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    Fun in Gear - sneakers, socks, boots, sports, biker, army, leather, rubber. London/Berlin... Often at SOP, Vault, Central Station, Scheune, New Action and Laboratory.
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    Tops, Vers guys, Flip fucks. Attitude and gear more important than abs and pecs. Enjoy slings. Guys with PA's a +++

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  1. AirmaxAndy

    Antwerp this weekend?

    Bit last minute ... So I’m in Antwerp this weekend and wondering if anyone is around? Can play in hotel (holiday inn Antwerp city north) or The Boots Andy
  2. AirmaxAndy

    Best cottage/publuc toilets in Greater London

    I'd check squirt.org as they have a database of cruising spots and each has a virtual message board. You can gauge how busy spots are from the number of recent messages. They also post warnings about security patrol and stuff (eg see entry on British Library)
  3. Thanks for the follow. 🙂

    1. Homo60


      Thanks for the follow there, am not too active in posts most of the time, but do try to follow and comment when appropriate.

  4. AirmaxAndy

    Storage Unit for Hookups?

    I had thought about something similar - a storage locker room or a rented garage with a sling in it. On the practical side I'd be worried about noise - it'd be pretty obvious what was going on and you'd likely hear it throughout the facility. In the UK storage places tend to be old warehouses divided up by sheet steel partitions into rooms. Sounds echo throughout the facility... Putting myself in the shoes of a "guest" i'd be quite nervy about meeting someone at a storage locker place. It sounds well sketchy. Some might get off on it, but I fear they would be in the minority.
  5. AirmaxAndy

    SOP @ Central Station this weekend (27 May)..?

    Planning to be at SOP this Sunday 24th June - There's an event on BBRT you can join if you are interested. BBRT: AirmaxAndy
  6. AirmaxAndy

    SOP 1st July PISS slut CUM dump

    I should be there this Sunday 24th June - have put an event on BBRT - so do sign up to it. BBRT: AirmaxAndy
  7. AirmaxAndy

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Nice fetish session last night - someone I've met and played with a number of times before came over. We started in full rubber (fetish gear - not condoms!) and did quite a lot of play in gear. Breathcontrol, forced poppers, gas masks, trampling... I wanted to get trampled full weight in MX boots which happened, but he chickened out of using the football boots/cleats on me which is a shame. Culminated in swapping loads - both our rubber suits have 3-way zips so we could stay in gear. Nice end to a 3 hour session... slept in my rubber gear all sweaty and kept his load inside. A couple of bruises today to remind me of a good session.
  8. AirmaxAndy


    Yeah that's always the problem!
  9. AirmaxAndy


    I'm up for that, but I reckon a meet-up of guys from here at a venue like The Vault, Underground Club or Locker Room Sauna might also work.
  10. AirmaxAndy

    Sling Lizards - What Do You Do?

    Oh yeah - I have experienced similar - a couple of guys discussing Union Politics and the finer points of Brexit quite loudly in a darkroom - I am quite sure specifically to clear people out, then they jumped into the sling.
  11. AirmaxAndy

    Feet fun in the UK

    Very much into feet, socks, trainers/sneakers and boots. Around 200 pairs at last count! See my Instagram @AirmaxAndy Also see http://www.feetonfriday.com and http://www.sneaxonsaturday.com which are London based clubs for guys into this kinda thing.
  12. So this place is on my list of places to try this year. Has anyone been as a staying guest? Is it any good for BB? Any tips or stories (good or bad)?
  13. AirmaxAndy

    Your next load...

    Well posting this must've been tempting fate. That day, I got a call that my Mum was in the hospital Accident & Emergency so, of course, I had to put my plans on hold. And it just goes to prove when you plan a weekend like this, it rarely happens as you expect. When you don't plan it you're often surprised. I have had plenty of fun since, at Hampstead, on Grindr and at SOP so it's all good! A. x
  14. AirmaxAndy

    Sling Lizards - What Do You Do?

    I go to SOP quite regularly which is a club in London that caters for guys into yellow - but it does attract a number of guys from the sleazier end of the spectrum some not actually into piss at all. Occasionally you get guys who hog the sling and I remember on one occasion a guy was in there for hours and wouldn't budge even when asked. Thing was, as regulars, we knew he was just there for a fuck and wasn't into piss at all. In fact previously he'd had a bit of a drama-fit once when someone accidentally splashed him. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and a few of us went into the dark room for a play where there was plenty of "accidental" splashing. It had the desired effect and we were able to take turns in the sling after that. Problem solved!

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