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The server changes are complete, but I need assistance from (semi-technical) members outside the North America / Europe to figure out if things are working as hoped. If you can help, please follow the steps I've laid out in the Tips & Tricks forum thread. Thanks for your help!


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  1. If you browse the list of forums here and select the "London Metro Area" one, there is a link saying to check out the "London breeding group" sub forum but clicking on it gets a 404 Page not found error. It's been like that for a while, I think.
  2. Mistakes made as a chaser

    Sadly, around here that seems to be the MO of most off the guys on Grindr. Can't remember the last hook up from Grindr, Scruff, etc. - but then, this is a small town. The best one was a couple of weeks ago - after a fairly long and steamy conversation where we both made it clear we were looking to meet, I offered to drive over. I was told: "Oh no, I am expecting a delivery and I'd hate for it to arrive and have to open the front door if we were playing" At that point I gave up with this guy. But - get this - he messages back a couple of hours later to say his delivery has arrived now and it was a cable TV/Internet box - would I come over now? Not to play, but to help him set it up as he can't get it working. No.
  3. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Bit of a late update as this was last Sunday... Went to SOP had a great time: Fucked one guy in the sling fairly early on but switched places with another top as I didn't want to cum that early on. Spent some time in the sling myself - had a couple of guys take turns while a third soaked us. That was hot. Then the dark room emptied out for a bit and I was deliberating between being patient and staying put or getting another drink. I stayed put and was rewarded by a short muscled guy who had a quick play but came back a couple of minutes later and used his hands to really stretch my hole out. I guessed he liked it loose... anyway he rubbered up and began fucking but paused after a bit and I noticed something a bit different and realised he'd removed the condom. He took a while to shoot and we'd drawn attention from a few guys, which I like as I enjoy guys watching and - even better - participating. One of these guys, a black guy then rimmed and feltched me - which I was in two minds about as I wanted to keep the load inside. He must've read my mind as he switched and pressed his cock against my now slightly sore hole. One hit of poppers and I used the sling to push myself onto him a bit - he took the hint and in a moment he was all inside. And he knew what he was doing... It ended up being one of those occasions were I came from being fucked coincidentally with the top. It was pretty intense. I remember getting out of the sling and still being a bit wobbly after the orgasm. SOP can be hit or miss for me, but that was one of the better ones.
  4. Singapore May 2018

    Planning a trip here for work... will have some spare time to explore. I realise culture is such that my expectations are somewhat tempered but any advice from locals or travellers on where the fun is at would be appreciated...
  5. Any guys go to SOP?

    Yes in the past the bar staff have been up for things like that but tread lightly as there is a high turnover of staff there and not all of them are up for it. I really miss Mark (tattooed muscled slightly older guy from Milton Keynes) who was a legend. He’d go off to “collect empty glasses” from the dark rooms and it often led to the inevitable... If Roy (dark skinned, muscled) was also working the bar it was like watching Morecambe & Wise - a very entertaining double act. Compare to some staff there today who are more interested in checking Facebook than serving customers... 🙄
  6. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Went to The Bull Bar in Berlin last night (technically this morning). Fucked a couple of guys that caught my eye. Had some quality sling time myself and stopped counting after five or six guys fucked me. One came back three times. Left the club and it was dawn already... gotta love Berlin!
  7. Bbrts Profiles

    BBRT: AirmaxAndy Recon: AirmaxAndy Instagram: AirmaxAndy
  8. Sorry, No Escort Anything Anymore

    I don't know much about this topic, being based in the UK, but if the site was hosted in another more liberal country, could this be avoided? These days it seems to not matter so much where sites are hosted especially with caching services like Cloudflare.
  9. Who is going to BLF 2018?

    I am in town for two weeks starting 26th March. Who else is around?
  10. Sling etiquette

    Some years ago when the Oink bar was still open in Antwerp I remember there was a sling hog in the darkroom upstairs. Despite the fact it wasn't busy (maybe four or five guys) he would not vacate the sling so me and my buddy could use it. Anyway we got our revenge - i distracted him a little by rubbing his body and cock as foreplay while my buddy tied his bootlaces to the sling's chains. Once secure we left the dark room - and by this time it was empty. Downstairs in the bar we finished our drinks and hearing a commotion upstairs the barman commented 'sounds like someone is having fun'... yeah we agreed and left. If it were me being unable to exit a sling would be quite horny in a busy backroom - especially blindfolded. That's on my bucket list.
  11. Best city for a sex vacation?

    Yeah - I got mugged there in June last year (2017) - was walking back from a fuck near Nollendorfplatz to my hotel (Ivbergs) opposite New Action. Guy comes out of a side road and starts trying to get close feel me up as I'm walking along - immediately i know whats happening... as I grab his hand to move it away the other hand goes for my pocket, but I'm ready and grab his wrist. We had a bit of a tussle in the street and I was shouting. A passing taxi pulled up and the driver got out and shouted something (not in English or German) and the guy ran off. The concierge from the hotel also came out and asked if I was okay and did I want him to call the police - he'd seen what happened on the security camera. I have a rule which is that I only go out with what money I intend to spend that evening - no more then 50-100 Euros - my BvG ticket - and I leave my iPhone and wallet in the hotel safe. A couple of years ago I lost the contents of my pockets in a dark room which inspired this policy. That said I will say a big ++++ to the management and staff at The Bull. My friend dropped his wallet on the floor and as he had his driving license in there they went around the bar looking for him from his photo. Bull used to be rife with dodgy types but they seem quite hot on keeping out guys who are known to cause problems. I've been in there a couple of times when they've thrown guys out who have sneaked in and are barred. As for my friend - he didn't learn and still goes out with his iPhone and Wallet. Some people don't learn!
  12. Grindr chumming? Is it worth it?

    So true, and well worth remembering. Grindr in provincial Home Counties in the UK is similar to what you describe. My observation with British guys on Grindr is that everyone sits waiting for an incoming message. So reaching out is good. Almost nobody responds to taps. And if you can ‘accom’ then that goes in your favour as so many guys live in shared homes and don’t want to have trade over. I always seem to have more luck with apps away from home - i’m not sure if that’s because of the type of guys, whether it’s because I usually travel to cities or just the novelty of a new face.
  13. question about my tumblr page

    More googling and I found that inside Tumblr website you can go to account settings, then click on your blog to change options for the blog. In the section "Visibility" i think the option to "hide yourblogname.tumblr.com" might cause the problem we are seeing. Is it turned on? Try it off and see if it restores proper operation. Tumblr's help says that this option forces a user to view your blog from within their dashboard and disables the standalone page, which is what I think is going on.
  14. question about my tumblr page

    I am no expert on Tumblr, but I had a couple of thoughts on this: Have you applied or updated a Theme to your page? Googling around on this issue it seems that some themes might disable functionality like Archive. Blogs marked as NSFW require you to log in to tumblr to view them, and some tumblr blogs seem to enforce use of the Tumblr app. Maybe it is related to that, but I see many other blogs on Tumblr that have similar content and don't require the app or disable the archive... Maybe someone more knowledgeable can advise?
  15. Weirdest Fetish

    Another vote for feet, but I'm really more into used/sweaty boots/sneaks/sox. Love being face down buried in a guys sneaker or boot while he's using my ass. Decently sweaty socks are better than poppers for me. Because I'm "into" this and know guys who share the interest, it's not 'weird' at all (to me). If you're into this or curious, you might enjoy my Instagram: search for AirmaxAndy. Any guys in the UK also into this, DM me.

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