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Found 592 results

  1. hello guys, I was wandering about that decision you ever took to have raw, unprotected natural bareback sex. What or who was it that makes you go for that option? Some boyfriend, some happening? Has it become your usual way to have sex for all occasions or only under certain circumstances?
  2. Yesterday I posted a party ad on BBRT and after some vetting settled on ten potential cocks to load me up. Five out of the ten guys ended up showing--three at the same time! First up is a 40 year old married Latino guy who wanted an anonymous scene with no one else present. He shoves his dick in my mouth, and I initially feel disappointed that his dick is quite small. But he keeps growing, and the next thing I know I'm sucking a thick 7 inches. After he is completely erect, he wastes no time and positions himself behind me, shoving balls deep--but with little lube. The pain is intense, but he is on a mission to cum in my ass, and I'm not about to stop him. He fucks me probably less than a minute, breeds me, and quickly leaves. About 15 minutes pass, and in comes this handsome 24 year old black guy. He has me suck his cock, which grows to a respectable 8 inches. While I take him deeper into my throat, he begins to finger my hole. He realizes I've already taken a load, and he starts calling me a cum dump, a whore, a slut. This man is sexy as fuck. He moves behind me, lubes up with gun oil, and gently pushes his cock into my hole. He moves his dick around in my hole, and you can hear the squishy sound of the other load being churned. He starts to fuck me hard. Just as he gets into a rhythm, a tall slender and very good looking black guy enters, and it's apparent they know each other. The second guy takes off all his clothes and stands beside the guy fucking me. I take a quick look back. The new guy has a massive 9.5" bbc--long and thick. All I could think is: Are they going to trade off? Am I about to take that huge dick? The young black guy continues to fuck me while the other guy utters all kinds of nasty things in his ear: "Load up that white pussy. Breed him. Give him your load." I start moaning loudly, and it's evident the guy is about to bust his nut up my ass. Right before I think he's going to cum, though, the guy with the huge cock tells him to pull out. He shoots his load on the young guy's cock and orders him to fuck that load up my ass! The young guy pushes in, and a couple of strokes later he blasts his black babies in me. He stays in my hole for a few minutes, and before he pulls out, in walks an exceptionally tall well-built black guy in his late 20s. He pulls off his pants, walks over to the side of the bed, and rubs a huge cock across my lips. As I later verified, he was packing 10.5", which might be the biggest cock I have ever taken. He forcibly shoves his dick deep into my throat, and by some miracle I manage to not gag. When the young guy finally pulls out, the new guy reaches around and fingers my hole. He pushes in two fingers and whispers to me that he can feel the cum loads in my ass. His cock gets even harder in my throat--to the point that I can't take much more of the abuse. He walks behind me and lubes up. He gently eases the first half of his cock up my ass. I take a hit of poppers, and the moment I screw the cap on, he shoves his entire black snake in my hole until I hear his balls smack my cheeks. I yelp from the intense pain of this nearly foot long bbc sitting so deep in ass. He fucks me hard doggie style for about five minutes, then shoves me forward on the bed until I'm resting on my stomach. His dick is so deep at this point that I can't take much more. My prostate is being battered. I've cum in my jockstrap without even touching myself. Then suddenly he slows down and says he's going to breed me. He pushes in as far as he can get. I feel his cock spasm, shooting his load deep in my bowels. He pulls out quickly, but I manage to tighten my hole to keep the seed from leaking out. Four loads in an hour...not bad at all. A few minutes after the black guys leave, a Latino guy in his late 30s enters the room. He roughly shoves three fingers in my hole, pulls them out, and tells me to suck the cum off them. Apparently already erect when he arrived, he pushes his thick 8 inches into my ass, relying on the cum to lube him up. He fucks hard and deep for maybe two minutes before dumping his load into me. My ass needs a break by this point, so I'm glad the other guys don't show. After a brief rest, I squat over a glass and let the cum drain out. Two of the guys said they hadn't come in a week--that might explain the ridiculous volume of cum from only five cocks. I lift the glass to my mouth and let the warm cum slide over my tongue and down my throat.
  3. Looking for poz breeding top who loves to enhance experience with chems. PM me.
  4. I met up with a 22-year old muscular, dark-skinned black college guy at his apartment about six months ago. He told me to let myself in the unlocked front door, lock it behind me, and come upstairs. His bedroom door was open, and there he was sprawled out naked, stroking his thick 9.5" cock. I noticed the blinds were open, clearly visible from the parking lot. For a moment, I hesitated, feeling uncomfortable with the idea of being seen in this way. As I started to approach the bed to take that beautiful bbc in my mouth, he ordered me to take off my pants and underwear. Then he got up off the bed and shoved me down with my ass hanging off the edge of the bed. He handed me a bottle of poppers and, in a stern voice, told me to take some deep hits because he intended to fuck me deep until he bred me--no stopping, no pulling out. So, I took four long, deep hits, and my head was spinning. He had lubed up his massive black cock with vaseline and indeed wasted no time. I felt his cock brush against my hole. Then he pushed hard, shoving his entire cock in my ass until his balls slapped my ass. I yelped out loud and he smacked my ass hard. He immediately started to piston fuck my hole and continued for nearly ten minutes. Suddenly he shoved his cock deep in my hole and announced he was breeding me. My prostate had been beaten up in the process, and I needed to cum so badly. I started stroking, hoping to release my load. But he pulled his cock out of my ass abruptly and told me to get dressed and leave. This week, out of the blue, he messaged me saying he needed to unload in some white pussy ass. I immediately responded and asked when he'd like me to drop by his apartment. He said he was working at the university library and was so horny that he wanted me to meet him there as soon as I could. At this point, I have no idea where exactly a safe meeting place might be in the library. He tells me to come to one of the men's restrooms on the third floor; he would be in the center stall and would open the stall door when I tap on it. It's late afternoon when I arrive, and there are far more students studying on that floor than I anticipated. When I enter the restroom, I notice there's no way to hide or be discreet when someone else enters. How the hell is this going to work? There are two guys at the urinals taking a piss, and they'll soon be out of the restroom. I walk past them to the stalls in the back, noting that the stall on the left is occupied. Nervous about getting caught, I lightly tap my foot under the center stall rather than tap on the door. He opens the door, and I see that he has his backpack and a jacket blocking the view of the next stall. Wasting no time, he turns me around, pulls down my pants, and sticks a spit-lubed finger in my ass. Conscious of the guy in the next stall (who is very quiet and might be cruising, I ponder), I suppress a moan. As he works a second and then third finger up my hole, I glance back and see him dribble spit into his hand. He gets his big black cock nice and wet. Without warning, he grabs me by the hips and literally shoves me down on his cock--all the way. His spit didn't provide enough lube, and the pain was horrible. But I couldn't even moan for fear of being caught. He pushed me down by the shoulders as hard as he could, impaling me on his ridiculously hard, rigid cock. He started to sway his hips, churning his dick deep in me. His dick was hitting my prostate, and it hurt. Then he starts lifting my body up and down on his cock. Periodically he would push me down hard on his cock. By this point, he's not even trying to be quiet. Thankfully I hear the guy in the next stall jacking his cock, and as I glance up, I see him peering over into our stall. It's another beefy black guy who, as I later find out, is on the football team. The fucking continues for another five minutes (which feels like an eternity at this point) until I feel his cock twitch. He's flooding my hole with his cum. Just like before, he tells me to pull up my pants and get out. So I scramble into the other empty stall with my pants pulled only halfway up. I can feel cum leaking out my used hole and dribbling down my legs. As I start to close the stall door, the big football player--who towered over me at nearly 6'5"--pushes it open. Aggressively, he pushes me over the toilet, pulls my pants down, and rams his beer-can thick 8" black cock in my ass. He had not lubed his cock, and even with the cum in my hole, the girth of his cock made it painful. I attempt to pull off his cock, but he grabs me hard at the waist and impales me repeatedly. I had willingly taken the previous cock, now I was basically being raped by a football player. The fucking continued for maybe two minutes, and he came deep in my ass--no words spoken. He zipped up his pants and quickly left the restroom. The guy in the next stall who had first fucked me walks over and tells me he had arranged for the football player to fuck me. He assumed I'd be fine with the forceful fuck. Out of breath, I just sighed and sat on the toilet, letting the cum leak from my battered hole. He was right: the whole scene was hot. But I couldn't believe it happened in a public place that was so risky. The football player messaged me and said he wants me to meet him at his apartment for fun sometime soon. I'll share the details when it happens...
  5. any top ts in ny metro area looking to party and breed me? down for group play with other guys or ts
  6. My sex blog

    Hello there little piggies! So I dip into the breeding zones forums from time to time and generally get quite inspired by some of your stories. I started attending my local Cum Union after reading this blog. This is an old post now, but please check it out Hope you enjoy
  7. Visiting need to breed

    Visiting Melbourne for couple of weeks and keen to take anon cocks balls deep
  8. I am 21 years old. I am neg and i want to become poz. Looking for anyone to fuck me and make me poz. I live in new bedford massachusetts but will travel to you. Please help me be poz.
  9. A real Asian surprise

    Friday afternoons my mind starts to go hazy and I find the last three hours of work very slow as I start thinking of how many cocks and loads I might get over the weekend. I go through my fuck contacts and start texting tops to see if they need a hole to use to start their weekends off with a bang. I also start putting up quick connect ads everywhere - hoping to attract some new meat and seed. By the time I finish work my cunt is on fire. I am usually chatting to some guys on the train home, and my weekend hobby kicks in - taking cock and seed as much as I can. That is my addiction, my hobby and my passion. As I live out in the suburbs - getting raw cock during the week is hard, sometimes a regular might be looking for a hole of last resort so he will text and cum over and breed me - but usually I have not trouble getting a safe fuck off Grindr most nights. It scratches the itch a bit but I always crave raw cock and men blowing in me - so the weekend is my big bang! I answered this add from a Chinese guy - who was visiting in town for five days - pics looked ok, said he was total top (my kinda man), uncut cock, looked average but thicker than a lot, and the body was fine - and he was staying in a city hotel. What caught my eye in his ad was "love whoring a bottom out." We messaged and I told him I could be at his hotel by 8 douched - and ready for him to open me up, whack a load or two in me and lubricate my hole for the rest of the night's activities. When I got there he met me in the lobby, stylishly dressed, much taller than me (well most men are considering I am only 5 feet 5 inches). We said very little in the lift - but when we got in the room, he had already dimmed the lights and the lube and towels were on the bedside table. He said "strip off slut and show me that fuckhole." Again, my knda guy - taking command. I did as I was told and he sat at the end of the bed watching me until I had nothing but my G-string on. He stood up and started to undress. I was surprised to see he already had a harness on under his shirt, his nipples were pierced and a leather studded pouch encased his now half hard cock. He opened the bedside draw and produced a bag of toys - butt plugs, dildos, cuffs and tit clamps. I was excited as he looked like a top that was going to give me mancunt and senses a hammering. He was dom, he was rough, he was vert aggressive. He turned the music up and then got very verbal. We did it ll, he fucked me with dildos, nearly pulled my tits off when he was fucking me with his lovely thick uncut cock, and he gave me a good slapping around and I was thanking God it was Friday. After we finished I spent a good 10 minutes cleaning his cock and balls and then I just lay there with my head on his stomach and his lovely soft cock in my mouth like a dummy. I had got two loads out of him and he was great sex. He asked what my plans were for the rest of the evening and I was honest. I told him he had got me super horny so I was going to go to the backroom and take as much seed and cock as I could get for a couple of hours. He laughed and said we might fuck again over the weekend - which I simply said to him - call me or message ne and I will come. "Kyle" said - "you really are a slut aren't you." "Totally I just love it" I replied. As I was leaving he was still laying on his back naked on the bed and he held his cock up at me and said "you want more of this." I walked over and leaned down to kiss his half flaccid cock and said - "I'm yours whenever you want." I headed to HQ for "blackout" the Friday night nude party. I checked my messages and one top - who had fucked me a couple of times before wanted to unload in me but wouldn't be home till 11.30. That gave me an hour and a half at the backroom. I checked in got undressed and my body always feels hyper sensitive after I have been fucked good and hard. It also heightens my sex drive and my mind had flicked into total pig mood - I needed cock in my mancunt, in my mouth and in my hand. Straight to the group room. Thankfully the fuck bench was unoccupied and there were a few guys hovering around stroking lubed cocks and one guy was on his knees giving head. I took up my position leaning over the bench and in one minute I could feel a hand on my arse and a bare cock being slapped on my cunt cheek. I groand and opened my legs to give the man easy access. I leaned back and felt a solid hairy chest. He reached above my head to the lube dispenser I grabbed his arm and said "no need, there are two loads in me for lube," he groaned with pleasure an immediately placed his cock at my hole. I think he was taken aback as I thrust back to take his better than average cock in one hit. I hate tops easing into me - I like cock to hurt me - to take my breath away. His load was the first of the night and I took three more, before I left while a couple of tops had a taste - stuck their cock in and pumped a bit before pulling out as they obviously did not want to nut too soon. I left and headed for Brian's - a decent enough top, good body, great cock and the three times he had fucked me previously were basically blown n' go jobs as it is all over red rover for him when he blows. Mind you he always gave me a good 15 minutes pleasure from his cock. I texted him to tell him I was on my way and that I was pretty full of seed and looking forward to him being my last load for the night. He sent me back some pig emjois and said my sloppy hole was one of the reasons he liked fucking me - and he knew I would by loaded up by this time of night. I got there and he was laying on his back naked - which was my queue to undress and straddle his lovely cut cock. As usual I got my 15 minutes of heavenly fucking off him, my mancunt was slupring with all the seed in me and he fucked a good bit of it out of me. Finally I headed for the train home. I love it when I go out whoring, I only wear a G-string so my mancunt leaks and there is a wet patch at the back of my jeans - its special to me. I went home very satisfied and about half way home a message came through from Kyle - "can you come over same time tomorrow night whore". Of course I said yes, smiled and leaned back in the train and put my head against the window. I could feel that beautiful puffiness my cuntlips get when I have have been fucked five or six times. "This is going to be one hell of a weekend," I thought.
  10. Tag Team

    I wasn’t sure if I was going to hear back from the latest guy I had met. I’ll call him Ford. He works out at my gym (although I’ve never seen him there). We met through a site, I am cool with texting, but he wasn't big on texting, so I thought he might not be particularly interested in meeting up again, or at least not on a very regular basis. This morning, however, he telephoned me at 6:30 inviting me to come over to his place. I replied "Fuck, Give me an hour!" "An hour?" he responded. "Yeah, an hour. I've gotta clean-out before I leave," I explained, even as I thought to myself I was glad I regularly use fiber supplements as they make the clean out fast and easy. By 7:30 AM I was at Ford’s condo. I let myself in, leaving my shoes at the door, and went up to Ford's bedroom where I found him nude in his dark skinned sexiness, laying face down to on the bed. I quickly get undressed, spread his legs and start eating his ass. It took but a few seconds for my dick to go brick. Lubing him with Vaseline, I pulled my foreskin back, lined my cock head with his hole and slid in, loving the sensation of thrusting in and out of his ass which was juicy and wet. After several minutes we traded off and he pushed his fat eight inch dick into my ass hard! We went back and forth several times, each time his ass got me close to busting, but he didn't want me to cum yet. Likewise, when he was pounding my ass we took several breaks because he was on the cusp of blowing his load. More in a little while. In an earlier conversation I had told Ford about Andrew, another hot guy I had met online, and who also works out at the same gym which Ford and I use. Andrew is Black, has a goatee, is bald, tall, lean, muscular, and has a big dick. Ford asked how I knew about Andrew's big dick, so I explained I had seen it in the locker room, as well as on Andrew's A4A profile. Ford responded he thought he might know Andrew, and if so, he might see if Andrew was interested in a threesome with the two of us. I figured there was a fat chance of it happening as as I had been trying to meet Andrew for over a year - with no success.
  11. Old fuck buddy

    As I’m sitting here writing this, my ass is so sore, it hurts. Got a text a few weeks back from an old fuck buddy. I kinda stopped with him because he couldn’t stay hard and I couldn’t stay tight for him. It just seemed like it was time for a break. Since then, I’ve been bred by my ex-boyfriend, couple smaller guys in Houston, a new trick who works out at my gym, and my regular fuck buddy who is hung and shoots multiple loads till he fucks them out of my ass- but he’s closet and we can’t make any noise, not even a whisper while we fuck. So this guy I’ll call Jay and I text back and for and agree on a day and time. I figured what the heck, I need some variety. Takes about 35-40 minutes to get there, I’m just hoping I cleaned out deep enough be clean by the end of the drive. I get there, we smoke a little green, we get out the fuck towel and he has me get as close to the mattress as possible- think how your legs would feel split apart, and pushed till you could kiss your kneecaps. Yeah. But before he can even thump it on my ass and push in, his dick had inflated to a good size. I forgot his dick measurements when fully hard are 9” long and 6.5-7” around. I’m slightly flying, plus the poppers relaxing me, I’m grateful my regular guy has a really fat one so I can take big ones with relative ease, regularly. As an added treat, he also brings out his special lube, cum he jacked off into a lube container. So before I can get some loads from him, I’m already getting loads pushed into me. To keep it real, I did put a lump of cocoa petroleum jelly in my ass so any lube would dry out slower. I forgot that this guy’s dick is not shaped like a baseball bat, or parallel line, his dick gets thicker as it gets closer to the base. A lot thicker. But still, it’s a lot easier to take than if he had put a condom on. I just can’t use them anymore. He starts fucking, takes a small break, adds more cum lube and pushes back in. I’m like, wtf? This guy’s dick is on brick! When he has a semi, it’s easier to take but fully erect, it really stretches my asshole out. And he starts fucking hard. He’s use different to gangbangs where everybody nuts quickly so others don’t have to wait. He pounds my ass hard, those good slapping sounds echoing in the room, harder and harder till I hear him groan several times and I can feel his big dark dick pulsating inside me. He is freaky and the feeling of his dark dick surrounded by cum in my ass sets him over the edge and he quickly cums again. We repeat this pattern till he has cum in my ass 4-5 times. At this point, building up the orgasms comes naturally, but his strength is gone. We call it a night, I get dressed, and get my tender ass out of there. Still aching. But I wish he would have had a friend to share my ass. Only things keeping me from seeing him more often is he lives about 40 minutes away and he’s not the cuddly kissy type. And he doesn’t suck dick. So I’ll keep looking for good fuckers who match up to what I’m looking for in a man and vice versa. If it means achieving the reputation of slut, oh, well. Still waiting to hear from these 2 white boys who just moved into town that have been wanting to fuck me, but their jobs just started and they’re pretty busy... mmm, feels like my lips are calming down, not as puffed out. Maybe more dick tomorrow or definitely the next day. I haven’t even written about the loads I took during Christmas vacation. Soon.
  12. Secret Admirers

    Wondering if any guys on here have had this experience- guys with vague or brief profiles, and no pictures, requesting a dl hookup. The first time it happened I was skeptical as hell and thought he was looking for jerk off reading material, but I gave it a shot for a real life hookup and the guy showed up to our meeting. Shortly after I was nutting in his ass. Same thing with a second guy who wanted me to be his first dirty fuck. 12 hours later and four loads in his hole, I decided some of these lurkers on this site are good for something. Lol. The last lurker guy I hooked up with was all top, and he got off on fucking a loaded bottom. I guess the moral of the story is don't dismiss the guys on here with sparse profiles or posts.
  13. slutty weekend

    Hey guys... i like to party hard in the weekends... working two jobs, i have little time during the week, but in the weekends i like to go hard and enter full slut mode.. last weekend was memorable again.. i actually didnt plan anything, but hey... once a slut, always a slut.. I was at home when a regular buddy texted me.. he was on his way to a party and wanted to drop by and drop a load. He is this cute black guy, been fucking me for 2 years. He came and since he was in a hurry, he fucked me right away and shot a 5-day load in my ass. After that another regular texted me, also a black guy. he has this huge dick (true BBC) so i went to his place right away. I told him I had been playing with my ass (didnt tell him about the load inside) so i was open.. he always leaves his door open, so I entered his house, undressed and laid down on his bed, waiting for him to enter the room. He is an awesome top and shoots loads. after some 20 minutes of fucking he bred me good. Went back home, got a message on grindr from another black guy with a huge dick.. also a regular. I told him I had just been fucked and loaded. he actually doesnt want to bb me, but once again he couldt resist (he always ends up raw in my ass, not leaving it untill he has cum) . I was on fire. after he left i went back on grindr and one of my beighbours (black brazilian guy) needed to cum. usually he only wants to get sucked or fuck safe, but the last three wimes i went to his place he fucked me bare... 10 minutes later i had load # 4 in my ass.. ( he knew about the other loads) . i went to sleep and woke up with a sloppy and hungry ass.. Another regular texted me, he asked if I got fucked and loaded last night.. I told him i had 4 loads in my ass which turned him on.. he assked if all the tops were black... when he found out they all were, he came over immediately. he is this horny black african guy, thick dick. while he was fucking me, a lot of cum left my ass.. so slutty.. turned him on and he refilled my ass with his big load... Short break after that... Later on Sunday (still carrying all the loads) i went to a cruisingbar in Amsterdam. continued slutting around like the whore I am. Ran into some old fuckbuds and told a guy on planetromeo i was gonna be there. the Romeoguy was the first there to fuck and breed me. SHort guy, big dick. After him there were 6 more tops that filled my ass and I got to swallow 4 loads... Yeah... the weekend was fucking sleazy....
  14. A Series of Unfortunate Breeding

    There is something peculiar, a word which here means "strange but at times, wonderful," about driving on an empty road that gets one's thought into constant motion. Perhaps life is one long road and driving along one would make us reflect on the path that we still have yet to travel in our time here on this planet. Or maybe it is a familiar road that we are constantly driving back and forth, resisting the urge to let go of our past even though we know that it may be good for us. Whichever road that you decide to take though, there is one road that I’m sure you will never want to take: the sad and dark road of reading the rest of this accounts of Fernando. Fernando's past was filled with great misery and distress that it made me pounder wether things would have turned out differently if the things that happened did not happen at all, but I cannot change the past because that it how the story goes. And as Fernando drove the dark and lonely road down Highway 89, and past the sign that read "Last Stop Truckstop: 90 km," he couldn't help but to pounder to a much happier and simpler time when it was just him and his father on a road trip to the country side, celebrating his 18th birthday. On that particular night, the weather had just turned ugly: spitting rain which splattered the window here and there and the howling of the wind made a whistling sound through the small openings in the windows of the car. Fernando was holding onto his crotch as he shifted uncomfortably on his seat. "Dad, I really have to go!" Fernando yelled, as he crossed his legs over one another to somehow hold in the piss. "Can you maybe drive a little bit faster?" "I wish I could, son," his dad replied. "But in a weather like this, I'm afraid I can't drive any faster. I don't want to put you in any sort of danger." "Can't you stop the car then?" Fernando asked. "It will only take a minute." But his dad didn't reply as the dim light of an approaching Truckstop illuminated the darkness. "Oh thank god!" As the car stopped abruptly at the parking bay, Fernando quickly unbuckled his seatbelt and hopped out of the car, followed by his dad, who was close behind. "Take your time." his dad said, standing by the entrance of the store. "I'll stock up on some supplies while you go and we'll meet up in the car when you're done." Fernando didn't reply. He was too focus on rushing to the toilet and who could blame him when he was busting to take a leak, an expression which here means "to expel some of the apple juice he had earlier". The Truckstop toilet was a small room that contained five cubicals that had doors that was so worned out that some of the paint had chipped off. There was a long metal urinal attached to the wall which had a few small puddles of piss on the floor next to it, as if no one cared to aim. And worst of all, it reeked of a strong urine smell that Fernando had to hold in his breath as he walked towards the urinal. He could see on the floor that someone had considerably placed a urinal cake to offset the smell, but it never got to fulfill its life’s purpose as everyone aimed away from it. As Fernando finished up his business, he heard a screeching sound of a door being slowly opened. Sure enough, as he turned his head across his shoulder, he could see the door of one of the the closed cubical slowly opening and there stood a middle aged man dressed in a red plaid shirt and torn jeans. He had a black beard as if he haven't shaved for days and he had a peculiar grin on his face. As Fernando followed his eyes down, he could see why: the man had a hand on his crotch and he was rubbing it slowly and his other hand was gesturing for Fernando to join him. On one of his hand, on his index finger, was a silver ring with a pendent of a skull which seemed to sparkle malevolently in the reflection of the dim light. A skull could mean many things depending on how you want to look at it. For most people, it signifies deaths and danger and that you should get the heck away out of the toilet as soon as you can. But for a curious boy who had just reached the peak of puberty and was also unsure of his sexuality, it was more of an invitation to try something risky and adventurous. You may also have heard of an expression, "a fork in the road," which simply suggests that there are times in your life when you have to make a crucial decision, and that decision will have some sort of consequences down the road. Generally, the younger you make these choices, the greater the impact it will have on your life. For instance, if you took the culinary road instead of the medical road that you parents have kindly suggested, then you could very much find yourself working as a high end chef by now. If, however, you were presented with a choice in the heat of the moment, a phrase which here means "without much time to react or think properly" to indulge in a sleazy sex act in the middle of a smelly Truckstop when you are just coming to terms with your sexuality, it could very much in fact change the course of your life. So it was with much sadness, and regret, that I have to write that Fernando, who was shaking with nervousness at the time, walked slowly towards the man and entered the cubical, locking the door behind him. The cubical was small and had a small puddle of piss on the ground near the toilet. The man grabbed the back of Fernando's head and pushed him onto the ground, his knees touching the piss and quickly becoming soaked. He unzipped his pants to reveal an erect cock, which had a small shiny ring on the end, and pushed it forcefully down Fernando's throat. Up until this point, it is worth mentioning that Fernando had not sucked any cock; he had watched quite a lot of gay porn and focused a lot on the sucking techniques, but had not had the opportunity to try it out. And as you may have experience with your first time, he first felt a warm sensation followed by a hypnotic rhythmic motion as the man thrusted his hips back and forth. Fernando moved his head this way and that and was constantly conscious if he was using his teeth or not, and his mouth soon got particular sore as he man began to hasten his thrust like a fuck machine. The skull fucking was interrupted with an opening of the entrance door, and a familiar figure cautiously walked in. "Fernando, are you here in?" The man asked, who Fernando quickly realized it was his dad. He still had a cock in his mouth, which was moving slowly in and out, and he didn't dare to make any noise as to raise any suspicion. "If you are, we are going to leave in about 5 minutes. You don’t want to be late for your birthday dinner." There was a silence and the door closed shut. "Oh, it is your birthday is it? Maybe we should invite your dad to join in on the fun too, Fernando," the man laughed. "I think I just have the perfect birthday present for you tonight." Fernando didn’t have to wait to find out what the present was since right at that moment, the man lifted Fernando back up onto his feet and pressed him against the cubical door, pulling down his pants and exposing his pucker. If you have ever bottomed before, then you would know the pain the first time a hard cock enters you and it would be much appreciated if the top went in slowly. Unfortunately for our young Fernando, the man had not been lectured in the art of slow movement and instead, pushed his cock in as hard and as fast as he could, using one of his free strong hand to cover Fernando’s mouth so his scream of pain were muffled. The fuck went on for a few minutes when finally the man injected streams of hot cum into Fernando’s ass. He could feel each pulse as if someone had squirted him with a water gum. He stopped fighting against the man awhile ago. He was not strong enough. Now he was his bitch. Fernando didn't move for awhile after it was over. He began shaking uncontrollable as the man took some tissue and wiped down his dick, which had patches of blood and shit on it. The man grabbed Fernando’s face and forced a kiss down his throat which Fernando was too shock to return, then unlocked the door of the cubical and walked outside. After a minute, Fernando followed suite and walked outside into the chilly night, and met up with his dad who was waiting patiently in the car for him. "Ready to continue the road, son?" asked his dad, turning the ignition on and the sound of the engine roared into the night. Fernando didn’t replied, and instead, pretended to be tired and slept as the two men drove down Highway 89 towards their destination. ••• To my kind readers, I apologized for the delay in this account of the notorious Fernando, which I am sad to say he is still on the loose—my associate who I have kindly trusted to gather information have fallen into the clutches of Fernando and so I must look for another associate to carry on with the investigation. I have heard words from a reliable source that I will be be receiving new information soon titled REVENGE IS SWEET, but that is all I have been given. It is only with your help that I could put Fernando behind bars and bring him to justice. With all due respect, Ganthian Raph
  15. Sub bottom 4 breeding 24/7... anon+... fisting virgin eager for an experienced trainer with a firm and disciplining hand... a pro who takes the time to do it right...not interested in wannabe fisting tops with no patience or true skill
  16. Hey guys im wanting to start posting video's on my blog and some guys seem to shy away from it im looking for guys to load me and dont mind it being filmed, the more the better, so come on get intouch if thats you
  17. New Year

    Had been edging online with my favorite letters and had a very persistent guy chat me up. He agreed to come over and brought some jock/leather gear, favors of all sorts, and so we started watching some online porn, partying, chatting with others, getting turnt, opened my webcam and recorded me giving him head while we both were geared up and flying. He turned me around on cam and stuck his nice and thick raw cock in me and fucked hard and deep. By this time I didn't care about the cam, but wanted more cock and his load. We fell to the ground and he pumped my ass full on cam, then jumped up and bolted while his cum leaked from my hole. Can't wait to do it again.
  18. Seeking total bareback, big dick tops living in (or visiting) the Dallas (Oaklawn) area who are interested in stopping by my place, coming in through my unlocked front door to find me face down in a pillow and my raw hole pointed up and completely exposed and ready to take a rock hard anonymous bareback dick deep inside it. I'd like to be well fucked!! Hard and deep for as long as you wanted. Deep stroke my hole to build up pressure in your balls in preparation for its impending forced injection into my raw, open guts. You can flood my hole without notice or warning of any kind. It is unnecessary to ask for approval or agreement to the acceptance of a raw seed deposit. You'd be welcome to drop your load however and whenever and without consent. After which, no strings, no obligations, no worries, only to leave my satisfied with an ass full of your cum. Let me know if any of you bareback fukkr's want me take your anonymous raw load in my ass. Hosting in Dallas, Oaklawn area.
  19. Most Loads in Single Stay at Bathhouse

    What's the most number of loads you took in the ass during a single stay at a bathhouse not to exceed 24 hours?
  20. I was in NYC this past week with my husband. We have a "don't ask, don't tell" agreement. He knows I'm a horny cum dump. But, since he's a much older man and not particularly sexual anymore, he's fine with me taking dick whenever I want. He just doesn't want to know about it. So, I'd been checking out Grindr and Growlr on occasion during our week in NYC. But, because he and I were together nearly 24 hours a day on this trip, I was getting very frustrated and horny, since I was not able to take on any of the guys that contacted on those Apps. I was in my hotel room with him and flipping through the apps. I got hit on by a fucking hot black guy that lived just around the corner from our hotel. His pic showed a very buff, black man in his early 40's. We chatted back and forth a bit. He shared his cock pics with me. DAMN! He was packing about 9"s and thick. He said he and his husband are both bb tops and wanted to tag my ass. Fuck! I had to find some reason to get out and go to their apartment. I told him I would do my best to make it over, but that it would have to be a quickie. I never pack my suitcase without an enema bottle. So, I dug mine out of my bag and went into the bathroom and took a quick douche to clean my ass and took a quick shower so I'd be fresh for them. Then I dressed and told my husband that I was going to the grocery store that was a few blocks away to grab some fruit and snacks to fill our room's fridge. I messaged back to the hot black guy that I was on my way over. I quickly made my way to their apartment and they buzzed me through the front door. I climbed up to their 3rd floor apt. Walter, the early 40's guy that I had been chatting with on Growlr answered the door. He was totally nude and a bit wet, since he had just stepped out of the shower. He invited me in and told me his husband Carl was showering and would be in shortly. I followed him into the bedroom as I was pulling off my coat and shirt. I quickly kicked off my shoes and shucked my pants. I dropped to my knees and took Walter's soft cock into my mouth. I worshipped his big cock as it grew in my mouth. Then he backed onto the bed. Sitting on the edge, he laid back and lifted his legs, spreading his ass cheeks. I put my face between his ass cheeks and began to eat his sweet hole. As I had my face buried in Walter's ass, I heard his husband Carl walk into the bedroom and could sense him sitting on the edge of the bed, next to Walter. Carl laid back and he and Walter began to kiss. I moved over to Carl and took his partially hard 7" cock into my mouth. Carl's cock grew quickly. After about 5 minutes of my going back and forth between both their cocks, I decided to climb up on the bed, on my hands and knees, my ass up. Carl climbed behind me and began to eat my ass. His long tongue got deep into my hole. Walter climbed in front of me and fed me his cock. Carl soon knelt behind me, lubed his cock and slid up into me. I was in complete ecstasy as I was being spit roasted by these two hot black guys. These guys knew I had very limited time, so they wasted no time. Carl was pounding my ass hard and deep. Slapping my ass as he pounded me. Carl fucked me for another 5 minutes before he let out a growl and slammed deep into me. I could feel his cock throbbing as he emptied his balls into my ass. Carl pulled out and he and Walter changed positions. Carl fed me his cum covered cock to clean off as Walter quickly slid his even larger and thicker cock into me in one quick thrust. I let out a groan and gasped for air as his big black cock rammed up into me. It was a combination of pain and pleasure. I had noticed a bottle of poppers sitting on the dresser, next to the lube. "Can I have some poppers?" I asked. Carl climbed off the bed and grabbed the poppers. He opened the bottle and put the poppers under my nose. I took a deep breath and then he put it to my other nostril. The poppers helped to relax my hole as Walter slid balls deep into me. He fucked me long and slow for a few minutes. I felt his cock grow even harder as he fucked. Then he grabbed me around my waist and began to slam deeply into me. Carl had left the poppers laying by my head. I took the bottle and took a few deep drags on it, as Walter's fucking pace quickened and he slammed repeatedly into me. "You like this, Daddy? You like these big black dicks in ya?" All I could do is grunt as his hard pounding was slamming the breath out of my lungs. "Fuckin' CUNT! Fuckin' PUSSY! Fuckin' WHORE!" Walter repeatedly growled as he rammed into me. Finally one more deep slam into me brought a low, loud and growing growl from Walter. "AAAAHHHHhhhhhhhhhh....!!!!!! FUCK....!!!!" he growled as he began to fill my ass with his load of cum. I did my best milk his cock with my ass. I wanted every last drop of his load in me. He slammed a few more times into me, before he pulled out of me with a plop. He climbed off the bed and I followed him off the bed. Dropping to my knees to clean his cock with my mouth. I dressed, left and hit the grocery store as quick as I could. As I walked back into my hotel room, my husband looked up at me with a "knowing look". I'm sure he knew I was doing more that shopping. But, he never said anything.
  21. Yesterday was hot 40oC was sat naked at home all day on breeding.zone, Grindr, BBRT, Squirt and ads on Craigslist. Posted asking anon guys to come load my ass no load refused status not an issue. posted Craig list add st 9:30am 4 emails almost immediately. All looking to dump a load in me. I told them door was open. I was in jock blindfolded bend over on floor waiting. Then one after the other they turned up some slapped me, some pissed on me all fucked me. Two were small one was really big. Took them all and there loads. Last one was average size while fucking was on his phone telling his mates to come over, he gave them have my address and 15 mins later heard boots on the floor and zips undoing. next thing I know have a cock in my mouth and ass couldn’t tell how many times they swapped. In the end there was a massive puddle of cum on the floor swallowed 3 loads many more in my ass. Loved it!!!
  22. Breeding in private dungeon

    Travelling 🔥Dutch power bottom cum dump, that loves ALL cocks ....taking Seed AGAIN. In a NEW location. This time a totally private dungeon close to Old Street Station. No entrance fee. Wenn?? WEDNESDAY January 24th. Keep the date please and join this breeding party (again) From approx 16.00-24.00 naked and in playroom to receive seed💦. I will be the only bottom. I want guys who want to unload down my silky bubble butt. Only come with 1 goal; to give me your load. This hole will be WET!! All sizes accepted and Well Hung +++ . Come and go, break from work or hang out and load me a few times. Very experienced at these, host parties regularly over Europe and USA and had some great 🐷🐷times there with lots of loads donated in my ass. Totally genuine. Hard cocks wanted. (Big) Loads wanted. I want to take as many loads as I can . All loads might be tallyed on my ass with a marker. Address given the Day of the Party . Bring poppers if you like .🐷🐷 See also: www.dutchdelight.eu ( share website with interested gays as much as possible please) COME BREED DUTCH DELIGHT (again) in LONDON. January 24th!
  23. 59, 5'10" 176lbs gwm beard, s&p hair, masculine bottom visiting Italy in March. Schedule pretty open right now. Want to meet tops needing to breed and feed me. Wouldn't mind if you wanted to show me a little of your town/city and how gays connect. Serious here. Thanks
  24. Stealth Fucked a British Top

    For my second night in Berlin, I wanted to continue to push the barriers within me that sometimes stop me from being a total cumdump. My desire is to be a total whore who accepts any and all dick, but sometimes still find myself scared or nervous, and sometimes I find myself judging men on the basis of appearance. I decided to try some new places in Berlin and be an open receptacle to all. First I went to Mutschmanns. After getting a drink, I walked around the basement play space. The crowd wasn't huge, as there were only 10 to 15 men in attendance. Still it seemed more promising than my last trip to Berlin. On that occasion I had also visited Mutschmanns, but the place had been dead. On the hope the action would pick-up, I decided to stay while give the place another chance. I checked my clothes and went back downstairs wearing only my jock. For a while nothing seem to be happening. A few bottoms were present, and each man was advertising his hole, but none of the tops seemed to be interested in taking advantage of any of us. Finally in the area near the slings, there was a skinny and very hairy top who had pulled his cock out of his jeans. He wasn’t very muscular and had a potbelly that was covered by the hair that was all over the upper part of his body. I wasn’t really attracted to him and I hadn’t gotten to the point where the desire for dick to be in my hole had taken over me yet. However, I did want to rid myself of any lingering form of repression that I may have felt, and to accept my role as a cumdump bottom. I approached him, took his slender dick in my hand, stroked it, and swallowed it down my mouth until it got hard. Then I bent over, spread my cheeks, and backed up onto his dick. Once he was in, the cumwhore within me began to take over. I knew I just wanted to take dick for the rest of the night. It just felt so good to have that dick inside of my hole. He was rather a slow rhythmic thruster who continue this pace for quite a long time. At times I was uncertain about whether he would actually unload in my ass, but finally he increased his tempo little bit and unloaded in me. I walked around a bit but little still was happening to my disappointment. I did get one more load from an American visitor to Berlin. Ironically the guy who has fucked me earlier turned out to be his partner. So at the start of the night I had two American loads but no German. I continued to bar hop for a bit with mixed results. A couple of the bars that had back rooms that were empty or nothing happened. I headed over to Scheune which had a downstairs basement play space where I found a fair number of men walking around. Deciding again to push my boundaries, I stripped off my clothes, put them in a corner and climbed into the sling. There had been a husky German guy standing nearby who was watching me do this and I just knew that he would come over and use my hole. Once I was in the position, he immediately came over to thrust his short but thick cock up my hole. He continued to thrust and then absolutely pounded my hole, cumming rather rapidly. He was followed by another guy who explored my hole for a bit but didn’t end up coming. At this point I decided to head over to the Bull Bar because the Bull is a sure bet for a cumdump like me. I especially love the Bull because men just go there to fuck in its dirty, seedy backroom. That and the men seldom use condoms. And sure enough, the Bull didn’t disappoint. I was used and loaded by several men in rapid order. There was a tall, attractive, blonde haired Englishman who had been watching me get used. I had checked him out and liked his height and huskiness. He felt up and explored my hole with his fingers, but then walked away several times, so I wasn’t completely sure if he was interested. We started to talk and I was excited to learn that he was definitely interested. He liked watching me get barebacked and loaded but didn’t want to do bare himself. He explained that he had a partner at home and PrEP was not readily available in England. While fucking with a condom is not my favorite, obviously, but I also don’t have a no condom policy, so this guy wasn't out of question. He fucked me while wearing a condom, came, and then we split. After another guy shot his load into my ass, I connected again with the 'condom only' guy. He felt my cummy ass, and slid his his solid seven and a half inches against my hole, explaining how much he liked raw sex. He also asked if I was on PrEP. I replied I was on medication, meaning my medication for HIV. He entered my hole saying “Well, since you're on PrEP," and proceeded to fuck me much more intensely and longer than the first time, exploring my sloppy hole as I moaned in pleasure. Several times I climaxed as he pounded me mercilessly, only then to slow his tempo to delay his orgasm. Finally he thrust more forcefully, holding onto my shoulders as his cock pulsated jets of sperm deep in my hole. We kissed and talked for a bit more before saying goodbye. The next day I felt a mixture of pleasure and guilt. I’m not on PrEP but am Poz, undetectable, on meds. Was it wrong I stealth fucked the British top?
  25. Anon Loads

    I am no idea how many different men have fucked me in my life. My best guess of different men is somewhere between 1,500 and 2,500. What % of guys who fucked you, you didn't know their name before or after getting fucked by them. Heck, I've had regulars fuck me for years and I still don't know their name.

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