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    Raw sweaty wet sleazy fun - often in Gear - sneakers, socks, boots, sports, biker, army, leather, rubber. Prefer hard to soft. London/Berlin... Often at SOP, Vault, Central Station, Scheune, New Action and Laboratory. Love taking loads. Always interested in pushing limits. In Covid times activity is limited to Hampstead Heath and arranged meets. DM's welcome for meets.
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Anonymous, Tops, Vers guys, Flip fucks, Groups, Tops who will share my ass with their buddies. Attitude and a hard-on are more important than age, abs and pecs. Enjoy slings. Guys with PA's a +++.

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  1. Ah well, if it makes you look better then it's *not* compensation, its complementary. ...and perhaps I should have sprinkled a few smileys my text - it was supposed to be a little humorous and ironic, not intending to be malicious. My BF watches "Glow Up" and it's a running joke that one of the judges on there has a really silly moustache that seems to only serve to annoy me intensely. So facial hair is an easy button to push for me. I haven't seen one on those yet, but it sounds almost as annoying as a man-bun. <insert smiley>
  2. It really depends on the beard and the type of guy. The ridiculous twiddly hipster styles are a big turn off. Guys that are balding and try to compensate with a beard are a no. Massive sideburns "chops" on their own - no. Goatees on their own - no. Guys who colour their hair to stop it going grey but then don't bother with their beard - also no. Big bushy Father Christmas beards - no. Unkempt - no. "I can't be arsed to groom properly so I'll grow a beard" beards are also a no. Well kept short trimmed and tidy a bit longer than stubble on a bear/muscle guy - perfect. Rough sandpapery stubble also great.
  3. That's one side of the coin: you can't see the guy so you imagine it's your favourite crush. The other side of the coin: getting off on really truly not knowing who it is or anything about them, what they look like, what they sound like... no clues. I'm 80% into the latter... and more so since attending some of the 'horsefair' type events where the bottom guys are blindfolded and hooded and never see the tops. It was very horny and strangely liberating experience.
  4. This is why I have always separated relationships and sex and although sex can be addictive at times, it is never prioritised over my relationship.
  5. Not everyone on the spectrum has the same behaviours, so this sounds like a broad brush. There's a bunch of characteristics that might place you on the spectrum if you identify with more than a few of them, but they are pretty diverse: [think before following links] https://www.nhsinform.scot/illnesses-and-conditions/brain-nerves-and-spinal-cord/autism-spectrum-disorder-asd#characteristics-of-autism Many adults learn to work around some of the traits as they mature so they might not totally obvious, but manage more or less to confirm to societal norms. It's only recently that the world seems to be opening up a bit to celebrate the strengths of those on the spectrum rather than medicate or therapize us into normality. Personally speaking, I can get ultra focused, and almost addicted to an idea. That happened with casual encounters, bareback culture, and poz guys. So yeah, I guess it put me at risk to an extent. It's also why I generally avoid chems as that kind of focus and an addictive substance is a recipe for a disaster.
  6. [think before following links] https://www.squirt.org/Cruising/cruising_details.asp?listingid=41031 I don't wholly agree with the Squirt description. Weekday afternoons and most early evenings when it is still light it seems to be M/M, after twilight more M/F crowd. Discretion needed as there are a lot of dog walkers and families at the weekend. Mostly it seems to be around the car park, but there is a massive rock hidden in the woods at ///nanny.empty.stops where people go to have fun. (What3Words)
  7. Yes, they have a cloakroom where you can leave your clothes, but not all parties are 'naked'. By far my biggest issue with the Vault afternoon/after work crowd is that guys show up expecting to get fucked and haven't cleaned out as they've been at work all day. That leave a risk of a dirty surprise. It happened often enough to make me wary...
  8. Haha, Oh yes, Mini Cooper Guys. I know them. I live quite close to a nature reserve that can be cruisey - apart from that it is a really nice place to walk and exercise so we're usually there 3x a week in the daytime. You get to recognise people. I find it quite amusing that Mini Cooper guys will post on Squirt that they're going there or that they are there and are up for fun. You'll then see Mini Cooper guy sat in his car glued to his phone oblivious to his surroundings. He'll sit there for five - maybe ten minutes, and then speed off dramatically with lots of wheelspin showering bystanders with gravel. You'll usually then see a post on Squirt a bit later saying 'its not worth bothering'. Now if you hop on the apps (and he's usually on every single one) and try to engage while he's there you'll get ignored, and a bit later after he's gone home and had a wank, a message saying he didn't notice me and its a shame as he liked to have hooked up but he's all spent now. Next time? Maybe, but he plays the exact same game every time. I suspect he gets off on the idea of the anonymous hookup but has trouble bridging fantasy to reality. The real seam of gold at this particular place isn't Mini Cooper Guy, it's White Van Man. The spot seems very popular with tradespeople, builders, farmers and labourers looking for some relief on their way home. There's a tow truck driver who parks up there in between callouts on quiet days, who's particularly nice. Once you're practised at making anxious 'straight' but bi-curious guys comfortable, it's a great source of cum. They won't go near people like Mini Cooper Guy. (And I bet that pisses him off)
  9. This isn't new - I've seen this kind of thing going on since I started out in the mid 90's. The tech we carry with us makes it easier and worse: I've seen people using the torch function on their mobile or smartwatch to illuminate a dark room. The apps seem to push this. A point I've made elsewhere, search filters are binary - you set them up to find a 20-39 yr old tattooed top poz muscle bear into bondage and watersports and it will filter all the non matching profiles out leaving a handful of perfect matches. Truth is there are a ton of guys who match 80% of your criteria who get filtered and you miss the opportunity and experience of engaging them. I've never been a fan of the pup scene - it doesn't turn me on because for see it seems to lack the sleazy edge that more traditional fetish scenes are built upon. It's a "Disney" fetish - sanitised and acceptable. I've always held the opinion that what we see in porn, read on the forums here, and experience in interactions with profiles on sites like BBRT, NKP, BZ etc is 90% fantasy and 10% reality - and getting guys to jump from the fantasy to the reality is REALLY hard. In my opinion you have to find your people IRL - the bars, clubs, or cruising spots where they hang out. Lockdowns made that hard, but it's beginning to recover a bit.
  10. I used to visit berlin in the days when I was a lot bigger, and I think it massively depends on the places where you go. I always study the schedules and have a Plan A and a Plan B just in case. I've never seen or heard of on the door discrimination at Laboratory for their usual parties, although Snaxx has a reputation for stricter door policy we've never had a problem - but I hear the door guy dislikes tourist twinks. Like most places, be prepared than once inside you will be pretty much invisible to most guys if you're not conforming to the ideal type. Biohazardmen at Connection was similar - easy to get in, but tough going in the cruising spots. I (and others) have been turned away from entry to Jaxx (too old when I was 43). The guy on the door of New Action who is the owner of New Action and Slut Club in Hamberg begrudgingly let us in, but was *exceptionally* rude to us. He told my friend he should pay triple entrance fee because of his size. Actually I remember a barman at Slut Club coming on to the same bear-ish friend, only to ask him in the darkroom "I don't want to do anything, I just wanted to know, how do you even have sex if when you look down you can never see your penis?" On the positive side, some of the smaller less commercial clubs and venues are *far* more welcoming... to name a few: Scheune, Bull Bar, Ajpnia, Woof, Quaelgeist, Bose Buben... We've always avoided the tourist seasons of BLF and Folsom as the city is saturated with ultra competitive bottom guys, and I think a lot of the locals are put off by that. Much better to plan a more relaxed trip during normal times and experience Berlin with real Berliners.
  11. I thought he was on ThisVid, but it seems not - or not any more. He does have an account on Nasty Kink Pigs but it looks inactive for some time.
  12. I know @rawTOP is working on some other sites related to BZ so I wanted to share an idea I had. Sites like BBRT, NKP etc have various attributes you can set on a profile like top, vers, btm, poz, poz u/d, neg, prep, bear, muscled, skinny, athletic, etc etc. When searching for guys you can set a filter, but typically guys have to be an exact match to get through: eg: Poz+Top+Muscle+Bear+United Kingdom+Leather+Rubber+Tattoos+Piercings - this limits the results to a very narrow selection. This is good in some circumstances but when you've exhausted the five options it returns, what next? What'd be great when specifying a search is to have a selector box for each parameter that has five options: "--" Stong preference not "-" Prefer not "." Don' care either way "+" Prefer "++" Strong preference The profiles are then scored according to your selections and sorted according to how close they match the specified preferences. That makes it easier to find guys who're almost a match but not fulfilling every single criteria. A so called "fuzzy" search. Distance might play into this too - you may be inclined to travel further for someone who is a closer match, for instance. Good idea? Bad idea? (For the record I much prefer meeting people IRL in a bar, sauna or back room or something. This is just to try and make online world a little less painful)
  13. That's the first time I've heard that saying. I hope you don't mind, but I am going to steal it and use it! So often in my working life I get people who think they can challenge data with some weird anecdote. The issue usually is that it is very hard for them to let go of their belief/anecdote whatever data you present.
  14. I'd like to be #1 or #3.... but in reality I'm probably the one behind the camera taking the picture.
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