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    54YO Chelsea pig into bareback, fisting, watersports, kissing, rimming, massage. Prefer long, sensual encounters.
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    Ffun in the sack with smart, uninhibited guys

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  1. No links seem to work anymore. Is there a way to use a link that has been so designated? What’s the point of having links on this site if they are automatically disabled?
  2. Thanks for following me Hope you don't mind me following you

  3. Thanks for the follow sexy breeder wish yo ucould use my hole

  4. Nice thick breeder cock! You know I want it pumping loads of cum deep into my ass... Woof!

  5. Nice I am Neg Sub Bottom only 2 hours north of you. mmmmm


  6. Breed my Hungry hole any time

  7. Thanks for following man!

    1. NYCpozFFbbWS


      I’d follow and breed you!

    2. CABttm4Txc


      Grrrrrr that’s quite a promise. We’re opposite sides of the country though. ?

  8. Thanks for the follow, bud.

  9. Hey ... thanks for the rep my ffriend xx:Pxx

  10. Thanks for following me.

  11. hi man  thanks for following me

  12. Nice profile. Keep up the hot piggy play. Love FF.

    1. NYCpozFFbbWS


      You are so hot. If you ever travel to NYC I'll load and fist you, over and over. 

    2. buttboype


      Yes please. Breed my hole full then FF my cum sloppy hole.

  13. I love your profile pic. It would be most welcome if you could add more pics. Don't make me start a petition! :)

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