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    Oral, anal, and getting kinky/raunchy. Normally as a top, but willing to bottom.
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    Decent guys looking for hot action. 5'6", 215, brown with some blond, blue, about 5.5"cut, clean and d/d free including HIV negative. I'm poz friendly and willing to see where it goes.
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    Looking for a decent guys that is into almost anything.

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  1. Last blow was a week ago from a 23 year old twink. Took place on the upper level of a parking garage for a Target. In the back seat of my car and he was impressed with my big balls and massive precum. If there was enough room for anal, he would of gotten my load in his ass instead.
  2. Nice 18th birthday gift that you gave him. Did he give you a nice size load to swallow?
  3. Hi, thank you for following me. I added you on my Skype too. 

  4. I have swallowed one poz load before and it didn’t taste different to me.
  5. I'd knock the innocence right into ya boy

    1. scott0882


      I’m very open and versatile. I would love to bend over for you and unload a few loads into me. 

  6. You’re welcome. Hopefully he responds back to you.

    1. alessandro


      He did, talked on [deleted], but that's all he was looking to do.  Then he jerked off then ghosted me. 

    2. scott0882


      I’m sorry to hear that, but take all poz loads from here and that site. Eventually it will lead to the outcome that you want. 

  7. No, I mean a bottom that is on the husky/chubby side who are only into skinny to average build tops.
  8. Definitely agree on profiles that are full of ask me. I have come across one guy’s who is a little larger frame, but place not into large frame guys.
  9. Thank you for the follow. 

    1. RawFuckHoleNYC


      Right back at ya, bud.

  10. Thank you for following me. 

    1. Hungryhole903


      It's my pleasure 

  11. Thank you for following me.  You should take all cocks and loads deep in your ass. 

  12. Clubhouse 2 in Ft. Lauderdale is re-opening on Saturday, June 20 with restrictions. However, open 8AM to 11PM for now. All of the restrictions are posted on their website.
  13. The Link has exterior/outdoor rooms with easy access from the parking lot to avoid having guys going through the lobby. I believe it used to be off site dorms for the Art Institute Fort Lauderdale.
  14. I’m following you after you started to follow me. 

    1. Bicuriousfckr


      Sure, I like that

  15. Thanks for the follow, man.

    1. scott0882


      You’re welcome. Too bad we aren’t closer. 

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