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    Raw sweaty wet sleazy fun - often in Gear - sneakers, socks, boots, sports, biker, army, leather, rubber. Prefer hard to soft. London/Berlin... Often at SOP, Vault, Central Station, Scheune, New Action and Laboratory. Love taking loads. Always interested in pushing limits. In Covid times activity is limited to Hampstead Heath and arranged meets. DM's welcome for meets.
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  1. This may be of interest - although the section on Safari is a little out of date: [think before following links] https://www.howtogeek.com/241006/how-to-block-third-party-cookies-in-every-web-browser/
  2. See: [think before following links] https://www.varsity.co.uk/fashion/20084 [think before following links] https://vinnf.medium.com/i-wear-yellow-laces-in-my-boots-6f45916812fa
  3. I like the feel of wearing boots that are very tightly laced, but loose can look good too - I guess it depends on the circumstance. You need to plan around taking them off and putting on taking time - especially with something like 20 or even 30-hole rangers... and boots with zips is just cheating. Socks - for me, its gotta be long soccer soccer/football socks - colours to reflect interests - typically blue or yellow. Laces - I try to keep to original colours and styles, but did go through a phase of yellow or white laces in my rangers - which I stopped after someone informed me th
  4. My fave boots are black Austrian Army boots from a surplus store - they have leather inside as well as out and are super comfy and supple as well as looking the part. German Army boots are more common and look almost identical but lack the leather internal lining. eg: [think before following links] [think before following links] https://www.varusteleka.com/en/product/austrian-kaz-03-combat-boots-surplus/64337 For a more urban look, I prefer Timberlands - the classic Premium 6-inch boot in the 'sand' colour but also in matt black. I think in the US/Canada you can get them in 9 and 12 inch
  5. Also seeing the same thing as of 11:30 3 April 2021.
  6. I believe the idea is that by request the chemsex area can be hidden. I think it is aimed at guys who're in recovery and don't want to be triggered.
  7. Being a little autistic, and as a result having issues with making and holding eye contact, my favourite ways to signal are typically also clothing related: GearBerlin T-shirts - various graphics and slogans. Some more subtle than others. I own "Böse" "Proll" "Sniffer" "Sneaks" and the one with the gas mask picture. [think before following links] https://gearberlin.com/collections/t-shirts G-Star RAW had some nice t-shirts a couple of years back with "RAW" very large and a line like someone had spilled some talcum powder... Sk8erboy Socks - with FCK ABL, BONE ME, or "Fuck M
  8. That's the classic cruising technique. There are variations... The one you describe for works well for situations in a bus/train/bar. The other I recall is making and holding eye contact as you walk towards each other - pass by - count two steps after passing and then turn your head back and smile. If he does the same, then the your're on. It is most successful in places with a decent gay population like Brighton or London in the UK but this all relies on the other person being somewhat aware of their surroundings, and these days people don't look up from their phones in situation
  9. Do you have any details or a link to share?
  10. In the past when I've advertised on BBRT, I've used "A hard cock is much more important than age, abs, or inches". Seems to work!
  11. For me, I believe that if you're advertising on "Local Parties" or "Quick Connect" you should make sure you're prepared when the ad is posted or prepared in time for the time slot advertised. If you're online looking to hook up then the same thing applies. So, I do try and make sure if I am cruising online, I am at ready to rumble. Advertising on BBRT's Quick Connect is a way to signal that. On other sites it is hard to stand out from the masses as being ready. You wouldn't go out cruising on the heath, meet someone and then say "Oh, I have to go home and clean out first." I
  12. When I talk about ground rules - perhaps those are too harder words for what it is. Guidelines maybe better. We're both human and recognise not perfect: so neither one of us has the right to take the moral high ground over the other. Both having the same understanding of this really helps.
  13. Absolutely. My partner and I share a philosophy that differentiates between "play" and "intimacy". We realised that although well suited for each other in most respects, in terms of kink and sleaze there was some stuff we were into individually, that the other was not. We developed a few ground rules, and it means we can play with others without fear of making the other feel uncomfortable or jealous. It works well for us.
  14. I know at the moment we can't travel much (#Covid) and with enforced closures the scene is in a state of flux. But it's nice to dream. Years back, I used to never go anywhere without my Spartacus book, which listed every bar, club, adult bookstore and gay-friendly business worldwide. That kinda vanished as the internet took over, and while there are some great guides out there that deal with specific places (eg patroc.com in Europe) I wondered if anyone can recommend guides that are US centric or worldwide. I know there are gay travel sites, but they tend to focus on the fluffy twinky pl
  15. So glad they're still active. I had some many awesome experiences here and at Scheune. I was quite upset when I heard the rumour they'd closed permanently. I can't wait for them to reopen too!
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