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Found 22 results

  1. Hey, guys, I'm curious about something. Anyone who knows me on here knows that when it comes to oral, it's not my first choice of activities. Sure, I'll suck dick to get a guy hard, wet, and warmed up for a good pounding. But I'm, sadly, not one of those guys who enjoys sucking dick for hours on end. However, if I was given the choice of oral between cock or ass, my mind instantly goes to rimming. Now, rimming I could get into for a long, long time -giving and receiving. And that's the other thing, while I'll suck another guys dick, having my own sucked does nothing more me. I'll get and stay hard but the urge to cum never arrives. Nope, first choice for me regarding oral is ass. Am I the only one who would rather chow down on a hot, beefy, juicy ass instead of sucking dick?
  2. Younger Tops

    Most of the discussions on here seem to cover younger guys who first got fucked by older guys. Being a guy who is in to younger tops, I'd be interested in hearing from younger guys who first got to fuck someone older and from older guys who first got to be fucked by someone younger. Thanks.
  3. hello to all the Chicago tops. I will be on a Halloweenie vacation Oct 23rd -Nov 1st and while staying with my friends I would like to meat with horny Tops so that I can play with their thick poles. Love all types form slim big dicked guys to more heavy set guys as long as they have a big dick to feed me. Love 7-9 inches with heavy balls full of cream. I am into whites, latinos , blacks and middles eastern. I am pretty average but willing to be your fuckhole. I don't have dirty pics though...late 40's, blue eyed, Polish-German-French European with 6.5 cock and a willing fuckhole to fill. Peter hook up at man's country or Touché? the Ram or anyplace... OK for threesome with two tops filling my holes.... english2015@orange.Fr
  4. Visiting Tampa for Howl O Scream. Would love to have some late night/early morning fun while there. Staying near Fairgrounds.
  5. Friend of a friend

    Friend of a friend A couple of years ago when I was 28 I received a text from a fuckbuddy I hadn't seen in a while. He had a major favour to ask. He was now dating somebody but an old fuckbuddy of his from out of town was vissiting and since he was being monogamous could I help his buddy out. Amusement turned to pondering when he sent me a couple of pics of the guy. White, late 40's with that lean build some older guys have, a bit rough looking but attractive and a large cock, uncut apparently an 8 incher. I thought why not and said sure give him my number. The next day around noon while at work I got a text from the guy saying it was his last day in town and was I free. I told him I would be at work a few more hours but we could meet at my place when I was finished. It looked like we would be pressed for time between me getting home and him getting to the airport. So I asked him to tell me exactly what he wanted to do, what he wanted me to do and that we would start the second my door closed behind us. So a few hours later I was at my parking spot at my apartment block. I went into the building and to the entrance calling him. I saw him leaving his car and walk towards me, short dark hair, blue eyes, lean build, 6'3" to my 5'10". We did a quick handshake and scurried inside, into the elevator then my apartment. The door closed behind him and he leaned down giving me a quick peck on the lips with this shy smile which I admit I found endearing. I reminded him of what he had asked we do and followed his plan. Leading the way to my bedroom stripping I was soon naked on my bed, on my back, legs spread cock hard. He was naked at the foot of my bed and I was focused on his cock which seemed longer and thicker than his pictures. He got onto his hand and knees between my spread legs, grabbed my cock with his one hand and swallowed it whole. My ass lifted of the bed and I started fucking his mouth. He deep throated me effortlessly and I lifted myself on to my elbows so I could watch my cock disappearing into his mouth. This went on for a while every time when he pulled away my ass lifted off the bed trying to get my cock back in that mouth of his. Eventually he pulled away sitting up on his knees and gave me a grin. With one movement he grabbed behind my knees and I was resting on my shoulders ass in the air. He spread my butt with his hands and I felt first his warm breath across my hole then tongue. Then I got a proper ass eating, tongue, lips, spitt. I was gasping and moaning my whole body clenching and melting under his onslaught. He moved to my balls giving them the same treatment then to my cock then back to remind my ass what an amazing tongue he had. He let me down again, straddling my upper body, hand behind my head to introduce my mouth to his dick. I tried but was soon choking and gasping for air which made him pull back and he told me he just wanted to get his dick slick and wet. He got between my legs again sucking and jerking me off while jerking himself with his other hand. He raised himself up with one hand behind my right knee raising my ass up and open ans with his other hand still jerking his cock aimed at my hole. I was ready for a fucking but sadly I knew it wasn't in the plan and soon enough felt his hot cum splattering on my butt cheeks. He lowered me slightly until his cockhead was lodged at the entrance to my hole but he pulled it away after some teasing. He started scooping up his cum and had my dick back in his mouth while I felt myself being finger fucked, with his cum as lube. It didn't take me long and I unloaded down his throat. He pushed up and gave me a long wet kiss which had me sucking the taste of my own cum from his tongue. He pulled back and headed to the bathroom for a quick clean up leaving me a bit boneless and weak on the bed. He came back, dressed leaned down giving me the same shy smile from earlier and a quick peck on the mouth and with that he left.
  6. I was wondering how differently people finish sucking a good cock. Do you suck it dry? Do you jerk it and let him cum on you? For me, the favorite thing is just sucking the cock for a good period of time, and when the guy is about to blow I just let him fill my mouth with his hot seed until there is not a single drop left. In this case, I either swallow the load or I keep it my mouth and then kiss the guy with all his cum in me, letting it just drip on both of us from our kissing so we could lick each other like some cum hungry sluts.
  7. Yesterday I hooked up with a regular bottom of mine. It was late in the afternoon and I was horny after working all day. Stop by his place and he was lubed and face down on his bed. I stripped and started fucking. I was a complete animal an needed to unload. I pounded away at his hole for five minutes and shot a nice load. He milked my cock for ten minutes till I was hard again. I pumped for awhile but wasn't going to shoot for now. He has a nice cock so I blew him but he was in bottom mood we 69 for a bit and then I left. I was still horny so swung by Club Philly on way home and grab a locker. Cruised around. It was slow late afternoon on a Saturday so not busy yet. Went to dark room sucked a guy and he returned the favor. Not really into him so moved on. Tried to hook up with black guy around my age and build with nice cock but didn't seem interested in me.. so keep cruising. Went into a room with a bottom face down. He was slim with nice bubble butt highlighted by tan lines. I sunk my cock in deep and went to town. We left the door open since we both were into more. Black guy from earlier stops by watches for a bit and.joins in. Bottom boi blows him for a bit then we switch up. I'm getting blown and black dude is pounding away. Hot daddy bear squeezes in and strats rubbing my azz with his big dick. He starts working lube in my hole opening me up and feeding me poppers. I getting a fucking awesome blow job, high on poppers, and really need to be fucked. I'm begging the bear to fuck me. He obliges and pushes in balls deep. Thankfully he held poppers under my nose and kept inhaling deeply. Finally I turned into a fucking slut and the bear went to town on my hole. The bottom dude and me adjusted position so we could 69 and get fucked. Yes I'm a pig slut. We going at at it hot and heavey and I suck the black dudes cock in between blows. Fucking tasty. Apparently bottom dude is doing same to the bear. The fucking gets hard and the bear unloads in my azz. Black dude is still fucking away but bear pulls out and leaves. I switch to getting blown and watching the bottom get pounded.I'm still getting blown and watching the bottom boi pig out as he gets split roasted. I shot my load down his thoart and let him keep sucking me for a few minutes. The black dude starts blasting load after load. It was fucking hot... Black dude pulls out and the bottom boi and I cleaned up the cock sucking and licking till the black dude couldn't take it anymore. The black dude left and the bottom and I played around for a bit eating azz and sucking dick. I left after 15 minutes of play. Satisfied I showeredd and left.
  8. Homemade Cocksucking VIdeos

    Hey fellas, I love to suck cocks, and I love making videos of me sucking cocks. I am constantly looking for big hot dicks to swallow loads from on camera. I am looking for camera men to help me out, and of course big cocks to suck for the videos. HMU if you are either
  9. Gay Days Fun

    It was a rainy start to Gay Days, and wasn't sure Id find much fun. In addition, Tidal Wave, the big water park party was going on later that night. Despite a light off and on rain I stopped by my favorite bar with an outside play area. Outside they have 4 "stalls" each with a picnic table in them which is great for breeding. There were less than 10 guys there so it didn't seem too promising. Only 1 person was in a stall, but he came ready to play, carefully hanging his backpack of gear for all to see. I peeked my head in and there was a hot latin guy standing in the corner, rubbing his bulge through his pants. He invited me in and asked me if I wanted to get fuckt hard I told him I wasn't here to play cards. I asked him what was in the bag, and he said If I was a good cocksucker, Id soon find out. I said, "Lets get started!" He immediately dropped his pants, wearing a jock underneath, and it was clear that he had been pre cumming quite a bit. He started to pull his cock out of his bulging jock and I told him I wanted to taste the cum on his jock, which he liked. He called me a good pig, and said there was much more to cum. I sucked on his cock through his jock for just a few minutes and then pull off his jock. Am amazing 9 or more cut cock, glistening with pre cum. He told me to get naked, and lay on the table so that I could suck him, which I quickly did. He was an aggressive face fucker, and I gagged a few times. He told me I would have to do better if I wanted to know what was in his bag. I tried my best, and as I was sucking him, he slipped 2 maybe 3 fingers up my ass. By this time we had 2 voyeurs, each rubbing their crotches as they watched. He told me my ass was tight, and need to be loosened up, he took his cock out of my mouth and headed to his bag, where he pulled out an 8 inch dildo. He showed little mercy in shoving it up my ass while I sucked him. After about 5 minutes, he asked if I was ready for the real thing, to which I said fuck yea! He told me to bend over the table and get ready for the breeding of my life, which it was. He briefly ate my ass, and then spit on it twice. He then teased my hole with his cock head, and told me I would have to beg for it, which I was happy to do. Once he was satisfied with my begging, he showed no mercy and shoved himself in balls deep. I was pretty vocal, and after a few minutes, he said he needed something to keep me a bit more quiet, and went to his bag were he pulled out a ball gag. By this time, the two voyeurs were naked and jacking, and he told them they could have me after he dropped his load deep in me. He pumped my ass for 10-15 minutes, before dropping a nice load in me. The other two guys took turns on feeding my mouth. It was a bit awkward in the position over the table, but somehow it worked. After the Latino shot deep in me, he said, "Who next?" The first guy was about 7-8 inches but really thick, just the way I like my cock. He wasn't as aggressive as the Latino, and it was king of like having a hot dog in Yankee stadium. He was still a great fuck though, pumping me for about 20 minutes before unloading up my ass. By this time, several other voyeurs arrived. The third guy was a big black stud, with a cock pretty similar to the Latino, yet thicker. He asked if I was ready for some poz seed, but all I could do was shake my head yes with the ball gag still in. By now my hole was well stretched, and he shot in about 5-10 minutes. The latino went back to his bag, and pulled out a blindfold, and told me he would choose who fucked me next, and I wouldn't see them, just feel them! The two new voyeurs shot their loads while jacking, so I knew it wouldn't be them. After being blindfolded, apparently no one else showed up, so the Latino said my ass was his again. He apparently went back to his bag, and got some rope and tied me to the table. Again showing no mercy, he went in balls deep. As he was fucking me, it started to lightly rain. The rain felt good on my body. It dint stop the Latino from breeding me hard though. He dropped his load in my cummy hole again as it started to rain pretty hard. He said he should just leave me there and let the rain wash the cum from my hole, but decided against that. He removed the ball gag and blindfold after seeding me, ate my ass and snowballed it with me. He said I wasn't really his type, but it was slow, so he took a chance. So happy that he did! Not sure if the guy who said he was poz or not was actually, but that's part of the chase I guess. I have always wanted to know my gifter, but being a cum dump was pretty fun! I guess time will tell if I was gifted or not. Went inside with the Latino and he bought me a beer, saying I deserved it. Come to find out he was visiting from Puerto Rico for Gay Days.
  10. Boy Wanted

    Boy Wanted I was driving home from the baths. It was early Sunday morning. I had gone to the Crew Club Saturday night, as it seemed the best time to find lots of men there. And I had found some men. But they were really not kind of the men I needed. I guess I had been fucked by five or six guys, but only one gave me a load to carry home, so I was pissed. Pissed and disappointed. I had expected to find lots of horny men and have a great time, and come home loaded. There were lots of men there. And some of them would take me back to their room, and we’d make out and things would be going great, and then the man would pull out a rubber and roll it on before fucking my ass. I needed to be fucked and really used, all the way to taking the man’s load. At the end I finally found one man, really too old and not my type at all, but he did fuck me raw, and I was carrying his load home in my ass. What good is it to be Poz, if no one will fuck you and give you a load? I got home as the sun began to come up. I ate a little cereal and then went to bed and fell asleep dreaming of the kind of man I wanted to find. I was not undesirable; I thought I looked good for thirty years old. I had my brown hair cut in the most recent fad, bare at the side and longer on top. I had a light brown beard. I went to the gym regularly and worked out almost every day. I thought I’d hit it off well at the club. But to some I was too old and to others too young. I woke about 4 PM and had more cereal and read the paper, and then I went online. After I’d caught up on my regular stuff I went to the gay places, to see if anyone was available on Sunday night. I might have another chance before I went to work Monday morning. One thing caught my attention. It was an ad on one of the gay sites. It was very simple. “Boy Wanted. Must be 20-40, Poz. Contact RawTopDad” I recognized the Dad; he’d posted several times, often with pictures. It sounded so simple, so I thought “Why not?” And I posted a quick email, thinking I’d probably hear back in a couple days. I was reading through the sites when I got a response. It was a phone number to call, so I called. I had a nice short chat with the man, Jerry. He was not looking for a slave, he wanted a Boy. There was no pay, but a free place to live and all the food I needed. It was interesting. There was one qualification; I had to be on trial for one week. He wanted me to come over as soon as I could. So I called work and left a message that I would be off this coming week, taking one of my vacation breaks. Then I cleaned out and headed over. I packed a small bag, but it turned out I didn’t need it at all. When I got to his house, Jerry met me at the door. He invited me in and had me sit at the dining room table so we could talk. He had a nice place, very clean, the sort of place you’d imagine your parents would have. It had a certain air to it, a scent. It smelled like some places I’d been for drinks, like people had been smoking, but it was not stinky. It just had a scent like musk cologne. Jerry was very professional and to the point. He was dressed in jeans and a sport shirt, and had on shoes with no socks. He looked to be about 60 years old, gray white hair and full beard. He looked like a man that could stand to lose weight, but not too heavy. I was pleased that I had decided to wear my slim jeans and a tank top and sandals. Jerry said that he was looking for a boy to be his Boy, but not a slave. If I were to be accepted, I would be having sex often. It would be raw sex, and it would often be with him and other men. It sounded interesting. I told Jerry that I was mainly a bottom and liked to take loads, and he was pleased to hear that. I also told him I was free this coming week, and would be happy to be his Boy for a week. Jerry said it sounded good, so he would take me on a trial week. The first thing he needed to do was to get me ready. So I put my bag down in the bedroom and stripped for him, so he could have a look at me. He asked me if I minded being shaved, and I asked where he was going to shave, and he said mainly the balls and ass. No one would see that, so I said OK. He had me lie on the bed and he went to work with a barber’s shears and then a razor and shaving cream. I had never had anyone even ask about shaving, so it was interesting. I have to confess that having a man holding my dick while shaving around it was stimulating, but he didn’t seem to mind. He shaved my balls and then had me bend over and very carefully shaved my ass. Once he had me rid of all hair except for my bush, it was shower time. He showed me the shower and the cleaning hose and said shower and clean out. So I did. While I was in the shower I was surprised that he joined me. He had me put my hands against the wall and he inspected my ass, and again he surprised me by sticking his cock up my ass. I’d just cleaned my ass out, so it was open and wet, and he could slide home easily. He pulled out and looked at his dick and it was clean and wet, so he said I was obviously ready. We both got out and dried off. Jerry said to meet him in the bedroom and left the bathroom to get ready. When I came out, dry, naked and lubed up, Jerry was sitting on a chair, and his cock was erect and ready to go. He said “Have a seat!” and motioned for me to come to him and sit down. He was already on the chair, so there was only one way to sit on his lap, facing him, the way I liked to. I was still pretty open from the bath and I’d already had his cock up my ass, but it was still an experiment to get on him. He has a big head on his cock, and it’s thick. It’s not that long, but I was having a problem, till he popped me open. Then I sat down in his lap. I was taller than him in this position, so as I got accustomed to the feel of the cock in my ass, he began to kiss and suck my nips. This really turns me on, so I began to rise and fall and fuck myself on his cock, and he assisted me with his hands. I really like that position, but Jerry just wanted us to get started right. He then lifted me up and laid me on the bed on my back, and began to kiss me. Now I knew what the aroma of the place was; I could taste “cigar” on his lips and mustache, so he must have smoked one before my arrival. Didn’t matter to me; I was using my tongue as much as I could and had my hands in his hair, stroking his beard and working his nips. After a short time, he stood at the edge of the bed and pulled me to him, inserted his cock in my ass and put my legs on his shoulders, and held me in place with his hands on my hips. “I’m sorry this will be so quick, but I reach a point where I have to get my rocks off,” he said. And he began to fuck me very heavily and strongly. He was not kidding; his dick felt like it was getting bigger and thicker and hotter and then he cried out a big “FUCK!” as he blew his load in my hole. It was an intense feeling; like my insides were getting filled with ropes of cum. He never stopped fucking me after he blew, but I could tell his cock was beginning to fade a little. Finally, he stopped and we shared a big kiss. I had wrapped my legs around his hips and held him tight. “This is not the end; we’re just getting started,” he said. Jerry had me stand on the floor and bend over the bed, and he was right back in me again, and we started fuck #2. I’d never had a man go from #1 to #2 so quickly. He was working my nips and balls and dick, whatever he could get his hands on. I was just holding on to the bed, afraid he was going to knock me down on it. It took a while, but eventually I felt his cock grow again and get hotter, and finally spew. Then he began to slow down and finally fell out, and I spun around and went down to suck off any lingering cum. I got up and snowballed a little of it as we kissed. We laid down on the bed then and rested and were able to talk a little. Jerry said he’d been looking forward to having a Boy like me, and I was pleased to hear that. I told him I couldn’t get fucked as much as I wanted, especially raw, and he said that would not be a problem during the time I was with him. After a break to take a piss, we laid down on the bed and got ready for the night. Jerry said he had to get up in the morning early. I would be free to do what I pleased during the day. He asked that I stay naked as often as possible, only wearing a harness. He said that I should keep a pair of shorts by the door, in case it had to be answered, but otherwise I should get used to being naked in the house. That sounded good to me. I wouldn’t need the clothes I brought with me. As we got ready for sleep, we had a lover’s fuck, side by side, nothing exciting, but I was enjoying being with a real man for a week. After he planted his third load, we fell asleep, and I still had his cock in my ass. I was awakened about 2 AM by Jerry coming back to bed from the bathroom. I was surprised that he rolled me over and got on top of me and inserted his dick and gave me a good, solid fuck before he went back to sleep again. Four fucks in one night, each with a good load. Man, I had hit the jackpot! Monday When I woke the next morning, I was in bed, alone. It was about 7 AM. Jerry had gone to work and the house was empty. As Jerry had said, I had the house to myself. I made myself breakfast and then went back to the bedroom to see what I could do there. I was surprised to find the sheets all spotty with cum, and it had to have leaked out of my ass during the night. So the sheets and the mattress pad went in the washer first thing. Then I showered and made sure I was clean. I went through the house and looked for things to do, and didn’t find much. I could wash a few clothes, but I set them aside for later in the week. I did a workout similar to what I would have done in the gym, read the paper and watched TV. I made a small lunch. About 4 PM I got in the shower and cleaned myself out to be ready for Jerry. He had told me to be sure to get out a cigar and have it ready for him when he got home. He said that when he came in the door I should give him the cigar and light it for him, and then unzip his pants and suck him up. Then I could bend over the chair or where ever Jerry told me, so I would be ready to fuck. At 5 PM I was by the door ready when Jerry came in. He was glad to see me and greeted me with a kiss. He accepted the cigar I had ready and I gave him a light, and then I got down on my knees and unzipped his pants and pulled his undies out of the way, and got his cock out. As I began to suck, he was puffing away on his cigar. Soon the room was filled with clouds of smoke, and he was ready to fuck. He bent me over the big sidearm of the chair and blew smoke in my ass, kissed it and rimmed me good, and got me to the point of almost begging him to fuck me. Then he stood up, centered his cock on my hole, and pressed home. When I could feel his balls against me, I was ready for a good, hard fuck, and that was just what I got. True to his word, it was short and heavy fuck. I was really enjoying it and loving every thrust, when I heard a strange voice say “Wow, you got a hot one!” I turned my head and saw we had been joined by another man, in a full suit. “This is my partner Jeff,” Jerry said. “After I get done with you, you can get him a cigar and give him a turn.” Then he burst out a loud “FUCK!” and planted his load. He wound down slowly and finally slipped out. “OK Boy, go get Jeff a cigar!” Jerry said, and I ran off to the humidor. I came back to the front door with another cigar, and gave Jeff a light. As he puffed the cigar to life, I unzipped his pants and got his cock out, and began sucking him up. As soon as he was good and stiff, I turned around and presented my ass to him. He had no problem lining up and getting into me, as I was well lubricated with Jerry’s cum. Now Jerry has a thick cock, and Jeff is thinner, but longer, so he was hitting new spots in my hole. By this time Jerry had shed his clothes, and he returned and stuck his cock in my mouth, so I was getting spit roasted. His cock tasted good, a mix of his cum and my ass juices. Jeff takes a while to cum, so he fucked me well, until he finally blew his load. Then while he took his clothes off, Jerry got back in me and gave me another good ride and load. After that he said we needed to relax and have supper. We were all nude by this time, but I was wearing my harness, as instructed. I had prepared a supper, so we all sat down and had our meal. I was the cook and waiter, and eventually the dish washer. After we had all eaten, both men asked for another cigar, so I was off to the humidor again, and gave both of them a light. After they had sat and read the paper and rested, Jerry suggested we go downstairs and visit the playroom. I had been all over the first floor, but hadn’t opened the basement door. I was surprised to find the basement was a well-appointed adult playroom. There was a leather sling, fuck horse, fuck table and a mattress on the floor. The mattress had a rubber sheet over it. There was a wall covered with every kind of dildo and sex toy imaginable. This was obviously a room that was often used. There were cans of Crisco and lots of paper towels, and several trash containers. But there were not any rubbers. All sex here was raw. “Take your pick!” Jerry said. I decided it would be fun to be ridden on the fuck horse, so I got on it. It fit well. I knelt on the knee supports and laid across the body of the horse, and put my hands on the handles. It was well padded. Jerry had to be first in my ass, and he opened one of the cans of Crisco and greased his cock and gave my ass a greasing, too. Then he easily slid home. Jeff got in front of the horse so I could suck him up. So again I was spit roasted. This was great. It had been a couple of hours, so Jerry took a while before he burst, and then I got to suck him up while Jeff took a turn. Jerry found a bottle of poppers and stuck them under my nose and let me get a nose full, so I relaxed and opened up for Jeff and enjoyed cleaning off Jerry’s cock. After Jeff finally blew, Jerry suggested I try the sling, so I got in it. The sling was nice, thick leather. The chains were padded at the bottom, so a large bottom wouldn’t have chain burns. They told me later that the pads were intended to be used on seat belts. They had the chains on springs, so there was plenty of bounce to the sling. I soon realized that they helped make the sling a pleasant, relaxing place for sex. I thought the head of the sling was down too low, but I was told that was so you could suck up the next top, and Jeff demonstrated as Jerry slid home in my ass. Jeff and Jerry took turns fucking me in the sling. After they had both cum again, they said it was my turn to cum. So they both greased up their hands and took turns on my cock, getting me right to the edge and then trading places, until I finally blew and they tried to catch the shots. What they didn’t catch they wiped up and fed me. When I got out and was getting used to standing up again, we all shared kissing for a while, until we realized how late it had gotten and headed up to bed. I discovered that Jerry has a king size bed for he and Jeff to share, and now it was for three of us, with me in the middle. Jeff is up even earlier than Jerry, so we said good night and quickly fell asleep. I was trying to count loads, and I came up with at least seven loads; pretty good for one day. But then about 2 AM Jerry came back from the bathroom and got on me again, so it was eight. But we had awakened Jeff, so he got on me, and that made nine. Needless to say, I slept well that night. Tuesday I had learned well the day previous, so when I went to bed I had put a silicone plug in my ass. Jerry removed it to fuck me, and he was followed by Jeff. Then I had put it back and gone back to sleep. So I didn’t have to wash the sheets on Tuesday. I did the same as on Monday, simple breakfast, gym routine, read the paper, watched TV. At 4 I took another shower and cleaned out well, and at 5 we had the same routine as they came home. So I had three loads before supper. I could see this was going to become routine. After supper we were relaxing when there was a knock at the door. Jerry opened it carefully, staying behind the door, and let Marshall in. Marshall was in full leather, boots, leather pants, shirt, and coat. He gave the coat to Jerry to hang and came over to admire me. “Nice Boy you got yourselves here; are you sharing him tonight?” Marshall asked. “Sure” Jerry said, “You can do to him whatever you please, but no marks.” I was kind of concerned to hear that. “Great!” Marshall replied, and he began to shuck his boots, pants and shirt. He had on a leather jockstrap that I admired silently, and he removed that to reveal a long dick and a big PA ring, along with lots of other piercings. “Ever had one of these in your ass?” he asked me. “Never have, but I’m sure I will” I responded. “You are quite correct!” Marshall said. “Shall we get started?” he asked. “I think we should go down to the playroom” Jerry said. So we all went downstairs. “First thing you need to suck my dick” Marshall said, so I got on the mattress, on my knees, as he stood on the floor. Now getting that big a ring in my mouth was not easy, and I still had to suck the cock. I was practically swallowing the ring as he got stiff. It was really too much for me, and I think he knew that. “How about I take the ring off so you can suck me better?” “Yeah, please.” Then I could easily suck him up. “OK, into the sling” said Marshall, so I got in as he put the ring back in place. I was glad to see he used the Crisco on his cock, and the ring, and my ass. Getting the hardware in place took a bit. Jerry and Jeff had fired up cigars and were smoking as they watched me, to see how I handled the situation. Once Marshall got the ring in my hole, then he could easily fuck me. It was interesting to feel the ring in my ass as he fucked me. It was definitely different. Marshall takes a long time to cum, so he fucked me for what seemed like 20-25 minutes, and then said it was time for Jerry and Jeff, both of whom were pleased to take his place. As usual, Jerry went first, and then Jeff. Their cum and the pounding fucks made it easier for Marshall to get his cock and ring in and to finally blow his wad. By this time, I was a pool of sweat, so they let me out of the sling and let me lie on the mattress for a time. I was surprised that Marshall was next in the sling, but Jerry and Jeff took it as usual. They both greased up their hands and arms, and then turned their attention to Marshall, and greased up his ass. Jerry and Jeff both fucked Marshall, but neither of them blew in his ass; they were just getting him opened up enough to be able to take their fists. Both of them fisted him; Jerry didn’t last too long, but Jeff really dug in deep and took a while. As Jeff was taking his time fisting Marshall, Jerry cleaned off his hands and got another cigar and lit it, and he gave one to me. He told me that as long as I was going to be living in the mist of cigar smoke, I might as well learn to smoke one. He showed me how to clip the end and draw slightly on it, and how to light the cigar and suck smoke through it. You sip it like a soda, and you don’t inhale it, you just savor it in your mouth and then expel it slowly. I had to cough from it at the start, as I was getting used to it. Jerry explained that some men smoke a cigar like a cigarette, inhaling it, and that takes strong lungs. Many cigars are quite strong, so it is best to just sip it gently, and savor it slowly. Once I got the hang of it, I was doing well. While I smoked, Jerry greased up his hand and my dick, and slowly got me to blow, but this time he made sure to have his mouth over my cock when I blew, and he snowballed the cum and shared it with me as we kissed. Jeff finally wore Marshall out and got his rocks off fisting him, so he got out of the sling and rested on the fuck horse for a minute, and then we all went upstairs and showered. There were four of us in there at one time, so there was a lot of fun play, but we did get the Crisco cleaned off hands, dicks and asses. Then Marshall got dressed and said goodnight and were alone and ready for bed. I was surprised to get the 2 AM fuck from Jerry after all we had been through, and Jeff followed suit. So how many loads was that? I was too tired to count. I put the plug back in my ass and fell back asleep. Wednesday The day began as usual. I woke to an empty house. I had the usual breakfast and lunch, and did the usual gym routine. I read the paper and washed clothes. Only unusual thing this day was that I tried a cigar in the afternoon; I enjoyed it more than I expected. At four I took a shower and got ready. They came home at 5 and I was fucked as I expected. Only change was that I got to smoke a cigar while I was being fucked, just like the other two men. I discovered the cigar was similar in effect to the poppers; it relaxed me and let me open up to the fucking. After supper we retired to the living room to read and relax. I was told that on Wednesday there is no sex scheduled; it was our day off to rest and enjoy ourselves. We all smoked cigars as we rested and read and watched TV. Then we went to bed. However, we did have our usual middle of the night fucking, so I got used a bit; certainly more than I would have enjoyed at home. Thursday Thursday afternoon began at 5 with the usual fucks. Then we had supper. After supper there was a knock, and Jeff answered the door, standing behind it, so he was not seen. It was Jim and Don, two friends that came over to play. Jim and Don looked me over and gave their approval. Jim was the Top and Don the bottom, but they both were admiring my ass, so I bet that Don did occasionally top. After some chat, we adjourned to the playroom, Jim and Don having removed their clothes before they went down. This night was interesting, as there were too many men. Jerry insisted on being first in me, so that was quick and refreshing, and then it was Don’s turn. Don has a huge cock; he calls it a horse cock. It’s not nearly that big, but it is big and thick, and he knows how to use it to wear a bottom’s ass out. It’s a good thing the sling had springs on the chains, as he was really hitting me hard, and at times he took the sling back and up with aggressive fucks. I did get to see Jeff and Jerry using Don in the background on occasion, but not often enough. I had more than enough to deal with being Don’s bottom. I’m sure if Don had a PA like Marshall did, my ass would have been bloody from the rough fucking. But he did finally blow his wad, and then he let me get out of the sling to collapse on the mattress. Jim was being fucked on the horse, but when I vacated the sling, he got in and Jeff and Jerry both gave him loads. When they were done, we all ended up on the mattress, tired and happy. Jim asked me if I ever fucked, and I told him I had in the past, but I much more enjoyed bottoming. He asked me if I could fuck him, and I had not blown yet, so I thought I could. He got on the horse while the others were talking on the mattress, and after he had sucked me up, I slid home on several loads of thick cum. It was good being able to fuck a man that had cum in his ass; it makes the best lube. He was an easy fuck, but I think the best thing was that I got my rocks off in an ass that night. After I blew, Jeff and Jerry wanted him again, and Don was after me, so I was back in the sling and Jim was fucked on the horse. Luckily this second round was not as long as the first, or as rough. We were all glad to be done. This time we took turns in the shower, Jim and Don first, and then the three of us. By the time we were clean, they were dressed and ready to leave. So we all kissed everyone goodbye and they left and we went to bed. I found it hard to believe that Jerry was on me again at 2, followed by Jeff, but I just thought it was becoming routine now. How many loads was that? I couldn’t begin to count. The plug went back in my ass and I fell quickly asleep again. Friday I woke to an empty house again. At least I didn’t have to wash the sheets, but I was getting tired of the butt plug. Luckily I had brought a set of three, and had moved up to the middle size one after Don wore my ass out last night. I had the usual breakfast and lunch, workout and reading. At 4 I got ready for the men to come home and at 5 I got fucked after bringing them cigars and again got to enjoy smoking one while I got fucked. I was told that after supper we were having company, more than the night before. Shortly after supper, we had a knock on the door and three men came in. At least this time we would have even couples. Two of the men came in smoking their own cigars, so I knew we were in for some smoky fun this evening. The smokers were Alex and Steve; the non-smoker was Mark. They all had to have a look at me, as they shed their clothes. Alex and Steve were Tops, and Mark was a Bottom. When we all were naked, we headed down to the playroom. This time it was Alex and Steve on me and Jeff and Jerry got Mark. Mark selected the horse, so I was in the sling again. I sucked Alex and Steve up, and they took turns fucking me for a while, one getting sucked while the other fucked. I think they were partners with Mark, but that was never made clear. They seemed to be trying to outdo each other on me. I thought Don had been a strong Top, but here were two men trying their best to prove which was the better Top. I was in heaven, happy to be their bottom. After Steve and Alex had blown in me, I was released from the sling. I saw that Mark had been well used by Jerry and Jeff. So we traded places, Mark in the sling and I on the horse. Jeff and Jerry seemed to be tired, but they both fucked me well while the two worked over their boy. When we were released again, we all rested while the men fired up their cigars. Mark said I looked like a great bottom, and I said he must be doing all the right things as well. Then he surprised me by asking if he could fuck me. I didn’t think he would ever want to, but I said sure, and I got on the horse and sucked him up. He greased up his little cock and put it in me. I was so full of cum that I doubted he could even know he was fucking me, but he tried his best, and I guess he did eventually cum. I had so much cum in my ass I couldn’t tell. The men had realized we were up, and they decided it was time for round #2, so I was put on the horse for Steve and Alex, and Mark was in the sling for Jeff and Jerry. Again the two men were rough and trying to outdo each other, but we’d all had our fun, and this was just for the last time, so they eventually wore down and finally planted their final loads. This time we showered in couples, Alex and Steve, Mark and myself, and then Jeff and Jerry. By the time we were all done, they were dressed and ready to leave. We kissed them all goodbye and hit the sheets. I found it difficult to believe Jerry could be on me after all the fucking we had been through this night, but at 2 AM he gave me a load, followed by Jeff. I put the medium butt plug back in, and thought I’d be ready for the large one tomorrow night. Saturday This day we all awoke about the same time, in the same bed. After some preliminary kissing and making out, my butt plug was removed and Jerry and Jeff had the first fuck of the morning, followed by both of them sucking me off, and the three of us snowballing it around. Then we all had to shower, and I decided it was time to wash the sheets and mattress pad. While I did that, Jeff and Jerry had to clean up the playroom and get it ready for tonight. Tonight we were hosting the regular monthly bareback party. This had been planned long before I was part of the group. We had a light lunch and supper, and at 8 PM the crowd began to appear. They had invited 30 men, so 15 showed up, the usual for a gay event. This time I didn’t get all the names. I just learned who were the Tops and who were the bottoms, and how to stay away from the more aggressive types. Every spot in the basement was used, and the upstairs rooms, too. It was like we had fucking going on all over the place, a real orgy. And all of it was raw fucking, of course. Now I was the new person in this show, so I was the favored person to be fucked by every top. Shortly after we began I was selected and told to get in the sling. Then I was fucked relentlessly by every Top that wanted me at that time. I think I was in the sling for over an hour. I lost count of the number of men that fucked me and the number of loads I took. When I finally got out, I had cum running down the back of my legs. I couldn’t close my ass from all the fucking I had endured. I laid down on the mattress and inserted the largest plug I had, and found it barely fit. But at least for right now, I was keeping the loads I had in place. As I was lying there, I was joined by one of the bottoms from the event. He told me that several were going to gang up on one of the Tops and get him to bottom for them. I told him more power to them, I’ll join in, but not right at this moment. So in about ten minutes we heard the ruckus as one Top was put into the sling, and several lined up to get in him. There was a discussion about who had the biggest cock, and it turned out to be me. Now this Top was obviously at least occasionally versatile, as once he got in the sling, he was ready for some action. So I greased up and got to be #1 in the line to fuck the Top. It didn’t take long for me to penetrate him, and shortly I was enjoying the first fuck this Top had had in a while. His ass was tight and I enjoyed him, and it was obvious that I was not going to last too long. So I made a big show of planting my load when I blew. I was quickly followed by two other bottoms, and we gave the Top three loads. After that I went back to my mattress. Eventually everyone tired out, and it became a group of eight, and then six, and I took the last load of the evening. Then just the three of us were left to clean up. I was exhausted, so I did as little as I could, and then fell into bed. For the first time in a week, we slept the night through. Sunday We woke in the same bed, just like the day before. This day began a little differently. We each used the bathroom to piss and returned to bed and we all went back to sleep for a little while. Then we felt more like fucking. I pulled out the big plug and let Jerry have my abused ass, and he was rather tender for a change, as was Jeff. Then I got to clean up and make us a big breakfast, and we all sat and rested for a time. Then Jeff brought in three cigars, and we had a good time just smoking and chatting and being friends. Eventually it was time for lunch, but we let that go by and settled for a brunch lunch about suppertime. Jerry lit up a cigar and gave me and Jeff one each, and we all got to hear his review of my work as his Boy. He said that I took all the Tops well and did some good topping when I had to. So he was very pleased, and proud to say that if I was willing to stay, he would be happy to have me as his (and Jeff’s) Boy. I told them I was happy to hear this, and I surely did enjoy the sex I had and would enjoy in the future. I needed to let my employer know, which would take some time, and I had to get out of an apartment lease, which would take some time, and I had a lot of stuff that would need to find a place. So it wasn’t as easy as it seemed, but it was possible. I told them I would need some time to think it through and figure it all out. But until that time, I hoped I would be able to have them fuck me as often as possible. They agreed and when we finished our cigars, we had a long and exciting goodbye fuck, with the hope that soon it would be a regular everyday fuck. Jerry Prince RawTopDad
  11. Earlier today a hot guy came over, who I meet with once in awhile! He has such a beautiful thick cock, about 8', and I love sucking it! Want him to fuck me so bad, but, he only lets me suck it. Well, this time I had a speculum that I had bought, and he worked it into my ass with lube, and then expanded it to open my ass up! It felt amazing! I started sucking his cock, holding the speculum in place, when all of a sudden, I thought he was cumming! He was in fact, pissing in my mouth as I sucked him! I swallowed as much as I could, while purposely letting some dribble out, to soak me, as I loved the feeling! He remained rock hard, and I kept sucking! He pulled that hard cock out, and started pissing everywhere, soaking me, and the bed! Luckily, I keep a mattress cover just in case I then lay on my back, and pulled my legs up, getting the speculum in my open ass up for him! He started pissing right into it, and it sounded and felt amazing! He then started furiously jerking his cock, asking me where I wanted his cum! He knew what I wanted! I smiled and said yes, right in me! With in a minute, I felt his cum splash my balls, and most of it I could actually see shoot right into the speculum! I held it in place to let it all run into my ass! Licked what was on my fingers and balls up, and he proceeded to wash the rest of the cum into me with another last hot flow of piss! I had my hand on my cock and could hold back no longer, and was soon shooting my own cum all over myself, and right up into my face I shot so hard! I just lay there in ecstasy, pulled the speculum out, and licked it clean, all the while laying all over the piss soaked sheet! Will definitely be doing this again!
  12. I need a lot of guys to meet up w me, get me high AF, feed me cock n cum to my mouth n ass. I've been wanting this so long, I wanna be used as a cumdump, Tina turns me into a no holes barred, I'll fuck just about anything w a dick. Hmu, let's party in my boypussy!
  13. I worked at a store through my high school years and developed a crush on a guy who was probably about 10 years older than me, somewhere in his 20's while I was still a teen. I knew he had a girlfriend, and I was a naive, inexperienced, and slightly confused teen, but I couldn't ever take my eyes off of his crotch or beefy ass when he was around. He always came in wearing Levi's and they looked so hot on him. Nothing ever happened with him. Until a few months ago, some 25 or so years later. I was looking for some kind of hook-up on one of the sites, and got to talking with a bi-sexual guy whose profile pic was that of a gorgeous piece of man-meat. I'm not often craving oral, but I knew that I wanted that dick in my mouth. After swapping the usual messages he agreed to come over. He wanted me to suck him, and he wanted to play with my ass, possibly fuck and breed me too -which was definitely what I wanted most! His dick was perfect, big but not ridiculous. I enjoyed sucking him -probably the first time in my life that I actually loved a dick jammed in my throat. He pulled out a few times to play with my ass, but really only to massage my cheeks and nothing more. I kept shoving my ass back at him, hoping he'd stick his big cock into me, but no luck. This went back and forth for a bit, sucking, pulling out and playing with my ass, until finally he jacked his load off onto my back. Not really what I'd been hoping for -it wasn't in my mouth or up my ass. He dressed and left. We met again a few months later, this time he swore he wanted to fuck me too. Great! We kissed some very sloppy tongue kisses, and he jammed his big cock down my throat. This time he was a little more aggressive which I enjoyed, grabbing my head and fucking my face. I choked a few times, but for the most part his dick was a perfect fit for my mouth and throat. I could tell he was getting close to blowing and he was trying to pull away from me. I knew that this load was definitely not going to make it into my ass so I reached back and grabbed his beefy butt tight and pulled him towards me. I continued sucking until he finally relented and blasted his seed into my mouth. His cum tasted like cigarettes -not the biggest turn-on for me since I quit years ago. Either way, I swallowed it all. And it's a good thing I took that load when I did because he was only good for one that night. He quickly started to dress, talking to me the entire time, and something he said made me realize that it was my crush from all of those years ago. I was a little stunned that I'd sucked him twice now before realizing it. Well he was a little older and a little heavier, but he was also still very good looking. So I got to pat myself on the back for managing to live out a fantasy from those horny teen years, even though he showed no real interest in fucking me. Or even to help me get off. Still, I've always enjoyed playing that role, made to get guys off no matter what.
  14. Whenever I watch porn I always skip to certain parts that I know are going to get me hard n horny. I also tend to only watch amateur porn these days rather than generic 'fake' scenes that lack real passion and aggressive fucking. For example; Watching a cock getting sucked doesn't generally do much for me, I like to see the main event... fucking. There is an exception though, if the guy is super hot, massive cock and exactly the type I go for blah blah blah. Anyway, so when I get to the fucking parts I like to see certain things such as the bottoms face, the tops face and a bit of a distant view where I can see both of them in the shot. I don't necessarily need to see the cock. Sometimes just the facial expressions, the rhythm of the fuck, especially if its hard and rough and the fetish gear (uniform, restraints, slings) I hate watching porn where you see endless amounts of close-ups of a cock going in and out of a hole. I loose my hard on. It could be any cock and any hole. It's so much sexier to see the face. Anyone feel the same?
  15. Best Sex Of My Life Today

    True, totally true from this afternoon. Although it's a rainy nasty day in DFW, I enjoyed a great lunch time. I met Luis, a married Hispanic guy, through an online advertisement. He is a drywall guy and works on new-house construction. I've sucked him off several times at one house or another on which he is working, usually getting together at lunch time, when the other members of his crew at lunch. Luis is a really nice, 5'9" or so, and about 165 pounds, and is always quite nice to me. For example, he gently runs his hands through my hair while I am sucking his big fat uncut chorizo. He is hung nicely and has a profusion of pubic hair, and as I love hairy dick, it's a real pleasure to drain him. He texted me this afternoon and asked me where I was. I replied, giving him my location and, like winning the lottery, he was less than a mile away. I went to his job site, a large, almost-completed house, and parked. There were several men around, all Mexican construction guys - my absolute favorite lunch time treat. Luis came out and said something to three of them and they all went off around the end of the house. I thought he had sent them away so I followed him upstairs. "I need this bad man. My old lady hasn't been in the mood lately, and jackin' off just don't do it for me. Know what I mean?" he asked. I agreed with him and groped his growing bulge. He undid his pants and, just as I expected he was commando. And, fuck those pubes - those wiry, thick black pubes enticed me. Luis sat on the bathroom counter, I sat on the toilet, he kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants, spread his legs and I dove in to that fragrant forest. As I am writing this, I can still smell his scent on my mouth and nose and the front of my shirt. Anyhow, I sucked him and tasted the little bit of cheese under his foreskin. I was lost in the blowjob when I realized we weren't alone. Luis' three co-workers came in to the bathroom, each guy stroking his cock, as two of the guys urged me into a crouching position, which enabled them to pull down my pants, even as I kept Luis' dick in my mouth. At one point I tried to take measure of the situation, which required that I let go of Luis's cock, but he wouldn't hear anything of it: he held my head in a lock-hold, his dick lodged in my throat. This was a new side of Luis: I had never known him before to take a dominant position. Still, he urged me on, saying "Just go with it, Papi. You're gonna love this shit." So I did. The guys got my pants down and two of them felt me up and one spat on my hole, then the next guy, then the last. Luis then pulled me off his cock for a minute and fed me someone else's somewhat larger, uncut, very pungent, rock hard cock. "Get it wet, bitch." was all I heard. And I did, and soon enough it was sloppy. About then I felt one of the men eating my ass, but only for a minute, when Luis thrust his co-worker aside, and presented himself for my attention. Meanwhile the large, uncut cock pushed into my hole really slowly. It hurt, but I relaxed and pushed back and in no time he was slowly fucking me all the way in. As he did so, I could hear him mumbling in Spanish and grunting. It felt awesome and I groaned and sucked Luis all the harder. I could see the other two stroking their big cocks and in just a few minutes the youngest of the three, who looked around 25 or so, stroked, groaned and stepped up and shot his load all over Luis' cock which I was still sucking. Naturally I ate all his cum and then felt the guy in my ass push forward to the balls and groan. It felt like a hose in my ass and he unloaded. Luis pulled out and got behind me and fucked me like a mad man while I sucked off the other guy. Wen Luis started to unload in yy ass he grunted loudly and held me against his crotch as his cock twitched in my hole. The guy I was blowing unloaded with a bitter load and giggled. I came all over my leg and foot. I have never been so turned on in my life. Almost 40 years of sucking cock and getting fucked, this was the absolute best sex day of my entire life. The guys all sort of patted me on the ass and talked to Luis. He said they had really enjoyed it and hoped I would come back for lunch again. I will definitely do it and hoping that next time I can get some better pics.
  16. I work near Hwy 427 and Hwy 7 and looking to connect with guys who are in the area and looking for hookup my.barebackrt.com/benefit4boss benefit4boss@gmail.com
  17. What makes a pig a pig

    So what sex acts are truly piggy? Sucking. No, unless you do something like blow the rugby tea. Fucking. Still no, even including barebacking. If you are a happily monogamous couple, you can fuck your brains out but its not piggy until you add the emu feathers and strawberry YooHoo. Even bug chasing is not necessarily piggy, if you are doing it for love. Rimming. Admittedly it's a challenge for some, especially at the beginning. The problem is there are two types of rimming, the polite rimming you do to please a top or get your bottom ready (not piggy) and the when you shout from under your rim seat "Serving number 12" at the baths. Watersports. To me there is nothing so unambiguously piggy as drinking a load of piss right from the spigot. Even getting pissed on is still pretty darn piggy and when you get to piss enemas, that is hardcore in my book. And face it, once you get into piss felching and fisting are around the corner.
  18. On Friday morning the black guy I had been chatting with finally made it over. He arrived to find my front door unlocked - let himself in and made his way upstairs to find me waiting naked and on all fours - ass up and pointed towards the bedroom door. he quickly stripped down and got behind me on his knees and spread my ass wide and dove in with his hot hot tongue. He definitely knew what he was doing and had me hard and moaning from his deep rimming. He quickly climbed up on the bed and laid down on his back - positioned me above him with my ass in his face, pillows under his head - and my mouth and throat working his rock hard cock - which was pointing straight to the ceiling. He rimmed me good and deep while I sucked and licked and worked his hard dick... This man loves eating ass - and after awhile I couldn't hold it back any more. My cock was wedged between my stomach and his chest - his tongue and lips doing amazing things to my hole - and his hard tasty dick fucking my throat... i unloaded my cum all over his chest - and we just kept on going. i stayed hard as hell - my cock pumping and squirming in my own cum... I loved looking down as I sucked his dick - he had smooth legs but a hairy (with short curly black hair) ballsack and under carriage which really turned me on. He eventually pulled me up off his dick - stroking his cock while my lips kissed the head and his tongue still buried deep in my ass... until he shot his load - the cum bubbling up from his dick and pouring over the head of his cock, his hands and down the shaft. I continued to lick and swallow all of it. we climbed off the bed - cleaned up and agreed we definitely needed a repeat. He took off and I found that I was still horny as fuck. I went back online and saw a bud of mine that I've only ever chatted with. He is this hot latin guy who've I've wanted for like 10 years - but our schedules have just never worked out. I pinged him and asked if he was available - and he was. Turns out after all these years - and all the moving around the city we've both done - we now only live like 15 minutes from each other. So i threw on some clothes and headed over to his place. I arrived and he buzzed me in - met me at his front door wearing a t-shirt and shorts. He led me back to his bedroom and we talked a bit about how long we'd been trying to hook up and then I just couldn't take it anymore and came up to him (he is shorter than me) - put my hand on his crotch and started rubbing his dick and leaned in for an open mouth kiss. we started making out and undressing each other. Before long we were both completely naked and i dropped to my knees to taste his hard dick - the dick I've been wanting on for so so long. He had a long hard shaft - pubes above - but a shaved set of balls. He was completely smooth all over with an olive complexion. So fuckin' hot. I started sucking on his cock - working it farther and farther down my throat - and then pushed him back on his bed. spreading his smooth legs wide and deep throating his dick while I ran my hands up his flat stomach and tweaked his nips... then I stood up and slid my body up along his - tracing the contours of his body until I was straddling him - and leaned in for deep kissing - holding his head as our tongues wrestled with each other - i took his hands and held them above his head with mine - and then started nuzzling his ear and neck - he was moaning and grinding his hard dick up against mine... then I slid back down and started sucking his hard dick again - before sliding my tongue down the shaft - working his balls and then lifting his legs up and exposing his hot, smooth asshole. I couldn't resist (after the hot rimming I had had earlier) and returned the favor to him. Deep rimming him - while he moaned and stroked his hard dick... I couldn't get enough of his hot ass - i went to town working that hole... licking and sucking and tongue fucking it - my dick was hard as FUCK... and that's what I decided to do. I had always imagined him fucking me - and here I was ready to fuck his hot little ass... I stood up - his legs spread wide and balanced on my shoulders - leaned over and spit on my cock - massaging it so it was nice and wet on my thick shaft - and then started pushing against his hole... he was tight (he always has claimed to be a top but he wasn't fighting me off) - but he did say it hurt. So I spit some more on my cock and tried to push it in farther but it just wouldn't fit... so I dropped down to my knees and started rimming his hot hot ass again - working it good and getting it wet and dripping... before standing up and trying to slide my cock back into that tight hole... i was able to get the head of my cock in but no more - pumped him a little bit until he pulled himself off - climbed off the bed and pushed me down onto it - getting me on all fours and into position... he climbed up behind me - my ass up in the air - my chest and face flat on the bed - presenting my hole to his hard long cock... he lined his dick up to my hole and with one long push slid it home... i was in fucking heaven - finally getting that hard latin dick in me that I'd been wanting for so fucking long. And damn - he knew how to fuck - he started pumping the entire length in and out of my hole - my ass clenching him on the pull out and opening on the push in - milking his dick - then he would pick up speed with his dick buried deep inside me and started ramming hard... Balancing himself over me he started doing long pile drives into my hole - as i pushed my ass up to meet him and we got into a good rhythm of deep fucking... then he paused - his cock pulled out to just the head "i don't wanna cum yet" he said and held my ass still as he let the sensations of his hard dick in my ass retreat a bit before he started picking up speed again and really fucking my ass good... i spread my knees wide - reaching back to grab his smooth ass and sides to pull him into me as he pumped my hole - my cock dribbling precum as he continued to fuck my hungry ass... he was getting harder and harder with his thrusts until he plowed all the way in and held his dick there - moaning and i knew he was shooting me full of his cum... he kept his dick buried deep while he finished cumming and then started pumping some more as I reached underneath and pulled my cock until I shot all over his bedspread... He pulled out and we climbed off the bed - he jumped in the shower while I got dressed. He asked if I wanted to shower as well - but i was already late for work and needed to stop back home yet - so we said our goodbyes and I headed out.
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    Don't you just love getting your tongue under that foreskin and sliding it around the cock head? It's one of my favorite aspects of sucking cock!
  20. Are there more men here how enjoy it suck a unwashed smelling cock?
  21. two cock morning

    The nicer weather and a day spent outside in the sun working in the yard - had me horny as hell. So when I awoke up this morning I managed to line up two dicks to work back to back. First up was a regular fuck buddy of mine with whom I haven't played with for awhile. He is around my age (40), slim build, hairy chest with a nice hard 6" cock and suckable balls. I headed over to his place and we quickly got naked and climbed into his bed where we started kissing deeply, I straddled him on top, rubbing my smooth chest against his hairy chest, before I slid down to work his nipples, his hard cock rubbing against my stomach. I alternated sliding up for deep kisses and back down to his nipples, before tracing my tongue down his hairy torso to his hard cock and sucking the hell out of him, deep throating him and then going down to work his balls and then back up his shaft to take his cock deep again. Then I slid back up and we continued to kiss, our cocks rubbing against each other as we explored each others' bodies with our hands. I then slid back down and continued to suck him until I lifted his legs and started rimming his tight little asshole. I was starting to get really horned up and sat back on my haunches and brought my hard cock to the opening of his ass, teasing his hole with the head of my cock, sliding in just slightly and pulling back out, then sliding back on top of him to continue our kissing and mutual exploration. Before long he had me back on his cock, deep throating him and getting his hard cock wet and dripping. Then he put me on all fours, lubed-up my twitching ass and slid his hard cock all the way in, bare, of course. I felt his short trimmed pubes rubbing all around my hungry ass while his hard cock twitched and pulsed deep in my ass. Then he started fucking the hell out of me. Eventually his pumping pushed me down into a spread eagle position as his knees spread my legs wide, his hard dick deep inside me. He rubbed his hairy torso all over my naked back. We were both sweating from the hot fuck and I turned my head back to steal some sidelong kisses while he pumped my hole. After a long session of ass pumping, he pulled out and laid back and spread his legs. I got down close to his wet cock and started sucking him, tasting my ass juices on his hard, wet cock. I sucked him until I couldn't take it anymore. I straddled him and slowly brought my hungry ass down on his cock, feeling him 'pop' in and then slide all the up inside me. As I rode him I pulled his nipples while we looked into each others eyes, occasionally leaning forward to kiss, feeling his cock almost pull out before I would sit back and let it slide all the way back in. Then I pulled off and slid back down to continue sucking him some more before he flipped me on my back, lifted my legs on his shoulders, and slid his hard cock back deep into my ass, pumping the hell out of me and filled my ass full of his cum. We stayed in that position for awhile, not wanting it to end. I slid my legs down and wrapped them around his waist, pulled him down on top of me, his cock still occasionally pulsating in my ass. We kissed deeply until his cock slowly slid out of my now cum dripping ass. We stood up and kissed some more. I ran my hands down his back to grab his ass and pull him close. Of course all things must end, so we disengaged and we dressed. In so doing I noticed my phone had a message. After he kissed me goodbye at the door I listened to the message. It was from another bud of mine, only a few blocks away. He was horny and was hoping I would be available to come over and suck his big cock. I called him immediately as I left for his house. He is in his early 50s, shaved head, hot, thick solid build, chewable nips and a BIG hard cock and nice set of balls. He gets a crazy look in his eye when he fucks me - and he likes to get piggy when we get together. Arriving at his place, I rang the doorbell. He promptly buzzed me in. I entered his ground floor apartment. shucked off my shoes and starting to undress, and turning slightly, then saw him standing in his living room, naked except for a gray wife beater and black underwear. I finished stripping, and walked over to him, naked, and tweaked his nipples through his shirt. He began running his hands all over my body before pulling me in for a wet tongue kissing. As we pulled back from the kiss I told him "I just got fucked." His eyes lit up "Oh man, is the other guy's cum still in your ass, buddy?" "Hell yeah" I replied. "Well, damn. I was just thinking I wanted a blow job, but now I think want in that ass as well." I smiled and then dropped to my knees, massaging his semi-hard cock through his underwear. He opened the fly and pulled his cock out. My mouth started watering. Such a fucking amazing cock: nice solid girth from the root to the head, smooth and big and hard. I started sucking him, taking him all the way down, feeling it slide into my throat. "Oh fuck yeah" he said as he grabbed the back of my head and started deep throat fucking me. I would suck and hold him down deep - my tongue massaging the underside of his shaft. While my hands grabbed the back of his muscular legs, running up and under his underwear to grab his globe-like ass cheeks, pulling him deeper into my mouth. Then leaning back so I could look up into his eyes, his cock buried down my throat, as I ran my hands up over his lightly hairy chest to grab onto his 3D nipples, massaging, tweaking and pulling on them while I pleasured his cock. He paused to pull off his underwear, and immediately I was back on his cock sucking away. At one point he grabbed my ears and started really face pumping me, his cock driving deep into my throat. My cock was hard as a rock, and I alternated jacking it and running my hands all over this hot man's body as I continued to deep throat his cock. He roughly grabbed the back of my head and buried his cock deep and held me there. I was in heaven. The taste of this man's skin, his hard cock buried deep in my throat and when I looked up at him, the wild look in his eyes as he used me. He pushed me off his hard cock and back on my back, lifting my legs in one swift motion, dropping to his knees and positioning his hard wet cock against my cum filled ass. He wanted in and he wanted in deep. His cock found my opening and pushed all the way in. At the same time he grabbed my ankles and lifted my lower back and ass up into the air. He was positioned on his toes, his legs slightly bent, my legs bent back, my knees almost touching the ground on either side of my head, his cock buried all the way with one single stroke. He planted his hands on either side of me, my upper back rubbing into the carpet giving me rug burn as he started pistoning in and out of my hole, looking down at me with a crazy expression on his face saying "that's right buddy - have you cum over here and let me make your ass my pussy" as he fucked me hard. He was driving down deep into my ass, his cock planted all the way in and then rotating his hips, grinding his cock in deep. My ass was wet and open. He could almost certainly feel the other load of cum churning up in my gut as his cock continued to pump me. "Fuck yeah man. Feel how open and wet you are. Gonna seed your hole man. Breed your pussy." He drove in all the way and started pumping me full of my second load of cum for the morning, his weight pressing down on me as he drained his dick up in my ass. As his sweat dripped down on me, he leaned forward and gave me a rough tongue kiss, his cock pulsing in my ass before leaning back and letting it slide out. I wasted no time and got down on my hands and knees and sucked his wet dripping cock, cleaning this beautiful, hard cock that has just fucked the hell out of me. He stood up and let me continue to deep throat his still hard cock. I just couldn't get enough, my hands holding his solid balls as I licked and sucked. Finally I pulled myself off, and as we dressed we discussed getting together again within the next day or so. He mentioned he wanted me to shave my ass smooth, and he would invite a big 9" dick buddy to join us, but as his bud only likes smooth ass, it would be an additional enticement were I to set the stage, so to speak. Of course I'll let you know how that session goes!
  22. I don't know where I got this one. It's not mine. Hope you enjoy.... -------------------------------------------- There's Always a First Time Chapter 1 This is the true story of my first real gay experience. I say real because, before the events in this story, I did pickup a man and he paid me to give me a blowjob in my car. But that's another story. This one took place in Germany; I was 19 and a soldier in the US Army. Young, average height, dark complexion, eyes and hair with a typical army haircut -- short and high off the ears and neck; I was struggling with my sexuality. I had had girlfriends as a teenager but never gone farther with them but to kiss and maybe touch some titty. In the Army, a few buds and I would sometimes take a train to Frankfurt to visit "K strasse" and pay prostitutes to suck us or to fuck. They never really excited me much and in fact I began going in a room with a prostitute and paying her just to talk and leave without so much as a bj, just so the guys would think that I was straight. But this time I would find out what I truly was -- a full fledged cocksucker. I was sent to an Army school away from my home station to attend a training class. It was really out of the way so a guy without a car (like me) didn't have much to do except to hang out in the recreation center watching TV, playing cards or pool. Across from the recreation center was a building that was empty on the weekends but for some reason it wasn't locked. In it was a restroom that had holes in the walls of the stalls -- glory holes. I began to go there and jackoff in one of the stalls and it was always exciting, I would be in a stall jacking and the door to the restroom would open but the person would go to the urinals and piss while I sat frozen in fear in the stall with my cock in my hand but my legs feeling shaky and woozy. When the guy left, I would jackoff to orgasm almost immediately. There was always writing on the walls. Things like "be here at 1:00 on Saturday if you want a blowjob" or "suck my big fat cock" were just samples of what men had written. One day I was sitting there, reading some of the graffiti, when I noticed there was one for later that day. I decided then and there that I would come back to the restroom later to check out the guy. Later that day, I went back to the restroom about 15 minutes before the time I expected the guy. I was nervous as hell and I couldn't get my knees to stop shaking. Remember when sex was so exciting that your legs shook? I decided to stand at the urinal so I could check out the guy when he came in. About 15 minutes later 'right on time...this guy comes in. He wasn't too old, maybe in his late 20's, white, good looking, a little taller, longer hair than mine that is dark too. He didn't look like he was in the Army but he certainly didn't look like a German civilian. He walked up to the next urinal and pulled out his cock. I couldn't help looking down to check it out and it looked big. I would find out later how big. I was nervous as hell and after about 5 minutes (yeah five minutes standing at a urinal without pissing), I zipped up and headed out. He seemed to be disappointed but I was so scared that I had to get out of there. I left and walked around some. My cock was still hard as hell and my heart was beating like crazy like I had just finished a 3 mile run. I decided that this was the time, there's always a first time for everything and I had to go back. It must have been about 15 or 20 minutes later when I went back into the restroom. The guy was not at the urinal anymore but I noticed that there was some in one of the stalls. I went to the urinal and took out my cock, jerking it as I continually looked back. The guy was tapping his foot on the floor. I zipped up and walked into the empty stall right next to him, dropped my jeans and sat on the toilet. I jerked and began peaking in the glory hole watching him jerk. His cock was huge! I had never seen a cock so big. Mine was about 6.5" hard but his had to be at least 9" and thick as salami. I remember thinking: that explains why the glory hole was so big. Soon, I noticed that he was standing and then his cock appear in the hole. I had never even touched another man's cock let alone suck one. I was mesmorized by his huge cock and reached out to touch it. As I began to jerk him, I could hear him moan softly and feel his hard cock get harder. I decided that I had to suck him! I got on my knees and licked the head; it tasted great, soft yet hard, almost sponge-like. Soon I had about 2 or 3 inches in my mouth and was sucking. I began to bob my head up and down on his cock and I remember thinking this is what I was made for, this felt good, sucking another man's cock was what made me happy. He began slowly to move his hips so that his cock was pushing deeper into my mouth. I would gag a little and he would back off some but I wanted more so I would bob my head deeper to get more of his cock back in my mouth. My lips were wrapped tight around his shaft and I could feel his veiny thick shaft as it pistoned in and out of my mouth. After about 10 minutes of sucking, he rammed his cock down my throat and I took it all. I loved the feel of his cock down my hungry throat and the smell of his pubes around my nose. His body was banging up against the stall wall now and I could tell he was going to cum soon. I decided then and there that I wanted to taste his cum and become a real cocksucker. All this time, I was jerking my own cock and it was leaking like crazy. He pulled out his cock about halfway and then rammed it down my throat one more time. Soon I felt the rush of cum down my throat for the first time and I immediately shot my load on the floor. I swallowed as much as I could as he pumped his spewing cock in and out of my throat. I couldn't keep up with all the warm seed shooting into my mouth so some of his cum spilled out of my mouth and onto my lips and chin. After he pulled his cock out of my mouth, he held it in the hole for a minute and told me to lick it clean. I leaned over and lovingly licked his softening cock clean of his cum and my spit. I noticed my cock was hardening again. After I licked him clean, he zipped up and I remained sitting on the toilet, licking my lips. He walked out of the stall but told me to meet him there on the next Saturday if I wanted to take it to the next level. ------------------------------------------------ There's Always a First Time - Chapter 2 This is a continuation of my first true gay experience while I was a soldier serving in the Army. This one is much longer so I hope it is not too boring. First just alittle about me back then. I was 19, around 6 foot tall with dark hair and eyes. My hair was cut very short back then (really I still keep my hair cut short) in typical soldier fashion, short all over but high off the ears and neck. I weighed around 160 and could run 2 miles in just about 8 to 9 minutes. Anyone who knew me back then would have swore I was as straight as they come. After all, I did have an occasional girlfriend and would regularly go with the gang to Frankfurt to visit the prostitutes on "K Strasse". Once I got back to my room in the barracks after giving this guy the first blowjob I ever gave in my life, my cock was still hard as hell. Even though I had spewed a heavy load of my own cum onto the floor while he emptied his own cum down my throat, my cock was rockhard and felt like it would spurt seed if I even lightly touched it. I could still taste his cum on my lips and I must have jerked my 6.5 inches of rock hard teenager soldier cock three or four times more that day and the next. All the time I was jerking, I was thinking about the last thing he had said to me "meet me here the same time next Saturday and we will take it to the next level." I knew what that meant - even if I was a virgin. I knew that queers (as my friends called gay men back then) fucked each other in the ass and emptied their cum deep inside their guts. This was before HIV and AIDS became known to the public and the worse that could happen to a guy from having unprotected sex with another guy was a bad case of crabs or the clap. I had seen pictures in the sex stores in Frankfurt of guys fucking each other and I would get hot as hell everytime I seen it. I also knew the man I had met and sucked in that restroom last Saturday was HUGE! I thought there was no way he would ever be able to get that cock (at least 9 inches long and almost as thick as a beer can). I know that guys sometimes stretch the truth on the Net when it comes to cock size but take it from me, I am not lying here...this guy's cock was large! The thought of that huge angry cock fucking my tight virgin ass was both exciting and scary at the same time. I debated the entire week over whether or not I should meet him on Saturday. As the day got closer and closer, I felt a pit in my stomach but I also got hornier and hornier. It didn't help being surrounded by hot Army men 24 hours a day. Back then there were no private showers. Everyone showered together and it was hard (no pun intended) as hell not getting a boner in the shower surronded by these hot studs. When Saturday finally came, I was ready. I knew that I wanted more cock and I knew that he would give it to me. I was hungry for cum and whether that cum was spewed down my throat or up my virgin ass didn't make a difference. I showed up at the restroom right on time. He was waiting at the urinals and surprised me by telling me to meet him outside. I was confused. Was he a cop and was he going to bust me or did he suddenly decide that I was nothing but a fag and needed to be beaten or worse? I wanted to run but to tell you all the truth, my knees were shaking too much. It felt like if I tried to run, I would fall flat on my face. A few minutes later he came outside and motioned me to follow him. In the sunlight, I could tell he was a hot guy. About 6'2", dark brown hair, cut longer so that I knew he wasn't a soldier. I could see his eyes and they were a brownish green. He had a good build and carried himself with a good deal of authority. I followed him to a car and he jumped into the driver's seat, opening the door to the passenger's seat to let me in. We drove off post and talked as he drove. He was a teacher at the local American High School. His name was John, he was 26 and had been in Germany for a few years. He said that he loved finding hot horny soldier cocksuckers who wanted to explore their "gay side". Well, I thought, that pretty much described me alright. Now this training station was way out in the boonies and the nearest German town was about 15 or 20 minutes away. After talking for awhile he told me to get his cock out and suck him while he drove. Now I had been practicially drewling the whole time just waiting to taste that hugh cock between my cocksucking lips and I wasted no time diving down into his lap. Soon I had his whole cock down my throat and I thought that I was getting pretty good at this. John was patting my head and telling me what a good cocksucker I was and how he was going to fuck my virgin ass once we got to his apartment. That got me even hornier and I moaned around his thick shaft as I sucked. My lips were stretched to the limit I remember feeling them vibrate around his hard shaft whenever I moaned. John was reaching over an playing with my ass. I was wearing tight jeans and a tee and as he felt me up while I sucked him all I could think about was how natural this felt to me. It was like sex finally made sense and all the fumbling around with girls could not compare to how good I felt sucking on a huge cock while the guy felt up my ass and told me how he was going to fuck me good real soon (all this while going around 70 mph on a two lane country road in the middle of a foreign country..LOL). When we got to his apartment, he told me to get up and I remember feeling disappointed that he hadn't fed me his seed. He must have noticed the disappointed look in my face because he smiled and said that soon I would have cum down my throat and in other places where cum had never been before. I was of course hard as a rock I had not worn any underwear that day so that the outline of my cock strained against the denim of my jeans and was very noticable to anyone who was looking. Luckily we went right up to his apartment and as soon as he closed the door, he told me to strip. I took off all my clothes and he did also. His cock was standing at attention and he told me to get down on the carpet and put my legs up in the air. I was scared shitless because it looked like any foreplay took place in his car (a new BMW) and wasn't going to happen in the apartment. He took my legs and put them over his shoulders and then I felt something cold and wet at my hole. He had gotten some lube and was lubing my hole while he looked down at me. I was moaning like a cheap hooker when he lubed me up and then he placed a small bottle under my nose. I didn't know what the hell he was doing but for some reason I trusted him when he told me to hold one nostril and to inhale deeply with the other. What he had of course was poppers which was the 70's and 80's equivalent to today's viagra. One or two deep sniffs and my mind was floating away and I was ultra horny and ready for anything. And anything was just what I was about to get. While I was still feeling the full effects of the poppers, he had positioned his cock at my virgin soldier hole. He steadedly applied pressure as he looked down at me telling me how hot I was and how I was made to be a fuck toy and soon I felt his thick cock head pop into my sphinter. To say it didn't hurt would be a lie, it hurt but what was weird was that it felt good at the same time. He just stayed still for what seemed to be an eternity but looking back was probably only a minute or two. Looking down at me he told me to get ready for a serious fucking and began to plunge his cock into my once virgin hole inch by inch by inch. I remember thinking "this was how I was going to die...split in two by a jackhammer of a cock up my tight ass." Well I didn't die, but I did go to heaven. After the initial shock of 3 or 4 inches of hard cock up my shoot, I began to feel incredible. It is almost impossible to describe the feeling but I will try. (Look at me preaching to the choir LOL). I felt amazingly full, not like the uncomfortable feeling after a big Thanksgiving meal but more like the feeling of when you are so close to a person that he feels that he is part of you. With every additional inch that invaded my tight hole, I moaned like a slut, my cock that had softened at the beginning was all of a sudden rock hard again and leaking. Then I felt his pubes on my ass and him stop with all nine inches inside me and I felt my chest tighten and my breath felt like it was taken away. He leaned down and whispered into my ear, "Ok babe, now its time for you to feel what you were put on this earth for". He kissed my neck and then started to move his hips in small circles. I almost passed out when he hit a certain spot (I later found out that this was my prostate). I literally saw stars each and everytime he rotated his hips and his cock rubbed up against that spot. And I came and came and came..it felt like buckets. I had never cum like I did that day with that cock prying open my tight man pussy. Soon John was licking my ear and sucking on my neck (yes I had to explain several hickeys to the guys in the barracks the next day) while he began to fuck me as hard as a "K Strasse" whore. As he long-dicked me, he had me inhale more poppers and as the effect of the poppers hit me, I swear the feeling of his cock plowing into my ass could be felt from the tips of my toes to the hairs on the back of my neck. After about a half hour of steady fucking, I could feel him tense up and I knew he was about to cum. He was whispering in my ear what a whore I was and did I want to feel his seed deep inside my pussy. I was so breathless I couldn't answer (at least not with any understandable language) but I grunted and moaned my assent and he plowed my man pussy one last time and sprayed the inside of my hole with his hot cum. I actually had cum again while he was in the middle of his orgasm and I could feel the walls of my hole milk this cock of his hot cum as he move his cock in and out in ever decreasing frequency. After he pulled out, his body collapsed onto mine. He did something that I will never forget. He kissed me full on the lips, his tongue parting my lips and searching the inside of my mouth. I had kissed girls before like that but it had never occurred to me that men kissed like that. We cleaned ourselves off and then we had a few drinks before he drove me back to post. My training class was over that Friday and I never saw John again. Later in my Army career, I went to that training post again but the glory holes were gone and I could never find that apartment. He will always, however have a place in my heart as the man who finally showed me how hot and natural sex could be and what I was put on earth for: to please other men by sucking their hard cocks and having them fuck my tight soldier man pussy. The End

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