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  1. This is my first time writing something like this, but reading all these stories I thought I would try my hand at it. Feed back is always great, and if you like it I'll keep writing. --How I Became A Cumdump: the Story of a 'Condoms Only' 20 Somethings Transformation My name is Mark, I’m 24, five foot nine, one hundred and sixty pounds and decidedly average. I have always been a bottom, when I was a teenager when other guys were tugging their dicks, I was fingering my hole. Eventually I graduated to getting cucumbers out of the refrigerator nightly and pounding my hole into a pulp. So when I went to college and started having sex with guys there was no question that I would be taking their cocks, but until I was 21 I was a self proclaimed condom Nazi: no unwrapped cocks were entering my hole. So what changed when I was 21? Well, I met Anthony. Anthony was everything I wasn’t. I was a paie blond boy, Anthony was a tall dark haired beast of a man. I was small, whereas Anthony stood around six foot two. I had a slight build, whereas Anthony was made of solid thick rippling muscles. I was smooth, whereas Anthony was covered all over in thick dark course hair. My hole twitched as soon as I saw his profile on Adam4adam. I had just finished my classes for the day was had logged on to see if any of my usual hookups were online for that night when I saw him on the New Member’s page. “ItalianTop34” his screen name read and below it a picture of his perfectly sculpted chest and stomach. I stared at the thumbnail for a long moment taking in the dark nipples the dark hair swirling down out of frame. I felt my hole twitching eagerly. I clicked on his picture and started reading: he was 34 years old, six foot two, two hundred and twenty pounds, and most impressively of all, a total top, with a nine inch cock. I typed a quick message to him, complimenting his picture and telling him to hit me up sometime, after hovering over the send button my hole gave another powerful twitched and I clicked send. For the next twenty minutes I chatted with a few regular fuck buddies making some tentative plans for later, tried to start on a paper for my European Literature class until I heard that familiar buzz from the a4a in box and pulled the website back up. It was him. My heart skipped a beat as I opened his message and read “hey there kid, cute pics, what brings you on here tonight?” I typed hurriedly: “looking for some fun tonight, need something to distract me from these papers.” Not a whole minute later: “a distraction? what sort of distraction?” We carried on like that for a few more messages culminating in him giving me his address. “Be there in an hour” was my last message to him. I quickly ran to the bathroom and cleaned up, getting ready to take his massive cock. My heart was pounding and my stomach seemed to be bouncing. I always get that feeling when I know a big cock is in my near future. Twenty minutes later I dashed out of my apartment in a pair of basket ball shorts, no underwear, of course, (a good bottom doesn’t need underwear), and a plain white t-shirt. I jumped in my car and drove the twenty minutes to his place. For a brief moment I sat in the car looking at the red brick building before rushing up to the little side door he had told me to use. His apartment was on the fourth floor at the top of the building and right inside the white painted door was a staircase leading up to his doorway. I knocked quickly and then stepped back waiting. I heard movement on the other side of the door and then it swung open quickly revealing Anthony for the first time in the flesh. He stood there in the door way in just a pair of running shorts, not the long kind people wear now but the short ones from the 80’s, a thing sheen of sweat seemed to glisten on his massive chest, there was about a day's worth of beard growing on his square jaw, but now standing in front of him it was his eyes that struck me the most. They were the brightest blue I had ever seen in someone’s eyes and they shown out like two brilliant pools from under his thick dark brow. He smiled, “Well you really didn’t wanna write that paper did you boy, you’re twenty minutes early. I went for a quick run before you came over, makes me last longer,” even this brief mention of sex was enough to make my hole twitch again and my cock begin to harden, “and I was gonna take a shower for yah, but now you’re here. Guess you could have a seat and wait for me to go get cleaned up.” “Oh no that’s alright,” I stammered. I don’t know why but the faint smell of manly sweat that was wafting from him into the hall way was making my cock begin to grow even harder. Anthony noticed, he chuckled and said “Look at you, springing wood on the stairs. You must really want this,” and with that he grabbed his meaty cock though the running shorts pressing its impressive profile against the thin fabric. Even soft the thickness of his cock was amazing and I was now hard as a rock all 6.5 inches of me straining against my shorts. “Come in kid,” he said stepping aside to let me in. He closed the door behind me, and then led the way down a narrow hall to the first room, the living room. It was nice with a big couch a few chairs a massive built in bookcase one wall and a giant television on the other. Anthony grabbed a remote off the coffee table and clicked it in the direction of the television which began to hum to life. “You want a beer?” he asked. “Sure,” I replied. “Have a seat. I’ll bring them through.” He left and I sat down on the massive couch looking at the television which now showed the symbol for some network connection and then after a moment of processing an image sprung up on the screen. A boy about my age was on his back on a hotel bed while a man old enough to be his father pounded the boy’s hole. The moans of the boy could be heard around the room from the surround sound system. I watched as two more men came into frame and one of them pushed his fat cock down the boy’s throat and the other moved round to where the first man was still plowing the boy. The first man seemed to get the hint and pulled out so that the new man could take his place inside the bottom. Then I realized I was watching bareback porn. I suddenly felt hot. My hole twitched, and my cock throbbed. I had never watched bareback porn before on principal and I was suddenly kicking myself for it. The boy writhed as the new man began to force is raw cock into his hole but soon enough the new man as pounding away with the same gusto as the first man. It was around this time that I slid my hand down the front of my shorts, spread my legs and began to rub my hole. I heard a noise behind me and turned to see Anthony with two beers in his hands smiling at me. God how long had he been there watching me feel up my own hole to his porn. Looking back that had probably been part of his plan, to get me even more horned up with bareback porn, but how was I to know that at the time? Chuckling, Anthony walked over with the two beers and, although the couch could seat four, he sat down next to me, presumably so he could stretch his big arm around as he sat down. I suddenly found myself engulfed in that same manly smelly and it was intoxicating. I breathed deeply a few times and then turned so that my noise was right next to his pit and took a deep whiff. “You are quite the pig boy. First you’re so excited for cock you get here early, then I leave you alone for five minutes and you’re going at your hole and now it’s all you can do to keep from sticking you whole face in my sweaty stinking pit. Well go on boy, get in there and get a good taste.” He took his arm from around me and held it over his head exposing his thick bushy pits. After the very briefest of hesitations I dove in, first just sniffing and then sticking my tongue in and licking all over tasting the sweet salt of his sweat. I must have gone at his pit for five minutes. I was so entranced with the smell and the taste that I didn’t notice that he had lowered his hand until I felt his fingers sliding down the back of my shorts. As soon as I felt one of his digits graze my hole I pulled my head from his pit, rocked my body forward to give him better access and buried my head in his crotch. I could feel his cock beginning to swell and press against the little shorts and before he had even worked one finger inside me the head had slipped out of one of the legs of his shorts. I quickly engulfed his cock head and began to make out with the uncut monster that would soon change my life forever. I felt one and then two fingers slide inside my hole and begin to stretch me out. After a few minutes he pulled his fingers out of my ass and brushed me away from his cock. “Strip,” he ordered. Hurriedly I stood up and tossed my t-shirt off into a corner and quickly shucked my shorts off as well. After looking at me for what seemed like forever Anthony smiled and slid his own shorts off. Although I had had had his cockhead in my mouth, I was still not prepared for what I saw: that massive beautiful piece of dark uncut Italian meat that sprung up and pressed against his furry abs. I whimpered as I looked at it, yearning to have it inside of me again. “Well don’t just stand there and look at it, start sucking boy.” I fell to my knees and Anthony grabbed his beer and sat back. Opening my mouth wide I began to work as much as I could of that monster into my mouth as quickly as I could. Anthony for his part just say back and drank his beer while I hooked his cock down. Once I felt his cockhead hit the back of my throat I swallowed deeply and felt it slide down my throat, Anthony moaned loudly. I worked his cock like that until he finished his beer, sometimes deep throating it sometimes pulling back and working the shaft of his big low hanging balls. All the while in the background I could here the noises of that boy being bred by those three men and it made me even hornier. So by the time Anthony finally finished his beer and pulled me up off of his cock I had reached bitch in heat horny. The combination of his sweaty musk, the boy being bred on the television and the prospect of having that amazing cock sliding into my boy hole slightly had turned me into a cockhound. “You ready for me to work that hole,” he asked me, holding onto both sides of my face while he did. I just nodded. “Go behind the couch and bend over. I want you to watch this next video coming up while I eat your sweet boy-cunt.” I had never heard it called that before, but I liked it. I dashed behind the couch and bent over with my chest resting on the back and my arms hanging over. Anthony took his sweet time walking round, first starting another video from what seemed to be a massive porn archive. Just before the video began I felt a hot wet tongue pressing against me hole and arched my back. The image of another boy appeared on the screen. He had that blissful, fucked-out look that can only come to a bottom from servicing tops who need them. The camera was held by the top and he zoomed in on his raw cock siding into the boys now slack and cum covered hole. I gasped as Anthony had just slid his tongue inside me. I began to thrust back against him. The boy on the screen was moaning in ecstasy as the top’s fat cock stretched his already sloppy boy-cunt. As Anthony started to add fingers into the mix I thought for the first time 'God I’m jealous of that boy'. I heard moment behind me and felt Anthony remove his tongue and fingers but I was too engrossed with watching the fat cock pound cum out of the boy’s hole to look behind me. Then at the same moment several things happened. I felt a slight pressure on my hole, the camera on screen changed positions for a second and I saw that the top pounding this boy into oblivion was no other then the one who not three seconds ago had been eating my hole, and lastly I felt my hole explode inwards as Anthony slammed his massive tool home. I let out a scream, and tried to turn and face him but he held me firm and kept his cock in place. We both stood like that for a moment while I caught my breath again. “Please tell me you put a condom on?” I spluttered through racked breaths. “I only fuck raw kid. If you would have read my profile more carefully instead of just looking at the pictures you would know that.” And with that he began to pull out and then just as suddenly as the first time slammed back in. My hole stretched quickly under his assault, and just as quickly I began to feel waves of pleasure with each thrust so powerful that I forgot all about the condom. The boy on the video was gasping and moaning just like I was as I clung to the sofa for support. It was just as things started to feel good that I realized something felt different about this fuck. I realized it wasn’t just that my hole was being stretched wider then probably ever before, but I felt more in tune with Anthony - as he pounded me I felt like I could feel every bump and twist in his massive cock. I knew that it was because his cock was in me raw, that I could feel all of it. I don’t know how I came to understand this, but I did. The video ended with Anthony shouting as he filled up the boy with his load. That will be me soon I though somewhere deep in my mind, and instead of panicking I was excited. I wanted him to fill me up, to dump his load in my boy-cunt. Anthony pulled out from my hole completely, leaving me gaping and empty. Then his face showed-up right next to mine. Fuck sweat running along his cheeks, “On the floor boy. Now that you know your place as a raw bottom, it's time to teach you how to be a cumdump.” His strong hands knocked me to the ground and I positioned myself on my back, my feet resting on his shoulders. He wasted no time in sliding his cock back inside my now loose sloppy cunt. And then the pounding began again, sometimes slowly and sometimes like he was trying to break up concrete. As drops of sweat fell from him landing all over my body, his gaze never left mine. He told me what a sweet hole I had and how when he was done with it I would really be a bottom boy like I was meant to be. I just whimpered and moaned like the boy in the video. Suddenly he stopped, his cock buried balls deep in my hole, and said “Tell me what you want.” I was unsure of what to say, so I gasped, “I want you to pound my hole.” “No boy, tell me what you really need, tell me what you need for this fat raw cock up your cunt.” His load, that was what I wanted. Ever sense I had seen the boy in the second video being bred by the magnificent cock that was currently pulsing deep inside my ass. “Your load,” I muttered. “I can’t hear you.” “I want your load. I want you to cum inside me.” “You want me to fill you with my spunk?” “Yes, fill me up!” “You wanna get bred, don’t you?” “Yes, please, breed me!” “Good boy.” And with that he resumed pounding but this time quicker and more animalistic. Every so often he would grunt out, “Tell me how much you want my load?” “More then anything" I would reply. After about ten more minutes of relentless fucking he half moaned half shouted, “You ready to become a cumdump?” “God yes.” “Good 'cause here come my load.” He slammed all the way into my ass and I could feel his cock pulsing as the cum rushed into my gut giving me a warm sticky feeling inside. Guys had cum in condoms while fucking me before but it was nothing like this. I had never felt so fulfilled sexually and yet so lustful at the same time. I knew I had served my purpose but I wanted more. Anthony rocked back and forth forcing my hole to milk every last drop of cum from my hole before he pulled his still rock hard cock out. I felt so empty as my legs fell from his shoulders and he stood up. I just lay there looking up at the Italian god who had just bred my hole, given me my first load. I reached back and felt my sloppy hole. Anthony had been right to call it a cunt and truly I no longer had a tight boy hole, but a wet sloppy loose cunt. And I loved it. I fingered myself a little, and then stuck my cummy fingers in my mouth and sucked. Anthony just watched, a smile of satisfaction on his face. After a few moments I made to get up but Anthony said “Just lay there for a minute, I’m not done with you yet.” He left the room and I went back to fingering my messy hole. I could hear that Anthony was on the phone for a moment and then I heard what sounded like typing and then another phone call, a bit more typing and then silence. Then he was back, still hard as a rock with a big grin on his face. “Damn boy, you’re just going to town aren’t you?” I stopped for a moment and bushed. I has been so intrigued by my new sloppy hole that I hadn’t noticed that I had shoved in four fingers as deep as they would go and was now pounding away. “Get those fingers out of there so I can give you another load before your evening really gets going, boy.” I didn’t know what he meant about 'my night getting going' but I did know that I wanted his cock back inside of me, as well as more of his warm hot cum, so I pulled my fingers out of my ass cleaned the off in my mouth and rolled over onto all fours presenting him with my still gaping hole. He chuckled, squatted down behind me and easily slid his fat cock inside and began pounding away again. Just as Anthony was really picking up steam and I could tell that my second load of the night was on its way there was a firm knock on the door. Anthony paused for a moment to shout “It’s open,” before returning to pounding me....
  2. Death’s Order My week started fucked up and it looked like it was going to end that way too, of course with it only being Wednesday I couldn’t tell what the next two days would bring. No matter what the rest of the week had in store for me, I was going to end it with a bang. The ride home from work just added to my frustration, first I missed my normal bus home, then I was lost in thought and missed my stop, having to get off on the next and walk back to my building, only to arrive to find I missed place my keys. Fuck me!! It took me twenty minutes to realize that I dropped them in my back pack. Once in my studio apartment I dropped everything I was carrying on the bed and headed to my little makeshift bar to make a cocktail. In my hast, I missed the envelope on the floor about a foot inside. My mind went negative instantly. What the fuck now? Did the people down stairs complain again about me. Assholes. Bending down to pick it up, I almost spilt my cocktail, fuck that would be alcohol abuse. Odd, it wasn’t addressed to me, the front and back was blank. My first instinct was to toss it, but it peaked my curiosity, so I decided to open it. Inside was a card, slightly smaller than the envelope, which read: Death’s Order Friday night 9 p.m. 744 Industrial Park (Be ready for everything) Personal Password: VENOM Nothing on the front of the card indicated who sent it, although I did find a symbol that I did not recognized on the back. My mind raced wondering who the hell could have sent this too me. Was a friend fucking with me? Was someone trying to trap me? The industrial park area had long been abandoned by legit business, leaving only questionable ones, crime, drug deals and street walkers. A majority of the buildings in that area were condemned and the ones that were still in use were close to being labeled that. I had two days to decide if I should go and if Thursday and Friday were anything like the first three days of the week, I was going. Even with my mind doing mental cartwheels trying to figure this invitation out, my cock was so hard in my underwear that it was throbbing and pumping out pre-cum. There was something about this mystery that sexually excited me, was it that I was to be ready for anything or was it the password itself. I wouldn’t know until Friday. Thursday went by fast and still fucked up, while Friday time stood still. When it seemed as if hours had passed during the day, it was only minutes and as those minutes passed my cock throbbed from constantly being hard. I was constantly adjusting my dick in my pants through out the day. Getting up from my desk was like trying to hide a giant red wood tree in a pile of match sticks, not my dick is not that massive. As soon as my day was over, I rushed home to “get ready for everything.” I had time and I knew that it would only take about 30 minutes by cab to my destination, if I could get a cab to go there. I downed a couple of cocktails as I prepared, relaxing me. I was done and out the door with about an hour to spare with the first cab I found willing to take me. My anticipation and excitement grew with each passing minute. My cock was still rock hard, ready for what ever was waiting for me. My cab dropped me off, just feet from the door, gave me his business card, telling me to call no matter the time and he would pick me up to take me home. Maybe my luck was changing, then I saw the same symbol that was on the back of the invitation. I still didn’t know that it meant. I stood before the door, just staring as the cab disappeared in the distance. Frozen, I started to question this decision. Was I ready for this? What if this changed my life completely? Would I be able to handle what ever was about to happen? The door was painted black with a sliding peephole like they had during prohibition, at eye level. There was no signage indicating what this place was, just a number placard to the side of the door with the address. Mustering all my courage, I knocked three times and waited. The sliding peephole quickly slid open, revealing half hidden eyes. The silence was deafening it was like the world around me suddenly stopped what they were doing and was quietly judging me. The uttering of my password was the only sound heard breaking the silence and bringing the world came back to life. The peephole slammed shut, forcing me to stare at the black door once again. After a series of clicks from inside, the door began to swing open, but only wide enough for me to slip in, then it closed again quickly. I entered a space that was dimly lite. I felt like this was a man-trap. An area where someone could be handled before entering a speakeasy. I turned and was face to chest to a huge Bull. Dressed in a brown robe, fasted in the middle with buckles, around the waist was a wide brown leather waist cincher with an emblem that I could not make out, guessing I would have said it was the same as the invitation and business card. His eyes were now fully hidden from view from a hood, leaving only his nose, mouth and chin visible. Even with the robe being some what loose in places, I could still tell this man was solid muscle. What was underneath was a mystery and I wanted to solve it. “Thru the door, strip and wait” he ordered. As I turned to leave this little area, he grabbed the door hand, opened the door, then slapped my ass with an evil chuckle. Fuck me, what was I in for? Inside the room was a wall of black lockers, yet no locks. Okay, I will take a chance. I stripped out of my clothes, put them inside the unlucky locker numbered thirteen. Then I waited - again, with my cock pointing the way, dripping pre-cum to a small puddle between my feet. Another door opened, revealing another man in the same brown robe and hood, although this man was not as large as the first man I had met. He was about a foot taller than me, and had a dark presence, yet I was not scared. “I am your Priest. I will be killing your inhibitions in order to see if you are worthy of entering The Order. Hesitation is your enemy. Opposition is failure, which will lead to vanquishment and the resending of our invitation” the figured said. “You are a heretic, you deny the freedom of sex by constraining. By opposing the pleasure of skin against skin, by denying the seed of life from mixing, and by denying pleasure for those that are carrying death” he continued. “Tonight, we change that. Shall we commence?"
  3. I'm a nasty black powertop. I love to bareback tranny asshole. I like long freaky fuck sessions that go all day or all weekend. I'm obsessed with breeding asshole and need a big butt tranny to dump all my hot loads in. I like to fuck until every drop of cum is drained out of my big black balls into a warm wet asshole.
  4. I'm a Hairy cub in town for work for a few days looking to take loads in my hotel room or meet up at steamworks. Sept 26 and 27. Party posted on bbrt hairybttmcub. Hit me up
  5. I'm a complete sissy with a small cock that stays mostly soft. If I party it most definitely stays soft! My clitty looks so cute in panties and it fits perfect. I am so glad I don't get hard because it only makes me feel more like a girl and when I'm with a real man they always point it out and insist I stay soft. (as if I want to). I have had some want to watch me try to masturbate for them and I'm able to cum soft using two fingers or rubbing my clit through my panties like a girl. It makes them so hot and makes me feel so slutty. most of the time my little clit just oozes precum and soaks my panties which is yummy. I love being a sissy and I love pleasing men. Do any other sissies feel like this? I would love find a daddy who would use me as he sees fit April
  6. Among (so many) other things, I like to suck cock. I hit gloryholes at a.b.s. when I travel. The plan being to suck men to completion and spit the load into a bottle to use later as fuck lube. The problem is, lately a lot of the men have pulled out of my mouth and retracted from the gloryhole and finished themselves off by hand as I look on....pissed that not only did I not get the load, but the dude wasted it on the floor. I've asked why, and the few that did give me an answer said things like "It's not safe" or "I like to finish it myself". One guy even said "If I don't cum in your mouth, I'm not cheating on my wife". Anyone else experience gloryhole dick that will not give you the load?
  7. Hand o my throat...

    Normally, I suck cock with a singular purpose: To get it hard enough to fuck me. But yeah, sometimes I'll find a dude that just wants to be sucked. Now, I'll do everything I can to get him wanna fuck..but if he's stubborn; I'll suck him off...but I better damn well get a load down my throat! Now, unless he unloads deep down my throat - which ALWAYS works for me; I enjoy moving the dudes open hand onto my throat so he can feel me swallow. Nothing says, "Yeah, I'm a fuckin' cumpig", like looking a dude square in the eye while he feels me swallow his load. The reaction from the cum donor has run the gamut from disinterest to confused looks to HELLA TURNED ON. And that's fine...but this is one of the few things I do for me. I do it to wallow in the explicit and shameless act of "cum-sumption". Anyone else get off on either end of this scene?
  8. FELLOW CUMDUMP PIGS and FEEDERS: Looking to start a thread for men that want to exchange their collected loads (their own or from men they've gotten them from) with other guys that want to receive them or swap. I would love to swap or just receive loads from anyone that wants to give them to me. I will inject these loads up my pig cunt and video it and post it on xtube. I'm very serious about this and expect those that send me a message to be serious about this. Thanks and OINKS! Tom
  9. I was wondering how differently people finish sucking a good cock. Do you suck it dry? Do you jerk it and let him cum on you? For me, the favorite thing is just sucking the cock for a good period of time, and when the guy is about to blow I just let him fill my mouth with his hot seed until there is not a single drop left. In this case, I either swallow the load or I keep it my mouth and then kiss the guy with all his cum in me, letting it just drip on both of us from our kissing so we could lick each other like some cum hungry sluts.
  10. How many things have you ticked off the list? Just something for a bit of fun... add up the scores... (1) Given/Received Blow Job (1) Fucked A Hole (1) Been Fucked (1) Kissed A Guy (1) Given a Handjob (1) Watched Porn (1) J/O With Others Watching (1) Watched a Guy J/O (1) Tasted Your Own Cum (1) Own a Jockstrap (2) Autofellatio/Self Suck (2) Used Craigslist to Hook Up with Stranger (2) J/O in a Public Place (Semi-Private E.G Bathroom Stall etc) (2) J/O in a Public Place (E.G in a Park/Field/Airport/Office etc) (2) Rimmed a Hole (2) Licked Armpits (2) Pissed on a Guy (2) Been Pissed On (2) Swallowed Small Amount of Piss/Urine (2) Tasted/Spit Out Piss (2) Had a Piss Enema (2) Been a Bondage Top (2) Had An Outdoor Fuck (2) Fucked Inside Car/Truck (2) Swallowed Spit (2) Used a Gloryhole (2) Been Gagged (2) Used a Dildo/Vibrator (2) Wrestled (2) Used a Penis Pump (2) Roleplayed (2) Had Sex with a Bi Guy (2) Had a Threesome (2) Used Hoods/Masks (2) Voyeur/Spied on Guys Having Sex (2) Been Face Fucked (2) Been Hot Wax Tortured (2) Been Shaved (2) Swallowed a Guys Cum (2) Smoked During Sex (2) Had Sex at the Gym (2) Swallowed Your Own Cum (2) Licked or Had Your Feet Licked (2) Used Another Guys Cum as Lube (2) Had Interracial Sex (2) Sploshed (2) Gone Commando at Work (3) Fucked Whilst Wearing Fetish Gear (3) Been Caught Having Sex (3) Had Sex with a Married Guy (3) Had an Orgy/Group Session (3) Pissed into a Beer Bottle & Given to Another Guy to Drink in a Bar/Club (3) Had an Anonymous Fuck (3) Been Fucked with Head in the Toilet (3) Fucked in a Public Restroom (3) Fucked in a Library (3) Dirty Talked (3) Hooked Up with a Trucker/Cowboy (3) Been Bound/Restrained (3) Spanked/Been Spanked (3) Been to a Bathhouse (3) Been to a Sex/Cruising Club (3) Been Fucked in a Sling (3) Fucked a Bottom so Hard He Can Hardly Walk/Cried (3) Been Fucked by 11"+ Cock (3) Used a 10"+ Dildo (3) Worn a Leather Harness (3) Used/Own Leather/PVC Clothing (3) Cum Kissed (3) Been in/Part of a Circle Jerk/Bukkake (3) Fucked a Neighbour (3) Fisted a Hole (3) Purposely Contracted an STD (Ghonno/Syphilis etc) (3) Been E-Stim/Electro Tortured (3) Watched Animal Porn (3) Had Really Aggressive/Rough Sex (3) Had Sex with Someone 20 Years Older/Younger (3) Had Sex with Someone 40+ Years Older/Younger (3) Forced a Guy To Do Something (5) Eaten Cum From a Used Condom (5) Lost Your Virginity Under 18 Years of Age (5) Made an Amateur Sex Tape (5) Felched a Hole (5) Been Fisted (5) Slammed Tina (5) Tongue Cleaned A Hole (5) Fucked a Married Guy (5) Fucked a Married Guy in a Family Bed (5) Sucked/Been Sucked on Train/Boat/Bus (5) Used a Fuck Machine (5) Been a Slave/Owned (5) Had Chem Sex (5) Fucked a Bottom into Submission (5) Used an Escort (5) Been an Escort (5) Own a Sling (5) Traveled a Long Distance to Fuck (5) Actively Chased HIV & converted (5) Been Gangbanged (5) Been/Fucked a Pornstar (5) Fucked a couple (5) Been Double Penetrated (5) Had Over 100+ Sexual partners (5) Used Sex to Get Something (Upgrade/Product/Job/Clothing/'Get out of Jail' type situation etc) (5) Been Exposed/Humilated By An Alpha Male (Been Photographed/Videoed/In Public) (5) Used a Sub For Your Pleasure (5) Have/Had a House Boy (5) Used a Chastity Cage (5) Own a Fuck Machine (5) Raped a Hole (5) Used a Cruel Condom (5) Been Fucked By a Cruel Condom (5) Fed a Guy Your Shit (5) Are An Alpha Dom Male (5) Take Any & All Loads - No Questions Asked (5) Fuck Any Hole (5) Had Sex at Inappropriate Time/Event/Location (E.G Funeral/Wake/HIV Clinic/Memorial etc) (5) Had Sex with a Friend's BF / Partner (5) Had Sex with Someone Who's Cheated on Their Boyfriend (10) Have a 10+ Cock (10) Fucked Twins (10) Had Sex with a Father & Son (Not related to you) (10) Fucked a Family Member (10) Have own Playroom/Dungeon (10) Made Hidden Camera Sex Tape (10) Fucked/Been Fucked By K9/Dog (10) Had Sex with AIDs Guy (Advanced/Wasted Look) (10) Swallowed K9/Horse Cum (10) Eaten Shit (10) Licked A Public Urinal/Toilet (10) Fucked on a Plane (10) Swallowed Large Amount of Piss/Urine (10) Starred in a Porn Film (Mainstream) (10) Been/Fucked By a Celebrity (10) Hooked Up Whilst in Uniform or with a Uniformed Guy (Cop/Firefighter/Doctor/UPS Guy etc) (10) Hooked Up With Homeless Guy (10) Own Other Fetish Furniture (Cage/Stocks/St Andrew's Cross/Rim Seat etc) (10) Had Sex with a Convict / Prisoner
  11. I had a really good fuck session a week ago, three loads (that I know of), and also one or two that I suspect, in one night. Sometimes you don't feel it when a guy comes inside you. But there is evidence, like a very sloppy ass. More about that just now. But I was wondering, it is a week later and I swear there is still some cum inside me. I can smell it when I go for a shit and wipe my ass. It's always like that a week or so after I've had a few loads in a row. My imagination or do other bottoms experience the same? Of course most of it gets pushed out afterwards in a day or so, but sometimes I feel like there is still some cum hiding somewhere up there for quite a while. I like it. It means the load lasts a while. About the previous episode. It was in a sauna in Johannesburg, always busy and always interesting. This time it was even more interesting, there was a really good-looking Colombian guy, he asked me for a smoke and I heard he had an accent, so asked where he came from. In my country very few people speak Spanish, but I do, so we ended up having a really nice conversation and he was very happy to be able to speak Spanish. But eventually talking got boring and I went to the backroom. The sauna is big, with many different areas. My favourite is is the one darkroom (there are several) where there is a sling. There are also some beds, and a separate little area, completely dark, behind some chains, where the gloryholes are. As I entered the darkroom I could see there was someone on the bed right by the door. The main area of this darkroom is about 98% dark, you can see a little bit. So I sat down next to him and started playing with his cock right away. He was hard but very small. He was quite a big guy. He turned me on my side and wanted to fuck me. I let him. But because his body was so big, his cock somehow did not quite go in all the way, just the tip really. I tried to make him lie on his back so I could sit on him but he resisted. He kept fucking me in the sideways position, just the little tip going in and out. When he came, it was like some of it inside, some outside. He left me with quite a sloppy hole. So I went to the gloryhole area, where it is completely dark. You can't see anything. There were no cocks sticking out through the gloryholes but there was someone standing right at the end. I felt him up and down, sucked a bit, waited for the cock up my ass, but he was obviously also bottom. Then someone came in, felt me up and down, fingered me, and then he fucked me. But he put on a condom. It was the Colombian. I know that because he asked me in English if he was hurting me, his accent was obvious. He fucked me really long, I leaned against the wall, ass up, and I had to balance really well to stay standing. But then, very suddenly, he just pulled out and left. So I went back to the main area of the dark room, where, on the other side, there are also some beds. I just lay down there ass up and waited. Very soon a cute blonde guy, who I had seen outside, came over and just stuck his cock in. No foreplay or nothing. He fucked me long and hard also, and then started slowing down and said he had to take a break. I felt my ass, it was sloppy with warm cum. He obviously came but did not want me to know. Right after another guy stuck his cock in, hard fuck, then just pulled out. My ass was still sloppy but by now I was not sure if it was the latest guy or the previous guy. So back I went to the gloryholes. There was someone, I felt him up and down, he had a PA. I have never been fucked by a guy with a piercing. I have had hundreds of cocks, but never a pierced guy. I sucked him hard, he turned me around, he stuck it in. I was a bit disappointed, I thought I would feel some sensation from the piercing but, honestly, I just felt a big, hard cock. Didn't matter. He fucked me really good. And I could feel him cum. He was one of those guys you can feel contract and shoot, contract and shoot. That is what I am always searching for. So he left and I stayed for a while. Someone entered again. It was the Colombian. He knew it was me, he turned me around, stuck his cock in. Again with a condom. Again a very long fuck. And then he came, I could feel him contract and shoot as well. But he wore a condom. He pulled out. I grabbed his cock, pulled off the condom and held it in my hand as he left. I took the condom and tried to eat the cum inside, but there was nothing. It was empty. How can that be? My ass felt sloppy but I wasn't sure if it was him or the pierced guy. Later I realised I should have checked the tip of the condom. I think the Colombian bit it off. I think he did cum inside me. I went home smiling like I had just won the lottery.
  12. Cum in the eyes

    I love to get facial and I would like to be surrounded by many guys to give me a bukkake. When the cum hit my eyes, it stinks, but it is so hot and sexy. Anyone here likes it?
  13. I've been a busy guy this week. I had a work meeting but was so horny I placed a CL ad and hoped I would get a response. You how it goes. Most are BS but I did get a few responses that seemed real. I put in the ad that I only wanted guys into bare back and I wanted to plant my seed deep inside. "If you're not into that, don't waste our time" I was really direct. Well after a few emails I got two guys that seemed ready to play. Guy 1 was younger probably in his 30's and slim with a 7 inch dick. He showed up first and started sucking me. "I need cock in my ass" he said. NO problem, I was horny as hell. So after he sucks me hard, getting my cock all wet I rim his ass a bit. He gets down on his stomach and spreads his cheeks. I'm dripping by now and ready to go. I slide in as we both moan in pleasure. I fuck in short strokes and long strokes and both of us hit poppers. I'm riding his ass nice and deep. Boom my cock starts spurting and true to my word I push deeper inside so every drop goes inside. Good timing, I hear a knock on the door. I'm still hard and guy one makes no attempt to move or get dressed.. I let guy two inside. He sees us both and starts to grin. He is naked in a flash. I introduce guy one to guy two. "I'm Vers." says guy one as his cock is growing. "I'm total bottom" said guy two. This is gonna get interesting. #2 starts sucking my cock which is getting hard again and rubs his lubed ass (he was prepared) against number 1. Guy 1 is stroking his cock to get it harder. By now, I'm hard as a rock and start to feel around #2 ass hole. He is squirming. Really in heat. He turns around and backs into my cock..OMG feels so good. He starts sucking guy 1. All 3 of us are moaning and groaning. So fucking good. He is using his muscles to squeeze my cock and make it feel so good. I'm fucking in and out. Gentle and hard pounding. Driving us both crazy. Finally, I feel the tingle in my balls and as we are fucking doggie style I push my cock all the way deep inside and let my load fly. He feels the pulsing and ( I'm kinda loud) groaning/screaming from me as I cum. He is pushing back on my cock as I am thrusting forward. It feels so fucking good. I slowly come out of his hole and he turns around and guy 1 pushes his dick deep inside the freshly seeded hole. He is fucking for all he is worth. Pounding that ass. It is such a turn on. Guy 1 says "I can feel your cum inside getting all frothy!" OMG he shoots a big fucking load deep inside. Needless to say we all take a rest and chat a bit before they leave. All of us with shit eating grins on our faces! Thank you CL!!!! BH
  14. Hosting at at Manhattan Times Square Hotel at 790 7th ave and 51st in Times Square. Here til Sat 4/11. I have to work during the day but in my room after 6pm every evening taking loads all nite lights out hardcore T.I.M. porn playing me nude lubed and door ajar cum by and use this hole to unload all the precum and cum you wanna unload. will take it all and can fuck for hours here. quickie anonymous blow n go dump n go long play groups tag teams what ever just hot NSA Fun. love a cock in my hole and in my mouth told i have one hot fucking hole and a bttm that knows how to take it as deep as the top wants to go and love to suck and deepthroat even go from ass to mouth tells you how super and deep clean my hole is. goes in as clean as it cums out except for your cum on ur cock which i will clean off. if you wanna stop by 615 289 0800 text or call or email at cumdumpbna at yahoo dot com
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  16. Ass juice

    Been making hella posts lately cuz I've been naughty and want to document my experiences. last night black guy from before wanted to come over. when i got home from class i got ready for him, ran some errands, then got back home around 9 so i could invite him over. wasn't answering my texts, but i had cleaned out so i hopped on grindr. talked to this guy i'd seen around for awhile and planned for him to come over. 25, 6'3, 7 inch perfectly thick cut of man meat. we went straight to bed and started sucking face, me on my back. he was really into choking me and slapping me, then he sucked his index and middle fingers and stuck them inside me to explore. felt fucking hot getting fingered by this stud while i was slowly squeezing precum out of his bare hot man meat. he started guiding himself in, i paused, took some poppers, and let him go to town. he was pretty rough at first but i talked through it with him and he ended up slowly sliding himself all the way in then all the way out. it felt fucking great. after about 20 minutes told him i couldn't keep edging myself and that i had to blow, so he pinned my hands back and started going in all the way. i think he hit my second hole. i couldnt help myself so i came hands free while he watched, he started cumming immediately. never been with a guy who yells when he cums but he was yelling pretty loud, and he worked that fucker into me for a good 5 minutes after. we kissed, smoked a few bowls and he was off. excited to see what tonight has in store
  17. I had been talking to this guy back and forth for about a week, something I wasn't use to, usually when I'm on Skout they see my title and understand what I do and then want to come over right then and there. This guy just kept writing to me but never really made any plans to come over. It was a Friday when he finally asked for my address and I gave it to him, he told me that he "kind of" had a girlfriend (whatever that means?) so it was really important to him that this be discreet. I assured him it would be. I waited behind my brand new gloryhole (which Imsuperior helped install actually), I heard the sliding door open and he walked in. He was really tall, I think a mix of Australian and Thai. He had beautiful skin a shaved face, very clean cut a little metrosexual looking. He wasn't the usual kind of straight guy I take care of. "Hey you in there?" He asked. "I'm here babe" I said, he was wearing ripped denim jeans, some brown boots and a black tee with a black jacket over the top. He took his jacket off and sat it on the floor and then started undoing his belt. "I'm here for my appointment" he said laughing a little as he said it, I decided to go along with it as he took his belt off "what seems to be the problem?" I asked. "I haven't been blown for a week" he said, "well I'm going to fix that up for you right now" I said. He approached the whole as he unzipped his jeans, he pulled them down to his knees and then stuck his bulge into the gloryhole, his briefs still on and covering the goods. I started kissing his visible penis line, he smelt like he had just showered before he came. That strong smell of a freshly soaped up body, I grabbed the top of his Calvins and pulled them down to expose his hard cock. It bounced up and down, begging to be sucked. "Fuck yes" I said admiring it, "what was that?" He asked, "I said fuck yes" I responded as I grabbed his balls. "Yeah you like that dick?" He asked and I just shoved my face right down on his 6 uncut inches, his balls on my chin. "Fuck you just go for it! Feels good... that feels so good" he said. I sucked as I moved my lips back to the head of his cock covering it with his foreskin, I stopped to admire it again before sticking my tongue underneath his foreskin and licking around his knob. "Fuck that feels good!" He said. I went back to devouring his cock, deepthroating it, up and down as my hand massaged his balls. I started to taste pre-cum and that just made me suck harder. His moans were so arousing, he was lost in his pleasure really enjoying it. Suddenly his phone started ringing, he pulled his cock out and pants up but didn't zip up. "What..." I started to say when he pulled his phone out of his pocket and answered it. "Hey" he said to whoever was on the other line. He stood there for a moment before he started screaming "FUCK YOU!" Into the phone. He grabbed his belt and jacket off the floor and stormed out the sliding door into my backyard. Were we done? Was it over?. I came out of the gloryhole to see him in my backyard with a cigarette screaming at this person on the phone. This went on for about five minutes, I figured he would come back in when he was done so I jumped on to this site and started chatting with you fine people while I waited for this fight to end. Eventually (and this was after quite a long time) he left my backyard and left me with the taste of his pre-cum in my mouth but no reward! Needless to say I jumped back on Skout to try and rectify this, I haven't heard from this guy since and still am not entirety sure what happened.
  18. Cum in eyes

    Anyone know of any vids of tops deliberately cumming in a bloke's eyes after face fucking him - preferably with the bottom's eyes being held open? Red eyes and tears and a face full of cum - does it for me.
  19. I am a masculine blue collar man that likes to suck dick!! I really like other masculine men that are age 30 and over. Married men, straight men, bi curious men that just want to use my hot wet mouth to dump a hot load in! masculine cocks and balls for me to worship and do as I'm told . I love being on my knees kneeling before a masculine man him knowing my mouth is his and he can use it as he likes!
  20. bar quickies

    I was so fucking horny tonight. I tried to hook up with a bottom posting on Craigslist but he turned out to be a jerk. I sent him a description and pics. We emailed a few times and then I never heard back from him. Asshole. I just needed a yes or no so I could move on. So I went to the bar. This is the Roundup in Pensacola, Florida. I had a few drinks and tried to cruise a guy. I liked his beard and bare chest. I can be really bad at cruising. I thought he might be cruising me but was not sure. Eventually he disappeared. Luckily there was another guy, kinda big but so obviously looking for some action. When he headed for the restroom I followed. He went into a booth without shutting the door. Hell I don't need a printed invitation an open door was good enough for me. I grabbed his cock and he gave me a big smile. He instructed me to lock the door. I loved his cock. It was not terribly long but nice and thick. I went to work going down on his meat. He warned me to go slow but I could not help myself. All too soon he asked me what I wanted. His load of course. I probably sucked him for less than two minutes before I was swallowing his jizz. Too quick but I was still happy. I went back out to nurse my drink a little more but I had already drunk all I could handle so I went back to the bathroom to stand at the urinal and see what kind of mischief I could get into. A couple minutes went by then an older guy stepped up to the urinal next to mine. A minute later I was sucking his cock. Small but hard. He had something of a gut he had to hold out of my way. I was so horny I did not care. I gave him the best blow job I knew how. He lasted longer than the last guy but not by much. I love it when a guy unloads in my mouth. Tasty. I took up my position back at the urinal when my third cock showed up. He was a buddy of the last guy I blew. I saw them having drinks together. I am sure the one guy told him about the blow job he just got. Nice. I liked this guy, decent cock but also hairy. I let my hands roam while I took care of his meat. Load number three. My last encounter two guys followed me into the booth. A bottom and a top. The top had a great cock. He only let me suck him a minute before shoving his rod into the bottom. Both guys were hot and I enjoyed the scene even if I was just kneeling there beating my meat. After only a minute of fucking they left. Damn! Did he cum? I stayed where I was pulling on my dick. The bottom came back and bent over the sink. I gave him a quick rim job knowing that would get my dick hard. He stayed put while I guided my cock into him. I was really attracted to this guy so it did not take long for me to cum. He quickly pulled up his shorts and was gone. It all happened so fast. I would have liked to suck some more cock but the place was emptying out so I went home. During the drive I saw a meteor. It broke up into three parts, flared up and then died. A great end to a great evening. Now I have wack off thinking about all the cock I sucked tonight.
  21. About two months ago my bath house fuck bud fucked me covered, and did so again a few weeks later. I saw him this past Saturday at your usual haunt and much to my surprise he was covered again. I asked him what was up with the rubber and he stated that he no longer plays bare but enjoys it just the same. I'm sure my reaction was priceless as I just looked at him and stated "you gotta do what you gotta do" He has been breeding me for years on end and is quite the good fuck. He can go for hours without cumming and always found it quite the treat when he did. The last few times did not feel the same with the condom and really couldn't get into it. I just wish he would go back to breeding me bare. Thoughts????
  22. Kyle Lucas new fan page

    So i know have my new fan page set up to start the process of my coming back into porn it's a slow process but I am going to be doing it by myself and see how i do with this set up first then maybe open my own studio https://onlyfans.com/kylelucasbb
  23. I woke up this past Sunday with that craving, that urge to spread my ass and get rough fucked- that need to get bred. I have to say I love raw sex, it’s the only way I can get off and I love the feeling of becoming a receptacle for my tops' cum; just a hole to be filled and used and dumped into. Being a cumdump for me was as natural as riding a bike. Even when I was in a monogamous relationship I would have my boyfriend fuck his load into me in the morning so I could feel it slide out of my boy-ass on the subway reveling in the private piggishness of my thoughts, while morning commuters read their papers on the way to work. I would have that warm jizz absorbing into me for the better part of the morning the way some take caffeine. But this Sunday I got a call from one of my regular clients. I sometimes escort for extra cash. This guy is older but has a huge uncut cock. He never once asked me about my status but also never tried to use a condom. He’s the kind of guy that likes smaller boyish twinks and loves to hear me beg for his load. I’m 24 but I look really young. I still get carded for a pack of smokes every time and this is usually my biggest hook in the escorting business. A young boy that takes loads for money, and will beg you for your seed. He fucked me hard and good and deposited what would be my first load of the day. I lay there with his cum dripping from my ass, recovering from the poppers - while he got showered. Something snapped in me right then and I was so horny I knew I needed to collect some loads. This Sunday would be dedicated to me taking cum in my ass no matter who the guy was. I was so horned thinking about being used my ass twitched and I fingered out some of my client's cum to taste and wet my palate for more. When I left his place I immediately texted a guy who had been wanting to fuck me. We had chatted on a4a and he was a dirty talking poz guy into giving seed to young boys. He got off on mixing strains and having a willing recipient for his toxic load. He was in his mid forties, thin with some musculature but kind of wasted looking in the face. I’ve always loved poz men. Even when I was neg I would fantasize about them plowing their infected loads in my ass while I looked into their wasted faces knowing I was taking their DNA in me forever. I cabbed it over to his place on 30th street. He answered the door naked and wasted no time pushing me to my knees so I could suck his cock. I was barely in his doorway and the door wasn’t even shut completely but I was being face fucked and gagging on his monster tool. He was definitely not as hot as his pictures but his cock was even bigger than I imagined with really pronounced veins I could feel roughing themselves against my tongue and pulsing in my mouth. His entire body was pretty veiny. I was in poz-pig-boy-heaven sucking his cock as furiously as I could. He kept feeding me poppers and would wait until my sucking became more ravenous before dirty-talking me. “Yeah boy, that’s a good boy. That’s a good fucking mouth. Suck daddy’s cock, choke on it yeah! Tell me where you want this cock! Tell me!” He growled at me. I wanted it in my ass deep and hard. “Please daddy put that cock in my ass!” I said between sucks. “You want it boy? You want that poz cock in your ass? Beg me for it!” As he said this he put the bottle of poppers under my nose and I took a huge whiff. My head was reeling and all I wanted was his toxic cock in my ass. I got up and leaned against the wall with my ass jutting out and spread my cheeks so he could see my hole. “Please daddy fuck me with your big poz cock, I need it in me, fuck me now, plow my ass! Infect me daddy!” He came up from behind me and grabbed my arms pinning behind me. He put his mouth close to my ear: “Tell me again, boy. Tell me what you want.” His cock was right at on my hole ready for penetration. “I want your poz-tool, daddy. I want your fucking AIDS in my ass!” With that he shoved in as hard and fast as he could. I yelled out in pain but he took no mercy and ripped my ass open with his nine inch poz death tool. My ass was surely going to be sore after this. He rammed me each time slamming it all the way in to the hilt then pulling out to the tip and repeating. I couldn’t move all I could do was moan and try to hold on as this poz fucker mutilated my ass. He slowed down for a sec just to put the poppers back under my nose then picked up the pace again thrusting deeper and deeper into me. I fucked my ass back onto his cock and let him have his way with me like the whore I was. He loved it, he knew he had found an amazing cumdump bottom boy and was going to reward me with his poz cum right in my gut. He put his mouth close to my ear and said “I want you to know I’m full blown. I AIDS and I’m going to fuck it into your sweet boy ass.” I was going nuts at that point and he put the poppers under my nose again. Now dizzy from the poppers and so immensely turned-on he threw me to the floor on my back and lifted my legs up on his shoulders. We were still only right passed his apartment door and I’m sure the noise was travelling down the hall. He never left my gaze and I knew he was close. “Fuck me daddy fuck me! Fill me with you AIDS cum, fuck it into me, ram it up my guts, I want to feel it in me!” I yelled in lusty poppered daze. I saw it in his eyes and he smiled this evil devilish smile. “Fuck boy! Here it cums take my fucking poz load you fucking AIDS cum slut!” He shot his poz seed in me with fury fucking as hard as he could sloshing it into my ass, making sure he fucked as much of his cum into my ass as he could. I could feel the froth he was beginning to churn out of my hole. My hole felt amazing, I was over whelmed with popper-lust and begged him to keep fucking it into me. He obliged for as long as he could. When he pulled out I felt some of his cum dribble out. I immediately slid a couple of fingers in to my ass to scoop some up. He was one of those sticky thick cummers; the kind that was almost gelatinous and I took pleasure in licking my fingers clean. He then shoved his cock into my mouth and I sucked ever last drop of his cum from that veiny shaft. He kissed me probing my mouth with his tongue and then told me "Get the fuck out. I’m done with you, you fucking whore. Get the fuck out.” I left with my pants unbuttoned and my shirt off. I finished dressing in the hallway. When I was in the elevator I felt my hole again - it was deliciously sore and cummy. I was all lubed for some more. I headed to the Blue store on 8th Avenue next….
  24. Safe And Secur(ity)

    It was about 5pm after a really long day at work, I couldn't wait for 5:30 to hit so I could leave the office. After having clients sign a lease, I quickly checked my phone to see I had a message from: "Security Guard", it read: "What's doin tonight?", I wrote back that I was free and figured he'd be coming over to get some service, the day was already looking to improve. He sent another text saying: "Wanna try that new health food burger joint?". I had to read the message twice because I wasn't sure if it was meant for me. "Sure" I wrote back, I was convinced he was going to write that the last message was a mistake when he wrote, "Cool I'll pick you up at 7". After work I went home and got changed, I was still pretty sure that this was all a big mistake like he had accidentally started messaging the wrong person or something. 7 came around and my security guard regular turned up at the sliding door, "hey how are ya?" He asked, "yeah good thanks" I said, "alright let's go" he said... what was happening?! I walked out the front with him to his ute, he got into the drivers side and I got into the passengers seat. I looked him up and down, he was wearing footy shorts, thongs, and a muscle tee shirt. He looked great, his blonde hair even looked like it had some product in it. As we drove he was talking to me about his day and that he busted a couple of shop lifters, but other then that it wasn't too exciting. He asked me about my day and I said I had, had a bad one but it was improving by the minute... and getting more confusing. He laughed, "why cos I'm takin you on a date?" He asked, "well yeah" I said. "I don't think that's too fucking weird" he said. We got to the burger joint and went in, he ordered a classic cheeseburger and fries and I ordered a chicken burger. This is not how I usually spend my nights off work and I haven't been on a date since my university days. It was actually a fun night and I must admit if I were to admit I had a crush on any of my regulars it would be this guy and imsuperior. Because they are just such manly men, Aussie boys who are hot without trying and have a sexy attitude and know what they want... always appealing. We finished our food and started walking through the streets back to his ute. "I have to ask, is this an actual date, date or did you just wanna hang out?" I asked, "what would you say if I said it was a date?" He asked. "I don't know, I don't know what's happening" I said laughing, he laughed to. "Don't worry I expect something after paying for you dinner, I'm not all gentlemen" he said laughing. "What do you expect?" I asked, "well I paid... you suck!" He said. "Of course" I said. We got into his car and he started driving me home. I put my hand in his lap and started feeling up his crutch, "you want some desert?" He asked with a cheeky grin, "you know it" I said and put my head down into his lap where it belongs. I started sucking his beautiful cut cock as he kept driving. "That's it suck that dick nice and slow" he said. One of his hands grabbed the hair on the back of my head and he pushed me down on his cock. "Harder!" He said as he kept driving, "fuck yeah that's it!" He said. I had sucked his cock until we got back to my place, he parked out the front and I stopped for a moment. "Don't stop!" He said, grabbing my head and putting me back down on his dick. "That's it keep sucking, you'll get desert if you keep doing that. Just like that!" He said. I could taste pre-cum and I felt his balls, I knew he was close. "That's it bitch SUCK THAT DICK! SUCK THAT FUCKING DICK!" He said, before flooding my mouth with sperm. "Aaaaah FUCK! Don't stop get it all! ... OH FUCK!" He said before calming down. I swallowed his delicious nut and sat up. "How was that?" I asked, he leaned over and planted his lips on mine kissing me. "Fucking hot bitch" he said. I sat there for a moment confused. "Thanks for a good night" I said, "thank you" he responded, "maybe we can do something on the weekend?" He asked, "sure, if you wanna come over for some service" I said. "I'll message you" he remarked as I got out of the car. We said bye to one another and I started to go back into my house... I have no idea what just happened!
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