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    Poz seeking AIDS, flip fucking, use me as a cumdump
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    Not Sure, Probably Poz
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    looking for a fuck... into rimming, amyl, CBT, cock rings, WS, cum swap, porn, ... I only fuck raw and like too breed tight holes or have my hole breed, love to flip fuck. Vers/bottom bugchaser that wants AIDS and to gift it
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    None.... but love getting high and wanking and fucking to it
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    I believe that bottoms are for the top to pleasure himself with and to do what ever he please with the bottom hole.. If us keen message me and use my cumdump or ill use yours.
    Prefer euro and Latin guys, if you have a PA and/or a big cock it is a big plus. don't care if you are POZ or NEG, or have full blown aids no cum is refused

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  1. Fuck hot start….. poz that fag up
  2. Very hot…. Leaking cum from reading this
  3. Fuck dude that dark and hot at same time, hope u write some mor
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