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    Getting my hole full of dirty cum in any way, recharges and breeding from filthy cocks or used condoms found. Dumping, swapping and pozzing my cum into other poz fuckers, chasers or neg boys too.

    Venues, group, gang, public, outdoors, anon, pnp, jockstraps, rimming, leather, slings, pic/vid, blindfolds, darkrooms ... anything. All loads taken most days.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    ☣ Pozzed 20 June 2011 ☣
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    A whole heap of amateur stuff from when I was 18/19 that is floating around in bits.
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    A whole bunch of fucks and cum. Tops to supply charged seed and bottoms to take mine.

    Perfect scenario would be a slut around my age that needs to be bred and mutate and impregnate the seed into holes. We can reach new depths of slutty breeding and get fucked into oblivion together and share the dna we're endlessly chasing from every charged cock.

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  1. When you in Sydney next? I need your toxic poz load!

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