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    I have a big foot fetish. I love to service guys with nice feet and have that done to me. I love to fuck a guy on his back and have his feet in my face and vice-versa. Hit me up if this is you.
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    42 y/o WM Top - 5'7", 152lbs, Hairy chest, stomach, legs. 7" cut cock w/ Thick mushroom head and low-hanging ball sacks.
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    In-shape Top looking for Cum Dump Bottoms. Nothing like an in-shape round-assed Bottom letting me slide my cock in his ass and pump away until I inject my cock juice deep into his warm receptacle. I love having the same done to me (very versatile here). Open to long sessions, pump and dumps, anon scenes at your place, sex club, hotel, etc. My cock is ready and my balls are aching to be empty.

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  1. It’s an acquired “taste” (no pun intended) if you ask me. I was involved with an alpha married man and he pissed on me, pissed in my mouth and made me swallow. He even pissed in my ass after he came inside me. The piss in my ass was the most enjoyable to me.
  2. I don’t know....I have seen some MTF porn and I am intrigued. I would not rule it out. That old add age: “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it”. 😀
  3. Twinkfoot makes a good point. The Great Recession happened under Republican rule. Republicans had the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives from 2001 to 2009. Deregulation lead to the fraudulent lending practices that caused the “Housing Bubble” to burst (financial people know that loans are sold as investments and these worthless loans were sold as grade A investments which is what started the Great Recession). Behr-Sterns was the first major Financial Institution to fail on March 16, 2008 which began the recession. Therefore, the recession hit before Obama ever stepped foot in
  4. I referred to this experience in another post but I was at a Married Men’s sex party a few years ago and there was a new guy there that was “oral only” but guys got into that. He grabbed me and went down on my dick. I let him do that out of courtesy even though I’m not really into dick sucking (I’m more anal...rimming, fucking, being fucked). He didn’t really suck though, he kept coming down on my dick like a pile driver. It hurt so I pushed him away. Turns out, he had gono and was passing it on to every guy he went down on that day. Because of that incident, I’m still reluctant to l
  5. I too took a PrEP holiday starting in March because I had no intention of having any hook up sex (partner has health issues so I would not put him at any risk for Covid). I did get back on it just recently but forgot to take a dose the other night. I understand the attraction of poz sex because it is hot. I recently fucked a sexy guy in Florida who I think may be poz and it was one hot fuck! With regard to the original question on this post, I have read several posts on BZ from guys who stopped PrEP for the pandemic but have not gone back on it yet. I understand why they feel th
  6. Naked and barefoot always. Wearing a blindfold if I’m bottoming for anon tops.
  7. I gave my last load to a hot, young, Hispanic boy in St Pete, FL whom I had been talking with on Bbrt. That happened this week. I’m a Vers guy on PrEP and he is a Vers Bottom that WAS on PrEP but stopped it in late 2019. He then became a Chaser and decided to play sexual roulette, no questions asked and no load refused. That intrigued me and excited me. In addition, we have a mutual foot fetish. I went to his Apartment and he led me to the bedroom which had a mirror set up so we could watch our fuck session. We had body contact first and then he gave me his feet to service and his feet are a
  8. I like to fuck guys in the missionary position so their feet are in my face. It makes me cum harder and gives them a bigger load.
  9. My fantasy was and is Steve Tuck from the older Treasure Island stars. My fantasy became a reality several years ago.
  10. Adult video store in St Petersburg, FL XTC) 2 years ago. Went into the booths, saw a hot looking guy wearing an Army shirt. He motioned me into his booth. We kissed immediately, instant attraction. He dropped his shorts and presented his ass. I got my lube from my pocket, lubed his ass and slid my cock in his hole. I came not 30 seconds later. I don’t think I was at the store 5 min from start to finish.
  11. Same for me. I have been to many sex parties but phones and videos are prohibited.
  12. When bottoming, I can never tell when he is about to cum. I always tell the Top to tell me when he is about to cum. Sometimes I feel it when he shoots but sometimes I don’t. I was at a sex party last year and I was fucking a guy and some hot cub was fucking me at the same time. I had no idea that he had cum inside me until we took a break and he said “thank you “. I put my finger to my ass and felt his semen. I said “thank YOU”.
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