding his ass on my face. As I come up for air, Donovan flips over. His big cock has grown to over 8.5"s, maybe 9"s of thick black cock. It's sticking straight up. I take his foreskin covered cockhead into my mouth and suck on his foreskin. I slip my tongue up into the skin, flicking his mushroomed cockhead that's cocooned inside his ample foreskin. My lips push his foreskin back and I swallow as much of his thick cock down my throat. I nearly choke on it. I'm fondling his balls as I suck his bbc. I'm on the side of him as I bend over sucking on his cock. He now reaches behind me and begins to squeeze my asscheeks. Then he slips a finger into my ass crack and rubs my asshole with his long finger. Ahhh....... This is going to be fun. He wants to fuck. I moan, to let him know I'm game. I want him to fuck me. He's wasting no time. He quickly flips himself up, swings sideways and stands up. Since I know what he's wanting, I grab my poppers from my supply bag that I've left on the dresser. I climb onto the foot of the bed. On my hands and knees, I put my ass up. He's now rubbing his hands all over my ass and spitting on my hole. He spits a few times, then presses the saliva up into my hole. He slaps his cock onto my asshole a few times. And spits on his cockhead and my hole again. I'm poppering up as he begins to push his bbc up into me. It's hurting and I arch my back a bit. He gets the clue and stops pushing as I continue to sniff on my poppers. As he feels my ass relax a bit, he again begins to push into me. Soon, he's slowly pushed all the way into my ass, balls deep. He holds his cock deep inside me for a moment for me to get used to it. Once the pain has subsided, I began to slowly rock on his cock. He now begins to meet my thrusts with his thrusts. Within a minute his cock is now slamming into me. I'm again sniffing on poppers as he pounds my ass. His balls slap against mine. His long, boney fingers are now digging into my sides as he grabs hold of me to ram even more deeply and hard into my ass. "Oh, Fuck! Your ass feels good, Baby", he says as he's ramming into me. "A nice, silky pussy, Baby! I love your hole", he said. Donovan is now pumping into me with a fast rhythm. His crotch would slap against my ass cheeks each time he rammed into me. I'd grunt and he'd moan. He now began to slap my ass cheeks with his hand. "SWAT", his hand would slap my ass as he pounded into me. The bed was banging against the wall. My ass was stinging from his slaps and my head was spinning from the poppers. I was experiencing pure pleasure from his bbc. I really have no idea how long he fucked me? But all too soon, I heard his breathing quicken and deeper as he began a low growl......... "Grrrrrrrr............aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhAAAAAAAAHHHH......... FUCKKKKKK..!!!!", he yelled, as his cock exploded inside me. He held his bbc deep inside me, as my ass was milking his cock, while he shook in orgasm. He collapsed onto me, grabbing me around the shoulders, pulling me with him, onto my side as he collapsed on his side on the bed. I laid there as he partially spooned behind me. Both of us catching our breaths. Donovan began to laugh. "I'm guessing you liked that", I chuckled. "What's so funny?", I asked. "I don't know? I just have an annoying habit of laughing, when I've just had a mind blowing orgasm like that. That was fuckin' HOT, Mister!", he said. "I just love to fuck a good ass. I love good sex. And it just makes me laugh out of pleasure. Does that make sense?" he says. "It does, indeed. Glad you enjoyed it. I'm confused, however. You said you were str8. With a wife and 2 kids. From the way you fucked, I gather you've fucked guys before. Right?" I said. "Oh, yeah. I consider myself to be str8. 'Cause I live a str8 life. I am married and a father. But, I've been fucking guys for 15 years or more. My wife likes a boring, soft, romantic fuck. She wants "lovemaking", not sex. But, as you can tell, I like to fuck hard, rough and deep. Only a guy can take a hard pounding from my cock. Even a lot of gay guys can't take my dick. But, I find a hell of a lot more guys can take my dick in their asses, than women. And a gay guy's ass is a hell of a lot easier to find and pound that some slutty cunt anytime", he says with a laugh. We both cuckle and I assure him that that's the same reason a lot of "str8" guys have given me in the past. He's not alone. He soon gives me a quick and friendly kiss on my neck as he pulls himself up and climbs off the bed. He moves to the closet and pulls the white terrycloth robe from the hanger and puts it on. That's my clue to get up and dress. "Well, I wish I'd found you the first night I was here in town. I would have fucked you at least once, if not twice, all 3 of these days that I've been in town. Unfortunately, I leave in the morning. But, I'll keep your email. I get here once a year or so. I want to fuck you again", he said. I've finished dressing. We give each other a hug and I leave.
  3. I need to fly and have hung cock in me all the time. Son want passionate daddy. 3017404426
  4. I just got back from a couple of days in Amsterdam. It's been awhile since I've been there, so I wanted to catch up with one of my fuck buddies. He was able to meet me at his flat around 3pm. He's a 45 year old, buff, Italian guy living in Amsterdam. We stripped and he sat on his sofa. I got on my knees and worshiped his large, uncut cock, licked his smooth balls and licked his asshole. He reached for my mantits and punched and twisted my nipples. That makes me go wild. Finally, I climbed onto the sofa, putting my ass in the air. I took some drags on my poppers and he slid his 7", thick, rock hard cock up into me. He's a great top. He pounds deep until he gets close to cumming, then pulls out for a second, before slamming back into me. He repeats this over and over for about 20 mins. Finally, he can hold out no longer. He says, "I gotta cum. I can't fuckin' wait". He now really is slamming into me. He's leaning forward and squeezing my tits as he's fucking me. He lets out a loud groan and slams into me. "Ah.....FUCK!" he says as his cock fills my ass with his load. He pulls from me. we both collapse on the sofa and kiss for a few minutes as we catch our breaths. As we're dressing, we both discuss the possibility of trying to arrange a tag fuck for me when we meet again in a few weeks. I walk back to the Tram and head back towards Centraal Station and to my hotel in Centre City. I decide to get off the Tram just before Centraal Station and go to William Higgins Sex Shop. I pay my 10 Euros and climb the steep, narrow staircase up to the video cabins. It's now about 4:30pm. The cabins are empty. So I go down the back, steep, spiral staircase to the main floor where there are two more cabins and the movie theatre. All the cabins at William Higgins have glory holes. The movie room has two small leather sofas. And a wall with 3 glory holes alongside the sofas. One of the cabins is occupied. I peek into the g/h. There's an older guy in the booth. He's early 60's but very fit and muscular. His cock is out and he's stroking it as he sucks on his cigarette. He's rock hard with a cockring on. Stroking as he watches a straight porn on his screen. I do the finger tap at the g/h. He sees me, but makes no move to put his dick at the hole. I'm frustrated, because his cock looks so delicious. But he doesn't seem interested in me sucking him. He soon stands, pulls up his sweatpants and leaves. I hear him climbing the stairs to the main cabin area. I leave the booth and go down the 4 steps into the theater. It is also empty. I decide to take a seat and watch the bi movie on the screen. I'm hoping that this place will be like the porn places in my home city of Las Vegas, that normally get a late afternoon / after work rush of guys. Within about 10 minutes, that after work rush began. A guy in his late 40's, early 50's came into the theater. He stood in the back of the theater and rubbed his cock. I tried to motion for him to come sit next to me on the sofa, but he didn't move. Finally, I think his eyes adjusted to the dark and he noticed the area to the left of the sofa's that was a small room that had 3 g/h's along it. He moved to the glory hole next to my sofa and put his limp cock through it. The bottom of the wall with the g/h's is thick wood. But the top half of this wall is plexiglass. So the guys in there can see the movie next door. But the room is dark so, I couldn't really see him on the other side. I of course took some drags on my popper and turned to begin sucking on his cock. He hardened and grew to about 6.5" of uncut dick. He loved the attention I was paying to his foreskin. Then he fed his balls through the hole and I licked and sucked his balls. Once I put his cock back into my mouth, it didn't take him long before his cock throbbed and he shot his load in my mouth. As he pulled his cock from my mouth and he left the area. I noticed another guy had entered the theater and was standing on the landing at the top of the 4 steps that separated the theater from the 2 cabins above. As the guy that I just sucked walked up the steps and left, the other guy came down the steps and sat next to me on the sofa. He unzipped his pants and pulled them, along with his briefs to the floor. I climbed down onto the dirty, concrete floor and began to suck on his already hard cock. He had close to 8"s, was really thick. Uncut as are most Dutch cocks. I do love those hung, thick, uncut Dutch guys. His cock bent upwards and with the size, shape and thickness, I found it difficult to get much of it in my throat. But I worked on him as best I could. I licked up and down his hard shaft. I licked and sucked his balls. And I licked his asshole a bit. Then he leaned forward and rubbed my ass. Great! I knew he wanted to fuck. I pulled my small bottle of lube from my pants. Got my poppers. Stood, pulled my pants off and rolled them and my underwear in a ball and used them as a pillow. I climbed up on the sofa and put my ass up on the edge of the sofa. He had climbed off and I handed him the lube as I took some drags on the poppers. He lubed up his cock and he asked for the poppers. As he's sniffing, I feel him putting his thick monster cock to my ass. He hands the poppers back to me and I sniff again as his cock slides up into me. He swats my ass as he begins to pump. He's been fucking me for just a few minutes when another guy comes into the theatre. This guy comes down the stairs and walks over to us. He's in his early 60's. A bit heavy and not attractive at all. But he stands at my head and pulls out an 8", thick, uncut, Dutch dick. He slaps it on my cheeks. I turn my face and open my mouth. He slaps it on my lips and tongue. I want to suck him, but he just seems interested in slapping me with it and jacking off. The guy fucking me is doing a great job. He keeps slapping my ass and calling me a faggot, whore as the other guy jacks off and slaps my face with his cock. The masterbater cums quickly. He sprays my face, goatee and hair with his load. He quickly zips up and leaves. The sight of the other guy spraying me with cum must have tipped the scale for the guy fucking me. He now groans and puts load #2 into my raw cunt. He pulls out, pulls up his pants and leaves. I dress and decide to go up stairs to the cabins to see if anyone else has arrived. Sure enough, it looks like the after work crowd has shown up. There are two side by side booths occupied. I go into the booth next to them and can see a young, attractive kid in his 20's, sucking on a giant, rock hard, thick cock through the opposite g/h. He's also sniffing poppers and feasting on this massive cock. I'm of course envious. Wish it was my mouth on that monster. But, I'm enjoying the live show. The young guy now stands. Pulls his pants down and turns. He spits on his fingers and lubes up his ass. Then he backs onto the massive cock. Taking it up inside his ass. He's now rocking away on this big dick. I hear the booth door on the other side of me open and close. I turn to peek through that g/h. It's the older guy in the sweatpants again. He again lights a cigarette and stands there. His crotch near the g/h. But he doesn't pull his sweatpants down. I take a chance and reach my arm through the large g/h. I feel his crotch. He's not hard. But he makes no effort to move away or move my hand. I rub his crotch and feel his cock harden. He seems to be enjoying me rubbing his cock through the sweatpants. Soon, he's fully hard again. Then he turns, so that his ass is near the hole. I rub his ass cheeks and his crack. Then I reach through the waistband of his sweatpants and slip my finger to his asscrack. I can't get my finger into it. But he likes my massaging his hole. He's moaning a bit. Then he pulls his sweats down and turns his cock back to the hole. He steps up to the hole and slides his cock through. I go to work on his 6", cut, rock hard cock. I can taste him leaking precum as I roll my tongue around his mushroomed cockhead. He seems to get close to cumming, then pulls from me. He repeats this several times. Then he pulls from me again and steps away from the hole. I really want his cock and cum. The hole in this booth is extra large. I reach through it to grab his cock. I can still see through it. I stroke his cock. And soon see cum begin to shoot from his cock. He pushes my hand away and as I pull my arm back, he steps back to the hole. I take his cock in my mouth and feel and taste more cum shoot into my mouth. He then pulls back and strokes hard and fast on his cock. He must have been edging for so long, that he was ready to shoot a couple of loads. Cum again began to drip from his cock and he again put his cock through the hole for me to clean up whatever else oozed from his piss slit. I savored every drop my lips could squeeze from him, before he finally pulled back, pulled up his sweats and settled back onto the seat to light up another cigarette. By now, the two guys in the two booths to my right had finished and left. Another man had entered the cabin next to mine. I looked through the hole to see a man in his early 50's, his pants open, his 7", uncut, semi hard cock in his hand, stroking as he watched str8 porn. I did the "finger tap" at the g/h and he stood and put his cock through the hole. As I sucked him, he quickly grew to full hardness. I sucked on him for about 5 minutes. He was oozing delicious, sweet precum like crazy. Then he turned and put his ass up to the hole. He spread his ass and backed up. I began to lick and eat his hole. He was fuckin' LOVING IT! He was groaning, swearing (in Dutch, so I have no idea what he was saying. But, he was obviously enjoying it). Then he turned and fed me his cock again. I then stood, pulled off my pants and briefs. lubed my ass with some spit, turned and put my ass to the hole. He was game and as I backed up against the hole and took some drags of poppers, he pressed his cock against my hole. I spread my asscheeks and relaxed my hole as I felt him sliding up into me. He must have been turned on, because it didn't take him very long. Perhaps 3 minutes of fucking, before I heard him moaning loudly and slamming against the wall as he filled my ass with load #3. Once he had cum in me, I pulled up my pants and left the store. It had turned into a nice afternoon of cocksucking, ass eating and fucking.
  5. Tiger Milner

    Does anyone know what is up with him? I really liked his wesbite, Xtube videos and Breeding Zone posts. A couple of times I interacted with him via email and this site and he was quite a nice guy. His website is no more and he hasn't been active here in a couple of years.
  6. Looking for an experienced, kinky dominant top who knows how to offer a neg hole for anon (ab)use including proper preparation to avoid resistance by the pimp or his "guests". Own supplies available, too. Interested? Then drop me a note. By the way, I had to update the e-mail address. Your messages went into nirvana... sorry! . Interested? Then drop me a note... Marc
  7. Bred in Berlin

    Hey guys, I'm in Berlin and always thought it'd be fun to get bred by my fellow forum users. Maybe it becomes a topic. Let me know if youre interested.
  8. Giving a Lunch Load

    I'm in an open relationship but have been monogamous for various reasons over the last six months and didn't bother fucking around, but lately I've had the itch again and last week received a message from an old regular with whom I had played in the past. He lives only two tube stops from work, so when I found myself extremely horny this morning, I decided to give it a shot ask if he was up for some lunchtime fun. He replied saying he'd love to take my load, particularly as it had been ages since we last played. As soon as break time came around I went over to his house where, when I arrived and he opened the door, I found he was only wearing his sweatpants which displayed his muscular, hairy shoulders. He's a short bear but is likely the same weight as am I, if only as he is really built like a truck. We immediately started kissing and I got hard instantly, groping his hairy muscular ass. He felt my hard-on pressing against him and soon he was on his knees opening my fly and swallowing my hard dick in his mouth, all the way to the balls. Now, I have a thick nine inch cock and, as a rule, guys have a bit of a problem swallowing the whole thing, but he took it all in like a champ. He was very greedy and his hot mouth felt really good so I was hard as a rock in no time. I grabbed him and all but dragged him to the bedroom where we lay down and kissed some more for a short while before he turned me on my back and started deep-throating me again. I really get off on greedy bottoms who like to suck, and this was no exception, so I had to insist he stop as I was quite close to cumming, and I really wanted to shoot my load in his ass. He put some lube on his ass and slowly slid down all the way until I was balls-deep inside his ass. His eyes opened extremely wide as he begged me to fuck him deep, which I did, making it a point to pump faster and faster once I made maximum depth. When I was almost ready to cum my cock inadvertently slipped out, but his greedy eyes demanded I breed him, so I slipped right back and resumed my assault on his hole. Meanwhile I could feel his throbbing cock between our bellies which were increasingly slippery with precum. He was really begging me to breed him, which totally turned me on. After a few more thrusts I shot my load deep into his ass. I could really tell he was also very close himself (even if he hadn't yet touched himself), so I withdrew, swallowed his thick meaty eight inches, and no sooner having done so, he immediately shot a huge amount of cum in my mouth which, of course, I swallowed. I wish I had taken some pics but I was too caught up in the action. I suppose there will be more hot lunch breaks in the future since he said he would definitely like to repeat this soon.
  9. On Thursday I stayed overnight in downtown Louisville and decided I'd try to take as much anonymous cock as I possibly could. Before I checked into the hotel, I stopped at one of the adult bookstores with an arcade that has gloryholes between the booths. It was around 5:00, and the arcade was packed with men heading home from work. Within two minutes of entering the arcade, I spotted a hot young cub and entered the booth near where he was standing. He immediately entered the adjoining booth. Within seconds it seemed (I hadn't even deposited tokens into the video machine), there was a hefty already erect piece of meat sticking through the gloryhole, around 7-7.5" and thick. I squat down and begin to suck his cock. He pulls his cock back and motions for me to stick my cock through the hole. I really didn't want to be sucked, but whatever. One hand cups my balls, lifting up my cock and my balls toward the top of the hole. Then I feel a spit-lubed finger slide under my balls until it reaches my hole. He pushes a finger hard and deep into my hole. Then a second and third finger. He abruptly pulls out and orders me to put my ass up to the hole. He spits into his hand, and I hear him stroking his cock. I feel the slick head of his cock at the entrance of my hole. Suddenly he pushes and his entire cock goes balls deep in my hole--bareback. I wince and immediately wonder if I can handle his girth slamming my hole without more lube. He doesn't go easy. In and out rapidly, never letting up at any point. After about one minute of piston fucking, he pushes into my hole, holds his cock there, and breeds me deep. He slides out slowly, and not a drop of cum drips out of my hole. He quickly pulls up his pants and leaves. Within a minute, a middle aged black guy, short and average build, enters the booth and drops his pants. I gasp at the sight. His cock hangs there, not erect, at around six inches. He slides his dick through the hole and whispers "suck it white boy." So I kneel down and take the soft black flesh in my mouth, sucking on it with a slow pace. His cock grows, and grows, and grows, until the girth is so big I can barely take more than half of it down my throat without gagging. I pull my mouth off his cock and keep one hand on it, stroking, as I lube my hole and take a deep hit of poppers. It was time to take this impressive BBC in my ass. Right as I begin to line up the head of his cock with my hole, he pulls his cock from the gloryhole. Damn, he doesn't want to fuck, I thought. So I position my ass so that my hole is visible through the gloryhole in case he changes his mind. I hear the pop of a lube bottle and seconds later that monster black cock pushes into his hole. He's only about halfway in and I feel so full I cannot imagine how I can take more of it. With one thrust the rest of his cock enters. His cock was so thick I felt like I might faint. My asshole spasmed uncontrollably. After the initial shock, my body felt immense pleasure...something I had never experienced before while being fucked. He began to slide his cock in and out at a slow pace, picking up some speed but never impaling my ass with his huge dick. His breathing got heavier and his pace slowed once again. As he held his cock balls deep in my hole, I could feel it expand and spasm, flooding me with his sperm. Like the first load, this one was buried deep. I pulled off his cock and got on my knees to clean him up, tasting the remnants of his cum, the first guy's load, and my ass juices. At this point my ass needs to rest, so I exit the booth and make a couple of rounds through the arcade to see what goods might be available. There's a fit, very attractive white guy in his late 40s or early 50s that catches my attention. He doesn't seem interested. But as I walk past him, he begins to follow me. So I enter a booth with a rather large square gloryhole, and he enters the adjoining booth. He stands there quietly for a few minutes. I get the sense he's either nervous or waiting for me to stick my cock through the hole. He puts money into the video machine and begins to caress this hardening cock through his pants. I begin to see the outline of what appears to be a very impressive cock. He's wearing a wedding ring too, which ups the hotness factor. After what seems like an eternity (no more than five minutes, of course), he frees the cock from his underwear. Then he pulls down his pants and underwear, revealing not only a thick nine inches but beautiful, hairy muscular legs and a pair of low-hangers. I squat down and motion for him to stick his cock through the gloryhole. He doesn't take the bait. After waiting about a minute, he bends down and says he only wants to fuck my ass, not get sucked. How could I say no to that request?! So I push my ass up to the gloryhole and wait. I hear some rustling in his booth and hear that familiar tearing sound. Is he putting on a condom? If he is, I'd rather leave and get to my hotel. His cock begins to enter my hole. I think it's bare. To confirm, I reach under my balls and glide my fingers up to my hole. He is indeed barebacking me. The sound must have been a lube packet. With the two loads already in my hole plus the lube, his big white cock enters with ease. He picks up the pace and deposits a load within a couple of minutes. This time when he pulls out I feel cum dribble out my now-gaping hole. Next story: I take six BBC and one BWC at the hotel in four hours. Total load count for that night: 11
  10. Veterans Day Breeding

    "I'm having a small get together on Veterans Day. Wanna join?" was the email I got from him! Yes of course. I headed to my buddy's apartment where, upon arrival, I in addition to my buddy I found several guys naked in the small family room in his apartment. One hot Latino Guy was on all fours and getting fucked and pounded by a muscular guy with a seven inch cock. On the other end was a hot daddy type getting sucked. My friend was sucking another guy and I joined. I was hard in an instant. I went over and stuck my cock in my buddy's face and he took both of our cocks in his mouth. He alternated and sucked and lovingly licked each dick. OMG it felt so good. He deep throated the other guy which sent the guy over the edge, shooting a nice big load into my buddy's throat. So fucking hot! At almost the same moment I heard grunting and groaning, and turning I saw the muscular guy fucking was shooting a nice load deep inside the bottom's ass. As an added bonus, when the muscular guy slowly withdrew his cock from the bottom's hole, the cock was covered in cum. Nice! No sooner had the muscular top withdrawn withe the guy getting sucked moved in on the empty ass, shoving his cock into the bottom's hot wet hole. Five minutes of pounding and thrusting ensued, leading to a second load being blown in the bottom's hole. Now, as I absolutely love juicy hole, as soon as it was clear the two guys who had topped the bottom were leaving, I slid inside hot Latin Guy's hole. There's nothing better than wet cum filled hole. I pounded away, fucking doggie style, and surprisingly soon felt my balls tingle, and yes, my load shot inside the bottom. The orgasm was amazing, and I might add I really needed it as I hadn't played in a while. My buddy watched as Latin Guy turned around, licking my cock clean. There is a knock on the door. My buddy got the door, admitting a younger guy who, seeing the three of us naked, undressed in a flash. He was somewhat bearish with a nice cock. Latin Guy (such a nice guy) crawled over and sucked new guy hard. I was again erect, and began prodding my bud's ass with my cock. He dropped to all fours, positioning himself next to the other two guys. I slid right in. Bear Guy was now hard, so he positioned himself next to me, sliding inside Latin guy. It was so fucking hot. Bear Guy and I kissed, and held each other as each of us fucked his partner. At one point Bear Guy said "switch" and we both withdrew our hard dick and changed partners, so I was now fucking Latin guy's ass, which contained three loads. Bear Guy and I kissed some more, engaging in some tit play, without, of course, pausing in our assault on our respective bottom. The scene was so hot Bear Guy reached his climax, and with a serious round of pounding and grunting, shot a huge load in my buddy. The scene was enough to trigger me to blow another load of sperm inside Latin Guy. My second load, like the first some time earlier, went deep. Bear Guy left before I had even thought of leaving, and in any event surprisingly quickly Latin Guy got his wind and began alternately sucking me and my buddy. Even more surprisingly my dick responded, presenting a full erection. Naturally I slid back inside Latin Guy while he focused on sucking my buddy. My buddy and I each gave Latin Guy a load at almost the same moment. This was my third load, and Latin Guy's ass contained four or five loads, and had swallowed two! Somehow I wasn't surprised when Latin Guy gave a wide smile asking "Can we do this next week?" hehehehe What a great afternoon! And yes, we're planning another get together soon!!
  11. On Monday I was contacted on Growlr by a Brazilian, 37 years old. I had met some time earlier when I was out clubbing. He asked me if I was up for any fun. I was, so I invited him over after work, around 6:00 PM. He arrived on time, fucked me bare back with his very large cock, shooting a huge load in my ass. After he came he asked me if I was 'clean'. After he left a regular came over and went second, blowing a large pent-up load into my ass, commenting, as he was cumming, how slick my hole was after taken the load from the Brazilian guy. Then at 7:30 PM my boyfriend got home and dumped a huge load into me. He really loved going third. Then I made dinner, and we enjoyed a couple of gin and tonics. The next morning, I woke up and found I was dripping spunk. My hole was also quite puffy. I felt amazing.
  12. I was in Salt Lake City and was horny for another cum and dump party, so, I rented a motel room at the same Salt Lake motel that I had used the last time I had hosted one of these in SLC. It's just across the railroad tracks from downtown SLC. It's in an area of town that is largely black and Hispanic. As soon as I had checked into the hotel, about 5:00 PM, I sent out my room number to those guys who had previously responded to my BBRT, Squirt and Craigslist ads. I also placed a new advertisement on Craigslist and listed myself on BBRT in the "quick connect" section and logged myself into Grindr, Growlr, Scruff and Jack'd. Then I douched myself, showered and rechecked my messages, where I found two new replies from guys who wanted to come over immediately. Placing some duct tape over the door locks on my room door, I finished responding to all the other replies, then turned off the room lights and got ready to take some dick. The first guy entered my room at 5:30 PM. He promptly ordered me to my knees, demanding I suck his cock until it was hard. He was a young kid, probably about 23, probably an American Indian. His body as a bit pudgy and his chest was hairless. I sucked on his cock for several minutes until he was hard, then I climbed on the bed, positioning my ass up. He spat on my hole, then slid his smallish cock into my ass, fucking me for about five minutes before he planted the first load of my evening into my ass. Then he washed up and left the room. Just moments after the door closed, it opened again. A tall, thin man in his mid 50's walked in, reeking of cigarette smoke. He was wearing dusty jeans, a flannel shirt and a denim jacket. He was obviously the straight guy who had said he was on his way home from work, but who wanted a blow job. Again I dropped to my knees as he unzipped and put his small, limp cock to my mouth, which I sucked for several minutes before he began to get hard, but as soon as he got hard, he began to groan, then shot his salty load into me. He quickly zipped up and left my room. In just under four minutes he had cum and gone. I checked my phone for messages, finding a message from a guy who had just arrived at my motel, and wanted me face down on the bed. I wrote back saying I was in position, and inviting him up. Just then the door opened. I was laying on my stomach, my face buried in the pillow. The visitor didn't both undressing, before climbing onto the bed, spreading my ass cheeks, and licking my hole, his scruffy beard rough on my hole. After a couple of minutes he got to his feet, undressed, climbed back onto the bed, fingered and spat on my hole, working some spit inside. Then I felt his cock pressing at my hole. He then lowered his chest onto my back as his cock slid up inside me. He had a fairly small cock, but it was thick. He eventually had pushed me up on my knees, ramming hard and deeply into me. After no more than five minutes, I heard his voice for the first time as he exclaimed ""Ah, Papi. Take my cum. I'm cumming, Papi." He rammed into me, groaning loudly as his cock exploded in my ass. After resting for a couple of minutes he climbed off of my body and made to dress. Turning, I saw him for the first time in the dim light of that room: he was Latino, in his early 20s, and definitely worth doing. "Nice ass, Daddy," he said with a laugh as he stepped out the door. I checked for messages and checked my phone apps, replying to all I received, inviting all the men to join me in my room. Surely enough the rest of the evening was filled with a steady stream of guys, most of whom fucked me, although a few just wanted a blow job. Several of them were married Mormon guys, wearing their funny Mormon underwear. My favorite of the evening, was a black guy in his mid 40's. He told me he wanted me ass up, face down when he walked in. He didn't want to be seen. He also mentioned he was bringing a straight buddy, and both would fuck me. They texted me as they pulled up to my door with their car. So I climbed on the bed and buried my face in the pillow. I heard the door open and close. I heard some muffled talk going on between the two of them, but as they were whispering, I couldn't understand what they were saying. Soon I felt a weighty, meaty cock being slapped against my hole. The man would alternately finger my hole, then slap his cock against it, on a few occasions spitting on my hole several times, only to finally began to push up into me. He let out soft moan as his cock slid all the way up into me. Then he slowly began to pump. I could feel his cock harden and thicken as he fucked. Soon he was pulling almost all the way out, then slamming back into me, balls-deep. He fucked me for about five minutes, then pulled out of me, saying to his buddy "Your turn." Immediately his buddy's cock slid into me. He was even longer and thicker. I had to take some deep drags on my poppers to adjust to his size. The feel of his black bare cock fucking me was amazing. Giving my my ass a sharp swat, he fucked me hard, giving me another few swats, causing my ass to sting with each hard slap. "Faggot's got a nice hole," I heard him tell his friend. "Yeah. A nice pussy," the first guy replied. For the next half hour, these two black guys continued to alternate using my ass. The first guy filled my ass with his load. He pulled out and his buddy with the even bigger cock slid into me again. He only took a few more minutes before he added his load into me. Then they both quickly dressed and left my room. I had one more guy stop by a half hour later, an older Caucasian guy in his 50's with a rock hard seven inch cock. He gave me a quick load in my ass. Then I pulled the duct tape off the door and went to bed, figuring in the six hours I had been taking loads, I had taken eight loads in my ass, and three loads down my throat. Not bad for an impromptu breed and seed.
  13. He Wanted To Make Me Gape

    I always put on a blindfold the second I'm inside his apartment. And then I get naked. And then I get fucked, standing there in his hallway. Today he was kind; he rimmed me nice and wet before he rammed his 8" cock deep inside me. (Other times he has just spat on my hole, rubbed his cock in it and then pushed inside me...) He dragged me into the bedroom, and then the fucking continued with me on my knees on his bed. He rammed my hole from every possible angle, slowly opening me up. I knew what was coming, of course; the last time he fucked me I ended up gaping so much that he could shoot his load into my hole from outside - and he had said he wanted to do that again. I knew that would take more than just his cock... The last time he double-fucked me with his cock and the smaller of his to dildos - a double-dong - and tried the same with the thicker of his dildos but I couldn't take it... Well... THIS time I did! Damn... I was stretched! And then he returned to the slimmer double-dong, but he bent it at the middle so I had to take both cock heads of the toy - and then he forced his cock up next to them! FUCK! Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-FUCK!!! Soooo stretched... And he fucked me hard! This is what my hole looked like after the triple-fuck... I think that qualifies as "gaping"! That was when he started loading me up; two condoms with stored loads were emptied in my hole and then he slid his fat, hard cock inside my hole. Damn... There was PLENTY of space for him! He fucked the two loads deep in me, and then he made me gape for him again... I could hear him jerking his cock and knew what was coming - or cumming! And then I felt the first jets of cum land in my open hole... My body instinctively spasmed as if I had had a cock rammed hard inside me - I was so turned on by feeling his cum run into my gaping hole... It was SO BLOODY HOT!!! If you want to see what it looked like, here's a little video. Remember to turn on the sound if you want to hear whether I enjoyed the load or not...
  14. He Wanted To Make Me Gape...

    I always put on a blindfold the second I'm inside his apartment. And then I get naked. And then I get fucked, standing there in his hallway. Today he was kind; he rimmed me nice and wet before he rammed his 8" cock deep inside me. (Other times he has just spat on my hole, rubbed his cock in it and then pushed inside me...) He dragged me into the bedroom, and then the fucking continued with me on my knees on his bed. He rammed my hole from every possible angle, slowly opening me up. I knew what was coming, of course; the last time he fucked me I ended up gaping so much that he could shoot his load into my hole from outside - and he had said he wanted to do that again. I knew that would take more than just his cock... The last time he double-fucked me with his cock and the smaller of his to dildos - a double-dong - and tried the same with the thicker of his dildos but I couldn't take it... Well... THIS time I did! Damn... I was stretched! And then he returned to the slimmer double-dong, but he bent it at the middle so I had to take both cock heads of the toy - and then he forced his cock up next to them! FUCK! Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-FUCK!!! Soooo stretched... And he fucked me hard! This is what my hole looked like after the triple-fuck... I think that qualifies as "gaping"! That was when he started loading me up; two condoms with stored loads were emptied in my hole and then he slid his fat, hard cock inside my hole. Damn... There was PLENTY of space for him! He fucked the two loads deep in me, and then he made me gape for him again... I could hear him jerking his cock and knew what was coming - or cumming! And then I felt the first jets of cum land in my open hole... My body instinctively spasmed as if I had had a cock rammed hard inside me - I was so turned on by feeling his cum run into my gaping hole... It was SO BLOODY HOT!!! If you want to see what it looked like, here's a little video. Remember to turn on the sound if you want to hear whether I enjoyed the load or not...
  15. Used as anon cum dump

    I placed an ad on Craigslist this afternoon seeking hung tops to load my ass. The scene would be totally anonymous...come into my apartment, slide in my hole, nut, then leave. The first response got me really excited. The guy simply said he was a muscular 26 year old with an 8 inch, very thick cock. Interestingly, his full name was on the message, and I found his Facebook with little effort. My heart skipped a beat when I browsed his photos. Military. Married (to a beautiful woman). Muscular. There were countless shirtless photos. This guy was tall, blonde, gorgeous, and ripped. So we exchanged messages, and it was clear he was committed to dumping his load in me. He asked that the scene be totally anonymous. I would be ass up on the bed, lubed and ready to receive. He wanted me to wear a blindfold so I wouldn't see him (of course he didn't know I already knew what he looked like). And he warned me about his girth...suggested I should popper up when I hear him enter the apartment. So apparently he lives very close to me. Within five minutes of sending him my address, I hear the door open and footsteps ascending the stairs. I hear him remove his shoes, then his pants, t-shirt, and underwear. He grabs the lube next to the bed and begins to jack his cock. In his deep masculine voice, he orders me to take a hit of poppers. I feel the first lubed finger enter my hole, then suddenly two more. He's not wasting any time. He orders me to take a long hit of poppers and says he is ready to fuck. He yanks his fingers out of my hole and within seconds I feel his heavy dick rest between my cheeks. He won't let me touch his dick, but it feels gigantic. Without warning, he guides his cock down my ass and slides his entire huge cock all the way into my ass with one hard push. I blurt out a loud "oh my god" and he smacks my ass hard. He keeps pushing as hard as he can, keeping his cock buried as far into my ass as he can get. My asshole is spasming from his girth. He's hitting my prostate so hard that the pre-cum just keeps leaking from my cock. Though I'm already spinning from the poppers, he leans over and places the bottle under my nose. As I take a long hit, I marvel that I can feel his pecs and abs against my back. This hot, ripped, married military guy has his raw cock in my ass, and I know he's going to breed me. He screws the cap back on the poppers, drops the bottle on the bed, and pulls all the way out. He pulls my cheeks apart and praises me for my now gaping hole. He spits on my hole and shoves in hard once again. This time he pounds my ass, pulling nearly all the way out and slamming back in to the hilt. He keeps up this pace for a good five minutes, and I seriously think I'm going to faint from the assault on my hole and the popper high. He finally slows down. I start to enjoy the pleasure of his gentle pushing and pulling. But that didn't last long. He again pushed his cock as far into me as he could, as hard as he could. I hear the bottle of poppers open, and he takes a big hit. His cock noticeably swells in my ass. He feverishly begins to slam his cock in and out of my hole. His breathing gets heavy, and I can tell he's about to blow. "Where do you want me to cum, man?" "Do you want me to breed that ass?" "You want my load up that pussy?" My mind is on overdrive. This fucking hot military guy is about to shoot his sperm in my hole. I'm going to be bred. With one loud grunt, he buries his cock deep in my ass. I feel his cock spasm as he shoots that load deep in my bowels. He stays in my hole far longer than I expected, sliding his cock gently in and out. When he finally pulls out, I feel his warm cum run out my hole and down my balls. I hear him walk to the other side of the bed, and his thick hands grab the sides of my head. He orders me to lick his cock clean. I can taste the remnants of cum, and I inhale the subtle smell of my ass. He backs away and gets dressed. Then he tells me to stay on the bed until I hear the door close. I can't believe this has just happened. But then I thought I should check my messages again. Nothing too promising, so I check Grindr. This handsome black 20 year old college student asks if I'd be down for an anonymous fuck. The moment I got his cock pic I agreed. He was packing at least nine inches. For a moment I wondered if the pic might be fake, but I was willing to take a chance. Like the military stud, this guy lives close. Less than five minutes after I sent my address, he's standing behind me, fully erect and ready to go. He's no nonsense. Lubes up and starts pushing in. Thankfully I was loosened up from earlier, but I took a hit of poppers to make the entry easier. His cock is not as thick...but it feels like he's actually longer than nine. I don't feel his balls against my ass, so he's not all the way in. The pain is quite intense at this point, and I put my hands on his legs to stop him for a minute. After a minute or two, I take another hit of poppers. He takes the cue and pushes all the way in. It might be deepest I've ever felt a cock in my ass. So I ask him, "How big is that thing?" His response: 10.5 inches! Damn, I'm really fucked. How the hell can I take this cock when it already hurts this much? He clearly didn't care if it hurt because he grabbed my hips and began to aggressively fuck my hole. He wasn't gentle at all. He'd pull back until only a couple of inches were in my ass, then slam all the way in until his low hanging balls slapped against my ass. He got into a rhythm, and as my ass began to froth from the previous load, the sound of his balls slapping my ass got louder. And the longer he fucked me, the filthier his words got. "You want my black seed, you white whore?" "You love this black cock, white boy?" "You want this big black cock to breed you?" The questions continued, and then he pushed deep. "Fuck, fuck, fuck.....I'm gonna breed your white hole." And with that, I feel that long black cock quiver deep in my ass, filling me up with his seed. He abruptly pulls all the way out. Before I can clamp my ass closed, the cum rushes out. I feel it run down my balls, onto my cock, dripping onto the sheets. How much cum did I have up there?! After he leaves, I take a hit of poppers and finger my hole, lapping up the cum that coats my fingers. I start jerking off, and as I get closer to orgasm, I try to push out more cum. I hear a plop as cum streams to the floor. I bend down and lick it up, savoring the taste of the cum from these two anonymous guys.
  16. Meet you on the street or get day pass to Windamar on 12/2
  17. DC Pride

    This last June I traveled to DC for the Equality March and Pride and ended up at the Crew Club. Saturday night, was a free for all and the darkroom was not a disappointment. But the dick of the night was one that had been in a van pump. He still had the doughnut on to help keep the size and he was huge. I started sucking and considered for a second that I wasn't up for such a massive member. I just told myself "when will you be able to get fucked by a cock this big again...." So I took him to My Room and continued to work the dick as well as I could with my mouth, and the entire time we left the door open and started drawing a little bit of an audience. Then the real action began. I bent over to take it and took a deep breath and relaxed. It took a while for me to feel him up against me and fully penetrated by the massive member, but once I did the ride of my life started. He pounded away until he dropped a load deep inside my hole. But I was so wide open from the fuck and his dick that as soon as I stood up off the bed, it all came spilling out. I wanted to hold it in for a while, but that wasn't an option so I went out of my room and took a new load. And another after that.
  18. Me : 6ft 2 18.5 stone hairy pig 35 years old Him: 5ft 10 13 stone hairy pig 60 years old. I'm gonna breed him all weekend.. Anyone else wanna put a load on his arse?
  19. Vegas this weekend.

    What’s up guys. This is my first time posting my own post here. I’m Coming to Vegas in the first time in a long time this tomorrow until Monday. I’m planning to be used as a cum dump all weekend but I want to check out the bookstores and bathhouse. Which bookstore and bathhouse is the best and what times are the best to go and get loaded. Looking to beat my record of 60+ in one weekend. If anyone is in Vegas let me know if you’re down to breed me. I have a post on BBRT, A4A and Craisglist. Posting one now on Squirt and Craigslist. Check in is at 3pm staying at a Days Inn of the stip since another guy here told me it’s a good place to host. Will be face down ass up door unlocked. Will be my first time getting gang bang in years as well. Any advance? Last time I was gang banged was in San Diego buy 20 or so military guys and in New Orleans by 6 BBC. I have bottles of lube, poppers and 5 hour energy ready to stay up late and take load all night (I don’t pnp).
  20. Size Queen?

    I was feeling a bit needy yesterday, so I wrote to a fuckbuddy and offered him my arse... He's a solid 8-incher, cums bucket-loads and basically knows how to make a BBottom squeal with joy and strain! Sadly he didn't have time yesterday so he'll fuck me this morning. But... Since he likes fucking rough - and since I was horny - I decided to try to get my hole warmed up a little last night in preparation! -So I wrote to a Daddy-type I know and offered him my arse, and within a few hours I was standing in a small jockstrap in his living room while he was fingering my hole! And then, when I had doped myself high on poppers and was literally begging for him to fuck me, he led me to a chair in the kitchen and made me sit down and drink a beer with him while he sat naked across from me and I had a full view of his cock... Damn... I love that cock! It's an impressive 8½-9 inches and with a girth that is almost scary - but also tempting... He seemed to enjoy how I couldn't keep my eyes off his cock... Finally I finished my beer and he ordered me to bend over the kitchen counter - but instead of giving me his cock he brought out a long dildo and began pushing it inside me until it reached the point where it began to hurt me. He enjoys that point... Hearing me moan, watching me strain myself to take it deep... And then the moment when I finally relaxes deep inside and it goes deeper!!! There's always an involuntary yelp of surprise when it suddenly penetrates the inner-most sphincter... He likes to do this because his cock is long enough that his cock head can reach that deep sphincter - and he wants me to take him deep. He led me to his bedroom and ordered me to sit on his cock. I know him well enough to know that means sitting down all the way, so I took 3 deep hits of poppers and sat down on that fat, long cock... Oh... Damn... SO BIG! SO GOOD!!! I love it, and he knows it. I leant back, getting all of him inside me, and then he began thrusting. Deep and hard... I tried riding him, but he held my hips still and thrust his cock up in me again and again. Finally he allowed me down on hands and knees to I could take his cock doggy style - I find that often gives the deepest penetration - and he began shoving a few fingers up next to his cock before he pulled out and handed me a VERY large dildo. RIDICULOUSLY large... Between 3 and 4 inches in diameter and perhaps a foot long. He shoved great globs of Crisco inside me and rubbed equally vast amounts of it around my hole to lube me up - and then it came... Damn... Fuck... Ouch! SO huge! I moaned and groaned and whimpered, but he kept pushing and suddenly there was a sharp pain as the head of the huge dildo popped inside me! I begged him to take it out (in that way where a top know the bottom doesn't really mean it), but he kept it in me for a while before pulling it out a little so the widest part was in my narrowest spot - and then pushing it inside me again. I couldn't take much of it and not for long, so soon he pulled it out and replaced it with his cock... That huge cock felt like bliss after the monster dildo! And fucked me hard until I begged for his sperm... I wanted his load so badly! When he finally collapsed on top of me I began flexing my ass, trying to milk the last drops from his cock... This morning I woke up with his load still inside me - when I had to go to the bathroom there was nothing but the air his fucking had pumped inside me and a dribble of his cum... SO FUCKING HOT! -And now I need to get my ass ready for another raw cock...
  21. Visiting Pittsburgh in mid November. Any hairy smokers around for some raw fucking?
  22. Hungry insatiable bottom taking all loads when I'm in DC November 4-5. Check out my party on bbrt. Well over 100 guys signed up so far!
  23. Fuck music

    When you fuck, what do you listen to? What artist dj, cd, streaming service/channel, radio station? I'm particularly interested in free online streaming services and stations. The beats can add a lot to the experience, another sensation stimulating your senses along with all the other ones.
  24. I was on the fuck bench at the bathhouse, lately it has been my favorite place to take anonymous loads. The place was fairly busy so I had only been there a minute when a guy slid his cock into my hole. I ran my hands down his hairy legs, he was built. Luckily his cock was not huge so it was a good starter cock for the evening. He gave me a nice even fucking dumping his load deep, a smack on the ass and he was gone. I turned my head and was rewarded by a cock in my face. It was a little guy, uncut and very hard. I was able to swallow it and his balls at the same time. I love uncut cut, playing and chewing on the foreskin, running my tongue in the folds. It might have been small but he sure was leaky. I often went dug deep into his piss slit for more juice. As I sucked cock a new top helped himself to my cummy hole. This guy was bigger than the last so I had to hit the poppers to help my ass adjust. The guy in my mouth got really excited when the top mounted me. I felt him reach down and feel the guys cock, checking for a condom I guess. He leaned down and told me I had raw cock up my ass. "Just giving this cumdump what he wants," was the reply from the top. "Oh yeah, this boy already has a load in him." This made the guy in my mouth even more excited. He got really vocal encouraging the guy in my ass to fuck me hard and dump his load in my guts. "How 'bout you load him up first," said the top stepping back and guiding the other guys cock in my hole. I think he was hesitant to stick his raw cock in me but the alpha top was in control and the poor guy was about out of his mind. He came hard the second he bottomed out. He bucked and bucked trying to drive his jiz as far as he could with his little dick. The bigger top pulled him aside. "Time to finish this," and he slammed into me hard. Back to the poppers. I earned that load. He fucked me hard and fast making the bench creak and groan. I thought it might fall apart. By the time he shot his wad we had an audience. The little guy hung around watching the show and stroking his still hard meat. He ended up fucking me three more times that night. His cock rock hard every time his nailed me. I'd go a couple hours and then there he'd be grinning like crazy and asking me how many loads I had taken since I had seen him. He was fun. Once the alpha top wandered off the guys that had been watching took turns on my ass. It was crazy. There was five guys maybe six taking turns on my ass and mouth. It was awesome. I was a total whore being used as a cumdump. I eventually got all their loads. Two in my mouth and the rest in my cum hole. The last guy to breed me pulled me off the bench and stuck his tongue in my mouth. He was tall and lanky, rangy with pockmarked face and very veiny. He made me so hard. "You are coming back to my room," he ordered. "I want my boyfriends to fuck you". Boyfriends? That sounded hot.....to be continued. I gotta jerk off.
  25. Travelling 🔥Dutch power bottom cum dump, that loves ALL cocks ....taking Seed in a my hotelroom close to Deutsche Eiche Sauna. No entrance fee. Wenn?? TUESDAY NOVEMBER 7th From 4.00 pm- late night, until last guy unload his seed💦. I will be the only bottom. I want guys who want to unload down my silky bubble butt. Only come with 1 goal; to give me your load. This hole will be WET!! All sizes accepted and Well Hung +++ . Come and go, break from work or hang out and load me a few times. Very experienced at these, host parties regularly over Europe and USA and had some great 🐷🐷times there with lots of loads donated in my ass. Hosted one in Munich last july and took 23 loads there. Totally genuine. Hard cocks wanted. (Big) Loads wanted. I want to take as many loads as I can . All loads might be tallyed on my ass with a marker. Address given the Day of the Party . Bring poppers if you like .🐷🐷 See also: www.dutchdelight.eu DO DUTCH DELiGHT in MUNICH!!

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