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    Boots, Leather, Groups, master slave, piss, gob, bareback, Breeding, pimping
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    Subs who want to be used as cumdumps and bred and work for my pleasure

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  1. Hot profile!  Let me know if you ever want to come to Spain 🙂 

  2. Hey! I'll travel to London if you want to use me as a cumdump? 😉

  3. do you have interest in arranging for TV's?


  4. Master who likes to arrange breeding for sluts - -decent looks- discreet and perverted please apply.
  5. Hi there sub- master into training sluts here- get back 

    1. gayboisexteen


      Hi there Master, thanks for the follow and reaching out, is there any chance you could send me a message? I’m new here so can’t send you one.

  6. Hi Sir, UK guy here who loves to get bred 😉 punkcum4 on [deleted], @gckpc on telegram

  7. I wish you owned me...so hot 

  8. you will be my first contact  when I get there. i am a serious raw bottom and looking for SERIOUS top  masters that  can breed and whore my ass out to any  you decide . POZZ will be taken and cherished.

     have to be serious  as a long way to come  if you are not .  

  9. Message me if you are in London and Uk and want to discuss breeding
  10. Looking for sluts I can farm out for loads and breeding- 

    1. Tattmad


      I am a 51year old rugby player build guy living in Surrey/UK.

      This is a scene that I constantly think about and so v v keen to actually take part in.

      I came out late, so have lots of catching up to do and am now happy that I have no hang ups, guilt, worry etc. As I am sane enough to know it’s just play, should be fun for all involved.

      I am genuinely looking for help in playing out my fantasy and deep desire to be used as a worthless cum dump who’s only role is to pleasure and please his Master by submitting and indulging in his filthiest sleaziest desires and needs and of anyone the master chooses.

      it may be a one off and box ticked. But hopefully it could lead to more.

      I would love to be naked with my tattoo body suit showing and a litre of saline in my shaved scrotum (the weight and look is great),blindfolds are a turn on, my harness and boots on and turned on by being slammed and my sexual lust going off the scale. My only purpose is Masters needs and my pleasure is the pure filth and depravity of knowing my reward is anonymous cock ploughing my hole and mouth and the craving of cum in and over me.

      I don’t want to be off my head, as I enjoy the situation...no point doing it if I know nothing about it...and I do love to verbally respond to Tops confirming I have no worth except to earn my cum by pleading him and who he decides.

      I love the verbal abuse of my worthlessness and role and maybe being made to wear a sign saying what I am, or even walked round on a leads she whores me out to anonymous guys.

      I don’t like pain, physical abuse. I just don’t like poo or blood. Not interested in this in any way.

      My Master/keeperwould keep me safe from all this and ensure nothing bad or dangerous happens to me, thus keeping me safe for the next time.

      Would happily let it be filmed, but common sense dictates my face is hidden.

      I do use prep as I love bareback and am not a bug chaser.

      Am not interested in 24/7 slave type stuff or No limits...just the experience, sleazy filthy fun for all in a subtlety relaxed controlled manner and environment.

      It sounds mad as I write this, and probably most subs fantasy, but I am genuinely wanting to give it a go in 2021.

      I may hear something on the back of this request for help.

      I can travel no problem



  11. raw BOTTOM here  will come to the UK as soon as travel opens. Looking to spend time there and take as many loads as  you can find  want to be the cum dump  you can be proud to pimp out,. any number  you decide . Piucture of hole for use  as many times as needed .  let me know on here  or at 


    A1porn pic 011.jpg

    1. bivers38


      Hi, I would luv to fuck you and fill you up with cum. 

  12. Feel free to whore my ass out for breeding


    1. Sadistlondon


      Very hot hole for me to pimp out- 

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