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    Hollywood, FL
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    Oral, anal, and getting kinky/raunchy. Normally as a top, but willing to bottom.
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    Decent guys looking for hot action. 5'6", 215, brown with some blond, blue, about 5.5"cut, clean and d/d free including HIV negative. I'm poz friendly and willing to see where it goes.
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    Looking for a decent guys that is into almost anything.

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  1. scott0882

    What Celebrities Awakened Your Desires?

    I would let Adam Lambert use me anyway he wants to.
  2. scott0882

    visiting cumdump collecting loads

    Slammers/321 and Clubhouse 2 would be 2 sex clubs to hit up. I have seen postings about sex happening at Ramrod in the restroom.
  3. scott0882

    Fisting and syph

    Good idea to stop any fucking for now. I remember it was hard to give up sex when I had syphilis while it was being treated. Told to wait 3 months before having sex again. I was so horny that I only waited a month. Sorry, that I can’t help you out on advice about fisting.
  4. scott0882

    Attractive female bareback slut looking for cock

    Hi, I would be into letting you have my load.
  5. Gave my last load to black stud who was looking to bottom after hitting me up on Adam4Adam. He thought my cock that is 5.5”cut average would of been easy for his ass, but I proved him wrong. After some rimming of his ass and lube, I went to town on pounding him. He moaned like a bitch when I put my cock in him and for the whole fucking. I blew 2 loads in him and made him cum 2 times hands free. You can literally say, that I fuck the shit out of him.
  6. scott0882

    Neg guys don't mind fucking a poz bottom

    I’m a negative vers/top who prefers fucking poz bottoms raw. Mostly undetectable bottoms, but one was newly poz and waiting for the fuck flu before getting tested.
  7. Your welcome. Most important is that you had fun and was able to get some fucking in. I know that I’m overdue on getting any action myself. Hopefully I can find an undetectable poz top to pop that cherry.
  8. Hollywood here and I would love to dump my load in you. Unfortunately, I’m unable to host. Hot that you are looking for cock and cum while vacationing with family.
  9. Too bad I’m not in Australia to swap loads and let you breed my neg ass that isn’t on prep.
  10. scott0882

    Vacation November 2018

    Hurricane season goes to November 30 and usually not a problem during the last month. Average high is low to mid 80s. 2 Cumunion parties a month at Club Ft. Lauderdale and Clubhouse 2.
  11. scott0882

    2 Cum Dump Pigs - No Load Refused

    I would be into fucking cum dump pigs and hopefully be sloppy seconds.
  12. scott0882

    Has anyone ever walked in on you?

    Very hot Upstateguy518. Did you want her daughter afterward?
  13. scott0882


    Enjoy the last of your 20s. I noticed a big difference starting to feel old at 30. I’m 35 and will be 36 in August.
  14. scott0882

    Looking for sick and twisted guys

    I like fucking an unclean hole raw, followed by making the bottom suck it clean.
  15. Inn Leather is about 5 minute drive from the Convention Center. 15-20 minutes for Slammer and 20-30 minutes for Clubhouse 2.

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