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    Hollywood, FL
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    Oral, anal, and getting kinky/raunchy. Normally as a top, but willing to bottom.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Top
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    Decent guys looking for hot action. 5'6", 215, brown with some blond, blue, about 5.5"cut, clean and d/d free including HIV negative. I'm poz friendly and willing to see where it goes.
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    Looking for a decent guys that is into almost anything.

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  1. good to see you on here  like to find some tops here , still waiting for passport . the  make arrangement to come down 

    1. scott0882


      I been on here for a while and haven’t met guys on here. I will be here waiting for you. 

    2. bbpoznow


      was talking to  the passport office  and they say  they have a large amt of applications to process , buyt will keep after them 

  2. TIRED of size queens

    If you visit Ft. Lauderdale, you will find out for certain. Most of them are bbrt, including a few who I believe that are poz without indicating it in their profile.
  3. Took a load from a guy who hit me up on Adam4Adam. He is 5 years younger than me and also negative, and hope to be a regular fb.
  4. TIRED of size queens

    Size queens also care about height and weight of any guy that they meet. Chubs, bears and cubs usually get no action from queens either topping or bottoming.
  5. Gay Sex Bucket List - What's Your Score?

    Surprisingly my score is 105 despite thinking that I haven’t been that slutty or nasty. I maybe mild or a little wild compared to most guys on here.
  6. UPDATE: College Boy with Internal Tension

    Thanks for caring that I haven’t been able to get on PrEP. It’s the price that I have pay while trying to find a job. Bad enough, I had to battle to get my yearly blood work for syphilis. It was complicated with the retirement of one doctor who had no problem ordering the blood work, and the next doctor failed to order it.
  7. UPDATE: College Boy with Internal Tension

    I plan on looking for a new doctor, but unable to do that. I have some government fund health insurance where I live for low-income.
  8. UPDATE: College Boy with Internal Tension

    Best thing is giving PrEP a try and see if the side effects would go away after awhile. I’m not on PrEP, but not of my own doing. I asked getting on it and doctor’s would refuse to prescribe it. There advice was practice safe sex considering I caught an std before.
  9. Cumunion

    According bbrt, Cumunion is now happening Club Ft. Lauderdale. It might be replacing Inn Leather.
  10. When fuckbuds decide to no longer BB

    barecubtop, I been through the same thing in a way before. Fucked one guy before bare until one day he insisted on me using a condom. He should of been thankful that used a condom. Since, the next day I experience the first sign of syphilis that I caught almost 2 months earlier from topping. This was 5 years ago and now he is on bbrt with a profile as negative and PrEP. The kicker is him listed as attending Cumunion in Ft. Lauderdale at Clubhouse 2.
  11. Cumunion

    Inn Leather and Clubhouse 2 are the locations for Cumunion in Ft. Lauderdale. Clubhouse 2 might better of the two. Since Inn Leather is a guesthouse.
  12. When your top/bottom can't perform.

    I top almost all the time and only one time a bottom couldn’t get me off. It’s something that I want forget for one reason. He was upfront about being HIV poz which I had no problem fucking raw. However, he had active case of syphilis. Of course, I got it and found out with routine blood work 3 months later. To this day, I wish I never hooked up with his nasty ass off CL.
  13. Hi, I’m down in Ft. Lauderdale area and will looking for you the next time I get that way. I will be up in St. Petersburg right after Christmas.
  14. I was 20 my first time with a married guy who was 37. He fucked my virgin hole good with his decent size uncut cock. It was raw and just spit for lube.
  15. Office Toilet Urinal

    I'm normally available if you want to drink from my tap. Doing it some where public would be very hot.

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