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  1. It’s more sad that self hatred forces one to not just lash out at others but also to denigrate oneself with ugly, ignorant labels. Why not just embrace the ugliness and call ourselves sodomites, degenerates along with other charged (and not in a good way) names? Respect and recognizing that some things are deeply harmful has nothing to do with Oprah and everything to do with being a better human. If one’s aspirations lie elsewhere from this goal, good luck but stay away from me and the rest of humanity that is trying to progress, not regress.
  2. No sorry, as an actual black male race play is NOT a turn-on. Kinda like the bareback porn thread awhile back asking why is it that black men are always portrayed as HIV Mandingos who always have to top. Yes there are black men who sexualize trauma like the constant stress blacks have of being construed as different, depraved and dangerous. Such trauma is a literal punch in the gut. Imagine dealing with this multiple times a day over decades. There are plenty of non-black men who exploit this sexualization for their own benefit. (“Oh it’s just harmless play.”) I am not some bleeding heart or a victim, but a black man who simply wants to be perceived as a human. Not a Mandingo. Not a nigger. Not merely a BBC. Stop it, it’s offensive. But as our recent global troubles have shown, no one gives a damn about anybody if they can make a buck or bust a nut. So I look forward to further race-splaining by those who say it’s mere fun or “live and let live” but don’t know what it feels like to actually be black.
  3. Love the respectful and thoughtful post Eroswire! I guess the targeted subject of "racism" would be the ultimate judge of what is and what is not racism. As a black man, I don't see a white man topping a black person as racist at all. Sure, if the white person was wearing a white hood and singing "Dixie," my thoughts would change! Deviant and dominant go together in porn, whether straight or gay. It's "taboo" to see black and white so it's against societal norms, still. Silly - yes indeed. Let's be honest -- a lot of us do get our kicks from the dark side (literally in this case). We push the boundaries -- an understatement on a site called "breeding zone!" The black-white dynamic is a sexual shorthand that is based in a long-ugly history that many of us simply just want to go away. Such thoughts disappear with changes in culture like in movies, etc. I remember being with my first white person - a woman -- when I was younger, and yes, the sensations for both of us felt heightened because such relationships were still the stuff of whispers where I lived. Now I simply didn't care and times are changing. So I get and empathize with your "superior breeding" experiences. There really is no inherent difference though, between sex with one "race" and sex with another -- it's just dick size, environment and chemistry. Yes Pozlover1. I want to be bred for the first time so badly it hurts! I guess I'm pretty conservative about such a step and want to make sure it's the right person -- white, black, purple, whatever! Not looking for poz play yet for sure, though I can almost feel that long dick in me now, taking my first time forever...
  4. Interesting discussion. I do think the thread’s title is a bit hyperbolic and obscures a true issue. Now, I saw the above post and had to respond, because though I get what the poster is saying, it doesn’t really line up with the history of race in America - and let’s be clear folks, most of the racial craziness and fixation in the world is in America. Historically in America black men have been portrayed as sexual deviants, perverts, rapists and Mandingos. So, no - racism is not what “springs to mind” when a black man bottoms. Racism springs to mind when black tops are constantly fetishized. In fact, race neutral gay porn where race doesn’t predetermine who bottoms helps offset the racist stereotypes prevalent in America. These are the same stereotypes that drive BBC fetish in both gay and straight porn and in the gay community. We can’t seem to get past the view that the black man’s place is one of deviant dominance. One can even see this view in some of the fiction on this site, where “chasing” success is assured if one finds the “dirty” dominant BBC. People don’t want to talk about it. It’s easy to say “go make your own porn” to shut off discussion and debate. It’s far simpler to tut-tut about how people are “too sensitive” and “it’s all about fun.” Look, people will still get off. In the larger scheme of things, with a burning planet and uncertain politics, this topic is meaningless. But it does speak to larger issues that can’t be swept under the rug because certain people love their fetishes and are comfortable. When the dominant media doesn’t include you, you don’t feel included. Plain and simple.
  5. Thank you. I’ve fallen in love with Santi already!
  6. Well I wasn’t specifically addressing the OP’s thesis. And this has nothing to do with being “offended.” It’s easy to decry some else’s call for a little more variety when your needs are being taken care of. In straight porn several major companies have gotten rid of the category “interracial” altogether because 1) it *is* racist and outdated and 2) Who gives a fuck? I just blew a big load last night watching two beautiful white guys fuck while my wife was sleeping beside me. I don’t discriminate. I can get off on most gay porn. My personal plea is that we just get more diverse product out there. That’s all. Variety is the spice of life, no?
  7. I think this is my first BZ post maybe. I have begun dipping my toe into being gay, after being “straight” and married for a long time. As a black man I can tell you it’s difficult to find not just porn but play that fits my desires. I’ve always identified as a bottom before experimenting and when I secretly watched gay videos while married. I’m masculine, straight acting and fairly handsome, but on Grindr it’s crickets because I list as a bottom. I see all these posts and stories about married straight men being desirable but no takers for me, except for people begging me to top them. I simply have no interest. I joked with a gay guy I know who’s black that I AM NOT A FETISH. LOL. That’s what I feel like sometimes, though, a fetish. Everybody wants BBC but not when it’s attached to a bottom. As for porn, I literally have searched for hours for decent, high-quality porn with sexy, masculine black bottoms with, say, white and Asian men, but such porn is almost impossible to find. So here I am, an anal virgin, not for a lack of trying, who can’t even find decent video to jerk off to. LOL please somebody make some good porn with white and Asian dicks breeding some black ass!

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