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    Hollywood, FL
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    Oral, anal, and getting kinky/raunchy. Normally as a top, but willing to bottom.
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    Decent guys looking for hot action. 5'6", 215, brown with some blond, blue, about 5.5"cut, clean and d/d free including HIV negative. I'm poz friendly and willing to see where it goes.
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    Looking for a decent guys that is into almost anything.

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  1. Definitely into filling your ass with my load.
  2. scott0882

    Anyone recommend a tattoist

    Hot tattoo that you have and I checked it out on NKP. I have the same username on there.
  3. scott0882


    I tested positive for syphilis almost 6 years ago and had it treated with initial test as 1:64. Three month follow up was down to 1:4. I finally had it come back as non reactive recently. Basically, sound like you were re-infected by a guy who had an active infection.
  4. scott0882

    PReP Ignorance

    I’m in the Ft. Lauderdale area and have asked about getting on PrEP from my doctors. Only to be told, just practice safe sex. Which has made me more top and bottoming for raw for guys who that I know as negative. I will admit that I want undetectable poz guys to fuck me raw.
  5. Let me know when you are available to meet.
  6. Tampa, I would love to dump my load deep in your ass. Anyway, I travel up to St. Petersburg/Clearwater area often. I would be into fucking any guy that is in Ft. Lauderdale who wants my load.
  7. scott0882

    Jockpussy FTM

    I have fucked FTM before and that was very hot. Definitely want to do it again.
  8. scott0882

    Bbrts Profiles

    BBRT: scott0882
  9. Dale, Thank you for offering. I will fuck you good and cum deep in your ass.
  10. I’m bi and would be into breeding you, and I only fuck bareback. Anyway, I will be honest that I’m only 5.5” circumcised.
  11. scott0882

    Cruising advice

    Fort Lauderdale is nickname Fort Bottomdale.
  12. scott0882

    Do you tell tops you already have loads?

    I love bottoms that have taken loads before I give my load. Usually I would ask, if I can tell that their hole was loaded before me. One bottom that I fucked in a parking garage before texted me saying, that he took 10 loads before I gave him 3 more. Surprisingly I didn’t noticed his hole was full of cum.
  13. scott0882


    I tested positive for syphilis in June 2012 and got on treatment as soon as the test result came back. However, I probably contracted it 3 months earlier and ignored the one signed that I noticed. I noticed a pimple like blister on the head of my cock and thought it was from using a condom the previous day. My initial test was reactive at 1:64 and down to 1:4. Followed up by 1:2 on the next couple yearly blood work. Last month, it finally came back non reactive. Nothing to be worried about if your number goes down after treatment and it will be the equivalent to undetectable for HIV. Only, goes up with re-infection with another guy who has it untreated.
  14. Pleasure Emporium has both straight and gay theaters along with booths. Booths don’t have gloryholes, but action do take place in the theaters.

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