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Found 552 results

  1. The Trinity

    So I’ve just got home from 36 hours of pigging out. My piggy cunt is so, so sore. It’s also full to bursting. I’ve been playing at the place of a young black guy who I randomly chatted up on BBRT. He said all the right things about perving and pigginess, but you never know for sure until you meet, right? He didn’t disappoint. Before I even get to the perv and pig stuff, he was my perfect type: legal young, black, average height, a bit toned, hung with a swinging curved cut monster, top, a little dominant when he needed to be. But even better than that, he gave me exactly what I wanted - the Trinity that my pig cunt worships: 1. Cum He gave me 3 poz loads in 36 hours, which isn’t bad for a boy on meth. 2. Blood Each time he slammed, he drew some blood back out, then squirted half direct into my hole and half onto his cock before fucking me. 3. Piss Twice he pissed deep in me. He did strong slams so his piss was like a mega booty bump each time. He made sure that I could make the most of these gifts by never using lube to fuck and by rough fingering my cunt intermittently between fucks, using his nails to open up my skin to take each gifts as fast as possible. So here I am, my pig cunt still full of those three, sore from so much raw, lubeless fucking and stinging from all that poz cum, toxic blood and chem piss is soaking into the cuts on my roughed up insides. I love it: this is the real me.
  2. Anonymous Loads at the Bathhouse

    I haven’t written in a while as all my last several fucks have been relatively ordinary, which is to say one-on-one, or at most getting two different loads by the end of the night, but that all changed tonight. I was horny as fuck, drinking wine, and smoking a couple of joints with some friends when this thick veiny-dicked dude called me, saying he wanted to come over to breed my hole. He’s an older man, 48, hairy, well built and with those cocks that for some reason have a protruding lower vein like some misshaped fruit, making the dick hard to ride and kinda painful but once it gets going it's clear he'll wreck the hole he is fucking. True to his word he came right over, but sadly didn't take long to cum. Still I rode him for a while, squeezing my asshole to make sure he opened me well, and as planned, he soon blasted his load deep inside my guts. Afterwards we chatted a bit while I checked Grindr where I learned a friend from school was going to the bathhouse downtown so I reached-out to him, suggesting we go together. He readily agreed. The only day the bathhouse opens all night is on Saturday, until 8:00 AM Sunday morning, so as to catch all the horny party men on the way home. I was cautiously optimistic I'd get several loads without the necessity of fending off rubbers. We got there and my friend and I walked into the dry chamber and I started to blow him. He’s got a really thick and curved dick, so I swallowed it whole and was soon jumping on top of it as seven to nine guys gathered to watch. I counted them as I checked out their dicks, beckoning each one to come forward for a blow while I got fucked. While most of the guys were receptive to my invitation, there was one man who was playing shy most didn’t come over, but eventually he stepped forward and, after some effort, I had his exceptionally long, monster dick which I finally got down my throat, as the man's balls bounced against my chin. After several minutes of working monster dick, I decided to give my jaws a break, so I released the monster dick as I also slid off my friend's cock, and turning around, decided I'd finish off my friend with a blow job. The monster dick, however, was not so easily the discouraged as, without any preliminaries, the monster dick slid into my ass, giving me a vigorous fuck. The audience was getting bigger, and another guy approached us and took my hands towards his cock, which was thick, veiny, long, big - in short, a cock I'd be happy to breed me. “I’m about to cum. Where do you want it?” asked the monster dick in my ass. I couldn't effectively answer him as I was deep-throating my friend. Instead I reached behind myself, grabbed him about his waist, and did my best to hold him steady until he blew. Moaning and grunting, the man stood still until his balls released his sweet liquid in my guts. Two loads so far. Not a bad day. He withdrew and to my great pleasure, the thick, veiny, long cock I noticed earlier slid into my ass. It may have hurt like hell, but the idea of having a dick stirring the two loads inside me helped me take it like a man. He fucked me for a while and was soon announcing that he’d cum soon. “You want it? Beg me for it”, he commanded. Fuck, is attitude got me going. The're nothing like a man who recognizes another's need to be recognized as a cumwhore. “Breed that hole, man, leave that load deep and don’t pull out till every drop is in me”, I said, making sure I was heard. He groaned, moaned and was soon awarding me with my third load of the night, withdrawing only after I relaxed my ass muscles, releasing his cock to make its departure. After this I stood-up, stretched, retrieved my towel and walked straight into the little dark room that’s next to the first floor terrace, hoping as I did so, that some of the crowd would follow me. As soon as I got in a found his big bellied hairy guy just sitting there in the darkness with a really low hanging dick. I was soon on my knees deep-throating that soft meat, that sadly wouldn’t get hard for another while. Fortunately I saw a skinny shadow come towards me. The skinny guy thoughtfully guided my hand towards his crotch where, hot damn, I found more big dick. It was amazing. He turned me around, pushed my head down to continue sucking on the big bellied guy and shoved his dick in my ass. Fuck yes, another big dick was now stirring the three loads in my hole. He fucked me hard and fast, being really loud with the grunting and making sure our skins clapped against each other. A crowd formed in the darkness, and people kept trying to grab my chest and arms and hard dick. When the grunting and moaning got more intense and then quickly subsided I turned around with him still in me and asked “Did you fill that hole good?” “Fuck yes,” he replied, a note of satisfaction in his voice. Abruptly I heard someone moan in the darkness as one of the onlookers came. How the exchange between me and the top could get someone off in a dark room is beyond me, but who am I to judge? He pulled out and I felt something big open my ass. I couldn’t fucking believe I had another big dick mixing up his DNA with the other four loads I had inside. I sensed this guy was older, and his dick was something out of this world - one of those huge cocks that completely fills-up and stretches open a bottom's cavities. The guy leaned over, presenting me with some welcome poppers, giving me time to take several huffs before he proceeded to plow me hard, using a methodical, rhythmic pattern of thrusts that reduced me to a true fuck hole. It was fucking perfect. He asked me for the poppers back and took a hit, telling me he’d come soon. I said aloud “Please fill that hole, sir,” and he followed suit in perfect order. Now, five fucking loads one right after the other from five fucking big dicks don’t happen often where I live, so I had to cherish the moment. Another dick walked behind me and I felt someone lean on me and whisper my name, asking “How many loads to have there, you cunt?” I knew it was my buddy, who I had accompanied in this trip to the bathhouse. "Five," I replied, a smile on my lips. I sensed he was jerking himself off fast, and his cock head was colliding with my ass lips. “Get ready for the sixth,” he said, shoving his terribly thick dick in me. His cock was that which pushed me over the line: I went from spongy to rock hard in seconds, and a load blew out of my cock within a minute or so, leaving the room redolent with the smell of cum, sweat, poppers and ass juices. I turned around and we kissed, celebrating a very successful visit to the bathhouse. After that I got my towel, walked out of the little dark room, took a shower and called a taxi. I'm now heading to bed, the DNA of six different men swirling inside my ass. I can only hope not much will cum will show-up when I make my bathroom call tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.

    Last week I was so damn horny I needed to get off and I wanted to get off sooner than later! Sometimes I get like that when my cock controls my brain. I just can't think of anything else but getting off. I needed to cum so bad. I tried a couple apps. Nada. I tried bbrts and squirt. Nothing. There were a couple guys I chatted with but they were looking for hosts. I was mobile and couldn't host anyway. I decided to head to the ABS and see if I could get any relief. I go in and pay my dollars and get a bunch of tokens. Guys are there but hanging out around the dark corners and walls. A few booths are busy. There are a couple guys chatting. I'm checking out some hot asses and the guys are checking me out too. I'm not sure there is any interest though. I go into a booth with a nice glory hole and drop my pants. I'm playing with my cock and watching some bad porn with condoms and hoping for a mouth or ass to take me over the top and give me relief. No takers. Couple guys look but leave..Damn..don't they know I'm in heat right now and need some? I head to another booth. This one has a large glory hole and I decide that I am going to j/o and if someone wants my load then great, if not at least I'll get some relief. It's like that sometimes..Some days I get my fuck buds hitting me up. Some days I'm hearing from guys on grdr or bbrts or squirt. Other days nothing. I'm concentrating on my cock and how good it feels stroking it to a fuck film when I hear the door to the other booth open up. Someone steps inside and looks down. Ok, I think go ahead and leave I know you're going to... but he doesn't..He puts his mouth against the hole and his tongue slides through..Oh Yes!! I need it so bad. I slide my hard on in the waiting mouth. He starts sucking me harder and harder getting my dick nice and wet. It feels so great. I think to myself "if only he'd turn around and his ass was against the hole I could plunge in!" As if he heard me (I swear I didn't say it out loud did I?!!?) My dick is in the hole and I feel his ass cheeks brushing my cock head..Oh yes please, please you wonderful bottom you!!! I feel him back up on my cock as I shove it forward as much as possible. I'm inside in a flash and don't ever want to cum out. It feels so silky smooth. I think we both moaned in pleasure at the same time. I am going inside and out of his hole just fucking and loving it. My cock is in heaven because it found a new home for the next few minutes..We are working up great friction and my cock is swelling. I shoot a wonderful load deep inside his warm soft hole. I am so happy now..I keep fucking and he makes no attempt to pull away. We keep fucking and now I feel my wet load inside him. He is moaning and groaning on the other side and I just keep fucking. My cock starts to spasm and I shoot another load (not as big) deep inside. I'm shaking from the relief. Slowly my cock gets softer..I become human again..I mumble thanks as I pull up my pants and leave. I clean off my cock in the bathroom and leave with a huge shit eating grin on my face and my cock finally relaxed..at least for awhile till he takes over again. But I do love him..he brings me so much pleasure.
  4. A real Asian surprise

    Friday afternoons my mind starts to go hazy and I find the last three hours of work very slow as I start thinking of how many cocks and loads I might get over the weekend. I go through my fuck contacts and start texting tops to see if they need a hole to use to start their weekends off with a bang. I also start putting up quick connect ads everywhere - hoping to attract some new meat and seed. By the time I finish work my cunt is on fire. I am usually chatting to some guys on the train home, and my weekend hobby kicks in - taking cock and seed as much as I can. That is my addiction, my hobby and my passion. As I live out in the suburbs - getting raw cock during the week is hard, sometimes a regular might be looking for a hole of last resort so he will text and cum over and breed me - but usually I have not trouble getting a safe fuck off Grindr most nights. It scratches the itch a bit but I always crave raw cock and men blowing in me - so the weekend is my big bang! I answered this add from a Chinese guy - who was visiting in town for five days - pics looked ok, said he was total top (my kinda man), uncut cock, looked average but thicker than a lot, and the body was fine - and he was staying in a city hotel. What caught my eye in his ad was "love whoring a bottom out." We messaged and I told him I could be at his hotel by 8 douched - and ready for him to open me up, whack a load or two in me and lubricate my hole for the rest of the night's activities. When I got there he met me in the lobby, stylishly dressed, much taller than me (well most men are considering I am only 5 feet 5 inches). We said very little in the lift - but when we got in the room, he had already dimmed the lights and the lube and towels were on the bedside table. He said "strip off slut and show me that fuckhole." Again, my knda guy - taking command. I did as I was told and he sat at the end of the bed watching me until I had nothing but my G-string on. He stood up and started to undress. I was surprised to see he already had a harness on under his shirt, his nipples were pierced and a leather studded pouch encased his now half hard cock. He opened the bedside draw and produced a bag of toys - butt plugs, dildos, cuffs and tit clamps. I was excited as he looked like a top that was going to give me mancunt and senses a hammering. He was dom, he was rough, he was vert aggressive. He turned the music up and then got very verbal. We did it ll, he fucked me with dildos, nearly pulled my tits off when he was fucking me with his lovely thick uncut cock, and he gave me a good slapping around and I was thanking God it was Friday. After we finished I spent a good 10 minutes cleaning his cock and balls and then I just lay there with my head on his stomach and his lovely soft cock in my mouth like a dummy. I had got two loads out of him and he was great sex. He asked what my plans were for the rest of the evening and I was honest. I told him he had got me super horny so I was going to go to the backroom and take as much seed and cock as I could get for a couple of hours. He laughed and said we might fuck again over the weekend - which I simply said to him - call me or message ne and I will come. "Kyle" said - "you really are a slut aren't you." "Totally I just love it" I replied. As I was leaving he was still laying on his back naked on the bed and he held his cock up at me and said "you want more of this." I walked over and leaned down to kiss his half flaccid cock and said - "I'm yours whenever you want." I headed to HQ for "blackout" the Friday night nude party. I checked my messages and one top - who had fucked me a couple of times before wanted to unload in me but wouldn't be home till 11.30. That gave me an hour and a half at the backroom. I checked in got undressed and my body always feels hyper sensitive after I have been fucked good and hard. It also heightens my sex drive and my mind had flicked into total pig mood - I needed cock in my mancunt, in my mouth and in my hand. Straight to the group room. Thankfully the fuck bench was unoccupied and there were a few guys hovering around stroking lubed cocks and one guy was on his knees giving head. I took up my position leaning over the bench and in one minute I could feel a hand on my arse and a bare cock being slapped on my cunt cheek. I groand and opened my legs to give the man easy access. I leaned back and felt a solid hairy chest. He reached above my head to the lube dispenser I grabbed his arm and said "no need, there are two loads in me for lube," he groaned with pleasure an immediately placed his cock at my hole. I think he was taken aback as I thrust back to take his better than average cock in one hit. I hate tops easing into me - I like cock to hurt me - to take my breath away. His load was the first of the night and I took three more, before I left while a couple of tops had a taste - stuck their cock in and pumped a bit before pulling out as they obviously did not want to nut too soon. I left and headed for Brian's - a decent enough top, good body, great cock and the three times he had fucked me previously were basically blown n' go jobs as it is all over red rover for him when he blows. Mind you he always gave me a good 15 minutes pleasure from his cock. I texted him to tell him I was on my way and that I was pretty full of seed and looking forward to him being my last load for the night. He sent me back some pig emjois and said my sloppy hole was one of the reasons he liked fucking me - and he knew I would by loaded up by this time of night. I got there and he was laying on his back naked - which was my queue to undress and straddle his lovely cut cock. As usual I got my 15 minutes of heavenly fucking off him, my mancunt was slupring with all the seed in me and he fucked a good bit of it out of me. Finally I headed for the train home. I love it when I go out whoring, I only wear a G-string so my mancunt leaks and there is a wet patch at the back of my jeans - its special to me. I went home very satisfied and about half way home a message came through from Kyle - "can you come over same time tomorrow night whore". Of course I said yes, smiled and leaned back in the train and put my head against the window. I could feel that beautiful puffiness my cuntlips get when I have have been fucked five or six times. "This is going to be one hell of a weekend," I thought.
  5. Tag Team

    I wasn’t sure if I was going to hear back from the latest guy I had met. I’ll call him Ford. He works out at my gym (although I’ve never seen him there). We met through a site, I am cool with texting, but he wasn't big on texting, so I thought he might not be particularly interested in meeting up again, or at least not on a very regular basis. This morning, however, he telephoned me at 6:30 inviting me to come over to his place. I replied "Fuck, Give me an hour!" "An hour?" he responded. "Yeah, an hour. I've gotta clean-out before I leave," I explained, even as I thought to myself I was glad I regularly use fiber supplements as they make the clean out fast and easy. By 7:30 AM I was at Ford’s condo. I let myself in, leaving my shoes at the door, and went up to Ford's bedroom where I found him nude in his dark skinned sexiness, laying face down to on the bed. I quickly get undressed, spread his legs and start eating his ass. It took but a few seconds for my dick to go brick. Lubing him with Vaseline, I pulled my foreskin back, lined my cock head with his hole and slid in, loving the sensation of thrusting in and out of his ass which was juicy and wet. After several minutes we traded off and he pushed his fat eight inch dick into my ass hard! We went back and forth several times, each time his ass got me close to busting, but he didn't want me to cum yet. Likewise, when he was pounding my ass we took several breaks because he was on the cusp of blowing his load. More in a little while. In an earlier conversation I had told Ford about Andrew, another hot guy I had met online, and who also works out at the same gym which Ford and I use. Andrew is Black, has a goatee, is bald, tall, lean, muscular, and has a big dick. Ford asked how I knew about Andrew's big dick, so I explained I had seen it in the locker room, as well as on Andrew's A4A profile. Ford responded he thought he might know Andrew, and if so, he might see if Andrew was interested in a threesome with the two of us. I figured there was a fat chance of it happening as as I had been trying to meet Andrew for over a year - with no success.
  6. Gum jobs- hot or not.

    How many of you enjoy a blow job from a toothless mouth? I'm not talking about 80 yr olds, but rather the 20-60 guys who for one reason or another wear full dentures. My first one was from a 27 yr old trucker I met on AOL years ago. He was an awesome bottom man, and I couldn't even tell he was toothless until we kissed. He did have a beard so that helped. He could deepthroat without hesitation. Since then any opportunity I have had for a gum job I take it. I'm actually still surprised at how many guys actually wear dentures.
  7. 24hrs in London

    I don't often get the chance to visit London but when I do I like to make the most of it and this was certainly true on Monday. I had already booked a hotel room for Monday evening so I could be ready for a conference meeting on the Tuesday. I advertised on BBRT that I would be hosting a hotel gangbang but only got 3 replies and of those only one confirmed, hmmm not really a gang bang so I cancelled the party and got back on line and quickly found a hook up that wanted to come visit me in the hotel. A rather well endowed black guy turned up and after the usual preliminaries we started to fuck, and could he fuck, after about 5 minutes my arse was so his and I was really feeling his throbbing cock rubbing the insides of my anus and making me precum. He eventually came and deposited a nice load deep inside me. After refreshments and chit chat we went at again and again, three times he fucked me long and hard then he had to leave. Well the night was still young so I got myself ready and walked to the Vault for naked night. There was a good crowd of mixed guys and I soon immersed myself in amongst the crowd getting fucked almost immediately bent over one of the barrels in the play area. After this an Arab looking guy took a fancy to me and fucked me with his nice cock for a while before we both got hot and needed some cool air. He later found me round by the cubicles and had me bent over in the corridor fucking my arse and soon I also sucking a juicy cock, meanwhile the Arab guy was offering my arse around and I'm pretty sure there were two takers before he finished off by cumming in me. Well I thought that was that and was winding down when I was hit on again by a scrawny guy with mediocre cock and I thought why not, lol. And that was it for the night. Next day I went to the conference and it finished earlier than I expected so made my way to Chariots Vauxhall where it was bloody slow to be honest but still managed to get fucked and loaded twice more before having to head for the train and home. So all in all, not a bad 24hrs in London all bareback with no sign of anyone wanting to use a condom...
  8. I made a mistake

    I love to get drunk, but I've never been a huge 'party girl'. If I do go party and I go home with someone, I'll at least play safe. I'm not even on birth control and I'd prefer to not have any STD's. I thought I should disclaim that so you all know what happened last weekend was quite out of my character. As I'm in college, there are loads of frat parties all over the place. A friend of mine, Laura, had just been dumped so I figured I'd find someone to cheer her up. We were both dressed to try and send out 'fuck me' vibes. I wore a black miniskirt with a tight green top that didn't leave much to the imagination. When we got to the party, I lined up 6 shots for us, 3 each. I called Laura over so we could get the party started quickly, but she already found some guy to hang out, and she wasn't even drinking yet! I took a couple while waiting for her, but within a few minutes she left with the guy. Not wanting to waste good alcohol, I downed the rest. A few guys had tried to make passes on me at this point, but I'd waved them off. After Laura left I started feeling jealous though. I'm normally the one that gets the guys, like if I wanted I could fuck pretty much anyone at any time. She shouldn't have found someone that fast when I was standing right there. I was still in the kitchen with a strong resting bitch face when Larry, one of the frat boys that lived there, came over. "What's wrong sugar?" he asked, "Don't you know this is a party?" I didn't know Larry, and I wasn't sure what kind of pick up line that was, but I wasn't in a mood to wait and I figured it might be nice to only have to go upstairs for a fuck rather than to some strangers house. I smiled and talked to him for a bit. As I was getting progressively more flirty, Larry started getting more handsy. I laughed at his jokes and he'd casually lean in a little, putting a hand on my thigh. I returned the lean and he slid his hand up my skirt and grabbed my bare ass. He handed me another drink which I graviously accepted. "So I take it you want to fuck?" he said. I just giggled and moved my hand to his crotch. "Listen, I know you probably expect to go upstairs, and we can, but wanna do something a little more exciting instead?" "What." I slurred out. "Lets make it an exhibition. I want to fuck you in front of everyone here." I was a little far gone, but I knew this was a bad idea. It wasn't a huge college and pretty much everyone would know. I tried to decline. "What if I pay you? $200?" he said. I knew it was a bad idea, but I was also broke. Still, I knew sober me enough to know that I would regret it. Though it would be fun... I told him I couldn't because I wasn't sober enough and I didn't want to risk anything, especially since I wasn't on birth control. "No birth control huh? Well how about $100 for a blowjob right here." I love a good cock as much as the next girl, and there wasn't anyone else in the kitchen right now, so I acquiesced. He kissed me some more while unbuttoning his jeans. He pushed me down to my knees and slid out his long john. I was already fairly horny, so I went to work on his prick. While I was working, he reached down my shirt and unhooked my bra, then slid his hands around me shirt to play with my breasts. He started sliding up my shirt until it was around my neck. Eventually, he pushed me off my knees backwards so I was sitting on my ass with my back against a counter. He handed me another shot which I gladly downed. "Hey so I'm a gentleman, so I can't just make this about me. Let me eat you out so it'll be fair?" I was sopping wet at this point, but I didn't want to be naked in the middle of a frats kitchen. Anyone could walk in at any time. Before I could say no though, he was already kissing me. He reached down to my skirt and started sliding it down. I tried to protest but he was kissing me and I was too drunk to make any sensible words. Within a moment the skirt was gone and I was in my panties, with my shirt still hiked up to my neck. He started to yank at my panties, but I spread my legs so he couldn't get them off. This may not have been a great idea, as he used the new angle to quickly short his head between my legs. With a finger he pulled my panties to the side and started tonguing me. This tipped me over the edge as my pussy turned into fucking Niagara falls. I tried to hold in a moan as I spread my legs further, this time willingly. I was about to orgasm when I lost my balance on the counter and fell over. "You've had a bit to much eh?" Larry said. "Let me help you." Larry leaned over as if he helping my up, but then just grabbed my shirt and yanked it all the way off. Larry started kissing me and fingering my pussy. I tried to close my legs at first, but he used the opportunity to get my panties off. I was so fucking horny though. Larry leaned in and started kissing me again, while using one hand to finger me. I told him "I can't fuck like this, I can't get pregnant" but he ignored me and kept fingering. My legs involuntarily started to slide open. He was still pantsless from the blow job and put his body between my legs. "upstairs... condom..." was all I could get out between the alcohol and how horny I was. He ignored me again. Positioning his dick at the right angle, he pushed in. I was so wet it slid in easily. He started humping and I realized it was game over, I wanted this. I wanted this so fucking badly. I spread my legs as far as I could and let him hump me. As soon as he started, he shouted "free pussy in here!" loudly. I realized I made a mistake. Within a few moments the room was filled with frat dudes. I knew sober me wouldn't want everyone on campus to know I'm a slut, but I didn't care. This was hot as fuck. Everyone watching. I almost lost control completely, but I managed to remember one last thing. "Please pull out! I can't get pregnant." The frat boys around us laughed and cheered at that. the cheers worried me but I was gone now. I had lost all inhibition and started moaning like there was no tomorrow. I wrapped my legs around Larry as he picked up the pace. I felt him starting to expand. I was thinking 'no not yet, I haven't orgasm'd!' but it was too late. Larry grunted as I felt hot liquid fly into my pussy. 'Fuck' I thought, now I had some strangers cum inside me, and lady blue balls, and there were at least 30 frat guys standing around me cheering. I closed my eyes and tried to pretend it wasn't happening. I wasn't even sure if I could walk yet so I really didn't want to try and walk out. Unfortunately, I wasn't even given the opportunity. Within a few moment I felt another guy climb between my legs. I tried to close them when I saw that he was also not wearing a condom, but he was already there. I was so close and I had already had guy cum inside... what's one more? I spread my legs again as he inserted his prick. This guy wasted no time as he started jackhammering my pussy. I didn't mind as I was already revved up to max. The guys around me were cheering and some of them came to grope my breasts as the guy fucked me. Their intrusion and total lack of respect only made me wetter. I was being fucked by a second stranger, without a condom, while more strangers groped everywhere. As this guy got faster I was getting close too. I felt him expand and I was almost there, but no luck. This dude also exploded too early and I wasn't quite there. I closed my eyes in disappointment once again. This time I was SOOOO close. I reached my hand down to see if I could do the rest myself, but my hand instead met another penis. This huge guy was climbing on top of me. I realized I was about to have 3 dicks in me in one night. The pregnancy might be unavoidable, but all the STD's these frat guys must have... I asked "are you clean?" and the guy just smiled. I tried to stand up, but he shoved my back down. "Okay one more guy" I said, determined to orgasm. This guy was bigger than the last two and wasn't as fast, but his cock was fucking massive. I could feel it bottoming out my vagina. The big dude put his hands around my throat and said "You like that? You being a cum dumpster?" Fuck, I didn't want to be a cum dumpster, and I didn't want a random guys kid in me. At the same time... it was the fucking hot. This guy was in total control and I was powerless. I was moaning again. He asked "want this cum? You want this cum bitch?" I replied "just don't end soon..." desperately seeking this orgasm. The big guy started to get faster, slamming me into the ground with every hump. I felt his prick expand, I knew another guys semen was about to enter me. The thought sent me over the edge as I started screaming in total ecstasy. The guy howled as he came, shooting jets of his cum inside. After he got off I knew I had to get up fast if I didn't want another guy to climb on. I sat up and looked at my pussy. It was covered with semen. I didn't have time to look though as I needed to get out soon. I spun around to my knees and tried to stand, but another guy pushed me back down. 'Fuck' I thought, I forgot how much I loved to be taken from behind. The guy nuzzled his dick up to my hole. Without entering, he leaned down and whispered "this isn't a rape... want me to fuck you?" I wasn't sure I wanted it, but as his prick pushed further I realized I was still horny as fuck. I moaned, he understood the reply. I realized it was too late now, if I was going to get something I was going to get it. I'd at least fuck to my hearts content until then. Over the next hour or so I must've taken every load in the house. After a point I couldn't even orgasm anymore, I was just satisfied to take another load. After the house had there fill, I just stayed there. I was too tired to move and they just left me on the kitchen floor. The next morning I woke up in the same spot. I put my clothes back on and started to move to the door. Before I got out though. Larry found me. I started walking faster to get out, but he grabbed me and started kissing my neck. I bent over against the wall for him and he lifted up my skirt to pull down my panties. I had taken so many loads, another from the same guy wouldn't matter, and I was somehow horny again. He lasted a few minutes this time before cumming. "Thanks for the hole, cum dumpster." I guess that's all I am now. Since then, it's proven true. Everyone I know heard what happened and treats me differently. Guys invite me back to their room, or just take me wherever they find me. I can't say no anymore. It's not that I want to say no, because I don't, I LOVE sex. I know it's a bad idea, but I've fucked so many guys now that I can't control myself. I'm just a hole to be used.
  9. Old fuck buddy

    As I’m sitting here writing this, my ass is so sore, it hurts. Got a text a few weeks back from an old fuck buddy. I kinda stopped with him because he couldn’t stay hard and I couldn’t stay tight for him. It just seemed like it was time for a break. Since then, I’ve been bred by my ex-boyfriend, couple smaller guys in Houston, a new trick who works out at my gym, and my regular fuck buddy who is hung and shoots multiple loads till he fucks them out of my ass- but he’s closet and we can’t make any noise, not even a whisper while we fuck. So this guy I’ll call Jay and I text back and for and agree on a day and time. I figured what the heck, I need some variety. Takes about 35-40 minutes to get there, I’m just hoping I cleaned out deep enough be clean by the end of the drive. I get there, we smoke a little green, we get out the fuck towel and he has me get as close to the mattress as possible- think how your legs would feel split apart, and pushed till you could kiss your kneecaps. Yeah. But before he can even thump it on my ass and push in, his dick had inflated to a good size. I forgot his dick measurements when fully hard are 9” long and 6.5-7” around. I’m slightly flying, plus the poppers relaxing me, I’m grateful my regular guy has a really fat one so I can take big ones with relative ease, regularly. As an added treat, he also brings out his special lube, cum he jacked off into a lube container. So before I can get some loads from him, I’m already getting loads pushed into me. To keep it real, I did put a lump of cocoa petroleum jelly in my ass so any lube would dry out slower. I forgot that this guy’s dick is not shaped like a baseball bat, or parallel line, his dick gets thicker as it gets closer to the base. A lot thicker. But still, it’s a lot easier to take than if he had put a condom on. I just can’t use them anymore. He starts fucking, takes a small break, adds more cum lube and pushes back in. I’m like, wtf? This guy’s dick is on brick! When he has a semi, it’s easier to take but fully erect, it really stretches my asshole out. And he starts fucking hard. He’s use different to gangbangs where everybody nuts quickly so others don’t have to wait. He pounds my ass hard, those good slapping sounds echoing in the room, harder and harder till I hear him groan several times and I can feel his big dark dick pulsating inside me. He is freaky and the feeling of his dark dick surrounded by cum in my ass sets him over the edge and he quickly cums again. We repeat this pattern till he has cum in my ass 4-5 times. At this point, building up the orgasms comes naturally, but his strength is gone. We call it a night, I get dressed, and get my tender ass out of there. Still aching. But I wish he would have had a friend to share my ass. Only things keeping me from seeing him more often is he lives about 40 minutes away and he’s not the cuddly kissy type. And he doesn’t suck dick. So I’ll keep looking for good fuckers who match up to what I’m looking for in a man and vice versa. If it means achieving the reputation of slut, oh, well. Still waiting to hear from these 2 white boys who just moved into town that have been wanting to fuck me, but their jobs just started and they’re pretty busy... mmm, feels like my lips are calming down, not as puffed out. Maybe more dick tomorrow or definitely the next day. I haven’t even written about the loads I took during Christmas vacation. Soon.
  10. Birthday loads

    So I turned 29 last Thursday and I figured it'd be good luck to receive Wednesday's to Thursday's midnight full of cum. When I got out of work I called on a couple of friends and went over to get bred by both of them. On my way there one of them wanted us to meet an hour later while he got ready, so I opened up Grindr and saw that this hung professor from my school was somewhat near so I texted him and was told to come over. He's this older handsome guy with a short but really thick cock. He's made me bleed a couple of times when spit wasn't enough and my common sense wasn't particularly strong either, so I knew that this time I'd have to take it slow if I wanted to take on those two big dicks later on. I sucked my professor for a while, made sure I choked on it so as to have some spit and mucus in my mouth and use that to get my hole really wet. I pushed him onto the bed and sat on top of him, slowly pushing his head into my asshole, releasing and squeezing slowly as I got used to his girth. Once it was balls deep he started fucking me hard, grabbing me forcefully and pushing me onto his cock. He was soon to finish and I relished knowing I already had at least once load in me. We talked for a bit and I got dressed and left towards where the other two guys were waiting for me cocks hard. Once I got there they were really with their cocks out and hard, so I practically jumped onto my knees and deepthroated them both. I choked, coughed and choked some more of them both, taking a short break to admire the two hot dicks that would soon be stirring the load I already had in me. We moved over to the bed and on all fours I perked my ass up towards the curved dick while I deepthroated the other one. Pushing my ass out and squeezing it got a horny moan out of the top and he shoved his dick all the way to the base in one swift motion. I choked again on the dick I was sucking and that made by ass push a little on the dick it had inside, which made the top laugh. He then proceeded to fuck me really hard, resting his weight on top of my head making sure I wouldn't take the other dick out of my throat. I was told to turn around and soon had the other dick in me, switching between the tops I sucked and got fucked by. "Holy shit, this hole is fucking wet", the guy fucking me said, and grabbed onto my waist pushing me hard against his cock. I felt his balls twitch but didn't figured he'd be cumming so soon, but his moaning and groaning let me know I was being bred by the second time that night. Once he stopped moving and I'd finished milking his dick with my ass, I turned around and sucked his soft dick while the other guy ate my ass out. "Relax that hole, I wanna taste the cum", he said, to which I replied I wouldn't. "Why not?", he asked. "I've worked hard for those loads, I'm not letting them go that easy". "Loads, you say? So just not my friend's in there?", he asked with a grin. "Nah, figured I deserved more than two prior to my birthday", I replied, to which he said, while shoving his dick deep in me, "I'll leave you a present in there too in a sec". That made me chuckle and I started jerking off, timing my cumming to his, while resting my head right next to the other already fully soft dick. After a while of non-stop fucking I could feel him getting ready to cum so I squeezed my hole and got ready for his load. He shot it really deep, hurting me in the process but also making sure I was left with no cum in my balls. After that I cleaned his dick off with my mouth, thanked them both, got dressed and left. That was on Thursday, my last load since as I went to the beach during the whole weekend. Tomorrow after work I'll be hitting the bathhouse again, so another story coming soon.
  11. Hey, who are going to Antwerp (Belgium) for Leather & Fetish Pride, 21-26 Feb. I'll be there from Thursday till Sunday. Many bbk action at official party and at The Boots too !
  12. Seeking total bareback, big dick tops living in (or visiting) the Dallas (Oaklawn) area who are interested in stopping by my place, coming in through my unlocked front door to find me face down in a pillow and my raw hole pointed up and completely exposed and ready to take a rock hard anonymous bareback dick deep inside it. I'd like to be well fucked!! Hard and deep for as long as you wanted. Deep stroke my hole to build up pressure in your balls in preparation for its impending forced injection into my raw, open guts. You can flood my hole without notice or warning of any kind. It is unnecessary to ask for approval or agreement to the acceptance of a raw seed deposit. You'd be welcome to drop your load however and whenever and without consent. After which, no strings, no obligations, no worries, only to leave my satisfied with an ass full of your cum. Let me know if any of you bareback fukkr's want me take your anonymous raw load in my ass. Hosting in Dallas, Oaklawn area.
  13. Recently I have been messaging with another member here, and he asked when I accepted I was a total sub. Here is my answer: Realization and acceptance came over time, but especially after after two incidents. One was a hookup via an online chat, where I went to the top's house and found there was another guy there, too. He was hot, hung, muscular and black. The host shot his load in me pretty quickly, the black guy took his place and did not let up for an hour. Verbal, a bit rough, and totally into my ass. When I left my entire butt felt used, inside and out, and I had very distinct tingling sensation that I had never had before. Both cheeks felt warm, somehow. The other time was the first time at an outdoor cruising area. Five guys fucked me, with three giving me loads. They were lined up, one after another, with another one holding me up the entire time. He didn't fuck me, even though I asked several times. Just kept whispering in my ear how much I wanted it, making me admit I did, say how good it felt, and especially when the guys came, got me to acknowledge that. Also talked and encouraged the tops, commenting on "the slut" and "his cummy hole." Walking down the street after, I had the same used-ass feeling, but this time with the loads dripping down my balls and leg. It was a bit of a walk home, I was shirtless and my pants hanging low, all rumpled and stained some. I got a few looks from others as I walked by, and one group had a laugh that was obviously at my expense. I felt shame, a bit of humiliation, but also was quite aroused. I knew I would do it again. My dick got hard, and I jerked off once I was home. It was an incredibly intense orgasm. Still one of my hottest experiences ever.
  14. Most Loads in Single Stay at Bathhouse

    What's the most number of loads you took in the ass during a single stay at a bathhouse not to exceed 24 hours?
  15. Jan 28th... Power bottom with greedy holes staying in a hotel on Hallam St. looking to get them filled. Cum on guys, it's Monday night in London, what else is there to do. I love sucking cock and getting fucked, bigger the better, if your into fisting and ws we can really crank iT up, I'm versatile when it comes to fisting and rimming a clean hole. Tall & friendly with shaved cock, balls and arse and I've been told many times I got a good cunt. Message here or email me hardixuk@yahoo.com we can swap WhatsApp numbers and take from there. Also hardix is my profile on NKP, BBRT.
  16. Horny cum dump 5 10 160 hairy ass bubble butt taking all cocks age looks size does not matter just cum in me... I am on iT wiTh my girl and need to get as many loads as possible. 202 walkin 549 i am ass up blind folded 0266 use me as hard and nasty as u want. Hit me up for location
  17. I work the graveyard shift on weekends, so it isn't easy for me to get away and play slutty, but two weeks ago I drove into the city and ended-up in the last gay old and seedy adult bookstore. Paying the $10.00 admission fee, I went into the back, found a booth where I undressed, and waited on my knees in front of the glory hole. The first cock that popped through the hole was fat and veiny. I sucked, licked, and deep-throated the dock, jerking myself until the other guy was stiff as a board. When he finally shot his load it ended up on my face. I spent several hours in the booth, sucking each cock that appeared in the glory hole. As I was working on my fifth cock, a man joined me inside my booth. Initially I stroked the new guy's cock as I sucked the cock in the glory hole, but eventually switched to going back and forth between two cocks. Then the cock in the glory hole shot its load in my mouth. Naturally I swallowed. The other guy became somewhat rougher, pushing, slapping, and forcing me to choke on his cock, throat-fucking me until I almost puked. That wasn't the end of it, though. He also pushed face down on the filthy cum covered floor, fucking my hole hard and bare. Just as a another bbc popped through the glory hole, inviting my services, the guy shot his load deep in my pussy, followed almost immediately by the cum of the bbc, which blasted all over my face. I was so proud of myself I left all that cum on my face for the hour or so I remained in the booth.
  18. First week of the year

    So it s New years eve, I am with family and we are celebrating the new year coming and each of us has to think about a good resolution for the 2018. I have started these vacations around 20th December and since then I only jerked off on porn or when chatting with people. It has been long time, after all, since I was locked and could enjoy my dick. I decided to give a look around and start the new year in the best way for a fag, taking some cocks and loads. 2-02-2018 11:00 am This morning I receive a video from my master... he met my actual boyfriend and fucked his mouth while taping with his phone. The video makes me so fucking horny but I don't jerk off, I instead put ads on a local dating site called bakeca. I am for all, a slut and a sub slave to fuck. Around 11, a guy tells me to contact him on Grindr. The profile says that it is a couple but I chat only with the top. He has a nice dick, around 19 cm, not fat but good enough. He promise to be rough.and wants me to pick him up with the car and fuck me at noon in the countryside. I go for it. Once arrived he puts a hand on my neck, his dick is hard and out of his trousers. He opens the door, I can see a prostitute in the end of the street waiting for a client and is the last thing I see outside. He is slim, around 27 yo and he knows how to fuck a throat... I didn't eat so I didn't throw up but he fucked me so deep and rough I had difficulties later to talk and swallow. He keeps fucking my throat and he is also verbal, I am sure the prostitute could hear and see everything. My throat was sore and tears started running out when he decided it was time to fuck me. He moved around the car, opened my door and pulled my trousers down. I was without underwear and he spit on my hole and entered with one stroke. I wanted to yell but I didn't want him to slow down... I felt a real slut and I loved it. The guy didn't asked about condoms and even if I was clean or not. He just kept fucking my ass and after solid 15 minutes of no-stop pumping he growled and yelled dumping a big load inside me. With that load I drove him home and I checked online Grindr and the mail box. 17:30 I kept chatting during the day but unfortunately in my area no one wants to move and no one can host. They just talk and jerk off never dating for real. I missed a lot of guys for that reason. I found a guy who wants to date around 5:30 pm, he can host when his bf is away. I go there and he is a chubby guy with a small dick but I decided that the first week of the year I should be a real whore so I say yes. I suck him and he sucks me a bit. He liked my big dick but I tell him I will never give him my load, I promised it to my bf and so it will be. He is pissed of that and he puts me on my knees, jerk off and cum quickly. I swallow his load and start cleaning his dick. The last drop was secured in my stomach and I was moving to get up but he stops me to tell that he needs to pee and he asks if I want it. My answer: mouth open and eye contact. he gives me a nice stream of piss and I swallow it with pleasure. He doesn't ask my dick again but said it "goodbye" with a last stroke. I leave, the load from the morning is till in my ass. I go home, undress and in the toilet I squirt it out and tape it: it was HUGE and DEEP. I don't clean myself to enjoy that juice dripping down my legs while I have dinner with my parents, unaware of having such a slut at their table. 3-1-18 16:00 It is the last day in Italy and thinking about yesterday I decide to have more. I spend the whole day chatting and I find a married man, willing to pick me up and go in the countryside to get sucked. I say yes and I go there to suck him. He wanted to fuck me but with a condom. It was a nice fuck, inside the car. No one was around and we are having fun. He doesn't cum inside the condom, instead he wants to finish in my mouth. We go out, I kneel and suck him. I ask if he wants to tape the action and he accepts. So I have this vid of me, swallowing his load. I squeeze his dick and he is surprised I take it till the last drop and my answer is "didn't I deserve it?". We laugh and he drives me home. 19:00 Near the cemetery there is a cruising area. Mostly is for couple who go there to fuck but I am alone and after I park my car, I open all the app I have. I manage to find a guy who wants to get sucked. I invite him in my car, he puts down his trousers and offers me his dick,bended downward, 17 cm x 3. nice one and clean. I start worshipping his dick, rubbing it on my face before start sucking it. I go for 15 minutes until my neck was hurting and also my lips were proved. I thought I was not good enough for him when he start growling and gives me his load. He tells me to keep going and I go on for 10-12 minutes more praying in my head to receive that second load asap, I am tired. The second load comes eventually and goes directly in my stomach. 4-1-18 Flying and chatting. I arrived in the late evening at home and I met my bf. I promised him my load but he also war really horny. The first thing we do is having a shower together where he fucks me without condom, lube or spit. He gives me his first load. I don't squirt it out, we dress and go out for a walk. The sun is gone, few lights and we are in the park. I start sucking him in the woods and I make him really horny. We go back at my place where we fuck each other. I cum in his mouth and he swallows it, He gives me a second load in my ass, using the previous one as lube. We sleep together. 5-1-18 Adult cinema, I go there to say hello to my master. A dick comes out from a glory hole and I don't waste time, I kneel, suck and swallow. few minutes later I am ready to go out for dinner with my master. We came back and at my place my master receives a message from a couple of friends. He can't stay but the two guys will come to have fun with me. The first guy comes and cums quickly. He managed to make a video. The second guy turned out to be a regular really into deep throat. I tell him I just ate but that makes him even more horny. He puts me on the bed, belly up and start fucking my throat deep and hard. His cock is 17 cm but fat, around 5-6 cm of diameter. Puke runs on each side of my mouth as he keeps fucking. He gives me small breaks to breath and then deep again. One my stomac was empty again, he filled up with his load. I spent the rest of the evening cleaning the mess. 6-1-18 Chatting and dating. It's Saturday and it's easy to find horny people in my city. One guy, 35, yo comes to fuck me but he doesn't want to give me his load. I am pissed but the ride was good. 7-1-18 I chat with a guy who wants me to suck him so bad: he saw me several times at the glory holes and wants me to suck him remaining anonymous. He asks me to go in a glory hole in the local club but it is not possible for me so I promise him: "you find me blindfolded, kneeling, door open and phone taping. you can remain anonymous but have to tape just your dick in my mouth" he accepts and comes. His dick smelled good, I feel he's nor totally hard, he is hairy and he's not a big one but he gives me his load and I thank him. Later I find his vid on my phone. I am proud to drive these guys so crazy. This way ends my first week of the year. My app to keep track of my kinky life this yeas says 8 loads swallowed 3 loads taken deep in my ass 1 piss
  19. 59, 5'10" 176lbs gwm beard, s&p hair, masculine bottom visiting Italy in March. Schedule pretty open right now. Want to meet tops needing to breed and feed me. Wouldn't mind if you wanted to show me a little of your town/city and how gays connect. Serious here. Thanks
  20. Cummunitybtm for use...

    Cummunitybtm for public service. Send me a note or text at 4164766787 and happy to be of service.
  21. Anon Loads

    I am no idea how many different men have fucked me in my life. My best guess of different men is somewhere between 1,500 and 2,500. What % of guys who fucked you, you didn't know their name before or after getting fucked by them. Heck, I've had regulars fuck me for years and I still don't know their name.

    Lee and I messaged and chatted and he came over to my apartment in the week before our sexcapade and it was somewhat strange. While I have known a lot of bottom buys in my life, I have never discussed much about sex with them as I somewhat saw them as adversaries, competing with me for cock and seed. Sur I helped my ex break in and breed a lot of bottoms including Lee, but when he had finished with them and set them free as total sluts, the contact generally stopped altogether or was restricted to polite acknowledgement at sex parties or backrooms. I found Lee was almost a clone of myself. He had the same constant craving for cock, spent his weekends getting bred as much as possible. We also knew we were far too cock and seed to ever be "marrying material" most tops don't want sluts for their other half - they want like Lee and I to take their cock and seed on a casual or one off basis and to do the things for them their partners don't. The more we chatted, hooked on line and had a few glasses of wine - the more we realized what we had in common. Both of us had been fucked by a lot of the same tops. We went through BBRTS and there were about 12 breeders in common we had. Both of us lose the pot after two or three fucks, then our cunts catch fire and we just have to get fucked and bred senseless. Both of us are totally disinterested in ourselves cumming, it is the top that we have total concentration and focus on. His need becomes our need and his seed becomes our feed. Cock and seed is our addiction. We decided on the Friday night as the best time to see if we could get a breeding "quorum." We hoped we could get 10 tops to share our holes, breed us stupid, use us totally and leave us without holes gaping and dripping. We texted a few of our regulars to gauge their interest and we put two fuck photos on the notice board at the backroom with our mobile numbers. We got lots of wank calls and messages and we were upfront - if they turned up they stayed till they were satisfied and no stiff cock would be refused. By the time Friday rolled around I was strangely excited. 16 men had confirmed and both of our holes were twitching all day as we manscaped, and preened and douched - to prepare for a night of cock and seed. It also felt strange I was doing this in preparation with another bottom. Sure, I had fondled and kissed bottoms while my ex or his mates were fucking them and I had encouraged and kissed other bottoms as we were both taking cock at naked parties and backrooms, but I had never entertained inviting a bottom to come into my apartment and to share men's cocks and seed with me. As we had a few wines in the afternoon to put us in a mellow mood, we chatted about what we had found tops seemed to like the most. Again we were very similar. We both agreed that most tops love fucking cummy holes. We also found most tops love bottoms that clean their cocks for them after they have cum. That suited both of us as we hate wasting one straw of their seed. We found that tops had seemed to like bottoms that were compliant, would take their cock in any position they desired, who totally surrendered. That, again was both of us. We had told the tops to be there by 9 as we did not want to be opening and closing the door and not concentrating on the cocks we had to service. By 9 pm - we had 11 men - all fairly chilled - six had previously fucked me and four of them had previously bred Lee, so a great level of the awkwardness was taken out of the start of proceedings. I had put towels all through the living room, porn on the TV and music was playing. We both decided we would not put out lube as we did not want our holes full of lube, we wanted our holes full of seed and after our first breeding we would be lubed anyway. The guys ranged in age from "29" (lol) to 55. I wore my black leather g-strong and Lee had on a black silk one. We invited the tops to get naked. One guy asked f we minded if he got one of the vguys to film us on his phone when he was fucking us. Neither Lee nor I cared. I told them we were both there to totally satisfy them and except for blood and scat they could use us as they saw fit. I had dragged my fuck bench into the loungeroom, covered the lounge and put two large plastic sheets on the floor. Lee and I went into the bathroom and we put a small dollop of lube near the entrance to our cunts. We looked at each other with a level of sheer excitement and both of us were ready for our holes to be hammered. Well, hammered they were. We had cocks going from one of us to the other, we were DP'd on three occasions, we were filmed and had slutty photos taken, we moaned and groaned in ecstacy, pashed each other off as cock after cock entered us. The tops all had average to large cocks and several of them blew them twice or more. Only one guy left after his first blow as he had to go somewhere. By the end of the evening we had achieved our aim. Our holes were both gaping an d dripping. My hole lips were starting to get puffy and a bit cock sore, but I actually love that. Nothing nicer for me than your hole feeling totally wrecked by cock. Finally there was only one top left and Lee was sitting on his cock sucking him off gently with his mancunt on the lounge. I dropped to my knees and sucked on his balls, which were covered in seed that had been dripping out of Lee every stroke, and I started licking his shaft as he pulled it in and out - it was wonferful, it was white and frothy with the loads already in Lee. He then asked "wanna swap places." Lee looked like he did not want to get off his cock - and I couldn't blame him it was a good thick 8" cut pole. I already had his seed in me as he had bred me earlier but nothing was going to stop me from sitting on his pole. I straddled his cock and Lee attended to his balls and shaft just like I had been doing. In five minutes the guttural groan told me here comes another precious load of seed and his cock started to pulse in my hole. As he withdrew I could feel my puffy lips trying to hang on to his cock involuntarily. Lee and I both went to work sharing the cock cleaning duties and he just lay there and groaned as we licked, kissed, and kneaded his cock and balls, kissing each other to swap filaments of seed . "I'd love to piss all over you two sluts," he said. I got up and took Lee's hand and his hand and said "be my guest." I knelt in the shower recess and Lee immediately kn elt next to me and he drenched us. We again cleaned and kissed his cock and balls. The perfect way to end the evening for me - my total usage was complete. Lee and I sat up and both of us butt plugged our cunts to keep as much seed in us to absorb as possible. Now we are planning our next and several of the guys have texted to say they will be back. I texted them to tell them we would be ready!

    Love the Christmas hold it is a great time for getting raw cock. Just before Christmas I went to my favourite back room - only one thing on my mind - slutting right out and taking as much cock and seed as I could to satisfy me. I was having a ball - had taken three loads when I wandered into the group room , bent over the fuck bench and held my cheeks apart so any prospective tops could see there was some baby batter there for them to use as lube. After a couple of minutes I could feel a thick head pushing at my hole I immediately backed onto his cock groaining in appreciation as he slid into me. While he was fucking, I was aware of another bottom leaning over the bench next to me. "See you are still the same slut you always were," he said to me and I looked to see Lee smiling at me as a top slid into his Malaysian-Chinese cunt. He too groaned with pleasure. As we were getting fucked we both gasped and started encouraging each other as the pleasure of having hard cock in us totally took over out bodies. Lee and I go back a long way. It was I who introduced him to my ex. Steve and I were having a quiet Sunday afternoon drink when Lee, a very slim, short, cute bubble butted Asian walked in - and my ex loved breeding Asian arse. "I would love to breed that," he said to me. We were going to have a couple of drinks then go to the naked party at Headquarters so I said to Steve "do you want to take that home and breed it and I will just go to headquarters and take cock." I could see he was starting to pitch a tent in his jean shorts as Steve was a dedicated freeballer and he said "I wanna knock that up - look at that cute arse. I finished my drink and nticed that Lee was looking over at Steve, Asians like blond, tall Aussie men and so I walked over to him and asked if he wanted to join us. I sat him between Steve and I and I could see in no time Steve was pressing his leg against Lee;s jeans and Lee was sort of looking a little awkward. To let him know all was ok - I picked his hand up and put it straight on Steve's cock and even though he was a bit shocked - he never moved his hand. Not long after I could see his fingers kneading Steve's cock and he was lightly running his fingers along the shaft pf Steve's cock through his jean shorts. Within three minutes Steve had his tongue down Lee's throat and I heard him whisper "we just live up the road come with me I want to fuck you." I could tell Lee was howling for Steves thick 8" cut chaft and within minutes they were out of there on their way back to our apartment. Steve loved neg Asian boys and he dedicated the next three weeks to breeding Lee as often as he could and eventually convincing him to bottom for Orhan and Craig (two of Steve's best mates and both poz tops). he went on the same journey as all bottoms Steve fucked more than once - knocked up, addicted to cock and just being a total cockpig and cumslut. As the two blokes that were fucking us blew, we sort of both stood up at the same time. "I see you are still addicted to cock yourself," I said to him. "I can't go more than three days without being bred," Lee confessed. "Same here," I said. We decided to go to the café and have a cold drink and we were chatting about our journey to total slutdom and how we didn't regret a thing. Sure, we both knew it sort of made us "in-marryable" but cock and cum was our addiction and we knew we weren't going to be able to change that. In the course of the conversation I found out Lee lived just two suburbs from me - but in true Asian style was still living with his ageing mother - so his fuck life was restricted to other people's houses, backrooms and saunas and the odd car. I told him I lived alone in my apartment and liked it like that and how I often hosted four or five tops on a Sunday afternoon as I like to keep Sunday "holey" and have my hole gaping by the end of the day so I can face work on Monday. One thing led to another and he asked how I got the tops. Many of them had fucked me before and loved group sex so usually it was like 3 tops that had bred me several times and two newbies when I would advertise "holey Sunday". He said he had five or six tops that fucked him when it suited them and they could not get a root elsewhere - and I suddenly thought why didn't we combine out tops, have party at my place and they could hole swap, DP, use the arses off us and make our cunts gape. He agreed and so the planning began.......TO BE CONTINUED
  24. We all have preferences but glad I'm open to men with whom I' would not generally be interested. This is one such occasion. On New Years I received an email from a guy who had fucked me one spring when I was traveling in Italy. I was in a small city in the southern Italy one night, the streets and piazzas filled with lots of young people who were drinking, dancing, laughing in bars. I was just taking a stroll prior to turning in at my hotel, when I noticed a guy, probably somewhere in the range of 42 to 48, who was clearly staring at me. He was bald (and not a sexy kind of bald), probably a working stiff, taking a break from the obligations of his wife and family. He nodded at me as the commotion with the mostly younger crowd was going on, gesturing with his head towards a small side street, scratching his crotch as he entered the side street. I followed him, not finding find him at all sexy or interesting but definitely a take-charge guy from his attitude. Coarse hair on his arms and poking above his shirt and scruffy beard made him look virile but still not my type. I hadn't had dick since I left the States so I took a chance. Soon side street was quite quiet and dark, in various locations, somewhat dark. Still, even if the light was spotty, I could see he occasionally glanced behind himself, checking to see if I was following. After a few minutes he entered darkened area, when I got close I could see it was a path. He was stroking himself jeans open and I rubbed myself through mine. His eyes fixed on mine, he took my hand and placed it on his meat, which was fat, not too long, uncut, oh, and he was pre-cumming like crazy. Pushing my head down to his crotch, he leaned over and slid his hand into the seat of my pants, massaging my ass cheeks before fingering my hole. I had cleaned and lubed up before dinner hoping something might appear, and here I was. When he felt the wet hole he muttered something but knew he was happy. Spitting on his fingers to lube my ass a bit more, I pulled jeans down to give him clear access. He turned me around, and pushed his way in, no talking. After giving me a bit of little time to adjust to his cock, he commenced a deep fucking, which lasted for ten to fifteen minutes, the two of us standing, and in which I leaned against a stone wall for support. This was strictly a matter of getting him off, which was fine with me. Tensing up, he bred my ass, balls deep, with what seemed to be a huge load. Resting against me, his cock lodged in my ass, he caught his breath, and naturally his cock softened and slid out of my ass, whereupon I turned around, dropped to my knees, and sucked him clean, as he massaged my scalp and his breathing slowly normalized. I continued sucking his cock and to my pleasure he got hard again, pulled me back into position, and abruptly slammed back into my ass, fucking even harder than our earlier sessions. Although enjoying his tactics, I stumbled a bit, and tried to re position myself so I was more comfortable. Apparently, however, he thought I was trying to get away as he locked me into place, and intensified his assault on my ass, getting rougher and more frantic, which left me even more aroused. After another ten to fifteen minutes of rough fucking, he came again. We pulled ourselves together. He asked if I was okay, then we walked out and talked a bit. I told him I would be around for another two days. He said he wanted to fuck me again, so I gave him my cell phone number and e-mail address. The next morning I found a message asking if I wanted more milk. That was the entire message! Of course I answered 'yes'. His next message gave me the time and place, and suggested I lube myself as I had done the night before. At the appointed time and place I awaited him while sitting on a bench. He showed up, approached me, we exchanged a a couple sentences, and then bade me "Andiamo," leading me to another secluded spot a little more lit than the location where we had fucked the night before. The same routine ensued. Without dropping his trousers, he pulled his dick and balls out, he gave me two fucks and two huge loads. We neither kissed nor hugged. We simply exchanged an animalistic breeding. We stayed in touch and email each other occasionally. He frequently reminds me he has more milk for me, and invites me to come back. I'm planning a trip to Italy sometime this year!
  25. Breeding in Sex Club in Hamburg

    The last night I was horny like hell and a friend wanted to meet up in a fetish bar. We both are into rubber. So I cleaned my ass out, put my rubber clothes on and head to the club. My rubber is a onsie with open access to my ass. In the club I was greated by my friend when he planted a kiss on my lips. He already had a hardon. While getting our drinks we already make out hard and I sucked his huge cock directly at the bar. As we both were horny like hell we went into the dark room and I laid down in a sing and with some poppers and lube he fucked his 8inch hard cock in my sluthole. We both exploded already after 5min of intensive fucking. He breeded my ass up to my second inner ring. Half hour break, drinking, chatting. Round two... He put my head to a wall.... And fucked me so I thought. When turning around I saw that I was fucked by another guy while my friend was fucking another slut. This round last the whole evening... Got seeded and breeded by multiple guys... Small dick, big dicks, even a bbc... Was amzing... Sitting now in my bed with a hard on and thinking who will be next... Still horny

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