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  1. Hmmm well my March visit got bumped to October - silly me thinking this covid thing would be over by then... Anyhow deciding whether to go or postpone again
  2. Don't mind it generally if it doesn't get in the way of fun. I was up Hampstead last night in the darkroom area there was a guy who kept filming using his phone with the light on and taking pics with the flash. He wasn't really involved with the action just being a nuisance with his phone. It kinda spoiled the vibe as it lit up the darkroom area so much and ruined everyone's night vision. The point of the darkroom is that it is dark and anonymous - not a source of free material to fill up someone's profile with images - especially when he wasn't engaging with others.
  3. Also seeing this on Mac OS 10.15.6 / Safari 13.1.2
  4. Had a great time... see full report here:
  5. Thanks @Rawplug. Had a great weekend in Manchester/Salford Quays. Rawplug and I have been conversing online for a long time so it was great to finally meet him and his fuckbud for a session. His fuckbud has the most amazing cock... I've heard so much about it but the reality is just as good as the hype... his dimensions are just perfect. Big enough to be a challenge, long enough to reach the right spots. And wow he knows how to use it. @Rawplug is a great guy and well worth looking up if you're in the area. I am definitely going to visit again and we talked about involving more guys
  6. Well we’re here and horny! Any one wanna join?
  7. Small things that turn me on: Fresh sweat Pheromones Guys who keep their socks on for sex (esp. white but dirty) Low hairline on forehead especially when it comes down in a point in the middle. Slightly untidy rooms with horny stuff like used sportswear around. Equally some small things turn me off: Crocs, Flipflops, Slides and Sandals. Pets roaming free during sex, especially if they stare/watch. Playing non porn TV during a session
  8. I have a rubber douche thing that attaches to the shower hose. It's about 14" long and 1" diameter. Once you have one it then become necessary to study pictures of hotel bathrooms to determine if the shower is plumbed in or has a hose... If it's a quickie and going to be very short time between cleaning and play I then I do a shallow douche not beyond the second hole. If I know he's well endowed or it's a longer session or there is travel time involved then a deeper douche is called for with several iterations and I also use Immodium. Also I'll pack a portable douche kit, jus
  9. Hampstead Heath last night: someone on BBRT posted they were going to set up a sling in the trees - I thought this was an interesting idea and worth seeing. I went up there and explored extensively but never found the guy. It seems like a good idea and I might well investigate a good spot to do that in the daylight. It wasn't overly busy, but it wasn't a wasted trip - received two pretty decent fucks, gave two and loaded a really skinny asian guy. Some fetish trampling play too. First decent cruising session since lockdown, so quite happy.
  10. LOL yes - There is a thread somewhere of "Ironic BBRT Profiles" which contains a lot of this kind of thing.
  11. Agree with this: When you write stuff you are writing it from your perspective and through the lens of your perceptions. When someone else reads it they apply their own perspective and perception. That's why online disagreements - even on here - sometime happen. It is a skill to write in such a way that anyone can read something and come to the exact same understanding as the writer. If someone skim-reads a bunch of text then it can amplify the potential for a difference in understanding. I guess when guys are horny and browsing profiles, they're not studying the text in detail. Just pic
  12. Don't get me wrong - I'm all about choice - and I am happy places are reopening from the point of view that they need to do so to survive. I just think that like many things post covid we shouldn't expect them to be the same as they were before the shutdown. Not only venues and policies, but people's attitudes and behaviours have also changed. I was reading on the website for the Club Zeus Sauna in Mansfield that although they are re-opened, the Sauna and Steam remain closed and there are a number of new rules in place. Boiler in Berlin reopened on August 17th, and their website s
  13. There's reopening and reopening with measures in place. Are these places doing things like enforcing social distancing, closing darkrooms, maximum occupancy of smaller areas, etc. like the bars have done? I can't imagine it'll be the same free-for-all it once was.
  14. Staying in Salford Quays Holiday Inn Express - also visiting @RawPlug and planning a generally sleazy weekend. Into all sorts (see profiles with same username on NKP/BBRT/Recon) but Raw/BB/Breeding is the main course this weekend. Gen up for meets - no time wasters. Andy
  15. Perhaps there is some good news and things have changed...I was there on Sunday afternoon with some friends. Being a geek, one of them wanted to do a little project to map all the unofficial paths using Strava, so we spend the afternoon walking all the paths and routes across the heath. As it was Sunday afternoon there were plenty of families and dog walkers about as well as a few guys obviously cruising. One thing we did notice was that the rubbish bins had been removed - but on the other hand there was very little noticeable detritus from Saturday's nocturnal activities. The whole
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