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  1. One thing I’d look into is what the support system as far as medicines are where you live. Some states are really good about covering meds/testing/etc. and others you are on your own and can be very expensive. I will say I totally understand what you are feeling as I started taking loads and was on prep and eventually went off it because I found the risk too hot to resist.
  2. This is partly where I am. I haven’t tested in a while, and have definitely taken poz loads. Honestly most guys don’t ask. If you want to be good to your regular, explain you haven’t been tested in however long. With randoms if they don’t ask I don’t feel there’s any expectations.
  3. Not only more horny but introduced me to turns on I had no idea about. Twisted my mind to love filth.
  4. Or doesn’t tell and lets him find out later while continuing cheating w more guys. Maybe picking up more bugs on the way. 😈
  5. Thanks for the follow 

  6. I don’t see dirty uncle Mike either.
  7. I also hope this continues. So hot!!!
  8. Specifically I mean slutty and adopted kids while slutty as opposed to being “straight”, having kids, then coming out later. Just wondering how/if that has worked with having kids. Basically (though I’m not sure if I want kids - much later) I wonder about being slutty and also having a family. If that makes any sense.
  9. So far I have no tattoos. Do you prefer a bottom with tattoos or without? ESP a smaller guy who looks younger (at least I think I look young). Have none right now due to hating needles and also hating tattoos that have no meaning or are unoriginal.
  10. it says that doesn’t exist.
  11. I’ll check out all of these! Thanks! I think I may already follow some of you. dwarfonium I know I follow. Sooooo hot!!!!
  12. you had the hottest tumblr and now the hottest bdsmlr!  Love all the themes - cheating, poz, twinks, daddy, groups,gear and equal attention paid to HOT asses and cocks :)  thanks for posting such hot stuff stud!!  I get boned up to it ALL the time when I wanna get MORE horny before a hookup! 

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