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  1. First time I got my hole douched by another man was unexpected and very hot. There was something really intimate about it. Later that weekend that same man slammed me and gave me my first fist. I now equate douching with another man as a prelude to fisting. While i enjoy the douching aspect, I'm not into scat at all. Tried it. Not for me. But your welcome to hose my pig hole out any day.
  2. Hitting up on a guy online for a breeding session recently, I mentioned that I like a pig whose hole isn’t too tight. I have a thick dick and on occasion I’ve fucked a hole that’s been so tight that I find it hard to push my dick through it after a while my dick gets sore. So, I much prefer to fuck a hole that’s loose. The looser the better in my opinion, also love to fist them too. The guy I’m hitting up is horrified, tells me that he’s particular about trying to keep his hole tight so he doesn’t become incontinent. Whatever. We didn’t fuck. But my point here is: What kind of hole do you most enjoy breeding? Me, I like the blown out, sloppy ones. I like the ones I can eat, fist and fuck. I like the men who have loose sloppy holes and are proud of them. If a guy brags about having a tight hole I move on.
  3. Fisting and eating out a hole works for me. Fucking if their hole is already open and sloppy. Has to be raw though. Any gloves/condoms and I immediately lose interest. Likewise porn where guys say "Yes Sir" all the time. I'm Austalian, sir is not really part of my vocabulary. But give me a greased up pighole with a fist or 2 in it and I'm happy.
  4. Hey mate. In Canberra tonight. Looking to breed.

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