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    Paris in France
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    All dirty poz sex bound game, strangulation
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Young poz slut who became a perv poz top
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    None yet but I am ready to do
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    Poz fuck and fun

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  1. 13 y old with my 25 y old tennis teacher and raw
  2. Very interested

  3. Gregpoz2 on [deleted]


    1. TCUboy94


      Thanks I’ll hit you up 😏


  4. Thanks for following back.  Very hot!!

  5. My wickr is gregpoz2 contact me


    1. UseMePlease


      J'ai tenté d'ajouter cette adresse, mais ça me dit que ce contact a été retiré ou est invalide.

      J'aurai bien aimé jouer avec toi

    2. Gregory


      Gregpoz2 pourtant 

  6. I love your profil

    1. Ayden


      Thanks Gregory. I love your profile too and I especially love that you are poz detectable. That's awesome. 😈☣️

    2. swimslut


      I love that about his status too! Soon you will be also 😉

    3. misneach


      bottle and sell  that  status...  boned  me immediately and  only a short hop in  a plane away 

  7. Yes beautiful one I would love give him my loads
  8. Wow you are a very hot boy!!!

  9. I am neg, got off prep and I am coming to Paris from 29.12-01.01.2020. Could you make me the honor to infect me? It would be a dream for me to take in New Year´s evening such a nice Gift!

    1. meetgee


      Did this happen?!

  10. Gregory Sir would u um be willing to poz me assuming u came to the usa

    1. Gregory
    2. smokey1121


      when u do where wud it be at to the usa i mean i dont care that i wud die within 3 days

  11. Thank - You for being my first Gregory ! I guess if you came across the ocean you would Poz cum me?

    1. Gregory


      It will be an honor

    2. mikepig


      @ hotbobbi - he probably would be your first, your last - everything you will think of the rest of your life 😉

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